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    T H E ST. H E L E N S M IST. FK IDAV, APRIL ■ ■ |0-._
The “ Night Rose."
Cream Rolls at St. Helens Bakery.
See "The Night Rose", The Liber­
ty Sunday-Monday.
IHxon transacted business
in Portland Thursday.
Fresh .cream rolls nt the St
Helens Bakery.— Adv.
Mr. and Mrs
Oswald Demine
spent Tuesday In Portland.
Hot Cross Buns— order now— at
St. Helens Bakery.— Adv.
Mr. and Mrs Frank Keating and
son. Donald, »ere Portland visitors
See Lon Chaney in “ The Night
Rose” at The Liberty Sunday, with
Miss Gladys Lake and Miss Anna-
belle Isbister shopped iu Portland
Mr and Mrs. Lloyd Hattan of Rai­
nier »ere Sunday guests of St. Hel­
ens relatives.
A. B Lake who is employed in
the sheriff's office in Portland, spent
Sunday in St. Helens.
Mrs. Thomas Isbister was the
guest of Mrs. S A. Hawkins Tuesdav
on a motor trip to Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shepherd of
Portland were week end guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Grin Shepherd.
Ed Jones, manager of Austin's
store, was in Portland Tuesday cull­
ing on the wholesale trade.
Delicious Devil's Food, always
fresh, at St. Helens Bakery.— Advb.
Miss Belle Whitney spent several
days in St. Helens this wpek the
guest of hit sister, Mrs. R. W Mor­
Mr3. Von A. Gray and children
spent several days wijth relatives in
Portland this week. Mr. Gray went
up Saturday night for a Sunday
Miss Zelia Constantin who is at­
tending St. Mary's Academy at Beav­
erton spent the »-eek end in St. Hel­
ens with her parents, Mr. and Mrs
Rauol Constantin.
“The Night Rose" is unquestion­
ably the greatest picture of its kind
ever filmed. An all-star cast. Liber­
ty. Sunday-Monday.
Mrs. Phillip Masserman who has
been visiting her mother. Mrs. W il­
liam Blackmore for the past two
months, will leave Monday for New
York City where she makes her
Mrs. David Smith and Mrs. Thom­
as White were hostesses Thursday
afternoon at a Round Robin tea. at
the residence of Mrs. Smith. Cards
were played and a bounteous dinner
George Graham of < latskanie was
In St. Helens Wednesday to pay
He was a pleasant caller at
the Mist oftice and incidentally en-
rolled his name to the growing sub-
scription list of the Mist.
N M. Blumensadt, a prominent
business man of Rainier, was in St
Helens Tuesday and called at the of­
fice of Sheriff Wellington for the
purpose of surrendering a consider-
able amount of tax money.
If you wisli to know whether
* « 2 > - you have any difficulty with
your eyesight cull on Dr. Thompson,
advance optical knowledge a'nd the
right glasses “ That's his reputation."
Next visit Saturday. April ia. Urcad-
ia Hotel until 4. p. m.
Does It Make any Difference What
You Believe?
Is One Religion as
Good as Another? Popular lectu-e
at Catholic church Sunday nigut. No
offense to anyone or any religion.
The talk that will delight people of
common sense. No colection. (Adv |
Chris C. ’ Walker returned to St.
Helens Friday’ after having spent
Beveral months in Los Angeles, Cal­
He left Tuesday morning
for Portland where he has accepted
employment with Lorenz Brothers,
the contracting firm who built the
McCormick block.
Health is your birthright, claim it.
You will find it at Room 10 and 11,
Mucklo building. Chiropractic meth­
ods have restored health to thou­
sands who thought they were incur­
able. Acute and chronic diseases
successfully treated by Dr. Long's
scientific adjustments.
, St. Helens. Oregon.
Mrs E. A. Rotger had as her
guests Saturday, Mrs. II. R. Roberts.
Mrs. F. M Baum, Mrs. W. B. Mc­
Kay and Miss Ethel Cohn of Port­
The visitors called to wish
“ many happy returns of the day ’
and numerous St. Helens friends
called to express the same sentiment.
The Standard Bearers of the Meth­
odist church gave their first party in
the church parlor Wednesday night
About, forty young folk« enjoyed an
evening of games and good fellow­
ship which concluded with the serv­
ing of light refreshments. Mrs A
Burcham spoke briefly of the aim.«
of the Standard Bearers end intro­
duc’ d the president. Miss Je._ie f'ra-
croft, and the treasurer. Miss Marion
Plymouth ¡ axillary of the
gational chu Th will hold a bazaar
and supper In Plymouth 1 nil on
Thursday, April 13th. The bazaar
will open at 2 :3 0 p. m. and the
public will be served with supper
from 5:30. The'e will be many use­
ful articles on He, . nd thi supper
will he up to the usual standard as
provided by the ladies of the Ply­
mouth auxiliary.
Mr. and Mrs Merle Wilson and
young daughter departed Wednesday
for Mayfield, California, where Mr
Wilson has accepted a lucrative po­
sition with a friend.
Merle, as he
is familiarly known In St. Helens,
has been leader of the Wilson or­
chestra for several years and Is a
talented violinist. Both he and Mrs.
Wilson have a host of friends in St
Helens who will wi«h for them
success in their new home.
Mayor Ballagh will leave tills eve
Mrs R. llobbs visited in Portland
nlng for Cathlamet to attend the
Mrs. 1. M. Shackleford was a Port­ meeting of the t’athlatuet Redman
lodge who will celebrate their twen­
land visitor Wednesday.
ty-second anniversary The mayor is
Mr. and Mrs George Potter »ere a member of the lodge hut has not
Portland visitors Thursday.
attended a meeting there fyir twelve
Order now your Hot Cross Runs years.
at the St Helens Bakery.
Clifford Gcbba. who is here on a
Dr. and Mrs. James T. Martin visit to his sister. Mi’s Ramsey. Is
spent the week end with friends in a talented violinist and kindly do
listed Ills services to the St. Helens
It is probable
Mrs. J. R. Gtlby and Mrs. David Chanters orchestra.
Sm th were Portland shoppers Wed­ that he will take the place of Merle
Wilson in the orchestra which fur
nished the music at the Blue Rose
Misses Harriet Ross. Lois Clear dance hall.
and Emmett Williams motored to
A (' Gray suffered a serious in
Portland Wednesday.
White W alnut Loaf Cake— dainty, j Jur> Tuesday afternoou when en
whole.-ouie and toot hsouie— fresiii> gaged in loading the steamer Robin
He was working cargo in
baked daily— at Si. Helens Bakery
the hold of the ship and In some
M’ s. Thomas Luke of Portland is munuot i heavy timber swung and
spending the week in St. Helens, til* lot Lint on the right leg. breaking
guest of her friend, Mrs. Harold the limb. The injured man was giv­
en first aid and then taken to Port
It Is reported
Mr and Mrs. K. C. Stan wood have land to a hospital.
as their guests this week Mr. and that lie is getting along as well as
Mrs C. W. Sherman of Olequa. could be expected.
V Corrtvlion. Rebekahs. pi >
Frank Russell is going to build a
A mi take inaile in
large brooder at his chicken ranch tabe noliee
near McBride station and is having thè notici’ seni U> thè Misi last week
li should bave unuounced thè meet
the lumber hauled.
he foi \pril 13 il sicail ot Aprii '■
Miss Vivian Patterson of the St. |
Helens high school staff is suffer-
ith an infected foot, Slie is at
her home in Portland.
Home made cakes 75c Saturday
t ream putts .1 for a quarter, real
Special salads of all
Williams' Delicatessen.
L. E. Bean candidate for governor
P r o g ra m f o r W eek « om n iem ing Sun-
is expected to arrive in St. Helens
d a j , AprIY 1» wi t h Sunday Mur­
this morning to look :;ve.' the politi­
ine«* 1! *o It.
cal ground.
He will be ttie guest
of Mayor E. 1. Ballagh.
Lust Sati rday evening a
of the friends of Miss Elvira Blair
surprised her with an impromptu
and an all-star cast in
party. Refreshments were served at
the home of Esilier Hollingworth.
Story of ttie underworld in which
Mrs. D. B Chambers lias as her
guest her sster. Mrs. Arnold Sar- a battle of good against evil rage-
geut of Victoria. It. C. Mrs. Sargent A thrilling melodrama that is fill
will visit in St. Helens for several ing playhouse? to overflowing in the
big cities, lavishly screened. Chan
weeks before returning to Victoria.
Dr. I’ . C. Long, chiropracter. has ev's characterization of King of tic
underworld is at his best.
located in this city with offices in the
Muckle building. The 'doctor prac­
’ A lm ost H eroes.
ticed his profession in Prineville and
Portland before coming to St. Hel­
Employes of the local telephone
company enjoyed a chicken dinner
and uu all-star English cast i t
at the Liberty Inn Monday night.
Previous to the dinner it was a
masked party and dance. It was an
The story deals with a young Eng
llshman who invents a steel proo
enjoyr.ble affair.
1 for the possession of which rival i
J Roberts, a missionary from
tions are clamoring, and this form-
South Africa spoke to the student
the basis of a tremendously int•• i
body of tlie St. Helens high school
esting narrative.
Photographed in
Monday. Mr. Roberts gave a very in­
Englad, i ’aris and the Alps.
teresting talk and showed the stu­
dents many articles made by the na­
COMEDY: "A Convict's llappy
Bride.” Pal lie He view.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Loos and '
.wo sons arrived iu St. Helens THl'HSI>AY-l- IUDAY —
Thursday and will visit at the home
r and Mrs. Peter Loos. The vis-
¡t0 rs are from Oakland, California,
— IN—
an(j ¡t has been some time since the
“ Little Miss Rebellion"
brothers met
Whirls of excitement; a riot of
Friends will regret to learn that laughs; the funniest girl on the
it was found nec 'ssary for Mrs. John screen. Going stale as a duciu- s sh”
F. Johnson to be again taken to becomes a flapjack maker. Admir­
the hospital and it. is feared that ers of Miss Gish will welcome her
he may have to undergo a serious coming.
Reports are that she is
seriously ill.
A P o o l o f |Vj«< lie « .''
We're ready to help you
Models in the new patterns and
colors range from the ultra«
stylish Young Men’s to t he*
for those
who desire them.
In each garment you will find
the utmost in quality tailoring
insuring a perfect tit and satis­
factory service.
Men s and Boys'
Suits, Shirts
Arrangements have been made
with the Brownsville Mills to ship
100 New Soring Models in Men’s
and Boys’ -Suits.
Don t pass up
this event which opens
County Agent F. C. Holibaugh will
leave today for Vernonta and will SA T I K D .Y Y ONLY —
address th* Vernonia Chamber of
Commerce at a big meeting they will
— IN —
have tonight.
County School Sup­
“ Seven Years of Bad Luck”
erintendent Wilkerson also plans to
go to ti e Nehalem metropolis to at- i
A million laughs in this big sup
tend the terchers' meeting which er-special. This play is arousing the
will he held there tomorrow.
mirth of a nation. It's a knockout
city Recorder J B. Godfrey had Pronounced by critics the funniest
before him
Benjamin 5-reel comedy ever written
Votkctiu and John O'Neill, sailors and see if t.tie critics «re right.
from the steamer Robin Adair. They
'Tin* Pu|«-r H .ing«-r."
were charged with disorderly con­ Pallie New«.
duct. the probable result of too
much moonshine.
Votkotin was Mat I life P r ice « 2 .V and IOc.
E v t-
1 f> and O’Neill contributed
n in g«, ¡(III and IIK .
the sum of $25.
C. B Stowasser
who is charged with driving an auto r o in o m iw
V igili __ Saturday
while intoxicated and also resisting
" I >♦«•[, W a te r s ," a Param oun t
arrest, was a T 'ign ed and his case
S| m « ial.
-et for he: ring Tuesday.
S a t u r d a y Morning
A I' ll 1 1 .
4 ►
< >
and continues for one week
until Saturday,
April 15th
The Better Way
Men's Suits $20.00 to $45.00
To buy groceries is to come to a store where
Men s I’ants $ 2.50 to $ 7.00
Boys' Suits
$ 7.50 to $14.00
quality and service are maximum and prices are the
Boys' Knee Pants, $1.50 lo $.‘5
It is such a store service that we offer.
Your orders for groceries or fresh vegetables
phoned to 42 will receive our most careful attention
Men s Hats
Men’s Shirts
$2.00 to $5.00
$1.50 to 5.00
and prompt delivery will he marie no matter how
small your order may be.
Shoes— Oxfords— Hose
Thank you.
“ The Money-Saving Grocer"
Phone 4p
McCormick Bldg.
St. Helens, Ore.