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NO. 45.
I - ,
CIUrTKH IIL-Cotilluiid)
Quickly ttirniiitf from th desk, Hubert
placed i hand mi tli shoulder of l'iu-U
Duke, who knelt moaning it old mas
ter'a aide, - i
"Curia Duke," tin said, "you know
win-re Detective. Hellar lives oil Prince
ilmt. Hurely yon do tint believe ni
Itiilliy of ymir master' murder." Cun you
Ink Mr. Hi'llnr this miter The assassin
of your waster ttltiat be brought to Justice,
Ar yon stroiia; riiotmb" j
"Yen, yes. Mure Hubertl "Owl IiIwmi feu.
I can't llv limit; hut I ran'l dl (ill the
i murderer of ole master stand on th mil
ow, mill Mara Lanif th than to tiring
bllil there. ; j
Th old man rot to lil feet mid hast
ened out lb rear dour of the bull a the
front door 0M'iu d.
Hurried footstep wer beard, and Her-
man Craven, bamheadvd and In bia alilrt
eleeve, when ho hud lift tho house,
rushed Into the library, followed by Hlla
CTiibln the sheriff of th county, and two
or Wsovimil.-s, I.HuhiiiK and war,
lr. Norciini and ('orouer Field follow'
d Ihriii, and behind runic several of tb
ueftibhor, who bad lwen roused.
"lie baa B 't tied:" cried Herman.
, "Tbwe, sheriff, (here aland the murderer
of my uncle, rnuifht red-banded lu the
act!" '
A heart-rendliiir moan bunt from th
breast of the banker's ilatiahter. "There
l liiliK mystery her." she cried. Thoiiuli
Hubert wa taiiiln over my father'
lircio rorm with th bloody wihikiu In
hl hand that bereft lilm of life, wbti my
roimlu and I entered this room, yet do 1
feel assured that he la not guilty of my
father's murder. Ob, God! Myowudear
father murdered! It aceoia Incredible,
yet ther lie bit remain," and poor Hutiir
burst into frtb imroiyam of itrh-f.
Mr, MitwIh and .Morn Htwl, niKhbori
acrmiiimiilc il by iwo othrr ladit-a, b-r tu
trrrd I ho room, and th wit'iUiig girl waa
bonw from th library.
ir. Noniiiii had aJviiuvd and waa tx
minluK tb body of tb niiiriU ritl man.
"HiK-ain. bt no man have th bmiw,'
aald tb ulicrllT, "I dcilai." h addiHl,
"thla affulr la t-rrllili, and to think that
you, Itolwrt t'atiiilH-ll, abould b chargad
With tb niurd.r,"
"Tb rhargo of Iloniion Cravsn la ut
terly falw, and be knowa It to lie ao,"
aaid ItulH-rt. "rlurrly. yon, Bbrrlff Cobb.
- who bar known m all my llft, can
care brlicr nif gnilty of th niur.l.-r of
tb father of the young lady who will be
come my wife,"
"Your wife!" en-lnlmed Herman. "The
wlfa of ber futber'a murdererT Nerer!
And toiler me, neither bad my nnele
lived, would hla ilnnghter bar heroine
your wife-that la, with bl conaeut;
. bllt " :
Her the tall form of T,ang Hellara, the
great Southern dotevtire, atood In the
Mke a flash hla keen eye took In, not
only rrery peraoa, but every object that
th room eontaiiied ere hia deep rolee
broke IImiu the lillliea that lierradml it.
"Not lne th murder at Mulberry," he
oWrred, "haa ther been aa atrwloua a
crime comntltted In the old North Btnte;
Dor did I belier thut a acouiidrel, with
tb malignity of Ward Ijcnnox, yet enraed
th commonwealth with hi preaeni-. , 1
waa clearly mialnken."
"Great work waa that of your on that
ae, Mr. tMlora," aaid the doctor, "(IcmIb!
Yoa rearned Herbert Kuaaell. eren from
the gallowa trap; and men then Ward
cheated the galluwa,"
"To dah hia bralna out at the abutment
of Hilton bridge," aaid Hellnra, "mid aink
Wneatb the turbid water of the Capo
fear, lint till la a bolder deed. A aail
or'a knife the blnde thruat home to the
victim' heart Ilnve yon taken any atepa
here,' Hherlff Cobbi"
"I waa arouaed and ammnoned ber by
th murdered nian'a nephew, wlio de
nounced Robert CiinipUdl aa tlie murder
er. II aaaure mo that he caught him
red-handed In the act) but may 1 ak what
tirlnga yon here, Lung Helium V"
"If Hubert Campbell la the murderer of
onr old friend here, then I am auuimoned
by hi murderer. In the Mulberry cnae,
It waa the murderer of Dr. 'J'nylor who
engaged my aervli-ea to ferret out the
criminal, and In the end I brought the
crime home to bia own door." ,
"I think there ran lie no doubt aa to hla
guilt," aald Herman. "It roiild have been
no other than Hubert Campbell," and here
Herman, uninterrupted by Hubert, made
a atntuieut of the facta, aa already relat
ed, in ao far a bia entrance Into the room
waa concerned, and na'to what met bia
borrilii d gnic na ha eroaaed the threahold.
"You atate that you entered the hoiiae
at ten o'clock," aald the detective; "that
yon fonnd your unrle in thla room, and left
biia aeated at hia deak when you. retired?"
' "Kiaetlyt Mr. Sellnra."
"Were thuac window, opening on tho
lawn on the raat aide of the limine, rained
at that time, aa they are now?" . ;
"They" were, Mr. Belliira, to admit tho
air." . . ' .
"One moment, gentlemen," anld Lang,
aa he atepped to the door. "Calhan!"
The black face of a powerfully built,
but deformed II lid citrioimly count rueted
. negro apeand. . . . t. . -., ,
"Look for fiKitprluta tinder the window
on the eaat aide of the house," anld Hel
ium, "You have your dark lantern V",
"Ye, Mar I,ntig," od tl" negro a
"Kollow the 4ilKKer and aee what yon
con learn, Lnuuliig," anld the aheriff. "1
cannot Underatand, I,nng Sellnra," ho con
tinued, "why you alwnya bring that de
formed erebu Into your caaea." ;
"I can," aald Sellnt, qulftiy. f'I-'or fol
lowing a troll, be tt either of man or
beast, hia count cannot be found In nil
the Huiiiiy Booth. Well, Herman, you
atato thut von retired at ten o'clock?"
"I did, and my uncle' crlea of help
arouaed me. I hastily aprang from my
bed, pulled on my trouaera, thruat my feet
Into my allnnera and d imbed from my
room. My uncle's crlea had arouaed hi
Daughter. I knocked on her room door ami
railed her. She Jollied inc, and together
w tleaccuded the atujraV; f t . ; ' 5 !
"vn Ullered bl Ufa waa being
aalled'f ' . , ,
Kar from It. I auppoaed one of bia
acuta attack of rheumatism bad aelzed
bim." .. t ' , ... ..
"When you retired you left no on be-
iow who your uneler"
"No one, i. I think the aerranti, tren,
bad retired."
, "Your uncle waa expecting no one?"
l ertaliily not. . H alated that be
abould aiKin retire." 1 t
"Herman Craven," aald Kobort, looking
uiui iuii in me eyea, "did not your oucle
Inform you that he-waa tipectiug me
ber after ten o'clock, and that I would
bring with me money with which to take
up a note of ten thousand dollara?"
"Me did not," anld Herman.
"lie informed me that be did, when he
admitted ine to the house. Did yon not
Bear my summons at th door 7"
"Your summons? You mad no aura
"Did you not hear Hie door bell not fiv
minute before you deaceuded the talra?"
"The door bell baa not been sounded to
"Mara I.ang. 1-1
The voice was Hannah's, but ah halted
aa suddenly aa ahe bad commenced, and
atood, an ashy pallor on her couuteuauce,
quaking aa with fear.
All eyea were at once fixed aa the trem
bling uegreas.
Hut one person in the room had rauxht
the quick meaning glance that Herman
Craven had cast In her direction, and not
ed that that glance bad sealed th llpa
of the negreaa. - , . . '
What were you about to aay. Han-
Nothing, Mara I.ang, nothing.'' and
Hannah went weeping from the room.
lloliert I autiibell now told of bia call at
the bank that afternoon, and related the
aiilmeuuent events, aa be had to Hattie.
Twelve thoueaud five hundred dollara
I a coualderahl sum," aald Laug, "and
thla money thla bag of colnf
There ia no evidence that he bad a
bag of coin in bi possession," aald the
aheriff. '
"Certainly not," anld Long; "but It ia
evident that tbia note waa this day paid.
If you are familiar with Alvin Delto-
aette'a signature, you will recognize. It,
here. You ran establiah the fact that yoa
left th ei press office a few miuutea be
fore you entered thia house, aa you atate,
'Certainly. '
Mr. Deltosette, then, to-night had con
sented to th marriage of hla daughter
and yourself?"
lie had, Mr. Bellara, and expressed
much satisfaction at the prospect of our
union." '
I know that statement to be false!"
cried Herman, "for thla very day at the
bank my nucle aaid to me: 'Herman. I
am getting to lie an old man. My fond
est wish ia that I may lire to see you and
my loved daughter united. You may
Judge, gentlemen, If a few hour later be
would have consented to hla daughter a
nmrrlaga with the wretch who haa mur
dered him."
"Marl Craven by name and nature,
you know yon lie!" cried Robert, and but
for the strong arm of Sellars he would
bare felled him to the floor,.,,
"l'd'haps," sold Herman, shrinking
hack, "yon will deny that Haiti fainted
after we had entered thia room, and I
hud denounced you a the murderer of my
uncle. You would bare alaiu me also, had
I not hnstrned from the house with the
cry of murder,"
"You yourself beat know the falsity of
your charge," replied Robert. "I only
pray that the perpetrator of thla bloody
deed may be brought to answer for hla
crime on the gallows, and I have an abid
ing faith lu Mr. Hellara' ability to aolve
thla mysterlotiM murder."
"And I." snid the doctor.
"This bag of coin you atate that yon
placed" ,
"On the deak, before Mr. Deltosette,
wheu I left bim to attend the door, Mr.
Sellnrs." ;
"When I returned to the room I found
th bunker gasping hia lust and the bag
of coin gone,"
"What evidence have you," asked the
sheriff, "that you had a bag of colu?"
"Yes! Yes!" exclaimed Herman. "What
evidence have yon of that fnct?"
"None," said Robert, "save my word
and thla cancelled note. Aa I have staled,
there ia evidence thnt I left the express
office with a bog of coin,"
Hy directions of tho coroner, the body
of the banker And been borne to hi cham
ber and laid on the bed,
"The inquest will b held at tea 'o'clock
to-morrow," he an id.
"Until which time I ahall hold Robert
Campbell lu custody," aaid the sheriff.
"I approve of your courae," observed the
detective. "Circumstances would Indi
cate that he Is the murderer."
"Yon, Mr, Hellnra? . Yon believe me
guilty?" exclaimed Robert, for the first
time alarmed.
"I kuow a murder baa been commit
ted," aaid Seilara. "If your statement is
true, a robbery also. You are lu the cus
tody of the aherllT."
"At leant I can give bond for my ap
pearnnce to-morrow?" sold Robert.
"There la no bond admissible in thia
case, young man," observed the aheriff.
"Come, you must accompany me. You
must foregu your trip to Baltimore."
"I had abaundoned tho idea of making
It," anld Hubert. "You can scarce believe
me ao heartleaa a to leave my afnauced'i
aide In her affliction.".'
"Yoirwlll bo at no great distance from
Miss Deltosette while you are In my cue
tody," the sheriff aaid, aa he linked aruu
with his prlsoiier.
Hubert cant one glance at the detective;
but in hla stern face ho read no hope, and
moaning; "My love! my Hntliel My poor
old mother and my alster," with bowed
bend he accompanied the sheriff from the
room. . . ' :
Bellars followed them, and at the outer
door the two deputies Joined the party,
while the dark figur of Calbaa, who waa
ittlng oo th lower step of th ataxia
"Any footprint on the grans under
those window, Calban?" aaked Bellar.
"None, Mara Lang, none. Leastwise,
none that I can see."
"Yon found none, Lannlng?"
"I was not quite sure, aheriff. You aee,
there haa been no rain recently, and It
was hard to determine. I thought 1 would
examine at daylight."
"It la uscloHa," aaid Sellara; "thcr are
non there,"
"Robert! Robert!" The cry came from
the white llpa of Hattie, who had de
aceuded tho stulra.
"Yea, darling; be brave, and have faith
In the one who lovea you, for until the
Inquest ahall have been held, I am a pris
oner In the hand of the sheriff. I am
deemed the murderer of your dear fath
er." ,
"It la false!" moaned Hattie, a the
twined her arm about hia neck.
"Ood Mesa you, dear Hattie. Mr. Sel
lara". ' I ,.:
The detective took her hatf-unconscioua
from hia arms, and, with the words: "Do
not wait for me, Bheriff Cobb; there are
other links to thia chain. We yet know,
but that a murder baa been committed;
presumably you have the criminal In cus
tody. Calban, remain where you are.
Ring the door bell If any one aave Dr.
Norcum and those who entered the house
since you have been here pns out," con
veyed her into the house and closed the
A be turned from It with hia aenseles
burden the agitated form of Hannah, the
negreaa, confronted bim.
"Mara Lung, I "
"Not a word, Hannah, not a word," anld
Sellars, quickly, "not to a living soul. Do
not leave the bouse. Never be alone. I
know your inn-ret. Silence, and wait!"
(To be coutiuued.)
Intprriahabl Records of an Ancient
, Huslnos firm.
Paper and Ink are perishable things,
like certain other "modern Improve
ment," but some or the clay tablet
used by earlier clvllixntlona atlll sur
vive. In the burled city of Nippur
American explorer have recently
found In one room more than seven
h ii ml red of them, the business record a
of a rich Arm of merchant, Cluranuu
Sou. ,
These documents are dated In the
reigns of Artaxerxea I. 413-425 B. C.)
and Darlua II. (413-405 It. C). The
tablce are of various alxea, some resem
bling the ordinary cake of eon 5 of com
merce. They are covered with cunei
form character, clear and distinct aa
when the bookkcepera of Ulurasbti la
scribed them, twenty-five hundred
year ago.
Among them la this guaranty for
twenty years that an emerald is so well
set that It will not fall out: '
"Uel-ahiddlua and Iiul-shutnu, sons of
Bel, and Hfltlu, son of Haitian, apoke
unto Bel-undlnahuiiia, sou of Moraahu,
aa follows: 'As concerns the gold ring
act with an emerald, we guarantee that
for twenty years the emerald will not
fall out ot ring. If It should fall out
before the explrntlou of twenty years.
Hel-ablddlna (and the two others) shall
pay to Bcl-nadlnahumu an Indemnity
of ten tuana of sliver,' " . :.
Then follow tha names of seven wit
nesses and of an ofllclnl who la de
scribed aa "the scribe of the Concord
ance of Proper Names." The docu
ment concludes with the thuinb-uall
marks of the contracting parties.
There are also lea sea ot various kinds
and contracts for the sale of sun-dried
bricks and other merchandise, and for
(he loan of aved corn and oxeu for plowing.;.-
... ;- . - ;
' Queen's Dreaa Old-Faahluned.
Queen Victoria baa a horror of velvet
and cannot bear lo touch it, None Of
the furniture In the royal pnlnces ia
covered will) the fabric, ami nil her
Majesty's gowns are made of the rich
est silks and brocades, but no velvet la
ever permitted to be among them. For
over thirty years the Queen has nerer
cliuuged her cut or style of dress. She
weara the same fashions as when the
Prince Consort died, and probably noth
ing would perauudu ber to ultcr the
custom now and don fushloiiuLile rai
ment. At the lust jubilee her daughters
Were able to modify the sleeves of their
mother's "procession" dress and to get
her Into a bonnet that was actually be
coming, but now she bns gone buck to
the old styles, and uo one can iniike ber
budge. The materials used to make tip
these dowdy clothes are the richest and
finest to be procured In Loudon shops,
and, wheu ornamented with the splen
did laces ami embroideries In the
Queen's possession, Victoria does not
look otherwise tbnu queenly, even If
her figure has bceu wickedly described
as a feather bed tied lu the middle. But
then she la privileged to go without any
shape. : " ;i" '" ' ....
Wirnw Hair icks.
The barracks nt Warsaw, erected by
the RuhbIiiu C.urs to hold In check the
unruly Poles, are by far the most spa- i
cloua lu the world. The guns In the
walla facing the city, could easily level
the capital of old Poland to the ground,
while the garrison maintained, num
bering nearly 40,000 troops, could over
awe any rebellion, unices the conspira
tors had aid from outside. The barracks
cover some o,000 acres lu the highest
portion of the suburbs. The barracks
at Aldcrahot, unguiua, are me aecoua
largest In the world, having accommo
dations for 20,000 troops, unit covering
4,000 acres. The Currugh barracks', at
KUdure, In Ireland, are lu ten squares,
each of which haa sufficient space for
an entire regiment and Its officers.
According to M. Adhcmar Leclere,
French resident In Kratla, Cambodia,
the Puougs, wild people of thnt coun
try, have the type of the North Ameri
can Indiana. They believe lu a God,
whom they call ltrah, and lu another
life and In ghosts. They cut almost
every klud of flesh, nud make an Intoxi
cating drluk from rice. They smoke a
wild tobacco In wooden pipes, lueir
souse of smell la so keen that they pro
fess to know Individual animals by It,
They have neither music nor dauce.
k Comprchctuivt Review of th Important
Happenings of the Past Week Presented
la a Condeased form Which l Moat
, Likely to Prove of Interett to Our Many
, . Readers. ..
........ ' ' J
Kitchener calls for more troops.
Texas man and his son killed in a
street duel nt Waco.
Yale University holds a bi-centen
nial celebration, "
Burglars secure $75,000 in stamps
trom unicago postolhce vault.
Great Northern '" annual reports
show a falling off lit net income.
A Turk in San Francisco instantly
killed a girl and then shot himself,
Sir Thomas Upton, will enter no
yacht lor the America s cup next fall.
Geimtitia discuxsed the "American
danger" in connection with the new
Systematic embezzlement of govern
ment supplies discovered at Fort
Keogh, Minn.
Joe Levy and two Frenchwomen ar
rested at Baker City for implication
in murucr at lloiae.
' A valuable gold watch and a wallet
containing zu sovereigns were stolen
from the royal yacht Ophir in Halnax.
All tho property of the Northern
racilie mitiiect to hre has been in
surcil. The policy is for 120.000,000.
j Progress in negotiations for a new
Hour ami saw mill at Astoria lie
! lujed by refusal of promoters to pay
uigh prices for sites... - . .
Munjuis I to arrived atM'aahiugton
Religions exercise opened the Yale
Came law of Washington is thought
to be detective.
Cuba's imports show a decrease, the
exK.irts an increase.
Kaiii storms did much damage to
property nt hkagway.
Famine conditions are proclaimed in
five more Russian districts.
Oricving over her dual life caused
a Chicago woman to kill 'herself.
There is a possibility that the threat
ened miners' strike in France may be
averted, v ; . .,, .
Admiral Bowles recommends that
the Havana drydoek be sent to the
t uilippines. ' ,
Another plot to ''slaughter Ameri
cans in Saniar waa frustrated. Rei
forcomenss are: being rushed to the
island. American troops there an
ticipate hard righting.
Kx-Governor Fillsbury, of Minne
sota, is dead.
Five men wore killed by an acci
dent in the New York subway.
London , police are guarding the
Jack-sons to prevent a lynching.
The French government is prepar
ing for trouble in the coal fields.
England and Russia come to an
agreement on the Afghan question.
Bulgarian Minister Sainton protests
against Consul Dickinson's o' arges.
Oregon butter in. tins comes in for
first honors at Pan-American exposi
tion. "
The Agricultural department is
planning to develop the industries of
Five hundred bolomon attacked a
detachment of the Ninth Infantry in
Saniar, killing 10 and wounding 6.
The insurgents were repulsed, leaving
many dead on the field.
Aguinaldo is posing aa a martyr. '
Famine riots have broken out in
The typhoon at Manila , was the
worst in 20 years. ,
"A Japanese pirate ship starts on a
cruise from Formosa.
Threats wore made against Judge
CantriU at the Powers trial. t;,
Nicaragua buys a half million
dollar cruiser from Germany, ;
Three men were injured in a trolley
car collision on tho Vancouver line.
Chester Anderson crushed to death
on Morrison street bridge, Portland.
Secretary Gage was the principal
speaker before the bankers' conven
tion. . :
The navy department asks for an
appropriation of nearly $100,000,000.
The new Manohurian treaty , is on
the lines of the one lately with
drawn by Russia.
, Quarantine officer reports 909 lepers
and 104 clean persona in the Molokai
settlement in Hawaii:
Organizations auxiliary to the Mo
Kinley memorial association are be
ing formed throughout the country..
An English clergyman, was obliged
to pay duty on a box of souvenir pam
phlots intended for distribution at
The petrified forests of Arizona
were recently examined anew under
tho direction of the general land
olfico. The silicified logs lie in the
greatest abundance within an area of
eight square miles in Apache county.
In some places they lie more thickly
than they could have stood while
living aa trees, and it is thought that
they must have been carried there by
a BWift currant of water in the mes
oscoic age. .
Call Is for Trained Mounted Soldiers Ru
mors of Dewefl Death Discredited.
London,Oct.23. The Daily Express
learns that Lord Kitchener has wired
an urgent demand to the war office for
more trained mounted men.
British Accused of Brutality.
New York, Oct. '23, A London
Times special to the New York Times
Referring to the fresh outbreak of
Anglophobia in Vienna, a corres
pondent of the Austrian Capital
quotes the especially influential Cath
olio organ, The Vaterland, which
publishes an article headed : "Lord
Kitchener as a Hangman." It says
the commmander-in-chief of the
British forces in South Africa, in
despair of being able to conquer the
Boera by honest war, has for a long
time had recourse to brutality. His
bloodthirstyness was formerly re-
strained by the British government.
but it now appears that a free hand
has been given to him.
The Vaterland goes on to say that
the announcement that Command-
ant General Botha will meet violence
by reprisals will convince all that the
Boers are not intimidated, but only
exasperated by Lord Kitchener's in
humanity. The sanguinary seed sown
by the British Commander will pro
duce a harvest of blood and none
can blame the Boer leaders if they
have recourse to a terrible tribution
Martial Law Regulations.
Capetown, Oct. 23. The regula
tions of martial law, which have just
been published, provide that the ordi
nary law shall hold good as far as pos
sible with necessary restrictions re-
Raiding the movement of persons
dealing in contraband, the possession
of firearms and explosives, etc. Let
tcrs and telegrams are subject to cen
sorship. , The regulations are admin
istered by the civil authorities.
Discredit Ramon of Dewet's Death.
The Hague, Oct. 23. The former
residents of the Transvaal who are
now in this city entirely discredit the
rumors of the death of General JLe-
Wewct, emanating from Durban, Na
tal. .'.''.'," '
Graved Over Hit -Approaching Separation
'; From Army Lite.
Salt Lake, Oct. 23.--Grief over sep
aration from army . life, with which
he bad been associated for 40 years,
and to which he was ereatly attached,
is believed to have been the direct
cause of the suicide at Fort Douglas
of August Lange, ordnance sergeant.
La nsre was to have been retirea witn-
in a few days.and rather than re-enter
civil life he hanged himself in one
of the buildings Of the fort. . Lange,
who was 61 yearn of age, enlisted at
the outbreak of the civil war, partici
pating in many of its historic battles,
and waa wounded during the battle of
Spottsylvama. In later years be took
part in numerous campaigns against
W estern Indians, and tor the past 10
years has been ordnance sergeant at
Fort Douglas. He left a widow and
two grown daughters, who reside in
this city. : -
One Arc Lamp With Microphone Attachment
Will Tranunit Sounds Through Another,
St. Petersburg, Oct. 23. A member
of the faculty of Moscow Imperial
Technical school recently discovered
that a microphone attached to an elec
tric lamp by wire will transmit sounds
through the medium of another arc
lamp. Repeated experiments were
made in which the two lamps were
separated by a thick wall. The in
ventor read in a low voice a lecture on
his discovery, and his words, spoken
into the microphone, were comfortably
audible in the next room. V itti char
acteristic carelessness, the Russian
newspapers failed to state whether the
lamps were burning, but it is probable
that this is to be assumed.
Australia May Build Challenge Boat
New York, Oct. 23. R. A. Watson,
formerly of Canada and now of Syd
ney, N.S. W., at an informal reception
given him. by the Nonpareil Rowing
club, said that tlie recent races Be
tween the Columbia and Shamrock
II. were the greatest that had ever
taken place in any waters. He added
that on his return to Australia he
would try to form a wealthy syndicate
to build a boat and challenge for the
cup from Australia.
Delighted With New Ameer.
New York, Oct. 23. The Simla
correspondent of the New York Times
ays the envoy from Cabul at that
city reports all quiet in Afghanistan.
The envoy ndds that the people are
delighted with the new Ameer, and
declares that the accession of Habib
UUnh was like a feast after fast,
which graphically describes the situ
ation, the Afghans having apparently
accepted Habib Ullah with a sense of
relief after Ameer Abder Rahmans
inflexible rule.
Brave Revolutionists.
Now York. Oct. 23, A Panama
conespondent of the Herald says:
A party of revolutionists, said to be
led by General Lugo, appeared on the
heights in sight of La Boca, which is
a few miles from Panama. The party
waved a red flag and then disappeared.
Government troops were sent after
the party, but the latter could not be
found. The government soldiers are
now stationed in La Boca.
Commercial and Financial Happening! of Im
portance A Brief Review of the Growth
and Improvements of the Many Industries
Throughout Our Thriving Commonwealth
Latest Market Report
The new Catholic church at Wood-
burn was dedicated.
Oregon supreme court bands down
three important decisions.
A Chinaman was brutally beaten
and robbed of $70 at Meacham.
Oregon railroad will promote home
fattening of hogs for local markets.
Machinery for boring for oil to a
depth of l,btX) feet is being placed on
a farm near Toledo. . , .
The United States weather bureau
has taken a 10-year lease on a tract
of land in Astoria on which to erect a
signal tower.
The total output of young aalmon
from the hatcheries tributary to the
Columbia will be about 60,000,000
fish this year. . .
A Hood River apple grower gath
ered 60 boxes of apples from 4-year
old trees and found less than a box
of wormy fruit.
A Salem man waa attacked by a
foot pad, but gave the robber such a
drubbing that the latter was hardly
able to get away,
Crook county is fast coming to the
front as a cattle raising country. One
raiser recently sold 60 head at 22 and
00 head of yearling betters at $24.
One of the heavy prune raisers of
Cow Creek valley haa completed his
prune drying. He haa 71,000 pounds.
He Bold the entire lot in sacks at
cents. ,- , ..... ,.. . ...
Officers of the Klamath reserva
tion have been spending several days
past in a thorough but fruitless search
over Southern Oregon for four Indian
girls and three boys who ran away
from the Klamath school. -
For the first time in its history Mt.
Angel college has a football team.
The Phoenix mine in the Green
horn district haa been sold for $80,000,
The new filter plant for the Oregon
City water system is being installed.
Part of the Oregon City paper mills
are shut down on account of low
The run of silversides in the Colum
bia is as large aa ever, and quality
About 1,500,000 pounds of prunes
have been received at salem, and they
are still coming by the wagon load.
Renresentntivea of Milwaukee cap
italists will arrive soon to negotiate
with . the incorporators ol tne pro
jected electric railway between
Sumpter and Bourne.
The superintendent of the Badger
mine, of nusanviiie, has laid off a
large 'number of the hands. It is
likely that a larger force than ever
will soon be put to work. .
So far thia season steelhead salmon
have not made their appearance in the
South Fork and Wallowa rivers. It
is said that a dam has been placed at
the mouth of Salmon river which
prevents them from going up into
those streams.'
Portland Markets.
Wheat Walla Walla, nominal
64(9 54 c; bluestem, 65c; valley, 55.
Flour best grades, $z.fja3.00 per
barrel: graham, $2.60. x.
Oata Old, U$1 per cental.
Barley Feed, $1515.50; brewing,
$16.00 per ton.
Millstuffs Bran, 117 18; mid
dlings, $2021 ; shorta, $1920; chop,
Hay Timothy, $11(313; clover,
$79.50; Oregon wild hay, $5g3 per
ton.'-v r
Butter Fancy creamery, 25 27Vc;
dairy, 1820c store, 1415o per
Eggs Storage zutgzzc; iresn zoo.
Cheese Full oream, twins, 12 Ji
13o; Young America, 13)14o per
pound. -
foultryunicnens, mixea, z.oug
3.00; hens, $4.00; dressed, 9llo
per pound; springs, $3.00 per dozen;
ducks, $3 for old; $3.O04.OO for
young; geese, $6g7 per dozen; tur
keys, live,10llo; dressed. 108l2)o
per pound.
Mutton Lambs, 8)io, gross;
dressed, 66o per pound; sheep,
$3.25, gross; dreased, 6c per lb.
Hogs Gross, heavy, $6 6. 25;
light, $4.7o5; dressed, 11q per
Veal Small. 88)c; large, 7
7)a'o per pound.
Beef Gross top steers, $3.60400;
cows and heifers, $3.0O3.50; dressed
beef, 5HSsO per pound.
Hops 81060 per pound.
Wool Valley, ll13Xo; Eastern
Oregon, 812'c; mohair, 20 21c per
rotatoes jj(si.ivi per saca.
Eleotric cab service in Paris has
proved very unprofitable. It is said
that the losa so far represents $900,-
Germany imports vast quantities of
red wine each year for mixing with
wines of her own growth. In 1900
4,788 tons were imported from Italy
for; this purpose, l.dlw tons from
France 1,272 tons from Greece, 4,878
tons from - Austria-Hungary, and
8,478 tons from Spain ;
Government Relief It Necessary In Flv More
Suffering Districts.
Bt. Petersburg, Oct. 22. Acting
under additional information from
the governor of the province of Sa
mara, the minister of the interior has
officially proclaimed famine condi
tions in five more districts in this
province. This means that the bad
harvest has already made itself so
keenly felt that a special medical and
relief organization is deemed neces
sary for these districts. It is likely
that the list will be added to from
time to time during the winter.
The minister also published today a
detailed report about the relief given -to
seven Siberian districts. Forty
thousand roubles were assigned. The
present indications are that little in
formation about the famine will be
published in Russian papers which is
not given out by the minister of the
interior. The papers have been given
to understand that incorrect informa
tion or "colored" articles about the
famine will not be tolerated, and the
Russian editors know when they have
been spoken to. The bad harvests in
portions of Siberia last year and this
year has had the effect of turning a
part of the tide of Siberian emigra
tion back toward Russia. According
to an official source, 77,745 emigrants
and 519,721 men whom the peasant
communes sent to spy out the land
went to Siberia between January 1
and September 17, and ! 19,788 emi
grants and 12,619 envoys returned. .
In addition to famine a circum
stance that deters emigration and
occasions the return of many is the
exhaustion of available farm land.
It is a fact that is not sufficiently un
derstood abroad that portions of Si
beria are already fully occupied.
Thia is true . of nearly all good and
conveniently accessible agricultural
land in West Siberia. Recent settlers
have been assigned lands distant from
the railroad or navigable rivers, or
have received forest and marsh lands
which it would not pay them to till
under present conditions. With
additional railways, with new markets
for West Siberian grain in the' East
Siberian, Mongolian and Manchurian
mining region, and with better
modes of cultivating the ground there
will be room for more settlers in West
Siberia, but the plain truth is that
there is little room for peasants there
A Case of Unusual Depravity In th Army In
the Philippine Islands.
Washington, Oct. 21 George A.
Raymond, an American and formerly
a private in the Forty-first Volunteer
infantry, was tried by military commis
sion in the Philippines a short time
ago on a triple charge of murder, rape
and robbery and sentenced to be
hanged. The records in this case, of
unusual depravity, have just ,: been
received at, the . war department.
Upon the muster out of the Forty-first
regiment, Ramond went to the prov
ince of Pampanga and endeavored to
organize a band of outlaws among
his former comiadea. May 7, while he
was riding along a road near the bar
rio of San Jose with Henry Bohn.who
had also been a private in the Forty
first -Infantry, and with whom he
assumed to be on friendly relations,
Raymond treacherously turned on his
companion and killed him with hia
revolver and then emptied the dead
man's pockets. Two days afterward,
in company with two privates of the
rorty-tirst, Raymond, garbed ip the
uniform of a United States Army offi
cer, entered the premises of a peace
ful native and robbed him of saddles,
bridles and three horses. . .On the
night of May 9 Raymond forced hia
way into the home of a respectable
native girl and assaulted her; In
reviewing this case and approving
the sentence of death. General Chaffee
said: "The depravity and dangerous
criminal properties of the
volving in the short space of three
days the robbery of a helpless native,
the licentious violation of a respect
able girl and the treacherous assassi
nation of a comrade from motives of
pure avariciousnesa, calls for but one
fitting punishment. , ...
Hay Crop Burning. i
La Crosse, Wis.,Oct. 22. Lata this
afternoon fire was discovered in the
hay lands which surround the city.
The flames are now burning every
thing before them, and the hremen
are powerless, owing to the fire being
outside the city limits and beyond
water service. 'Ihousandaof tons of
hay will be lost. i.
Murderous Robbers Caught. .
Middlesboro, Ky., Oct. 22. George,
Gray was today arrested as principal
and George Eaton as an accomplice in
the shooting and robbery of P. T.
Colgan, paymaster "of the Virginia
Coal and Coke company last week at
Middlesboro. Colgan 'was robbed
while on his way to the furnaces from
the bank. Eaton made a partial con
fession, implicating three other men
and a woman. It is said the woman
has fled into Harlan county with the
Russia Will Not Intervene.
London, Oct. 23. Referring to the
movements of Prof. F. de Maartens,
of the University of St. Petersburg,
who is alio a member of the Russian
privy council, the Brussels correspond
ent of the Standard denies that he
has any mission from the Russian
government bearing upon the South
African situation, and asserts that
Boer circles in Brussels discredit the
possibility of Russian intervention.