The Oregon mist. (St. Helens, Columbia County, Or.) 188?-1913, August 12, 1892, Image 1

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tup. wist Piim.lSHlKa COMPANY,
J. R. BKEOLE, Manager.
beerlttlaa Umf.
On. oopr om y In adrwc.
One oopr woutas
Klu.le oopjr,...
Aav.rtl.iMf Hales
Prof.iilotial .arris on year
On column us
Hull column oil.
Ifiiartar column uua
On Inch on month ..
Out luun tlirt months ...
,..t 12
... ra
... 74
... 40
r...- .. . Miiiilha
Local notlo.s. in c.nls Pr line hit "'"
tlon; luoeulprilti.for acli sulitint lu-
"uj!l adv.rtl.m.nti, $I.M wr fr
lnuloii. and 74 ocuM jwr luoh (or aou smIjm
queutluwrtlon. OOLUMUIA COUNTY. DlllKCTOKY.
Coamy Olfleer..
Judre ....,.. '" Blaueha'il, Italnler
Clrt V.V..I" ".... K. K. Ulk, H . He en.
Tr!.iur r K, H. Wnartnn, roluuibla City
Couib'mIhmm..... J0i Wi jjarusi, Hayser,
, ci.ty
M.oMie,-St. H.l.ns Loo's. Ko. M-ftgiilar
roinmuuloatlons tint anil intra taturdar lu
aoh month et7;IK r. u. at Masonic hall. VUlt
In raubr lu food .lauding Invlidtl to at-
'"JIusoNio.-Ralnl.r lod. No.
ni.atlnn Saturday on or balor. .aoh " """
at MM r. M. at Masonic hall. over Blaaohard t
tir. Visiting lu.utlxn In good .lauding In
ylttd to attend, -
, thi Malls.
Down rlv.r (boat) eloi at S:9 a.
IJd rlvar lOoal) olotatf at 4 r. H. ,
if?, all'h.f au,l MtUburi J
St. M.laus Monday. W..lulay and Friday at
1 Th5' mall tor Marshland. and i Mlat
l.av.t H'Uun Monday, Wednwday and Friday
Mails (railway) north eloss a1 W a. l "
Portlaud all r. M. eBlaeHlver ttaalea.
arums O. W. Biuvaa- 1-eay.s St. H.l.ns
Saturday. 1-av.a . H.'jm for ClaiakMl.
M.inday' Wednesday and Krlday aH:M a. M.
tlreta. laatna """-
land J:.. . ".turning all nor. M.
w'.rortlau'd a. rrrn o.
roruaur a r. - "
j. B. s. curK,
81. Hln, Oregon.
J-R. J. E. HAU.
Clabkitule, Colunil.U county, Or.
jQR. W. C. BKLT,
Kalnlcr, Oranon.
St. Ublms, ORaox.'
Daputy ni.lrlt t Attorney (or Columbia Co.
T. A. McUripi.
A. 8. Dkiuit,
I Oregon City, Oregon.
Trompt attention ! Unrl-olBce bolne.
B. tllTLH,
Bt. Helen., Oregon. . ,.-(
Cnnnty iuryeyor. Lund
plaulng'-aud. engineering work promptly
W. T. Buanar.
J. W. DiAftl.
Oregon City, Oregon."
f w.Ke yer'.tJtpi.rlcnce i. ReUter of
the Ui.lieti Btntc. LinH Office here, rccoin-
. u An......!, tvnf nil kino. Ol
tmaineaa before tlie Land or tlie
Cnnrta and Invoking tne uouerai
Ofllre. .
Oregon City, Oregon.
( Late special agent of Oener.l lnn.pfSf
H.mteHd. Pro-rmptlon. and riiijbor
"a rt appl cations end other Lund OIB. e
Imsin asVa re alty. Office, .econd floor,
Proprietor of J
Oriental : Hotel.
The house ha. been fuly refurnished
tbrouuhnut and the. bt of accom
modutlon. will be nlven.
STAG K run In connection with
' the 1'ntMconn.ctlng with tlie North
.rii Pacilio Kh lroad at Milion. .
W uuia at S p. a.
A Specialty.
And everything usuully found In a First-Unas Drug Store.
Diyxlciuna' Prescription, carefully compounded at any hour, day or night, by a
competent and Experienced Oruggl.t.
Manufacturers of
Joseph Kellogg & Co.'s River Steamers.
Joseph Kellogg
NOR Tri WEST Leaves
Mid Fridty at 5 atn. Leaves ruuXLAJNii xuesaay, inure
day, and Saturday ut 6 a. m.
daily, Sunday excepted, arriving
Uetuinii g leaves l'jrtinna at l
Don't Buy
Freshest, Purest, and Best of Everything
PR J. E. HALL, Proprietor.
J. W. SHAVER, Master.
r a Pnt-Honrl nt AWer St. dock Mondav. Wedneslav. Friday
aVJCt VP VI , w ' w
for Clatskanie, touching at Sauvies Island, St. Helens.CoIumbia
City, Kalama. Neer City, Ra'nier, Cedar Landing, Mt. Coffin,
liradbury, btolln, Uaic roint, ana an uuermeuiaio jwiuu, i
turning Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
It llirOU(fllOUl Ulf
I ,bi.avln. hT
Trade Mark
no to-day. Address cpuem cmbsiui. tu
nyutsr your l.tter at dy Pojt Ontc? to Imum Us
ikur or ns;nit injur j , - f
HI 1 1 To ullss who latrodaes and ..11 mei
UtnL w win tneseat wltk a .ILK Bi
at autt M asiast seat nsn wua perboitle, sent I iMf.ty roa ln P,-Wtf Pfiy-Z
Miitlod trouiotuervatlon). Bend money or stamp, by letter with full ad. n wrnt.n P'""' JJJJT,
pendens strictly oonfldentlal. This adyertlsement Is honast and Jra.ght war 101B,j
contains. W. tnvlw yon to d-al with us "J you ' will I "t",JnI.MiXii2TI O Y csu
Orders from the
Country filled by
Ret am Mail.
and Northwest
KELSO Monday, Wednesday,
at Portland at 10:30 a. m.
p. m arriving ai o p. m
Your Drugs
Drug Stores
In ompundlnf a olotlon n pari was oclUfcniiv buIIImI 01
lid on wubliif atiprward U was discovunta chat th hlr
on tht band
Lr wl com-
litiflv rpiiU'Veii. W at oacw put miu wotidertul preparattoo. onme
umrketamt no (treat baa bff)n th? demand that we ar now introducing
IT 18 PtiKFEw iLT n AKIV11.C109 aru
t .v thn taalr over auil apply U10 mixtuR for a few iDinatts. and the
hoir rttsi.ppean ault Uy nil 'UhMit lbultaMSt pain ol liguijwoen
n .tli'd or evr allerward. It Uuullke nny oilier preparation arr uwd
wlio do not appwluiea ur hair on their nocl:,
renderinir in future irnmtl. an uttfr ijnjibliliy.
iii nWi stoo for any case
''';'!' itTi'iSSti.oV
. n n4eiMa aitf.Hairink
The Scab Miners in theCceur
d'Alene Uneasy.
Codlin Moth Causing Havoc With
Fruit in the Willamette
Valley Geyser.
Butte. Mont., la fiuhting for the new
State capital.
Santa Barbara's new outfall fewer
work, satisfactorily.
A larire creamery la to operate In the
valleys adjoining Carson.
Los Anireles feels assured In having a
smelting and refining plant.
The Odd fellow.' Hall at Fort Bragg
is finished and being occupied.
Thn Rln Grande western is laying
track westward from Salt Lake City. i
' The blossom of the wild grape has
been adopted as the State flower of Or
egon, i
Portland, Or., Is to be supplied witb
water from lake on s Bpar of the Cas
cades. County Clerk Qassaway has been ac
quitted at San Diego on the charge of
misconduct in office.
Purchasers for walnuts when green are
appearing in the Sonth. The nuts are
wanted to color cloth.
Santa Monica will probably be the
great naval harbor and port for the com
merce of Southern California.
Twenty-nine cases brouzht under the
Edmunds-Tucker law against Mormons
were dismissed at Ogden recently.
The Bradstreet mercantile airency re
ports ten failures in the Pacific Coast
States and Territories for the past week.
The quicksilver mining industry in
Sonoma is reviving. Several mines have
lately been reopened, and work is being
A reduction in the force at the mint at
Carson is being made, owing to a de
crease in the appropriation for running
the mint.
Sheriff Cunningham of Shoshone
county, Idaho, has been removed, owing
to his weak and vacillating policy during
the late riots.
The Tmckee Company has reduced the
wages of its employes at Hobsonville,
Or., and has refused to take any more
logs from tne logzers.
The boundary line surveyors have so
far found no variations of the line be
tween Mexico and the United States that
will effect the original eurvey.
The census shows that Oregon has
fifty-nine tobacco planters and twelve
acres planted in tobacco. The output
was 8,325 pounds, worth $66(S.
The Reno Electric Railway and Lmd
Company has been Incorporated in Ne
vada. It will build railways and pur
chase land in California and Nevada.
The miners in Idaho contend that
their union was not incorporated in that
State and its members therefore are not
within the jurisdiction of Federal Courts.
A nugget of gold as large as a goose
egg was washed out from under a ledtie
nf nvk nn the alnni. of Old Baldv the
other day and sold in Los Angeles for
A large number of pineapples brought
from Central American ports were
planted in Mission Valley, just north of
San Diego, and they give every promise
of successful growth.
The last carload of oranges for the
maaon has left Riverside. Cat. The
shipments of citrus fruits from that sec
tion were 1,406 carloads, a small falling
off from the previous season.
The intermittent boiling geyser at
Amedee, Lassen county, Cal., which
suddenly ceased to fl iw, has as suddenly
and mysteriously started again, throw
ing the water to a greater height than
It ia believed there will be an ezodtu
of non-union men from the Cceur d'Alene
country If the troops are withdrawn.
Efforts are being made' to have one oi
two companies of United States troopi
The value of beet pulp for fattening
cattle having been demonstrated al
Chlno last year, Mr.Oird has built asile
600 feet long, 6 1 feet wide and 8 feet deep,
in which to preserve for use the pulp
from the factory.
The Canadian Paciflo Navigation Com
pany has decided to run the stearaei
Yosemite to New Westminster hereaftei
instead of Vancouver. Arrangement
have been made with the Canatliau Pa
cific Railway Company to transfer pas
sengers at Mission.
Of the 209 or more rifles known tc
have been in the hands of the Idaho ri
oters on July IS not a single one hat
been found, although a strict search hat
been made. The general belief is that
they were taken into Montana upon the
advent of the troops. This fact more
than any other censes nneasiness at the
departure of the United States troops.
Three Chinese merchants have quietly
slipped intoTacoma to establish a house
to trade with China over the now North
ern Paciflo railroad transpacific steam
ship line. Three years ago all Chinese
were ordered from the town. The labor
ing men are showing much excitement,
and trouble ia apprehended notwith
standing the Mayor's promised protec
tion. A messenger from the Buena Vista oil
regions, thirty-six miles west of Bakers
field, reports til-at red oil has been struck
at a depth of eighty feet This is a first
quality of lubricating oil, and runs like
water. The black and green oils hereto
fore discovered have an asphaltum base.
Thi. new discovery has a parafine base,
as do all oils from which kerosene it
made. This well has a capacity of twenty-five
barrels daily, but pumps are nec
essary. In Southern California apricots are
about all gone. Green fruit which
brought from $'J0 to (25 has been mostly
sold at 10 to 12 cents. Early peaches
re ripe. The crop ia heavy, but the
aise of the fruit is smaller than last year.
Prices open at 125 to S3 ) per ton. The
prune crop in the San Gabril Vallev Is
largely contracted for at $47.51 to (50.
Orange-growers report good prospects
for an average crop and lemons not quits
sogooa. : ,
Mr; Fayerweather Bequeaths the Whole
of His Fortune to Colleges and
Charitable Institutions.
The total gifts to Yale for 1891-3 have
been about f 030,000.
Chicago has forty married women
public-school teachers.
Prof. John If. Lord has been elected
acting President of Dartmouth.
It is estimated that 8,000 teachers will
teach their first school in Missouri this
Four of the School Commissioners in
the State of New York are women, and
110 are men.
. Osford University according to Mr.
Gladstone has good reason to reckon
Dante among its former students.
Kansas has a school for every 185 in
habitants, a Sunday school for every 420
and only five criminals for every 10,000.
Bequests for religious, educational and
charitable purposes under 120 of the
wills reported in this country last r
amounted to about (7,000,000.
According to the census bulletin on
educational statistics there were 12.592,
721 pupils enrolled in the public schools
of the country in 1890, as against 9,951,
608 in 1880.
The graduating class at Harvard was.
divided as follows: Episcopalians, 6 ;
Unitarians. 49: Congregationalists, 41;
Baptists, 19; Roman Catholics, 7; Meth
odists, 8; rresDyterians, o; jewtsn, ;
Free Thinkers, 4; unclassified, 78.
The first dental college in the United
States was established in 1840 at Bald-
more, and even as late as 1864 there were
but three others in the ountrv, two in
Philadelphia and one in Cincinnati.
There are now about twenty-six of these
schools in the United States.
Rufus B. Kellogg has given Amherst a
fellowship of (1,800, running seven
years. This is the most munificent in
the annals of American fellowships. The
occupant is to study abroad three years.
alter wnicn ne is to lecture one term
each for four years at Amherst.
The Eauitu. a weekly paper of Chica
go, says : In Chicago education haa kept
pace with the material progress of the
city, we naa in lmt seventy-three
public schools, which have since grown
to 207, with an increase in the number
Of pupils from 57,000 to 127,000.
In Kentucky the public-school teach
ers are not paid a fixed salary, but re
ceive so much lor each pupil. This plan
has one good effect, that of stimulating
teachers to secure scholars and thus ex
tend the benefits of education; but some
nave Dtiea. found making talse returns.
North Carolina spent last vear (781.-
225.41 nn her schools, and of this amount
(240,047.77 was spent lor the colored
children. The avarase monthly anlarv
for males In the white schools was (25.80
and lor lemales (2J.H5; in the colored
Bchools, for males, $22.72, and for fe
males, $20.36 per month.
Harvard's largest class graduated this
year at its two hundred and fiftieth com
mencement. The gifts ami bequests for
the year were more than $500,000. The
tlrat steps nave th's year been taken to
ward the complete organisation of the
university as a large body of strong.
well-orzsnizd secondary schools. The
completion of the scheme requires ten
By the death of Mrs. Fayerweather
the whole of the wealthy leather mer
chant's fortune will now be divided
among colleges ana cnamaoie institu-
i19' nlJiWS UlLlll
among colleges and charitable institu
ol this muni flcence. It is not often that
in one man we meet both the ability and
the inclination to leave behind him so
strong and lasting an to the cause Ol .
charity and education. ,
Baron Hirsch Coming to America Mr.
: Stevenson Starts a Social and
Literary Club Etc
Oscar Wilde sava there ia no real poet
in America.
Dr. Morgan Dis of Unity Church, New
York, gets (25,000 a vear. .
Andrew Jackson was President of the I The apple crop this year promises to
United States when Gladstone made his be light everywhere outside of Califor
a . : i ; . . .1. vrn A anJi Nnm A bom
1UBI nfJOWU lii X (II1IBIUQUI. '.'
The Emperor of Japan has conferred
upon sir Jtdwln Arnold the unusual
honor of the Order of the Rising Sun,
n t n iir.i-i.- 1 -
later to Switserland, will resign his post Saratoga has a (30,000 opera house and a
in ia stated, and return large brick hotel, yet the place ia as de
home, aerted as a dead rabbit's hole.
Robert Louis Stevenson, it is reported, I A Canadian customs officer distin
haa started a social and literary club in vnlshed himself a few days ago by as-
Ania. Hamoa, and Mrs. Stevnnson fa ita
The household of Secretary Rusk of
the National Department of Agriculture The annual report of the 8tate alms
is managed by his daughter. The mar- honae at Tewksburv. Mass.. for lfvl
keting is done by herself.
Ex-Senator Ingalla is rewriting his
novel, the manuscript of which was lost
by tne nre that destroyed bis library, it
will treat of Washington life.
The widow of the late Senator Plnmb
of Kansas has declined to accept the
(5,uuti or one year s salary always voted
to widows of deceased Senators.
General James B. Weaver, the nomi
nee for President of the People's party,
does not smoke or swear or drink. lie
possesses a pleasant baritone voice,
M. Ribot, the French Minister of For-
eign Affairs, is one of the best speakers
and tallest men in the House of Depu
ties. He possesses great personal mag
netism. Baron Hirsch ia coming to America.
He is now completely restored to health,
and according to the Paris papers the
famous philanthropist intends spending
several months here.
Both Andrew D. White, Mr. Harri
son's new Minister to Russia, and George
Shlras, Jr., the new appointee to the
Supreme Bench, were members of the
Yale College class of 1853.
John Stuart Mill struggled with Greek
verse at 9, and Cardinal Newman at 5
was deep In Ovid, while the younger Pitt
went to the university at 16 with a store
of learning that amaxed his tutors.
Congressman Bland of silver-bill fame
Is a short, rather fat man, who dresses
with remarkable eccentricity. His trou
sers in particular are said to be a sight
for gods and men, but not for tailors.
Queen Liliuokalani of the Sandwich
talands pays the license fee for a coilee
house opened in her capital city by the
Women's Temperance Union, and haa
banished wines and spirituous liquors
trom her table and rscepUora.
Philadelphia Threatened With
a Water Famine.
Counterfeiters in Iowa Making $10
Gold Pieces Out of New
Silver Quarters.
There are 930 letter carriers in Chi
cago. Cyrus W. Field's life was insured for
Thirty sardine canning factories in
Maine are closed.
Rainmaker Melbourne will soon begin
work in Western Nebraska.
Army worms are causing trouble in
De Witt and McLean counties, 111.
The New York Central has-' secured
through line of its own to Montreal.
Rumors are current that another war
on the sugar trust will shortly begin.
A company has been formed at Dick
inson, N. D., to establish, stock ranches.
The corn crop in Kansas is almost a
total failure, owing to the burning heat,
A waste of public money is reported at
the immigrant station on Ellis Island,
A large colony of disappointed Okla
homa homeseekers have left for Central
A' new insnrance schedule is under
consideration by the underwriters of the
United btates.
Farmers in the vicinity of Holland,
Tex., are complaining of an insect which
destroys cotton.
The Union Pacific road is preparing
new sidetracks for tho expected rush oi
grain at Kansas 1 113
A field of wheat is reported to have
floated down tne Missouri nver past
Atchison, Kan., lately.
The Lehigh Valley railroad has pur
chased new termtnat property in Asm
falo, N. Y., worth (1.030,000.
Colonel James H. Rice of Indiana has
a plan for revolutionizing naval warfare
by building inaia-ruDDer snips,
Twenty counties in the western half
of Kanaas report an increase of 42 per
cent in the acreage of wheat over last
More than a month has elapsed since
the Homestead lockout began, and It nas
already coat upward of $i,0UJ,UJU and
many lives,
Milwaukee feels easy over the Illinois
Steel Company signing the scale of
wages for the works at Bay View for the
ensaing year.
Ten acres In the heart of Buffalo's
railroad district have been secured by
the Philadelphia and Reading railroad
for freight storage,
Just 34,922 tons of granite have been
placed in the Delaware breakwater gap
ie past vear. The eum required to
mplete the work is (320,000,
A petition has been in circulation at
Sew Bedford callins for a mass meeting
y formulate plans which will compel the
'mthorities to'enforc. the Itquor l.
The revolution that electric tracUon is
working is shown by the advertised sale
f $500,000 worth of stages by the W est
." Direei iuuiwbj v.
Many prominent clergymen protest
tgainst tne proposition 10 Drwg uio
iberammergau playera to Chicago next
rear to reproduce the "Passion Play."
Sealskin dealers of the United States
lave formed a trust at Newark, N. J.,
with (10,000,000 capital. It will be
tnown as the George O. Treadwell Com
pany. i man In Ttalrnta was latnlw anntenced
nri.n w hnii a lifnt-jmn. and the fin-
I preme Court has decided that the time
' means nineteen yeau, seven months and
Ullh JUMUV uu ' - wv-.h. e
ot iwi friiit haa been knocked off
" .
There are twenty well-built towns in
ITanaaa that haven't a sinale inhabitant.
aeaainir a Buffalo Sunday-school picnic
party (9.60 on ice cream which they took
, over into uanaaa aa par. 01 uneir luncu.
! shows that there were 2,915 persona ad-
mitted, of whom only 371 were born in
Massachusetts, while 1,024 were born in
. Ireland
Mine. Pattl has at last decided on her
final, absolute farewell tour in America.
She haa signed a contract with Marcus
j waver lor a tour 01 rony operauo con.
certs, beginning in New York on No
vember 10, next year.
Walter D. Stinson, who has been ap
pointed postmaster at Augusta, Me., to
nil the vacancy ransea oy tne resigna-
j tion nf Hon. J. II. Manley, is a nephew
of Mrs. Blaine. He has been in the
postoffice service for years,
The veto put upon the trolley system
of electric traction In both New York
and Philadelphia haa turned the atten
tion of inventors more than ever to the
long-hoped-for perfection of either the
storage battery or tne conduit system,
During the prohibition fight some
months ago in Atlanta, fta., a ssloonlst
named Miner chastised Rev. Sam Small,
and knocked out one of his teeth. Small
sued for (5.000 damatrea. Last week the
fury awarded him (500. Miner made no
Philadelphia is threatened with a wa
ter famine, owing to the fact that the
Schuylkill river is so low that the Fair
mount pumping station ia nnable to
work more than two pumps out of the
seven, and in consequence the reservoirs
cannot ne sept inn.
Thera are no overhead wires at the
World's Fair grounds. An immense
aonduit, six and one-half feet square,
has been built directly under machinery
naii, running across ins grounds slightly
below the surface to the electrical build
ing, from which branches are carried to
Khar sactioas of tit ashibiC
Missouri's Exhibit Will Be One of the
Best Dress of Deer Skins to Be V
Exhibited by a Squaw.
A Boston man wants to exhibit sky-
cycle at the World's Fair. A akycycle
comes under the head of flying m-
The Board of Trade and citizens of
Fargo, N. D., have undertaken to raise
(30,000 to supplement the State World's
Fair appropriation of (25,00.).
The Wisconsin World's Fair building
will have a (5.000 grand staircase, the
donation of the Morgan Company, one
of the best known firms of the State.
Butterflies to the number of 150.000
will be shown in the Pennsylvania ex
hibit at the World'a Fair. The co'iectlon
is said to be the most complete and finest
in the world.
San Bernardino county. Cal., is con
templating the exhibition at the World's
Fair of a " palace " of native salt, nsing
blocks of crystallized salt that meaaure
12x12 Inches and are transparent.
Tt is estimated that the thirty-five
railroads which enter Chicago will ex
pend (110,000,000 in increasing and lm-
rovlng their equipment and facilities
or transporting. World s Fair visitors
and freight.
The Missouri World's Fair Commis
sion has not done a great deal of talking,
fait, information haa been received to the
effect that it has been most dilizently at
work all the time, and that the Missouri
exhibit at the fair will be one of the best
Costa Rica's pavilion at the World's
Fair will be surrounded by gardena or
namented by a profusion of tropical
plants, and in the galleries of the pavil
ion will be placed more than 3,000 beau
tiful birds, many of which have very
gorgeous plumage. .
A Sioux squaw, living near San Diego,
Cal., will exhibit in the woman's build
ing at the World's Fair a dress of deer
skins, richly embroidered with sixteen
pounds Ol oeaas. ene woraeu ior two
years in making the garment. From
t.h Han Diezo Mission will be exhibited
a valuable collection of fine needle work
by Indian girls.
The Duke of Edinburgh has announced
his intention of sending for exhibition
at this World'a Fair some of the
almost invaluable collection of ancient
musical instruments which he possesses.
A part of the collection ia now on exhi
bition at the International Musical and
Art Exhibition at Vienna, where it at
tracts much attention.
Wench breeders have become so much
interested in making an exhibit of their
horses at the Wor'.d's Fair that they
have sought to stimulate competition
and thus secure the best results byof
frlns as a nrise a handsome bronze
statue of a typical French trotter. This
statue is to be modeled from life by M. ,
Isadora Bonheur and to be awarded to '
the best collection of trotters exhibited
at the exposition.
Following the recent discussion in
iTnluh fnnrnals of the relative merits
of English and American locomotives, it
is suggested that during the World'a
Fair a contest bs had to settle the ques
tion. It is proposed that two or more
crack English locomotives, with F.nglish
crews, make the run from New York to
Uhicago over one of the main railroad
lines, and that the same number of the
beat locomotives of American manufact
ure do the aame, and that the results be
Nahum Barnett. an architect of Mel
bourne, haa under consideration a prot
ect to arrange for a visit of a party of
Australian artisans to the World's Fair.
The selection will be made from young
workingmen, probably those in the last
year of their apprenticeship, and it is
considered that the inspection of the new
modes 01 banning adopted in the large
cities of the United Statea and of new
inventions in connection with the sci
ence of building as shown at the fair
will prove of immense advantage to the
It Will Perhaps Be Some Time Before
the Klamath Indian Reservation
is Opened to Settlement
Colonel Hev wood, commanding the
marine corps, has accepted the resigna
tion of Sousa, the leader of the Marine
Band, with extreme regret. The Colonel
states that, knowing the inducements
that have been effered Sousa to leave,
the latter could hardly have acted other
wise. Secretary Tracy will give the name of
Brooklyn to the new armored cruiser re
cently aathorized by Congress. This
vessel will be very similar to the New
York. The bureau of construction ia al
ready at work upon the plans for the
Brooklyn and the additional battle eh p,
and it is expected that appropriations
will be made next winter for their con
struction. Representative Hermann says that ho
expects it will be some time before the
Klamath Indian reservation will bo
opeo'd to settlement. The preliminary
steps are now being taken. The land
must first be surveyed, and then the In
dians are given six months to maketbetr
selections of allotments; and the land
will then be thrown open to settlement
under the homestead laws only. Ail but
the mountainous regions will be sur
veyed, and the unsurveyed portion will
be set apart for all the Indians. The
ceded Ianda in the Colville Indian reser
vation will not be opened until that por
tion wanted by the Indians ia surveyed
and their allotments made. The lands
will then be disposed of under the land
laws of the United States, which means
nnder the homestead, mineral, desert
land and Paciflo Coast timber-land laws.
Any person who has ever perfected hia
homestead right will not be entitled to
enter nnder the law ; but, if it has never
been perfected, he may enter 16J acres
of land and prove up after residing four
teen months upon the tract. Ths home
stead aettier must pay (1.50 an acre for
the land, and must make it within five
5 ears of the time the entry was made,
one of the ceded lands will be disposed
of at public auction. The Indians must
make their allotment selections from the
surveyed lands. It is the intention to
survey only the agricultural lands first.
Then the President's proclamation will
be issued, and the Indian selections must
be made within six months after the
proclamation haa been issued, ' after
which the white men will have a chance, .
Whit men may select lands, but during'
the first six month the Indian tan re
move hint.