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St. Hblkns, Fkbbuabv 17. 1893.
THB Oregoa legislature nmreatl
.knows its own mind on some question.
It Iim pasted tlie world's (air appropria
tion over the governor's veto. Proba
bly this Is the only important measure
of this session which could command
a two-thirds majority. There has been
ft remarkable change of pubio sentl
ment upon this question lu two years.
The bill pawed over the governor'
veto by a Tote of 40 to 17.
Senator Maxwell, representing Co
lumbia Tillamook and Washington
counties, but whose residence is
Tillamook, voted against the mortgage
tax and exemption of indebtedness
bill. -Just what prompted the senator
to do this when his constituents in
Columbia and Washington counties
were so nearly unanimous in its favor
we fail to understand. We believe he
is the only man from tbis senatorial
' district who voted against the bill.
The Union Faoifio has made a gen'
eral reduction in its freight tariff from
eastern points to the Pacifio coant. On
many articles - the rate has been re
duced one-third, and a general reduc
tion is noted in all merchandise. The
. rate on lumber going East has been
reduced front 55 to SO cents. The
new tariff went into effect last Wed
nesday. It is believed that the close
competition between the Great North
ern and Northern Pacific has forced
the Union Pacifio to take the initial
in reducing the rates,
'i "
Kepek8Entativ Merrill hits made
a record for himself in the legislature
that his constituents may well feel
proud of. On every question of inter-
est to Columbia county he has stood
up and been counted on the right side
of the measure. Unlike his colleague
in the senate, Senator Maxwell, he
voted to repeal the exemption of in
debtedness clause in the assessment
law. It is not n accessary or proper
for every man going to the legislature
to draft a lot of wildcat bills, most of
which never reach the third reading,
or to endeavor to bring into promi
nence measures that art of little con
sequence. What we most-need is a
man who will use bis efforts In behalf
"of tew good measures and be found in
his seat voting on the right side when
the roll is called, as Mr. Merrill has
done in every instance. '
The Proceeding of the Two Houses
In Detail.
Ok of the Important offices to be
filled by the incoming democratic ad
ministration is that of collector of in
ternal revenue at Portland. It is
- position which should be filled by
practical business man who has bad
experience in commercial circles. Such
a man can be found in the person of
Hon. W. L. Weatherred of that city,
at present city salesman for Whittier,
fuller t Co., the well-known whole
sale firm. Mr. Weatherred has been
life-long democrat, and was , for sev
eral years, chairman of the county
central committee in Washington
county, and one of the most earnest
workers in the party. ' The gentleman
is well known all over Oregon , and
Washington, and his appointment to
the office of collector of internal rev
enue would meet with general approval
all along the line.
It seems strange that a party which
made such a howl about plutocracy
should have the cabinet ministers of
its president chosen at the dictation of
Henry Villard, the railroad magnate
but such appears to be a fact. The
dispatches state that William E. Mor
rison would have received the port
folio of secretary of the interior if Vil
lard had not objected; but be must
relinquish any ambition be has had in
this regard because he is not a suitable
man for the interests of the . Northern
Pacific Thus it happens that the
party that has for many years arrogated
to itself the especial privilege of being
the first to bend the pregnant hinges
of the knee to railroad influence, and
to ask its permission In regard to the
selection of ' those who shall preside
over the councils of the nation.
Thb question whether the cost of im
proved roads should de borne mainly by
the agricultural property abutting on
the new highways or by the public
without regard to location has been
topic of warm discussion in the Phil
adelphia papers. One view is that as
farming property will receive the chief
benefit from improved highways it
should pay the principal cost. The
other warmly points out that the fa
mous roads of Europe have been made
by the general government; that rural
communities as a rule cannot bear the
cost ; and that therefore, if anything
material it to be done the state must as
sume charge of the work and pay for it
by general taxation. There is much to
be said for both views. While (he
rural property-owners will undoubtedly
feel the chief benefit, any material in
crease of taxes to those already borne
would be a serious matter. Bat this
is not necessary. A scientific applica
tion of the tax now imposed exclu
sively on the rural population will do
the greater part of the work of con
structing durable highways. j
SAtSM. Fob. 9. Tho third reading
Of senate bills was the first business of
the senate today, as follows;
By Cross, changing the boundaries
of Clackamas and Multnomah coun
ties, passed : Bancroft, to secure the
secrecy of the ballot, failed to pass
Cross, changing the boundaries of
Clatsop atid Tillamook, passed ; Willis,
to simplify the mode of assessment,
passed ; Vanderberg, senate joint me
morial for the issue by the govern
ment of fractional currency to the
amount of $50,000,000, passed, 16 to
13. Blackiunn, to aid the deaf mute
school, passed ; Alley, for precinct of
ficers, failed to pass.
Matlock's bill appropriating money
for the worlds fair passed over the gov
ernor s veto.
Leave of absence was granted Mr.
Buxton, of Washington, for the re
mainder of the session because of sick
ness. The third reading of house bills
was then taken up as follows:
By Sheridan, to protect Mongolian
pheasants in certain counties, passed;
to protect water fowl, failed to pass;
right, to protect game, fish and wild
fowl, passed ; Brown, to amend acts for
the protection of salmon, passed ; Wil-
kins, relating to trespass on land, re
quiring the consent of owner to bunt
or fish, passed: Durham, amending
the election law, passed, 35 to 27; Pax-
ton, relatiug to the filing and record
ing of chattel mortgages, passed;
Hobbs, relating to the duties of grand
juries, and providing shorthand re
porters for the same, failed to pass ;
Wright, relating to the incorporation
of cemeteries, amending the code.
passed; Brown, to regulate the em
ployment of specialists in public
schools, passed ; Durham, requiring
notice to district attorney of applica
tion for pardon, passed ; Belts, provid
ing for courts of arbitration, passed ;
Brown, to amend the code in regard
to suits against public corporations,
The senate joint memorial to con
grese for the issue of more legal tender
notes to the amount of $50,000,000
was adopted.
Senate bill 21, the world's fair bill,
with the veto message of the governor,
was received from the senate, and laid
on the table for the present.
The evening session of the house
was taken up in second reading of
house and senate bills. Seventy of the
former were read and referred, and 17
of the latter. Denny's senate bill to
prevent persons from trespassing, was
amended on its second reading by
striking out the dog clause. The bill
was then referred to the judiciary com
mittee. Weatherford's senate bill, for
a homestead law, received its second
reading, and after an ineffectual at
tempt by Paxton to have it referred to
the judiciary committee, it was ordered
to its third reading.
.uayes mil, authorizing county
judges to offer rewards for the capturo
of criminals manifested its popularity
in passing by a large vote.
senator Hirscb was pleased today
that bis bill creating a uniform stand
ard of weights and measures, defeated
yesterday by squabble over the
weight of a bushel of apples, was re
considered and passed.
Wilson's municipal court bill sounds
the death knell of Portland's iu slice
d police courts. The new act, passed
this morning, provides for the organi
zation of a mnnicipal court in lieu
thereof, and is to take effect in 1894.
Geer, of Clackamas, entertains hopes
of carrying successfully through his
bill repealing the law taxing credits.
It has passed the second reading and
the assessment committee has agreed
to report it favorably.
The animosity supposed to be exist
ing between Senators Hayes and Cross,
of Oregon Citv. over their town'
amended charter,, no longer prevails.
An armistice has been declared and
white-winged peace hovers over the
senatorial delegation from Clackamas
county. Hayes attaches no blame to
Cross for bis course in the matter.
Cross attempted to kill Vanderberg's
loint memorial to congress for the is
suance of $50,000,000 fractional cur
rency, alleged to be greatly needed
now, by amendment for $500,000,000,
in place of $50,000,000, but failed. The
senate adopted the resolution and the
repeal the act establishing a stato
board of charities, passed ; Alley, re
lating to foreign corporations doing
business in Oregon, passed ; Willis, re
garding the valuation of property for
taxation ; Matlock, for an insane asy
lum in Eastern Oregon, passed J Alley,
regarding the service of summons,
passed; Myers, fixing the time of the
meeting of presidential electors, passed
Senate bill to authorise Pendleton to
construct a system of sewerage, passed
senate bill, changing the boundary of
Multnomah, so as to take in all of
Sellwood, passed ; amending the char
ter of Oakland, passed ; for the con
struction of a bridge at Young's bay,
passed; to prevent the running at
large of certain animals in Sherman
county, passed ; authorising Dallas to
maintain water works, passed ; creat
ing the county of Lincoln, passed
amending the charter of Dallas, passed.
to enable Portland to issue bonds for
the purchase of the Morrison-street
bridge, passed ; to amend the charter
of Eogcne, passed.
in ins HOUSE,
In the house today Upton intro
duced a resolution requesting all state
officers to make a report of their emul
uments. This was adopted, and the
house tfien proceeded with the third
reading of house bills.
By Manley, to secure a more con
venient mode of assessment and col
lection of taxes, passed ; Upton, to re
peal the specific contraot law, failed
to pass; Ormsby, to regulate the hours
of labor on street railways, recommit
ted to labor committee; Daly, for a
graded school in southeastern Oregon,
passed ; Currin, regulating the prac
tice of pharmacy, passed.
Third reading of senate bills: By
Cross, to authorize the construction of
a bridge across the Willamette river at
Oregon City, passed ; McAlister, to ex
tirpate thistles, referred to agriculture,
Woodard, relating to the directors of
private incorporations; Gates, to en
able women to bold elective offices,
passed ; Denny, amending the code in
relation to suits in equity, passed.
The special order, the house bill by
Coon, to provide for a state board of
agriculture, was taken up and passed,
alter which the second reading of sen
ate bills was continued.
In the evening session Gill's bill to
prohibit the Bale of tobacco to minors
was passed to its third reading, and
Weatherford's bill to regulate the lia
bility of railroad companies passed.
The ways and means committee re
ported Willis' bill to secure a more
equitable valuation of property for tax
ation, and increasing the appropria
tion for the stale university from $22,
000 to $30,000. The report was
adopted and the bill passed. The fol
lowing bills were also finally acted
upon : By Smith, killing live stock
by railroads, passed ; Bancroft, to pun
ish breaking into railway cars, passed ;
McGinn, relating to trial by jury,
ing the objections. Tho vote was ayes hy, CONYERS & CO.
a, noes xu, passed over tne , veto. Up
ton, to fix the compensation of tho
state printer, and to establish a state
printing office, passed, 47 to 2.
Third reading of senate bills j By
Maxwell, to fix the salaries of county
treasurers, amended and passed ; Cogi
well, to provide for tho marking and
branding of domestic animals, passed ;
Myers, to provide for the payment of
laborers by receivers of corporations,
passed. Geer, of Marion, introduced
a bill providing that tho act repealing
the mortgage tax law should not l
feet the assessment and levy of 1802.
The message was received from the
sonate with the report of the confer
ence committee on adjournment, which
was adopted by tho senate, fixing 10
A. M. Saturday as the hour of ad
journment, but that no new bill be
passed after midnight Friday night
by either house. The house adopted
the report.
Real Estate and Insurance Agents I
Boa) Kutnta bnnjrht, sold and matured OB
ouuuulHimm, rt'nis miumwi u
aliilriuiU mails.
Farmers and Merchants.
German American,
and other Insurance Companies. With
combined Ainats of JiUOO.tXiJ.
Having invoiced our Stock wo
nnd wo have too many
C. L. COLBURN, Proprietor.
Wednesday, February la.
Third reading of house bills: By
Daly, to create Southern Oregon board
of agriculture, passed ; Mays, to pro
tect timber from firo, -passed ; Oullix-
son, organisation of the militia, passed,
compensation of militia in time of war,
passed; Northup, relief of indigent
soldiars, passed; Ford, civil procedure,
passed; Myers, to repeal the act creat
ing the state board of equalisation,
failed to pass ; illis, to incorporate
Columbia harbor, passed ; Hayes, for
cible eutry and detainer, passed;
Weatherford, to peoteot Chinook sal
mon, failed to pass ; Willis, to abolish
the employment of women as clerks
in the legislature, failed to pass; Mc
Ginn, compensation of officers of the
Oregon National Guard, passed; Wil
lis, to add more classes of property to
the assessment blanks, passed.
Third reading of bills : By Xickell,
for the pay of members of the present
session, passed; Brown, providing for
tho election of county school superin
tendents every four years, and to pro
vide a school for convicts at the peni
tentiary, both passed ; Russell, regu
lating the salaries of circuit judges,
Gulliison's bill for the equipment of
the Oregon National Guard, with s
veto message from the governor, was
placed before the house. Ford op
posed the bill, and Ueer of Clackamas.
Gullixson, Paxton and Northup spoke
in favor of same. The bill passed over
the veto, 39 to 13. The bill also passed
over the veto in the senate, 19 to 9.
Senate bill No. 50, providing that
sheriffs, clerks and recorders shall be
Only Batlis in tho City.
"The Celekated FrcncHaro,
s Bold or? k
I Children's Suits.
to far hot form
of nervon ulwui
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th RneraUvoi
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hot her rUltiH
from theeiCftMiv
or morify
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. C.50, 7.50, 8.50 and Upward
, 2.50, 3.50, 4.50 and Upward
4.00, 7.00, 10. 00 and Upwardg,
4.25, COO, 7.00 and Upward
3.25, 4.50, 0.00 and Upward
. 3.00, 3.50, 4.00 and Upward
Every garment warranted. Money refund
ed for all good3 roturncd if
not soiled.
nunl Hllm.l.m. ACT
Tobacco or Opium, or through joutlitul
IIOU. OTttr illliu fftMUM. fcfl .Blli.l.a Inanl I
Sowar, W.kfi.rnw Writedown rains In tb
irk.ifemloal Weakness, Hysteria. Klnoui l'ri
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winum, nu sioranrr, iximoi l'oworan.1 Itnno.
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house concurred without discussion.
Monday, February la.
The third reading of bills was taken
up as follows : By Huston, to prevent
the spread . of contagious diseases
among animals, passed ; McGinn, to
Tuesday, February 14.
Third reading of senate bills: By
Cross, measurement of logs, passed;
McGinn, to prevent tampering with
electric wires, passed. A special com
mittee on the Willamette canal and
locks reported that the state should
not purchase the canal and locks, as
it was considered a useless expense ;
report accepted and 500 copies ordered
printed. Willis, to incorporate Colum
bia harbor, engrossed. Willis intro
duced a resolution authorizing the
secretary of state to provide the mem
bers with the laws and journals of this
session, adopted ; Huston introduced a
resolution asking congress to pension
the survivors of the Cavnae war.
paid a yearly salary and fixing respect- POOL OR BILLIARDS.
lve amounts was passed. Thev can a.nuro you that thov hav. the
ininan, amending tne mechanics De" """" ,own- r-vcryiiuiig now and
iirnt, aula jruur pairuMUKe rvsPCCUUUV
lien law, pawed; Geer of Clackamas,
filing the legal rate of interest at 6
and 8 per cent, passed ; Manley, by
unanimous consent, introduced a bill
to authorize tbe bridge commission to
issue bonds of the city of Portland to
the amount of $50,000 for tho pur
chase of a free furry at Albina.
Manley's Albina bridge bill failed
to pass me senate over tne governor's
veto, ayes 14, noes 16.
tit Helena. Oregon.
.Albany, Or.
AUTHORIZED CAPITAL, . . . . $500,009
SECURED CAPITAL, - - . . 247 COd
PAID CAPITAL, - . . . . . 74 250
All Losses Promptly and Satisfactorily Adjusted.
For parHculam apply at ths office f Moore A Cole, or Tmi M it offloe.
Saloon, w.j. iviuckle & co.
1. ITlWOOD, Prop'r.
Thb East Oregooian thinks if we
had no laws for the collection of debts
that people who have money could not UOUOrS aflfj ClgafS. BeGf 5 CtS. CrOCkery,
Choice Wines,
General Merchandise,
devote themselves to loaning it at out'
rageous rates of interest to "suckers"
but would have to engage in enter
prises in which they would have to
employ much labor, energy and push
in order to make their capital earn a
return, which would bo much better
for the country and everybody in it.
I Boots, Shoes,
Ladies Dress Goods
adopted; Myers, for an examiner
engineers, failed to pass. The senate
refused to concur in the house amend
ment to a resolution fixing the hour of
adjournment Saturday at 10 A.M.
The senate refused to take Manley
free bridge bill from the table. Weath
enord, that the state appropriate for
the Willamette canal and locks, inde
finitely postponed; Ford, to amend
the taxation laws abolishing a fixed
levy for the state university and milj.
tia, passed; Miller, for a fish war at
Oregon City, passed ; Merritt, fees for
certain county officers, passed ; Bishon
to make unlawful tbe marriage of first
cousins, etc., failed to pass; Paxton
cnanging juaoor day from June to
September, passed; Merrill, for tbe re
net ol Maxwell, passed; Bancroft
moved for a reconsideration of tbe vote
on the bill of Bishop prohibiting the
marriage of first cousins,' and the bill
a message was received from the
governor vetoing the Manley bill for
onage across the Willamette at Al
bina. The message was read and Man-
ley moved that the bill bV) put imme
diately on its passage, notwithstand-
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Land Offloe at Oregon City, Oregon,
N ,, , . , . January 25. 1S03.
OTICE Is hereby glren that the following
named settler haa fllwl noil., t.t hi im.n.
nun w iumc nijRi prom id support 01 his claim,
and that said proof will be wade before the
County Clerk of Columbia county, at 8t. Helena.
v'vjvu) vh aawvss au, uvv, V ,
Homestead entry No. A3S3. far th. Int. i e 9
sec 21; lot i. see 16, 1 7 n, r J w. He name, the
following witnesses to prov. his continuous
iCTmcure upon, ana cultivation or, said land
Under sec ml, B.8.; K. C. Winchester, W.' ,
11. Aiiix. u. n . rurr. jnnn I : all uint.
Columbia county, Orcaon.
Lsaviko OAK POINT.
,.6:00 '
Notice t Creditor.
Notice Is berebv iriven that ih
signed administrator of the estate of Josiah
Fullerton, deceased, to the creditors of and
all persons harin? claims xirutnut 11.. i
deceased, to exhibit them with tho neces
sary Touchers within six months after the
linn, puimcauon 01 mis notice t-n ihAai
administrator, at tbe office of ('..! Hmit.
zer,inrjt. Helens, Columbia county, Ore-
Administrator of tbe estate of Josiah Ful
lurujn, ueceaseo. f3ni3
Dated St. Helens, Or., Feb. 8, 1893.
Daily Except Wednesdays, & DAVIS Pianos and rilifii?o k-imhatt rt.
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Aaairi STELLA....
Notice of Administrator's Appoint
In the Connty Conrt of the State of Oregon.
for the County of Columbia.
In the matter of the estate of Titus H. Tay-
To whom it may concern, notice is hereby
giyen that I, James Dart, hav been ap-
lyiiivcu BuiuiiiimrHior 01 tne estate of Titus
H. Taylor, deceased, by the honorable
County Court of Columbia County, Orceon.
All oersonshavinir aclnlm nrni.i....n
said estate will present the same to me with
the tirnper vouchers, at the office of W. J
Kice, luHt. Helens, Oregon, within U
months from the date of this notice. Hated
January 35. 1893. Jamkhtiadt
Administrator of the estate of Titus If
Taylor, deceased.
W. J. Kics, Attorney. wwa
w . t .
Sheriff's Sale.
1 and order of sa e 1,ip,I mi ni ik.
cuit Court of the Stats of Oregon, for the
, " " ;", j me uirected, mi
favor of Meier A Frank Company, and
aRainst lne nehalcra Valley Co Operativs
Colony, for the sain of $t58.(W dollars, iude;.
...icruBi l me rate of s percent.
fa'.SH?ir?n ,,e22ni d.y.of October
1802, and the further sum nf t.11 on j..u
!.. -IT.- - ' iw . .1.
. . Z 1 .1 ",sTWf commanding me
to make sale of the following-dcscribeJ real
property, to-wit: The east half of the north
west quarter and the west half of tbe north-
.,un ,CI , auutiuu miriy iwo: also the
east half of the southeast qnarter'of e?t ,m
thirty two. and the west half of the south"
...... ,..,., ,,, aeouon mirty-thrce. In
township six north of range four west Will
iT e."jbcing 820 acres, more
ii. ' . w , r ie tenements, iere
ditaments and annnrt.n... il. ,
i" ' i " , u,l"""ia county ution mat
of Oregon. I duly levied upon sa d nrom
iseson the 13th day of January. Mm P '
HOW. Ill rUrHIIAIir a.a.,1
and order of sale f Z "1 ?
25th day of February, lwn i if
hour of 10 o'clock A. yM. of. aid day at
the Courthouse door in raid eniintv
Stat, sell at public auction 711 ZZ
title, cam and lnt..r...i i ..i .... "K"l
described real property of th s, d The
to- .! -skvsvdi, UIIU UUHin,
. . O. A. MASHfR
ouerin 01 voiumbis County, Oregon.
Wotlco to Creditors.
d tlm 1 n 1. " re. J lv"" y un'lorslgn
ed, administratrix of the estate of Klfo.
Foster, tdeceased, to the creditors of, and
aL. ... j . -''"')""" BKBinsi no said
deceased, to exhibit them with tbe neces-
73 TSSStfS Wllhl" P. n,onth "o,n the
administratrix at hwZttSZZ ZEZSg
Columbia county, Oregon. wuoen,
-.i-...tJ .L ?'L"TH POSTER,
....... .Liriiru 01 me js.itate of KII O
rosier, accessed.
Dated, St. Helens, Or., Jan. 20, 1803 117
Notice lor Pabllcatlon,
Laud Offloe at Oregon City, Oregon.
I-hereby givenWoXg-
and that ii J:"' ;!,"".':''"" ?' mum,
Oregon, on February is, IS93, vis
an o0r,ii!h.rbj,lv.en th. Pursusntto
an order of the county court of the state
of Oregon for Columbia oounty dol J made
is at. of Nn,er1 gned fdmlnlstrator of the
. .. L. licrg, dnceaad wlllxllat
in nana, or for r ..j .k.
Secured h dU,"f OM th "rfl
Helen? ri.?'"?1d0nr ln ih "
ur, ay Hie 4th da o( Msrch, A D IMS.
rh 1" "L 11 0 P- m. of said day;
...;unsMK unrjcnoefl rem MUM MlODsT
Sffign7jurvTrd,,, 10
Dated. Mt tr.i i . ...... ',
. T, APPEMON, lUflitsr.
1803 mii wregua, jsnusrr inn,