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vol. xvur.
NO. 44.
1 11 1 II' 11
t 111
At quarter afti'r ten Hubert Camtibell
left lb express olllce with l vinull canvas
bag under out arm containing twvlve
thuiissnd Bve biimlif d dollars In void,
nmilv his y towards the rcsidcure uf
the banker, which was au IiiiixmIik strue
lure atandins on tho corner of. Market
anil Sixth etiwle.
"Huinoth ulllnir at last," lie thought, a
he tawd hurriedly down Front street to
Market. "I shall leave the residence of
Mjr Ilattlf free nian, Willi my note In
mjr possession, ami I triiHt with Mr. I)e
Itosette'a consent to make my sweetheart
my bride. Now, thla nioucjr I conld use
for the balance of tho five years; but why
nay eight hundred h year It It ran be
avoided? True, I her la a war that I
might retain It ami I think run little risk,
but I mint tie mill limn I have not nerve
nou(h to try It. Whn I got back from
Baltimore I will bar time to think tbc
matter over. There will be other 0uor-
luntne, ana peruana netier ohm.
Thus aollliHiulaltic, the young niau bant
ened on oo Msrket etreet, and at exactly
half after ten he enundluif of the door
bell announced io the baukcr hla arrival.
Mr. IUovtte waa seated In the library
reading a non-1. The bedroom door atood
wide open, and ao did the door leading
from that to tb bathroom beyond. The
two windowa of the llbrarr, aa well as
those of the chamber, oiienlng out on the
lawn on the east aide of the house, were
rained to admit the alight breese that waa
borne went ward from the ocean, seven
milea away, and yet, ao warm waa It that
the banker bad diararded hla coat and aat
in hla ahlrt sleeves.
"Aunt Hannah, the door!" he euddenly
exclaimed, aa he heard the signal; but no
ticing that Iber waa uo reKinae from the
aable Hannah, be muttered: "Uoiing,
probably," and passed through the parlors
out Into the ball and opened the dour Win
aelf. "Come In! Come In, Robert. I am all
alone, t think the servants, even, have
gone to bed, aa none responded to the bell.
I presume Haiti would bare remained
below If I bad Informed her I waa looking
for yon, but yon know late boura for
young people ratine dull eyea the next
Booming, and then I thought that perhnpe
yon would not desire ber to be present,
Herman entered the home not ten mln
ntea ago, I preanine he would hare been
Id the library yet but for the fact that 1
told him yon were coming to take up your
note, and that there waa private matter
about which we were to confer. He look
ed much annoyed nay, eicited. Do yon
know, he bad the audacity to aak my
danghter'a hand to-day t"
By thla time the two men bad reached
the Ubrary.
"I am not aurprlned," aald Robert "I
bad aurmlaed that he would, and Imag
ined what your anawer would be. I know
ftfiaa Hattla haa no affection for him."
"Ah, ha, all beatowed on you, I sup
poae!" -,.
The young man'a face Buahed. "I think,
air," he aald, "that If I am no fortunate
aa to gain yonr consent, I possess a aulfl
dent quantity of her regard to be able to
Induce hot to become my wife." i
"I bare not been blind, Robert. I hare
seen the treud of matter, for aome time,
and I abail be quite content to trust my
danghter'a bapplneae to you. I am satis
fled that you love each other. You have
proved your ability to take care of a wife,
even though adveralty frown oo yon. I
(let you my consent freely, my boy."
"Oh, thauk you, air. t ahall leave for
Baltimore with a light heart, and now
for the other matter. I tnuet not keep
you up later."
"Oh, aa for that It la not yet eleven;
bat on your own account, If you muat
teavt at four. Yon will not be gone long,
I trtwtr
"I ahall be home Saturday evening, four
day only; and now for the note. Thla
bag contalna the coin, twelve thousand
Ave hundred dollars. You can aee the ex
preaa eal la atlll Intact. (Jive me credit
for aui h ,u m aa remains above the amount
of the note and Intereat."
"Certainly, my boy, with pleasure, alnce
you aak It! but you might aa well have
kept It. llattlo, aa you know, la ao only
child, and the prospect la that between
you, you will handle all of Alvln Delta
eetto'a coin one of these days; that la, all
but amall legacy that will go to Her
man Craven, to whom a larger one, I
think, would prove a curse, and remem
brances to aervauta,"
"Uod grant that the yeara before you
are called away, Mr. DcKosette, may be
many," aald the young man, with deep
feeling, "Wilmington could 111 afford to
lose you, and notwithstanding my love for
dear Hattle, there would bo a void that
could never bo filled."
"Well, well, we muat all go, my boy; but
I will try and remain with yon awhile
yet and when I die yon must take the
helm at the bnnk. I founded that Insti
tution, and I desire It to live after me."
Here the banker pulled opeu a drawer
1,1. .i.k withdrew therefrom the note,
and after writing acroaa the face of It the
wordas "Hatlafactlon receiveo in run, mis
eighteenth day ot Anguat eighteen hun
dred and fifty-wsven," to which he affixed
bia algnature, banded It to Robert with
thesn wnrils!
"Keep It aa a memento ot what you ac
eoiniilUlinit In two Tears."
"I will give It to Jennie, to paste In her
acrnn book." waa the reply.
"Let's see." said the banker, "that will
leave seventeen hundred dollars to be
placed to your credit. I might give you
rere nt for that."
"No. nol It la needless!" exclaimed
Robert. "Merely pass It to my credit to
morrow, and now I will bid you "
He was Interrupted by a jlnfllng of the
"Why, who can thla be at thla time ot
night," aald the banker. "Robert," he
contluned, "you are younger than I am
Will you aee confound the aleepy aer
The young man hastened to the front
uuor; sprang back the catch, and open
d It.
I , l WW
9M Jfevivi1!
Darkness alone confronted him.
"Who la herer be asked.
Naught but alienee.
"tt la very strange. 1 surely heard the
bell. Lot me Investigate," thought the
young man, and leaving the door ajar be
stepped out on the broad plana.
lie hastily passed from one end of the
same to the other, but encountered no on.
"I cannot understand it" be exclaimed
aa he descended the steps to the graveled
walk. "What could have been the object?
Home one bent on mischief, perhaps."
Robert stood for a moment with one
foot on the lower atep and the other on
the walk, listening.
Muddenly he heard a sound aa of a
smothered groan behind him. He hurried
ly ran up the steps, pushed open the door,
and In a moment's time atood in the li
brary. '..-
A cry of horror broke from bis Hps. '
Hllll seated In hla chair waa the form
of the banker; but his head bad dropped
over to his left shoulder, . Ilia glaring eyes
were fixed on vacancy, and a look of hor
ror waa on hla livid countenance.
He had sunk tower In the chair. A rivu
let of blood waa tracing its way down hla
ahlrt front, dyeing It red, and the handle
of a ahealb knife atood there, tho keen
blade buried In bia bosom,
"Help! help) There baa been murder
done! Help! help!"
In an Instant he had seised with his
right band the bloody haft of the knife,
while with hla left he endeavored to re
strain the body from alnklng to the Boor.
"Help! help!" He drew the weapon
forth, the red blood dyeing hla sleeve as
be did so.
"Uncle Alvln! Uncle Alvln! Oh, tell
me! Tell me!"
There was a groan, a twitching of the
limits, a contortion of the features, and a
dead man slid from the chair to the blood
soaked carpet of the library.
"Oh, Uod, what Bend haa done this
deed?" cried Robert aa he bent over the
still form on the carpet.
A piercing cry answered him, and Hat
tle, who bad been roused by the cries and
hastily deaceudrd the stairs, sunk on her
knees by the side of ber murdered father.
At the same Instant Herman Craven
rushed into the room.
A cry of horror broke from hia white
llpa aa his eyea fell on the scene before
'Merciful God! Sly uncle murdered!
You. Robert Campbell, you standing over
bis lifeless remains, and with that recking
weapon In your hand? Fiend! Assassin!
I aee It all! Maddened by hla refusal to
give you bia loved daughter's band In mar
riage, you have taken bia lire, stand
back from my loved conslu's side, or, red
handed as you are, I will attack you. Oh,
my loved uncle! It was your death cry
that roused me from my slumbers!"
"Herman Craven!" cried Robert, aa he
atralghtened to bia full height, "haa this
terrible scene erased you? Xou cannot
believe the worda you have uttered to be
true; btrt rouse the aervauta and aend for
help. The assassin must not escape.
"Nor sball be. Robert Campbell. You
are the murderer here! Utile did I
dream what my tincle'a erica foretold!"
"Mara Alvln! Mara aiviui aiurnereu!
Murdered! And by you, Mara Robert!"
Old uncle Duko, who bad entered the
room, walked to the aide of bis young
mistress, who waa caressing the dead
form of ber father.
"It waa I. Herman Craven, who an
swered the summons of the door bell. I
had been here for a bait nourj waa nere
by appointment a you know, to take np
my note. 1 brought with me a bag of
coin aud received It canceled or tho door
bell rang. 1 " "
"Where la thla nag ot coiur-
"Whv. there upou your uucle'a desk,
where I placed It."
"There is no bag ot coin there! Villain,
you . plotted weliP ... v
"HO bag 01 coin liierer iwvimvj unm
then been added to murder. Your mis
tress, Hannah, your mlatress!"
Aunt llannan aioou m me uoor lending
from the library to the banker'a cham
ber. Her mulatto face waa of an ashen
hue and aha waa shsking aa with palsy.
.... ., n .it l - Aa.n .Inrllntf nana
ueaai xesm -"'-
Murdered, murdcredl"
l'h erlea of poor Hattle were frantical
ly resounding through the house.
Toor darling," aald Robert, and aa ho
stooped, the bloody weapon fell from his
hsud aud atrucg at nor sme.
What wonder tuat sue isiuiea. i
Robert was stooping, with a view to
raising ber to aofa that the room con
tained. "Hands otT my cousin, muruererr encu
Herman. But already Robert had her
In bia strong arma, auu in a buvuhu m
her white form, clad only In a wrapper
she hod hastily donned over her long night
robe, bad placed her on the sofa, where
the quaking Hannah and her daughter
Millie, who had Joined them, were aoou
atrlviug to revive her.
Uncle Duke had ronsea &atm, ine cr
rlage driver, whom he bad aent for Dr.
Norcutu, two blocks away, and he now
re-entered the room. . . , .
"Had we not best lay the body of your
undo on the bod lu hla chamber, Her
man ?" asked Robert. (
"Murderer, leave him where he fell be
neath your blow until those arrive who
will take you in cliurge. io noi auviui
fllght-you are too well known. Watch
him, Uncle Duke, and yon, Hannah and
Millie; he la your master's murderer.
"Imnnaalble!" exclaimed Uncle Duke,
while Hannah dropped the bowl of water
from which aho waa aprlnkllug ber young
mistresH' face, and lu very terror ran
acreamlug from the room,
"Infamous wretch!" cried Robert. "You
know your worda are false. Vot aught I
know yours may have been the hand that
wielded thla knife."
Here be stooped aud raised the weapon
"TleW Udr cried Herman. "You
would assaslnate me as you did my uncle.
Ho dashed through the door, aud In an
Instant his slippered feet were descend
lug the plaa steps. .... ,
"llclpl Uulvl Murder! Murder!" re
sounded hla voice as he aped away In the
Hardly had the outer door closed behind
Herman Craven when Hattle regained
consciousness, and with a long drawn sigh
her eyes opened.
"My poor darling,", exclaimed Robert
as he placed one band upon her brow.
Hcemlngly In very terror she recoiled,
ami ine cry scaped her lips:, "Ob, Uod!
Murdered! My dear father murdered!
And aud by the man I loved "
"Oh, Hattle, my darling!" exclaimed
Robert. "You cannot believe me guilty of
this terrible crhneT"
The poor girl threw her bands before
her eyea aa If to shut out aome horrid
vision as she sobbed: "You were standing
over him, Robert, with the bloody weapon
in your band, when I, followed by Her
man, entered the room. How bow could
you have murdered my father, who loved
you well? No, no, I will not believe It
and yet Herman accused you."
"Hattic, dearest suspicion of the one
wno loves you la unworthy of you. Not
five minutes before I found that fatal
blade driven to bis heart be bad consented
willingly to our marriage. I loved your
lamer. ak yourself if 1 could bare mur
dered blm."
".No, no, I will not believe It. Forgive
me, deer Uobert. But the knife? How
came it In your band and blood blood on
your band aud aleeve?"
"I had Just withdrawn It from your
father's bosom, dear. I called on him at
the bauk to-day and made an appointment
to see blm bere to-night after ten o'clock.
I brought with me a bag of coin, and bad
paid a note he held. I have It cancelled In
my pocket. Just as I waa about to take
my leave the door bell rang. Your fath
er, remarking that It waa a late hour for
callers, requested me to see who was
there, I opened the door. Darkuess con
fronted me and nothing more. I walked
the length ot the plans and called out
'Who la here? but received no response.
I descended the steps, wondering at the
strange occurrence; for a moment atood
with one foot on the tower step, the other
on the walk. Suddenly I beard stifled
groan emanating from the house. I ran
up the steps, hastily entered the library,
and my heart stood atill at tbe terrible
sight that confronted me. I cried out
'Help! Murder!' and withdrew tbe sbesth
kulfe from your father's bosom. On
gasp, and he slid from tbe chair to the car
peted Boor, a corpse." .
"Oh, my father, my father! Then It
was not hla voice 1 heard."
"Yon did not hear the pealing of the
door bell, dearest f
"No, Robert. I-I "
"Fly, Mara Robert! Fly! You got no
time to tarry bere. You'll hang, Mara
Robert, bang. Jus' tilt you'd killed ole
master. A nigger ran save you. Go,
Mara Robert-go! I-I "
It was Aunt Hannah who had re-entered
the room, who bad spoken,
"Are you crasy, Hannah? The mur
derer of your master must be brought to
Justice." '
"Ain't you aee, Mara Robert? The evi
dence of Mara Herman will condemn you.
The young mlsale saw you with the bloody
knife In your band. Mara Herman will
awear that your cries were the erica ot my
poor ole master. Fly, Mara Robert, while
yon have time. I know you is not tbe
murderer of ole master; but fly!" ,
"Yes, yes, Robert!" said Hattle, quick
ly. "I feel that you never dreamed of
tbia terrible crime; but Hannah has told
the truth. Ob, my darling, and now now
that I have ouly you," and the fair girl
twined her arma about bim.
"I'oor dear," aaid Robert, "you are agi
tated, and little wonder. Robert Camp
bell ahall be found by your aide, even
though he stand In danger ot tbe gal
lows, and tbe murderer, the assassin, of
your father ahall meet death on the gal
lows. Herman Craven may not be guilty
of tbia murder, but on my soul I believe
he Is. He haa doubtless gone In search
of an officer with the Intention of de
nouncing me."
"No, no," sobbed Hattle. ' "My cousin
surely would uot murder one who has
been so kind to bim. He could not have
committed tbe crime. Immediately after
I heard the voice, which I supposed waa
my father's, crying 'Help, murder!' Her
man knocked on my door and exclaimed:
'Your father, Miss Hattle; your father!'
He had but Just left bia room. 1 had
thrown my wrapper on, and together we
descended the stairs."
"The murder had already been commit
ted, dear, when you heard those cries;
but, ah, I have It." Hastening to the desk
of the dead banker, who lay beside it, bis
wan face upturned, he seised a pencil and :
hastily on a alip ot paper wrote these
"ksng Bellars, Detective.
"Mease come to the residence of Bank
er DeRosctte at once. Hia dead face ia
now licfore me. He has been cruelly mur
dered. Robert Campbell."
(To be continued.)
Empty Pralaa.
To llttlo men aud women of tbe liter
ary profession, tho poetasters and wit
lings, there ought to be something In
structive In this word from Thackeray,
quoted by Ills daughter, Mrs. Ritchie.
After reading such au estimate of no
toriety by a man truly great, the min
nows may well consider whether they
are not swimming too pretentiously.
"There's no use denying the matter,
or blinking at it, now I urn become
sort ot great man. In my way all but
at the top of the tree, ludeed there, if
the truth were known, and having a
great flght up there with Dickens.
"I get such a deal of praise wherever
I go that It Is rather wearisome to hear.
I dou't think uiy head is a bit turned,
please God, for I have always got my
own opinion; and when men aud news
papers say: 'Our sheet Is the finest'
and so forth, I know a deal better, and
don't disguise the truth, either.
"ThlsLondon world Is full of good-natured
torn-fools, aud directly one be
gins to cry 'Oh!' all the rest say, 'Pro
digious!' "Youth's Companion.
United States Forest Reservations.
The thirty forest reservations of the
United States embrace an area of 40,
000,000 acres In thirteen States and
Territories. Seven are In the State of
California, the largest of which, the
Sierra forest reserve, includes 4,000,
000 acres. Within the past thirty -five
years it Is estimated that 11,000,000,000
feet, board measure, of timber on pub
lic laud has been destroyed by forest
A Comprehensive Review ef the Important
Happanlnjt of th Put week PrutnUd
la a Condensed Form Which Is Moat
Likely to Prove ef Ink rut to Our Many
, Reader,
Cuban election law will be protuul
gated. ,
King Leopold, of Belgium, will visit
A general strike of tobacco workers
is on at Seville, Spain.
Ex-Governor Pillsbury, of Minne
sota, is dying of Bnghts disease.
Senator Frye will remain at the
head of the commerce committee.
Palouse farmers are selling wheat
readily at the local price of 40 cents.
England orders 29,000 soldiers to
be in readiness to proceed on active
Cudahy withdraws the reward of
$25,000 he offered for the abductors
of his son. -
No passengers are allowed to sail
from Cape Town ports without mili
tary permits.
Burglars blew open a safe at Bluff-
ton, O., setting fire to the building.
They got nothing. v
The sultan Bays he will oppose any
effort of Ureat Britain to assume aa
thority over Koweit.
House of deputies of the Episco
palian convention at Han Francico
regulates remarriage after divorce. .
Johunn Most, the anarchist leader,
is sentenced to one years' imprison
ment for publishing articles regarding
the assassination of McKinley.
Malvar is preparing to operate in
Bulocan province.
Pat Crowe states the terms on which
he will surrender.
The business section of Los Gatoe
was destroyed by fire.
There is much demand! for cheap
Eastern Oregon lands. .
Catches of the Behring Sea fleet
wore reported by sealer.
General Otis wants better garrison
prisons in his department.
Russia demands that Turkey pun
ish the murderers of Armenians.
The construction of more naval ves
sels will te recommended to congress.
A French aeronaut is trying to
cross the Mediterranean in a balloon.
There ia criticism at Manila of the
recent statements of Congressman
Weeks. . ''
General Merrhwn calls attention to
the necessity of better drill work by
Braganxa, who ordered the execu
tion of 103 Spanish prisoners, will be
The steamer Ha Ting from Skag-
way to Vancouver, ran ashore ou Jar
vis Island.. ' ".
The attorney general of Washing
ton holds that high schools cannot be
supported by common school funds.
Admiral Schley was placed on the
retired list.
Russians believe Afghanistan is on
the verge of civil war.
Martial law has been declared
throughout Cape Colony. :
King Edward has bought back his
former racing cutter Brittania.
Dr. H. P. Tuttle, inventor of
thorite, dropped dead at Tacoma.
Oregon's farm "exhibit took first
prise at Pan-American exposition.
Prince Ching asks that foreigen
merchants be removed from Pekin.
Halifax police took too deserting
British seamen from an American
Charges of drunkenness are made
against Commander Tilley, of lu
tuila. ; -
Ex Chief Justice Scott, of Wash
ington.charged with criminal assault,
proved an alibi.
Miss Stone has been located in the
mountains on the Turkish frontier,
ajive and well.
I.ipton's offer ; to : race Shamrock
next year for the oup was rejected by
the New York Yacht club.
Colombian rebels fired on a British
steamer at Tumaoo.
A Seattle firm has been awarded a
f2,000,000 contract for dredging and
mproving the harbor of Manila.
Fifteen Mexican artillery officers
have been sent to France to study
manufacture and manipulation of
ordnance. , . , i
Child instantly killed on the West
Side railroad.
Caleb Powers' second trial opened
at Georgetwon.
Sensation was sprung in the trial of
ex-Chief Justice Scott, of Washing
ton, A coord ng to the anthropologist, Al
fredo Nioofore, a North Italian differs
loss from a German than he does
from a Cicillian.
At a historio place not far from
Albany, N. Y., a certain young man
who is fond of having his name ap
pear wherever it will be seen, care
fully carved his initials, which hap
pened to be "A. 8. " Some mean per
son wrote direotly under it, "Two
thirds of the truth. "
782,000 Poods of Bye will Be Required to
Relieve Dlitreis la One Province.
St. Petersburg, Oct. 16. (Corres
pondence of the Associated Press.)
It can now b forseen that the wide
spread crop failures, the consequent
famine and tbe relief work of the
government and of philanthropists
will be engrossing subjects in this
empire during the approaching winter
.The word famine is not used in the
official publications, which speak of
famine-stricken districts as "places
tnat are in an unfavorable condition
as respects the harvests," but the
facts that are freely admitted, show
that the struggle to keep the peasant
population alive until a new harvest
will be harder than has been known
since 1891-2. The extent of the
disaster can be vaguely surmised from
an inspection of the government re
port, which names the province of
Viatka as among those where there
was an "insufficient harvest," and
which gives tbe amount of govern
mental assistance required at 782,000
poods 01 rye. s . ,, v
City Authorities Have Patients Under Sur
' :, . . , ' . veillsnce.
Chehalis, Wash., Oct. 16. Four
cases of smallpox have developed at
unenalis within the past few days.
The authorities took the matter in
hand promptly and quarantined three
houses. ine disease was brought
here from Ellensburg. There is no
general alarm or disturbance of busi
ness, as nearly everyone was vacci
nated when the scare first came, two
years ago. . New cases that may de
velop win 1)6 promptly quarantined
by the city authorities. Smallpox.
in a mild form, was prevalent in sev
eral parts of the county for a long
time alter its first apperance in
1899, but there has been none in
Chehalis for over a year until now.
and no cases are known to exist in
any other part of the county.
Three Deaths From Black Damp.
Connellsville, Pa., Oct. 16. Black
damp today caused the death of John
Gilleland a miner, aged 50 years, and
his two sons James aud Winfield.aged
11 and 15, at the mines of the Juniata
Coke company, near Juniataville,
The bodies were rescued, but in the
effort John Nicholson, mine fireman,
and John Baker.a fire boss, were over
come by black damp and are in a
precarious condition. James had
climbed to the top of some of tbe
boards surrounding the pit, which had
been abandoned, when he was over
come by a sudden gust of the fumes
and fell in. The brother went to his
rescue, and not returning, the father
entered the pit. All three were over
come immediatelyand were dead long
bo I ore it was possible to send fresh
air into tbe shaft and attempt a res
BenamiB Franklin's Great-Granddaughter.
Philadelphia, Oct 16. Mrs. E. D.
Gillespie, the great-granddaughter
of Benjamin Frankl.:n, and one of the
city's most prominent women, died
at her home here aged 80 years. Her
father, William John Duane,was secre
tary of the treasury under President
Jackson, and was summarily removed
by the president for refusing to com
ply with his order to remove the pub-
publio funds from the bank of the
United States. .
Burglars Causa $25,000 Fire,
Bluffton, O., Oct. 16. Burglars
early today blew open the safe in the
ofllceof tbe Bluffton Milling company
here with ft large charge of dynamite
The building - caught fire and the
entire plant was destroyed, causing
a loss of 925,000 It is said the burg
lars got nothing. They fired two
shots at the night operator, who at
tempted to turn in a fire alarm, and
then escaped.
Anarchist Most One Year In PrUoa.
New York, Oct. 16. Johann Most,
the anarchist, was sentenced to one
year in the penitentiary today in the
court of special sessions for publishing
in his paper, The rreUieit, a sedi
tious article on the day folowing the
shooting of the- late President Mc
China Pays the Indemnity.
Pekin, Oct. 16. The Chinese plen-
ipotentiaries today performed their
last official act aud forwarded to the
Spanish minister, who is the doyen
of the diplomatic corps, a bond for
the indemnity of 460,000,000 taels.
Boer Forces Disappear.
New . York, Oct. 16. Heavy rains
have.temporarily interfered with the
communication between the columns
in the field, says a Dundee, Natal dis
patch to the Mail, and it is believed
that Botha's command, in trying to
make its escape, has melted into small
bands. Commandant General Botha
and the main body of burghers, ac
companied by three commandants,
have reached Tengola forest, , near
Luneberg, Transvaal.
Cudahy Withdraws Reward.
Omaha, Oct. 16. Edward A. Cud
,hv todav unconditionally withdrew
the reward of f 25, 000, which he
offered 10 months ago for the capture
of the abductors of his son. At the
suggestion of Mr. Cudahy and at the
request of Chief of Police Donahue,
the city council will take up tne mat-
offer of f25,O0O for the arrest of the
kiduapers. ' 1
Commercial and Financial Happenings of Im
portance A Brief Review of the Growth
and Impnrvcineiits of the Many Industries
Throughout Our Thriving Commonwealth
Latest Market Report.
Umatilla county has 103 schools and
nearly 3,000 school children.
The slope is now down over 1,200
leet at the Beaver Hill mine.
A Hubbard correspondent says the
rudding river bridge will be rebuilt.
B. C. Edwards' big log drive of 3,
500,000 feet for the Harrisburg saw
mill haa reached its destination.
The Empire Gold Mining company,
of Portland, will station s $75,000
gold dredger on the John Day river.
The Monument school board has
decided to purchase new desks and
make improvements on tbe grounds.
A stamp mill will soon be put
on the Merritt, Applegate & Leever
quartz mine in the Elk Creek district.
Through the kindness of Charles
Martin, the citizens of Hubbard have
access to over 1,500 books, which he
has placed in the room over the poat-
William Allen had the largest pota
toes of the season on exhibition last
week at Lostine. Among them were
three that averaged three pounds and
six ounces each. ;
The oil fields above Vale are creat
ing an excitement next to the famous
Hig Bend gold fever a few weeks ago.
More than 12,000 acres are now lo
cated and half a dozen surveying
parties are in the field. The hotels
at v ale are crowded.
The latest news . from the Malheur
oil fields is to the effect that loca
tions and locators have become so
thick that the county recorder is
obliged to insist that tbe applicants
lorm in line and take their turn when
they come to file their applications.
Michael Primeau.a miner employed
at the Bed Boy mine, was injured last
week by the explosion of a cap that
was placed on the wrong end of a
tuse. A. small piece of copper imbed
ded itself in his right thigh and ne
cessitated his going to the hospital at
Baker City.
Sumpter's new hotel is nearine
City election at Albany will take
place December 2.
A lodge of Woodmen of the World
has been organized at Milton.
An institute of Jackson county
teachers will be held at Ashland,
October 16-18.
A. A. Davis warehouse at Medford,
which collapsed recently, will not be
rebuilt until the grain in it, of
which there is about 10,000 bushels,
is sold. '
The onion crop of Milton is large.
Several oarloadg have already been
shipped out, mainly to Kansas and
Nebraska. Probably 20, carloads will
be shipped from Milton this season.
Dr. N. G. Blalock, of Walla Walla,
is purchasing large quantities of fruit
throughout the Walla Walla valley
and in the vicinity of Weston and
Ath na.
Portland Markets.
Wheat Walla Walla, nominal
5353ic; bluestem, 54c; valley, 64.
Flour beet grades, f2.653.a0 per
barrel; graham, $2.60.
Oats Old, 90$1 percental.
Barley Feed, tl515.60; brewing,
$16.00 per ton.
Millstuffs Bran, $17 IS; mid
dlings, $2021; shorts, $1920;chop,
$16. ,;
Hay Timothy, $111S; clover,
$79.60; Oregon wild hay, $56 per
ton. . .
Butter Fancy creamery,2527)c;
dairy, 1820c; store, 1215o per
pound. "
Eggs Storage 20c; fresh Zdzoo.
Cheese Full cream, twins, 12
13c; Young America, 13X14o per
pound. ,. ,
foultry unickens, mixed,
4.00; hens, $4.004.60; dresBed. 10
lie per pound; springs, $2. 00(3)3.60
per doien; ducks, $3 for old; $3.00
4.00 for young; geese, $69 per
dosen; turkeys, live, 1215o; dressed.
10 12 Xo per pound. ,
Mutton Lambs, 9MO, gross;
dressed, 66o per pound; sheep,
$3.25, gross; dressed, 6o per lb.
Hogs Gross,' heavy, fbB.2a;
light, $4.795: dressed, 77Ko per
pound. ;
Veal Small. 89e; large, 7
7Xc per pound. -
Beef Gross top steers, 13.00(34. W;
cows and heifers, $3.003.50; dressed
beef, 5H6aO per pound.
Hops 8H9)io per pound.
Wool Valley, 11 13Mo; Eastern
Oregon, 812Ko j mohair, 2021o per
Potatoes $ l.lo per sack.
Anthrax, the sixth plague of Egypt,
mentioned in the bible, is ravaging
the lower counties of South Dakota.
The population ' of Nevada has
shrunk to 42,000.
The latest census bulletin shows
that Chicago outclasses all the Other
large cities in the number of deaths
from railroad accidents. Its total
for the census year is 830, while the
combined total for nine other large
H is only 486.
Struck in a Dense Fog Passengers Not In
Danger. .
Vancouver, B. C, Oct. 15. In a
dense fog the Canadan Pacific steamer
Ha Ting, from Skagway to Vancou
ver, went aBhore yesterday afternoon
at Tucker Bay, Jams Island, and is
now hard and fast on the rocks. The
place i a small rocky islet lying to
the northeast of Lasquetti Island, at
the entrance to Sabine Strait, 49
miles north of Vancouver.
When the steamer went ashore Cap
tain Gosse was on watch, and first
officer Newrotsos was on the bridge
with the master of the vessel. The
fog at the time waa ao dense that it
was ' impossible to see 10 feet in any
direction. The Ha Ting had on
board 170 passengers, of whom 130
were first class and 40 second class.
There was no panic when the steamer
struck, and the passengers were soon
made aware that there was no danger
to be apprehended. After examina
tion of the steamer, when it was found
that she could not get off the. rocks
by her own efforts, the captain started
Pilot Gunns off to Vancouver in a
ship's boat with four men. Gunns
rowed down, arriving in Vancouver
this afternoon. He met no steamer
until his crew had rowed 35 miles
distance, when a tug picked them up.
The Ha Ting is a particularly
good boat, having been brought from
Hong Kong for the northern trade
about eight months ago.. Her esti
mated value is $240,000.
The Ha Ting a Total Loss.
Vancouver, B. C, Oct. 15. The
latest reports from the steamer Ha
Ting are to the effect that a big hole
baa been discovered in tbe steamer's
bottom. It is stated that at high tide
the stern is under seven feet of water.
The passengers have all been landed
on adjacent islands. Canadian - Pa
cific officials here have advices to the
effect that the Ha Ting will be a total
loss. ; Captain Gosse, who was in
command, was considered a most care
ful and successful navigator. This is
his first accident.
He Win Surrender tt Bail U Placed at J500
: Letter Believed to be Genuine.
Omaha, Oct. 15. Chief of Police
Donahue has received a letter from
Pat Crowe, naming the terms on
which he will surrender. The letter
came in the care of an Omaha news
paper in which it ia published, and
covers 15 closely written pages of
manuscript. The postmark is illeg
ible, but the letter was mailed at 8
o'clock in the morning, and reached
this city at 8 o'clock in the evening
of that day, indicating that it had not
traveled a long distance. In the let
ter Crowe agrees to give himself up
and stand trial for the kidnapping of
Eddie Cudahy, providing he ia not
locked up until a jury shall adjudge -him
guilty. He says he is unable to
furnish bond in excess of $500, and
demands that bail be fixed in that
: Chief Donahue expresses himself
as satisfied that the letter came from
Crowe. Donahue has known Crowe
for several years, is acquainted with
his manner of handwriting and style
of expression. The Chief also re
ceived a letter from Crowe's uncle at
Manchester, Ia., submitting similar
terms for ; Crowe's surrender, which
leads the police to believe that they
are dealing with the right man.
Crowe, in his letter, takes tbe detect
ive agencies to task, defying them
to attempt his arrest.
New Ameer's Brothers Did Not Acquiesce in
His Accession. .
. London. Oct. 15. According to
official intelligence from the Ameer
of Bokhara," says a dispatch from St.
Petersburg to the ' Daily Telegraph,
"the brothers of Habib Ullah Khan
left Cabul secretly with their par
tisans the moment their father died,
and therefore cannot be said to have
acquiesced in the accession of their
brother. Habib Ullah, indignant at
their flight, has taken measures to
defend the capital and sent strong de
tachments to prevent their return
or to endeavor to capture them as
rebels. He has further resolved to
ask assistance of Emperor Nicholas
and the Ameer of Bokhara. " ;
Maintaining Order at Cabul.
London, Oct. 15. "A large Af
ghan force haa been assembled around
Cabul and is maintaining order,"
says a dispatch to the Daily Mail
from Simla. "Habib Ullah Khan
has appointed a special guard for
each European in Cabul, directing
that the guards shall answer with
their lives for the ' safety of their
charges. "The Indian government
has postponed the usual move to Cal
cutta, and Lord Curzon has indefi
nitely postponed his projected tour. "
Second Cold Medal Ha Has Won.
Olympia, Oct. 14. For the second
time in his career W. O. Bush, a pio
neer of Thurston county, has won a
gold medal at the great expositions
of the world. Mr. Bush has been
awarded the gold medal at the Pan
American exposition for the best in
dividual agricultural exhibit. Mr.
Bush, at the Chicago world's fair,
wona similar medal, lor the sumo
form of exhibit.