The Oregon mist. (St. Helens, Columbia County, Or.) 188?-1913, August 25, 1911, Image 5

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When you want the
best in Job Printing the
proper place to go is
imnJ r rrrs mrsrss it 11 11 imn .Tinmr i mrjjTrBTQ
We Are Confident of Our
Ability to Please You.
From On Dollar to Fiva
t?ane ssorment of Pust Oarts
p Deming's Drug Store st. Helens, or.
Columbia County Abstract
And Trust Co
Abstracts, Real Estate, Insurance,
Loans, Conveyancing
St. Helens, Oregon
tt M M Kims, pmc.iiotx r
() M. V-illl'HN Vii I'
(' tftlllKIt
ImiuiiK week County S' Ium.I
Sup. in nt .1.11 Cliiin ha wilt
ten nil ..f tlm t inhth Kr;n.. prmliiitlt
in I c count v, in ml vi-e ami nicniirnt
tin m to stay in si In, ill, Hii't (liter Hie
ninth Kra.'.u iliit jmr. The follow in;;
arc cxtnii iH liniii his I.-tti r :
I Hoy iiml (Fills who have fini.-died the
Imijlitll Hrdile tn In riiiiriitiihiti"!,
(in it U mi litllr in titer in ilie iilo of a
)imn person l'l :ummiii, llsli. ur lihl-.ll, II
woik ur ta-k w In-it unci! bi kini. The
(m l that you have liiiiihed (lie eitflnh
tiradca ol our public scl.ool in good evi
dence thnt yuu am able to arcotnpliKli
linn h ilium in tint mailer of anjiiriii(
mi education which in so exstlitial
lor every ly uii'l jiitl at the present
time to have.
I A yoiuiK man or young woman couM
not start out in lile ill. a I etter capita',
than that of a kkh! pr;ii lir.ll education:
moiii'v luav it often doei h I i iiwav
from one, hut a (ixid nlucation is always
a perinaiieiit cipilal, it in a mental bank
account. The successful men ami women
of the future are the boys hii1 irls who
are now preparing themselves hy Kcttin
Hurh utt education an ahull enable them
to ilo well their part in any community
or state, whatever their surroundings or
their Vocation limy lie.
A few yearn ago, if a hoy or girl parted
through the public schools anil received
a school training alxjut equal to that re-
o J ccived by the eighth grade, pupils of to
3 ! 'lav, he or she thought to b sufTici
jj , t-nllv i dncatcd for the common ilu'ics of
I Me, but it is uot mi at the (ni-eiit time ;
ia I times arc very differ lit n ,w fioiu what
they vnr.1 it lew jcais nun, and are still
changing very rapidly. Thought instead
2 I of muscle is going to h the ruling cower
In carrying on the world's work ; the
most tucccfeful tin n and women will be
the men and women who can think an
; as well iia wotk.
I write you this letter to remind you
l of that which, doubtl.SH, vim already
know; namely, that it in nearly time
(or the fall term of wliool to opens and,
i also, to urge you to continue Jour studies
in hool by taking up the work of the
j next higher grade to be one of the clam
of boys girls who are going higher.
Make up Jour mind to go through high
c!u,, and let nothing, thai mm) can
povithly ov.-rc 'ill", prevent you from
i an) in if m, t v nir .K-li-rmintti in. What
a iM'ainl to i It would be, if every laiy
and girl who pasted the tighth grade
last spring should be found in the ninth
I grade tl.ia year. There were ninety hoys
and girls in Columbia County who re-
I reived eighth grade diploma this year; (
there should be iiini ty in ti e ninth grade
! during tne C',mng iw luxil year. Some
ol the buys anil giiln wl.o pa's. d frc in
tt-e eighth grade in this county will to
thr ,iuh liilt school and then through
college. Will you la? one of lh se?
Columbia County
ou):st ix riu: corxrr
Does a General Banking Business -3
Sr. IIku-ns, Orkc.on -
St. Helens Skating Rink
Zlntfer ?Ycu llttnatement
Skating Tuesday Thursday ami Saturday Nights and Snnday
NiRlit if Desirt'd
Good riusic Courteous Treatment Good Order
Noatlv Done, also small jobs of
rarpcnU-r work. Call and see mo. Prices reasonable.
Fifth house down Milton Creek from railroad brultfe on
south side.
TTnulton. Ore.
r iiiiiuuuw
l.avl Vouday ultel'noon the ineiiibem
of the school b 'iinl gut b geth.T and!
upene I the bids for the new i
building. 'Ihe lowest Was that of :. A.
l'rou-e of thi city, ta'ing lor Jhim;,
while the highest of the live was for $11,
YM. All of the bidders with ihe excep
tion of Mr. Ciouse were 1'ortland
Woik w ill la- started on the remodell
ing of the old rch'Kil building at once,
and it will be ready for occupancy by
the time that the teim staits. Th"
windows arc to be clmnged around, and
conMilt -ruble other wmk done on it.
When completed the i-i.-e ol the h i i 1.1
ing w ill la: just doubled, and it wid be
HSx ti.". All of the new part of the base
ment will lar used as H gymnasium and
will have a cement tl air. Cement sct-nis
to us to be pretty hard for the lloor in a
nyiiiua-iuin. Tlie old baxemetit will 1
altered, and a space l!tx4d set aside a a
inaiiinil training room, the rest of it be
im iie.I as a b liler room, and fur the
storing of fuel.
The main entrance will hi on the lirst
Hair, and will face the east, though the
present entrance w ill not be changed and
the pupils cm come in the name ;,'
that they do now if they so descrc. There
will In! a large ball, four classrooms,
cloak rooms, toilet, etc., on this lloor.
On the second floor there will be two
more clas room, the ones that nr.' l
present in use.and the new p;it of ih
building will be used as an assmhly
ball. This hall will be olxiiii, and will
seat some L'oO penple.
The building is to be completed 1 y the
first of January, and the contractor will
have no time to lose if it is ready for
occupancy hy that time, it there will be
a lot of time lost on account of the lul
weather. The school board lna not a
vet decided whether it w
in warrants or bonds.
ill be paid for
All Work Guaranteed.
Estimates Furnished.
Plumbing and
Sheet Metal
St. Heler
lYter U.akkP and Sain Owens wo nt
over to Knlglield lust Tuesday to in a
name for the Ridgelield baseball team
Tl,.. sold ers from Vancouver were camp
ed near tlie Ridge, and the) have one of
the fastest amateur bull teams in the
country, l'.rakke pitched against them
and Owelia played fhott. The game
....ded with a two to one core in favor
of Kldgefield, and the .St. Ilelenr lys
M.etii to he to blame for the fiicl that tlie
Mildier did not get a ay with tlie game.
Itiakke struck out M and held them
down to ono clean hit, while Owens
played an errorless game at short. The
i.kv. were also the heros with the club,
j and fiKiin-d In the making of both of
RldgelleU'l corei.
Portland. Or. A up;. 22 (Special)
Those Oregon communities
that hud no delegates in attend
ance at the recent session of the
Oregon Development League at
Astoria suffered a distinct loss,
for Ihe meaty, valuable addresses
and discussions would have well
repaid anyone for the time spent
in attending, The Leaguers got
down to serious business; there
was no froth or wasted energy.
From the very first day the
convention was notable for the
valuable addresses presented.
Everyone was full of suggestions
that will play an important part
in the future ixjlicy of the League.
Men of the greatest eminence in
their various Una of activity
were on the James J.
Hill, Theodore U. V.L-ox, Judge
Robert S. Lovett, a.i I others of
like larg calibere were heard
from, while the community boost
ersof the various sections came
prepared to get the most out of the
meeting by being on hand with
good suggestions and new ideas.
The slogan of the convention
was, "Get Together," along all
the lines of co-operative effort
that promise to accomplish so
much for the Northwest. The
placing of new arrivals on the
soil, preparation for reaping the
benefits to follow the Panama
I'acific Exposition, at San Fran
cisco in 1915, and good roads were
some of the vital topics thorough
ly discussed. La Grand will get
the next convention and every
live commercial organization in
the state should look forward to
it and have a bigger attendance
next time.
Improved fast freight service
has been provided by the rail
roads from Oregon orchards to
the East that will, no doubt, fac
ilitate the marketing of the years
cro,". The schedule provides for
an eigtit ana nine aay service
from the leading districts to Chi
cago and the special fruit cars
will leave Portland daily.
The Portland Commercial Club
is making efforts to have Pres
ident Taft include Oregon in his
western trip this year when he
comes to the coast to break
ground for the Panama-Pacific
Exposition. An invitation was
sent to him by wire to this effect
and he replied he would give the
matter consideration when his
itinerary is made up.
The value of experimental
farms to this state is shown in a
striking way by the results at
tained by the station in Morrow
County, maintained by the Ore
gon Agricultural College. Wheat
grown on this farm by scientific
dry farming methods went 22.G
bushels per acre while grain on
adjoining land, farmed under the
old way, was either too poor to
cut or yielded only ten or twelve
bushels an acre, Other crops
grown show a corresponding gain
when treated scientifically.
The Shaniko-Antelope district
will make a good exhibit of its
agricultural products at the
Dalles, where it will be maintain
d permanently, so that new
comers will see what opportuni
ties there are for farmers and
fruit growers. Excellent speci
mens for the exhibit are now be
ing gathered.
Medford will give the use of
'XO acres of land to a capable
stockman whq will raise goats
The Southern Oregon city wants
to build up that district as a goat
center, for it is well adapted to
these sturdy animals that are so
valuable in clearing up brush
land and making it ready for
Raises theDouh
Chemists and Authori
ties state that Crescent
is pure and whole
some. Sold by Grocers
hi.l or
rot ND OL
19 11
From All Point on
Oregon-Washingon Railroad
& Navigation Company
Chicago 72 00
Council Bluff dO 00
Omaha !(0 00
Kansas City 00 00
St. Joseph 60 00
St. Paul tiO 00
St. Paul, via Council Bluff CJ 90
St. Louis 70 00
May l'i, 17, 18, l'J, lil', 2:!, 24, 25,' 27, 28
and 2'J.
June 5, 7, !), 10, 12, 10, 17. 21, 22, 28, 2'J
and .'JO.
July 1, 2. 3, 4, 5, 6, 1!), 20, 21, 27 and 26.
August 3, 4,5, 1, lo. 10, 17. 21, 22, 2'i,
2H, 2't and 30.
September I, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7.
Inquire of any O.-W. R. A N. Agent
for more complete liforniation, or
General Passenger Agent, Portland, Or
Excursions East: Low
Round Trip Fares
May 10 to 19, 22 to 25, 27 to 29.
June 5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 10, 17, 21, 22, 2S,
21, "0.
July ltofi, 19,20, 2d. 27. 2S.
August 3, 4, 5, 11 to 17. 21 to 23, 2H
to :;o.
Septcmlier 1, 2, 4 to 7.
St. Paul di 00
Minneapolis M ,H)
Kansas Citv 00 IK)
Omaha 00 (si
Hulutli 00 00
Winnipeg 00 00
Uiicairo 72 SO
Milwuukie 72 50
t. I-oi.U VO 00
Denver t-M 00
Colorado Springs.. 5-5 UX)
New York fWS 00
Philadelphia 108 50
Washington $107 50
Haiti more 107 50
lkjston - f 110 00
Mav 12. 13 Mineappolis audSt. Paul,
K0 00.
A vaiietv of routes going and return
ing is open for selection. Return limit
October 31st. Stopovers are allowed in
each direction.
J. O. DIVENS. Agent,
Moulton. Oregon.
Gen. Freight and Passenger Agt.
j Summons,
t ' h.-1 , ' i -.1 r. i,: t i- -ni r,f I ireirori for
I '.l in. I. h I -':i.t ..
rl i-.t. ii, I ... i;;r . Mi fiorial, I'e-
i. '.f t i- -taf. ..I Or".f.n. von are
r. -i I'. i.ii. ur H'i'1 an-w.-r the foin-
l-ln: in-' ...ii.i the .v) entitlcl
'I - mi r lw-rr. thn.Ui! of lha
r:- T.r.w; i Im-1 In the oritur
I" i. ... at t'i. Irilw .Himrnmi. aitM
:i l fi.- si-'i .1.. -- i.l -t.-iu.riil.-r t'lll.ana
;!.- m; ..-hi nti'1 Hiiwt-r. jil.lKeM4.nt
i. )..- t t y..ij Utt want
M- 'tt 'l ihiIih ni.J .-"Uifilaint, to
,1 ... . i.-c '!,-!,;; Hilt- tlitr Ik.ii.1k of mst
. ..v . i-i in I .-l.-.-:i ntf pihi nattf an.J
'. . T..1 f..r -in ti ..I h.-r Mti'l fu rl tier rt-tui-i
oiirt iii.ty htji in aud eiUt-
For Sale
Six head of good grade jersey cows and
sixty hcitd of Angora goats.
Leaves 81. Helens 6:00 A. M.
Arrives at Portland 10::W A. M.
Leaves Portland ftt 2:30 V. M
Arrives St. Helens at 6:30 1 M
or rti- i
If VO-I f
i -
:( n-i
111 f t
.1 IM l
Hi J rli
tirt'-nx k, rui ),y piih!f-!itio:i thr
hi -I. I f lefi.i, Orcifoa. ty cifier
. i ' i.l-. .i '' i t' fi 1. 1 1 j 1 (our', ni ilHtml ami
il. l td. T.-iu o:i ih 'Mli lny of A'ikruft, 1111,
w in. n k,d1 of tt-r r"jiiir-t liiHt ninitrionii In
'.t.i- .ia m MihUbhcd once week for nix cod-
I'n.e of fl.-t tublit:atl)U thereof Aueuat 18,
Jj.ue uf Uhc I'utjll' mine Svpt? rnl?r, 29, 1911.
fwetrit an'l J-out".
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Notice of Final Account
Notice i lnT-jy Riven thnt the undeMsrned
h- Kinrltitn of the i.efon kii1 exlate of lon!d
Ki tti rtrr, a minor, ln liU-d her final i -count
in the (Jounty otiri (f Columbia County, Ore
yon, hh1 that Mi l Court h wet Tuelay the 5th
lay of iN'Mpuiiifr, l'.'U. t litfi'clut'k A. M. an the
Tinif for hfuririv; f ohjtirUoriM to naid final
account mid the KetMfn-nt of said Kuardtau
hip uotttfrr Ail iKr4irif interested are hereby
not ified to Hi'tn-Hr on or leforc the time abov
rnt'i.tiont-d and h'jw r-jm-c. if any thoy have,
whv njiid af,iint thoul 1 not beaprovtil and
stud entate settled.
Mrs. K. B. Carr.
'iiinrdirtn nf the nro!i and estate of Donald
K it'ih u,rr Iitior.
f'Hfe of tirM. fiiiblit aiinn Ansrtjt 4th lull.
Iftite of heeoiul publn ttion September htl 1911.
th" Cirmit Tourt of the State of Oregon,
Itr oi'iTn f'iH I. onniy.
L'lvt tui Hn!;ntr. pinirtirf, vsi Oliver P. PaUng,
to otiv-r H. ralinic 'b-f'-ndnut above named:
In the Sum; of the Mute of Oregon, you are
hereoy n M'lired to a p.-r and annwer the com
tit tiled aL'Hifit you in the alove entitlel
'Hi! ' ti tr te:ore the 'Jn l dav of Septemtr A.
1. I'.d ', tli' .!!!( beitiir the lat day of the time
pre-erM d in t be orderfor the publication ofthia
"hini ion-., nnd the raid rTiot of time being
ix week- from the day oi the first publication
of t he ..oDinon, and If you fail to so appear
nod answer smd comprint, the plaint. ti will
cue vur default to be entered and apply to
'be c.-.urt aoove uamed for tlie relief demanded
in said complaint, w-wii . for a decree dianolv
i i if the bond? of matrimony now existing be
tween the (iHiiitiil Hnd tiie defendant, and
Hwarditikt to the plaintiir herein the exclusive
ru-tin!y and control of plaintUT and defend
ant s minor Mld, opal Mildre!, and for such
otlier and further relief ah to the Court seem
m''""T it ll-l i-iun:ib!e.
1 rii--,iiiip'oi t wiblidied by onler of the
llui.onthte Jaiii -s I)rt. ' Judire "of the County
r.furi of the Mule of Orekrou, for Columbia
county, the i-ame u-in the County where said
miii H peii'Uni:, madeniid dated August 10 A.
It Pdl. w lii' h t'nb r p. rw.-nbed that service of
u!fiiii.n in tbit uit be made mjon you by" ntion once a wee it tor six consecutive
Wei. k-. bich time U-irin tu run from the
!: of tli.' t i-t publ.cation hereof, and the
tine within bi h vmi are re'tuired to answer
-aid complaint is on or before the lat dav of
the time pre-cribcd in "aid -rder for pubiica, Io-W:l. t;l'teni'er 'JJnd 1111.
ine ila'e of w.e tirt publication of thii sum
moiJn is 1'riduy Aukusi llth
Attorney for flaiutilT.
If you want a high grade sewing ma
chine which is a
World's Standard of Excellence
buy the WHITE. The machine ia un
surpassed for simplicity, durability and
the character of ths work it w ill do. It
is ma le iu two styles, the Vibrator Shut,
tie and the Improved Rotary Shuttle.
Hie latter machine sews either a lock or
a chain stitch. There 4re a number ot
stvles to choose from and the wood.
work is the handsomest possible.
J. Muckle & Son
WHY Buy inferior flour when yon
can net the famous White Hiver Flour
at llarrisou'a Tnre Food Grocery?
It is estimated that Oieijon has 400,0(X1
POO.IXK) feet of merchantable timber
about nue-fifth of the total supply of the
Fnited Slates. At current prices this
should l.rin ,"i,O00,tHJO,0tK), a auin in
excess of the total amount of currency
in the V'liited States lit tlie present time.
The supply of merchantable timber iu
Eastern Mates has been well nith ex
hausted, and Oregon, WawhiiiRton and
California are the greiit sources of sup
ply for the Inture. The avoraije annual
cut ol this State Is valued nt nbout
Physician and Surgeon
Announces the removal of his
otltce to 912-1-1 Selling Building
Portland, Oregon.
l'hoiies Mitin M2; A-I'.JJt! ; Kes. K
Clando M. Johns
Attorney and Counsellor at Law
Fractice In all Courts
ClaUkani Oregon
of the year to haa yowr tta oat end plate aa4
brid Rework don and bere ta th place to ft tie
bt iwnlfM work riM- (VmparrVia
m hi i i H H i P'l 'J W plataa4
nruitf .on lor
of-uB rktroos A
on tlft? If dnir4.
I'.ihIm Etrtotioft
tro hn plfttfl off
bndg work ! ordw
Cumuli trM.
IvOrmt $5.00
ZtHTUYmtt 1.00
CimimI Filling 1.00
Silrtf Flllinn .50
F'.i.i 9.UU
rittM 7.50
S. W t. Will. Pmain m Miu PxnUll Eitr'tlM .311
HiwtniuiMMaiiinm T iitnoh
All oork fullr cuarant4 fr rlftara n
Wise Dental Co.,1.0.
Painless Dentists
Fii'lr 2 s jiUiff. IMrS a-d WdMhi'dh PONTUN0. DU
eiua l.ui; A. M. M t f. M. iuSArh
I will not b responsible lor any debts
o ntracted by the Columbia Tacking Co,
1 Horace Allen.
July 10 It'll. J. B. HowkiX.
Having len told thnt certain peddlers
have reprt sented that they are selling
my products, I wih to s'ate that I have
no connection whatever with any such
I.. RosASCO.