St. Helens mist. (St. Helens, Or.) 1913-1933, February 24, 1922, Image 1

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•I ui I ki
l'lllli|l llll|»4in< N
lin e s
IMMI (ilVMi Jail Ken (4-nr©.
On Tuesday Judge John l*hlllp
hoard two eases against defendant*
charged with violating the prohlhi
kl.iM ) l II i/ e il* I 'i»ntli m u I ‘ u l l l l i H i t
Men laws
George Kloiils. proprie
O i r i ' i i i i i i i i I w I od f o r \ Mi le 'll A r i i h tor o f the HI Ile|e,iH restaurant was
I ,
1 , 1 ') R u lin g ---------- H om o l i i l i take,,
\ I mi Into
custody by Sheriff Wei
ilngton Hut unlay night after a search
| i |, | „ I I I o iiiin lu M lo ii.
o f the woodshed o f the restaurant
sh eriff and Deputy Hatfield
II ,
0 p u h llr s e rv ic e c o m m is s io n by l i u the
II i|o
I|| ' l i l o l l r i * I : I 11 I III resulted lu the discovery o f six or
>1.(1' . 'p h o n e r a le *
T h e y iip h e M eight pint bottles o f "m o o n s h in e " At
.■ .1 i hi I* .In 'il
i n il In p la in firs; Klotils plead that he was un
aware that the liquor was cached
| " ' i p l l " I 1 l'\ M il.
lu the Woodpile, but ut Il l s hearing
In h a v o lir o ilK llt (In p r o r e t il
h " plead yullty to possessing Into*
aU Iii k if m i u r e d u c tio n I,» m ade
Irr.tiiig liquor and was fined $260
i 1 1 ,.- 1 r d e c is io n l hoy tils n used eon
and given a 30-day J h II sentence
' " ' '' •' ' I " ' . ill!
On the same night the sheriff
, i > e ll lio n d u iis n 't k n o w Just w lm l
searched a houseboat o f W Hclhor
" i i * a llo il h im f o r ,|,ir
aud succeeded In locating about five
In n«k f o r w h e t ho t h o u g h t wa
quarts o f "m o o n s h in e ." Hclhor was
I 1 ■■ M l .1 IT. I IV I I I I In- L im it
urrested and plead not guilty
. 1 ■ i- ; Li f i t t h a m i f ig u r .
stated that he hud not been living
forth hy the com m ission, end lut
»III try In uHHlnilliilo h o i i h i o f II with his wife and child, who occu
hut evidence
in f'nd out what o u r citizen* pled the houseboat,
bowed iliai he had been there fre
iinht of thu decision, n nuinhni
ih e rn were Interviewed.
latck o f qtiautly although he made his head
prohlhlte un from puhllnhlug quarters on the Gilbert river
• in t e r v ie w . and poet a I reg . laluied the liquor w h s the property
•»f his wife and she testified ti,a t ,i
i i 1 ii in n p m h lh ltN un f r o m p u h llH li
was hers and had been given her In
I- hoidi * o f th e In io ry le w N »» npuk
L ilt ilin f o llo w in g I n w lm l M in i' payment for doing "s o m e w ashin g.'
that she had gotten it for the pur
them siildi
• Mini'll J W Mrl ton a i d :
They pose o f ireulirig or warding o f f I hi
Kvldeutly the Judge thought
Ii" p u h llr «*rvloe ro m m lN e lo n 1 e re flu
that five quarts o f " m o o n " was too
i k•• a p i g * tell
morn for or
n. 'ii th a n f o r unh . In m y o p in io n much for one small family to us>
for medicinal purposes and hts de
■' i "inm lM H ion la m o re a d e lr lm o ti
cialon Implied that hn disbelieved th.
tin a h o n e f l t to th e p e o p le
.1 II T h a tc h e r :
I never heard testimony for he Imposed a fine of
l> h ln y l i k e It b e fo re , h u t It la t h " i lf,u with Ihe admonition that I'
would he cheaper to employ a physi­
" i, f in d t l. i • cian than t o rely on the " m o o n "
The f i n e was paid
a u r muHterH.
G o d fre y , t ' l t y H n c o rd e r :
t h e p u b lic s e rv ic e com
irelon I n m o re a n x io u s to M irv e th e
Cli '
■ n r v ii
It Itulhnrford:
th e
T h e derlalon la
l i l t ' l l - at a (In n
• v ia v k m il w e ..........
d e c lin e a n d th e In rre u H e a h u u ln
i l l i i » e i l T h " i i.iu m i
iti> lii-il ilo - w h o le a f f a i r In un
m r a t lc m a n n e r a n d a h o w e d an
la r k o f a y m p a U iy f o r t h "
! " ' ! ll'V e
1 lie
■ 1 •• I h' i liel I 'T vt a V I "
' I he IIMi'il III I 111.. I'.IHI'
rV\" It H illa r d :
W h e n th e c o u m l*
>i ay . th a t th e o h Ji*c (lo n a a u h m tt
• th e u i w e re f r iv o lo u s , their
in a t lx liila o on Ita fa r e a n d ah
\ i .en
I fe e l i h a t I he r a d "
v lio r b lt a u t ,
un ju s t I f .a h le
- " lia b le
T h e te le p h o n e hunt
h o o o tn in g m o re m o n o p o lis m
In ini< h u d a Rood o p p o r
to fe e l Itn g re e d y fa n g *
.on in n o t a p r o p e r t r lh u u u
• lix it ig w ith th e p re a e u t per
J F u lle r t o n , Co C om m is sioner:
p u h llr Hervlce c o n iiu lN n lo u ha-
lu'' ly Ignored the mieri-at o f tin-
.1 I ' V I ' I V ill h e r lin e 111
h o u id lie p u l u n d e r th e li
I g iv e n t h ' - im e eon
l‘ i i „ 1 ( h i r e w o u ld lie n o huai
h f i l l ire-i
W hile
fn r
know le d g e is c o n c e rn e d . 1 d o not
tiv if th e ralae wua J uki iflulde, ae
»in i i o i in c lin e d to c r it ic iz e t in
\ \ In n lIn - p in lie ra
m ade, I felt that It wan o u t 0 1
w ith th e g e n e ra l te n d e n c y o.
tu n io n . ii th e coat o f m a iu r ln h
and the r e t u r n to n o rm a l
I el la In ly I h e |. r I
' I ■ '■ o n rn ' union has n o M e
i > in y i in- p u h llr a n d I f th e y lu d .
n 't b e lie v e th e y a re th e p ro p e l
n to puhr on q u e s tio n * o f I h l*
on It Metsker: I h a v e not g o n e
' roniiulnalona ruling thor
Ihiv aud until 1 do I viidild not
" i " p in io n .
l'ld g e J o h n 1‘ h lllp :
I f th e Colli
on t h o u g h t th e ra te « w e re J uh I,
L' ’ " ‘ Id l . a v e Ml . t i l l e d w it h o u t III
> in s u lt in g o r h e a p in g Im tu li
9n in ju r y
A i o il:
I th o u g h t th e co m
UIppOHI'll to l|l> J llH tlle
h u t tn I I i I h cuae It *eeuiH th a t
n - i r,. m a l l one w a y .
r J II
R e g a rd le s s o f
m e r it* o f th e c o n tr o v e r s y , th e
lu ll
in a il in s u lt to th » peo ple
After an Illness lasting several
mouths. Ksper H Lumen died at his
home In Cortland lute Thursday eve
nlug Ills wife mid daughter were
with him when the end cam e
l.arsefi went to sleep about seven
o 'clo c k In the evening and while
asleep, passed away and without a
Ills wife and daughter
were In the room al the time, but
were unaware that he was dead un
Ml they bent over the bed and no
Meed he was not hreathiug
Deceased was born lu liornhold,
Denmark, 76 years ago
He cam e tc
the United States 68 years ago, set­
tling In New York
In 1869 he rami
to Fort land where he engaged In
iho grocery business, and from Port
land he went to Astoria w here he w. *
In the general merchandise business
for a number of years
For the past
26 years he wa* engaged In the g ro ­
cery and commission business in Ore
gun City, being associated with hi-
*ons. ('. A and Henry D Larsen Sev
eral years ag o lie f o u g h t out the
business o f A S Harrison In Hi Hel
ens and ui’ tll last winter w lien h •
went to California for the benefit of
his health, he and Mrs. Larsen re
aided In HI. Helens.
Mr Larsen was a member of Al
K der temple o f tli<* Hbrlne
He I-
survived by his widow. Mrs Louisa
Larsen ; three sons. Henry D.. of Si
Helens, Ksper 8 J r . of Washington,
Charles A , o f Oregon City,
tw o daughters, M ss Daisy I-nrseti
and Mrs. L M Huggins, both ot
The funeral services were held
Monday morning at 10: JO o'clock
Kev E II Pence, pastor o f the Wes
minster Presbyterian church, offlc
The interment was in Mount
Kent I cemetery
Mr I-arsen had many friends It
SI Helens who sorrow ut his passing
Ivan Tucker, aged 4 4, a resident
o f the Yankton neighborhood, died
at the SI Vincents hospital In Pori
land Wednesday evening after a
short Illness
Pneumonia was tin
cause o f his death.
Deceased had
lived In the Yankton neighborhood
for a number o f yeurs and was en:
ployed by I h« Milton Creek la g g in g
company its hooktender
Is survived hy a son. Lyle, age :i
>enr* and a daughter. Hilda, age 4
'1 i r i s
The d e e ls lo n w h ic h years Since the death o f Mrs Tuck
I r o y a to r y a lm o n t hn ii u n it t o the er which occurred a year ago, the
'i i an a u t o c r a t ic a la n d n e v e r children have been residing with an
,unt who resides In llrownsville
h e a rd o f in the h is t o r y o f th e
il S ta le *
W e s h o u ld g o t m en T w o brothers. W U Tucker o f E*
t Beads, and Solomon Tucker, of
' ill givo th e p e o p le r u m e Con
Portland, also survive
The funeral
t- rat Ion.
were condu cted
'A l , u y . C it y A t t o r n e y : S h o r tly services
" m r r e a >• In p h o n e r a t e s la s t Methodist church In West St Helens
yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock
I p u h llr I v m a te d th a t In m
| i " it th e p u l, lie n e rv ir e c iim n iM i u ii |{„v s Itarlow Johnson offic iatin g
[ ‘ " y i ' i i h I i o i i I i I be a h o lin h e d . T h a t and the body was interred In the I
the side o f his
I'o n itn la a lo n now s e rv e s no p u r O. O. K. cemetery by
except to h a m p e r th e p e o p le wife.
[ " " " I lin in g
t h e ir
r ig h t s
. "I tae l V al I V
1» con
m e m b e r
M Ho- O r e y o n ia n . t see
ri. I o f F e h r u iir v 2 I
1 922 i
re fu s a l o f th e c o m m is s io n to
r e lie f t o th e p e tit io n e r s was
r iv L ie i. im Mini a r r o y n n t ; a m i
■ 'in ly
s e lf a s s u ra n c e
tu n
' l " ' i i i i th a t w h e n II m in e
I ' r ' I 'l l n g I t s e lf in a f a v o r a b le ill,
F 'h ' H is a case o f lo v e n t f ir s t
* r nn o n ly e x c la im In th e
The secretary o f the Columbia
County Farm Itureaii reports that
new members are being secured each
day. many o f the farmer* being at
t r a d e d by the actual cash savin«
(hat com es about by reason o f stidt
plained that the Columbia County
" T h e r . fore i
Nien! f a r fr o m us. n e it h e r d o e th Farm Bureau and the Farm Equip
Mr o v e rta k e n s ; w e w a ll f o r lig h t , ment Company o f Clatskante h a v
1 ' h o ld o b s c u r it y ; f o r b rig h tn e s s , entered Into a contract whereby the
we w a lk
In d a r k n e s s ."
T h e farm bureau members niny buy Mo
" f <he w o r ld w ill n o t b re a k line Plow Company's line o f goods
He further
I '' 1 he e n m m iN s lo n Is h e a rd o f n > for near wholesale cost
th e r e fo r e le t It |w a b o lis h e d slated that as considerable machln
1 he p r in c ip le o f h o m e r u le be t ery and farm tools are us«>d each
i ‘ ' ' ' ’ 'h a t th e p e o p le m a y a t least | venr In the county It should mean
F ’ s .'N i" vo ice in h o w th e y a re t o . thousands o f dollars saved to th»
‘ e x p lo ite d .
Number 11
NEW YORK MARKET , atriot's Itlrtiniay is Hon ored l>) the
t'lli/z ii* o f 1 Ms*r Island
K. Mlilot k Heads linceatly Or- Siemner < 'old H arbor Tukea Big Hlilp
DEEH ISLAND, Ore., l e b 23 —
I g a u l/sd ( 1 1 in mereiai ilo d y —^ , r t -
ment f o r New Y o r k — Several |‘» r - ¡ ( S p e c i a l . ) — The c om m u n ity s a g in
lo g e ih e r Meeting Held and Well
goes Shipp,-,| to Coast Ports — A honor o f W ashington's birthday and
l.argi Nt Attcnilaiiie in r> o f t .c
Attendisi— l'Ino Dinner .Servisi.
nat'oiial *ong week, was held Tues
Itusy Week on Waterfront.
IxNlgc A s i hi |> .1 at th e T w e n t y .
day evening and voted a complete
l l II < all— Many Old Mem-
SCAPPOOSE. Ore., Feb. 22.
l.i‘ i* Pr. sent at .M c lii.g
(Special )
T h e second meeting of made this week wan the cargo o f 1.- T h e g rou p singing was enth usiastic
All otlier numbers
'h e ScappoosH Commercial clu b wu 300,000 feet o f lumber shipped on and enjoyable.
•"•Id In the Watts & Price hull Iasi the steamer Cold Harbor and des­ were especially well rece ved. D eco­
On the twenty-e g hth annual roll
Thursday evening, Februory 1«, wii.i tined for the McCormick yard in .New rations o f Ivy and flags r iadc a pat-
ail o i Avon Lodge -.o. 52 . . n l f u ; »
r otic display.
Mrs Phillip Shank
more iliun a hundred members anil York
The vessel was to have tak­ was the accompanist. The rocitr.tion of held in the caatle nail
visitors present.
en 2,000,000 feet but ill of the o r ­
Tuesday, exclusive of
It v.'iis planned for a whole com der was not out, so another team- 'I Want to He a C o w b o y ,” hy little tors, the largest attendance in the
UiUlilty ufialr and about 8 :3 0 p. m ' i will call in the near future to l a k e Hohlty Shnfer, 3 years old, was much history o f the lodge present to
F o l­
parti"-, began arriving with baske;* the balance o f It and other consign ­ appreciated by the audionce.
pay trinute to thone who labored in
lowing Is the program :
filled to the hrliu aud hy 7 : 0 0 o'clock ments.
The Cold Harbor, which Is
the pioneer days to make the order
a feast fit for the occasion wu one of the Hog Island built s t e a m ­ Am erica ................................................. Ail what it is, and by their presence
Highland F l i n g ..............Agnes Hatton
spread and the mem bers and visitor ers, sailed Thursday and will cell In
Itecftaticn ....................... Bobbie Shafer manifest interest in its future up-
Invited to the tubles.
at Sen Francisco and San Pedro for Plnno S o l o ............................................ Ida Leach
1 , uilding.
Ample Justice wus attempted Cb u consignment o f general cargo.
But few o f the resident members
"O u r F l a g " . . . . P r t r l c l a cia pporton
the food displayed, as was evidencari
Other shipments o f lumber dur
failed to answer when the.r names
tij M e almost inability of several rb ;ng the week were destined for c-oasi Violin Solo ................... Morris Woven wore called, aud of the absentees
iroup S i n g i n g .....................................
move ufterwards. yet not half wu ports. The Celilo sailed Monday
from the city many responded with
Three F-imous S p e e c h e s .................
consumed and everyone present was evening for San Diego after taking j
of Ihe opinion that this was one of on 350,000 feet o f lumber to com 1
«.ere n evidence. Charter members
Vocal S o b .................... Florence Adams
he finest get-together dinners ever pb-le her cargo of 950.000 feet. The
Plano Solo . . . Patricia Clnppertor of the lo dge present w ere: Judge
held In the community.
same day
C. Kirkpatrick | Beautiful Oregon Kose'
School Martin Wh.te, E. E. Quick, Charles
After the dinner the clu b wa
ailed for San Pedro with 1.150.000 Vocal Solo ............ . Evelyn Kussell Blakesley, Dr. i liff ot Portland. J.
called to order by the temporary leet all of which was taken from the
W. M atts and E. E. Stevens.
Group Singing . . .
chairman, C L. C offyn, and a con local docks
The Daisy Putnam got Piano Solo ............ . . . Morris Hoven
Grand V.ce Chancellor E E. Hard-
Ntltutlon and by-laws, as worked out awi-.y late W ednesday night with a
Song ...............................................
Girls Isty of made the lodge an
by the committee,
was read anu cargo o f 1,1 10,000 feet for San Ped-
Song .....................................Jane Shafer official on this oc casion, other
The election o f offln *is foi ro and tl.e W illa m ette sailed for Group Si’ig in " .................
v sitors bt .ng 1 red Johnson, pa*l
he year was next taken up. and tbo Westport Thursday to com plete her Industrial Clubs ............
t-rand chancellor, A.
Jaloff. past
follow in g were elected:
It I Nib cargo
The steamer took on 350,003 "Star Spangled Banner"
rand prelate, and Mr. Price, ernts-
lock, president; Dana Frame, vlci 'eel here.
The McCormick steamer
-ary o f the D. O. O. K.
president; C. L C offyn, secretary; Multnomah arrived W ednesday night
Mrs. Phillip Shank presented he-
Hr ef talks were made by many o f
Al llackett, treasurer.
and is I king on 500,000 feet o f
I no punils at an Informal t tcital
he members in answer to the roll
John Htorlu, executive secretary lumber and will com plete the cargo rt her horn" Saturday afternoon. All
all. F ollow in g the roll call the vis-
o f the St Helens Cham ber o f C om ­ witli a deck load o f piling
The v e s ­ o f the children played well showing
torg were called upon. Rainier was
merce. next Hildre^i.q the meeting sel goes to San Francisco and Is a marked improvement sinct begin- represented hy fifteen members, and
and gave som e valuable points on
hedulml to sail Sunday. Including ning work with Mrs. Shank
After short talks w-ere made by Judge
the organization and work o f the In- cargo o f the Multnomah, the t o
he recital refreshments v.-ere served
lark. Chancellor C om m ander Clark
'I shipments from St. Helens for the
The G irls’ Cookin g Club was d e­ and Eil tor Veach.
O fficials o f the
F. C. Hollhitugh, the county ag e’ it, m k » 1 1 amount to approximate!v lightfully entertained on Monday af- grand lodg e also responded briefly.
gave a peppy talk o:i what the Corn five million feet. Practically the e n ­
rnoon by their lender, Mrs. Chris
Along toward the midnight hour
m e n ia l club would accomplish.
tire lon gshore force was kept busy Naogell. T h e girls plan to have one members and guests repaired to the
The meeting was then turned ove l nd several vessels worked much social meeting each month.
Mrs. Congregational church dining ball
to Mr Quayle. the general secretary overtime.
Xaegell served delicious refreshments where the ladies spread before the
o f the Oregon State Chamber o f Com-)
Weekly 1.limber llevlew.
consisting o f cake and» cocoa.
B e­ hungry Pythiang a feed that only the
tnerce, who gave a very interesting
One hundred and thirty-six mills sides the regular members of the ladies of St. Helens know how to
talk on the state activities.
D. C. reporting to West Coast Lu m ber­ club, Mrs. Leach and Mrs Colvin prepare. Judge W h ite acted as toast­
Freeman o f the Associated Industrie men's association for the week end­ were present.
master and bis first introduction to
o f Oregon, next addressed the meet
Mr and Mrs. C. H. English motor- the assembled Knights was Dr. Cliff.
ing Febru: ry
18th, m .nuf-.ctured
ing on Ihe industries of Oregon. Hr .9 154.189 feet o f lu m ber; sold 69.- - d to Portland Sunday to call on Mrs. '1 he doctor spoke briefly on the early
was followed hy Attorney A. F. Fle- 576,525 feet; r»nd shipped 69,783,- Stanley McKay (nee Lillian Ingalls ) days o f the lodge.
Other speakers
gel, who told a wonderful cow story 604 feet.
who underwent a serious operation at made short talks and a few stories
and thereby spoiled many an ambl
Production was only 10 per cent St. Vincents hcspital about ton days were told, clo sin g one o f the most
tlon to become a lawyer, and mad" nek w normal. New businers was 12 ago. She is improving slowly.
successful roll calls ever held by
many decide to stick to the farm» The per cent below production.
Last Monday was the banner day Avon lodge.
lust speaker wus E C. UechliHilf'ex ments and new business practically for the Deer Inland Log gin g Com -
e, ullve secretary o f the ( M k i e i luncel each other for «lie week.
pi ny in pu t'in g in logs, tw o engines MAY GIVE AID IN
Portland Association, who
Th irty-fou r per cent o f all new having h tu lcd 50 sets that day, the
very Interesting account of the work business taken du ring the week waa logs makin g ftv» large rafts.
of the association
for future delivery hy water.
The second stump burnin g d em on ­
The above mentioned men all ex- amounted to 23.585,525 -feet, of GET LICENSE FOR
stration in th:s county was held on
pressed great interest In the fo r m a ­ which 11,413,122 feet will move
DOGS SAYS SHERIFF the A R. Geiger f rm at Delena las'
tion o f the commercial club at Scap c-. "stw .se and Intercoastal; and 12,-
Saturday and attended by over 200
poose as a movement for progres . 17 2.403 feet will move export. New
■nil better things for the town and business for delivery by rail umouul-
The failure o f many dog owners persons. This is a farm bureau p r o ­
In Columbia county to take out le ject. under the supervision o f Coun­
d to 1,533 carloads.
censes for their dogs has convinced ty Agent Holibaugh. Prof Scudder
The next meeting of the cummer
Sheriff Wellington that he must *ak' o f the Oregon Agricultural College
rial club will he held on the 2d of YOUNG MAN K ILL ED
gave a very excellent talk on removal
some action to make the tardy one
March at the school house and It L
IN LOGGING CAMP com e to time and next week, so lie o f large stumps hy an im proved
hoped thut every citizen o f the town
stated, he will begin to en force the o f burning and stated that
and com m unity will become a m em ­
B E Granaski, aged 22. was In- law as to dogs having licenses. T..e the cost o f rem ovin g the large stumps
ber and attend.
stautly killed in the logging camp low provides "that any owner or could be estimated to be fifty per
o f the Columbia Tim ber Compani keeper o f said dog or doge w ho shall cent cheaper than 1 ny oth er known
west of Goble at 9 o'cloc k Tuesday fail o r neglect to apply for, o r fall method. This talk was g ven in con ­
He was em ployed es a to p .y the state license during ■ i.. nection with si de pictures.
Tin« second social event In the cal chaser and at the spar tree, he un- month o f January o f each year or inter, st was manitesied by the f a r m ­
ondar o f the St. Helens W om an's i'ook cd the log from the line o f one » - th in 30 days after he becomes o v:. ers in witness ng the actual burning
d u b was in the form of a "Washlni-. donkey to transfer It to the line of er or keeper o f s ld d eg or d o r s iT the stumps on the Melis farm.
A verv fine dinner » a s served by
In som e manner shall pay a fine of $10 for each o f ­
ton T e a " held r.t the home o f Mr- another donkey.
Gulden Starr Scott on Wedn esdaj yet unexplained, the line was taken fer s", which fine shall be collected the ladies in the gym nasiu m o f the
up und the log swung crushing the with the costs o f the proceedings of Delena school, and Mr Holibaugh
T h e assisting hostesses were Mrs nnfortuiuite man between the log a civil action In the name of the ■rted as toastmaster. Several inter­
nd the spar tree.
Coroner White 3 ate o f Oregon before a just ce o esting short talks were m de by the
Wm. Russell, Mrs Eugene Blok- -
Neglect to apply for or 1» le..a ,es den s. as well as bus ness
ley. Mr* C. II Adams, Mrs J W was n otified and brought the body to he
y said license fee for a per oil o. men from Rainiet and Clatskanie.
Akin. Mrs 8. L. Butler atui Mrs S. St. Helens aud later sent it to Broad
Acres, near W oodb urn , where the hirty days after said fine shall i.e and several of the farm o u .e a u olt -
Darlow Johnson.
Practically t e e n 'i . a
The entertainment provided fm parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Grau- nine due, shall I.e an oth er a ' d se
Granaski had been a ate offen se and w.H su b'ect th' sent representatives.
' h e afternoon proved very Interest aski reside
It is repo ted tn t ti;e but neap
rson to pity at. additional fine for
ing, especially the cutting o f cher working In the camp on ly four d a ; s
men o f St. Helens R inier nd Clat-
ries from u fir tree by the guests cut was an experienced logger so bis ¡e. cli offense
brother stated
George was working
The flier f f did not en force this skanle are so fav orably impressea
i h the new method o f slum p re­
Mrs Glen Metsker delighted the about two hundred yards from where law at the expiration o f the first
guests by singing. " T h e Star Spang t lie accident occu rred and uccompu- th 'rty days o f this year, because the moval that pro; ably in the near f u ­
|niei1 the body to St. Helens atul then licenses were late in arriving here ture each chamber o f c om m er ce will
led Banner." '
hut Inasmuch as the clerk has hr.d a l uy a com plete set o i stump b u rn ­
The color scheme o f red and white to Broad Acres.
supply for the past thirty days an l ers and loan them out to the farm ­
was most daintily carried out in the
th » dog ow ners have had ample time ers under the su; crv.sion o f the
refreshments. Mrs S. Darlow John- BASKET BALL
make application for license tags county agent.
<i>n poured und was assisted by the
Wellington said there was no further
evcral hostesses.
Besides the club members the In­
Tonight at the gctiool auditorium excuse for delay, so he s »oing to SE • O - . CLASS
vited guests were, Mrs Dodd. Mrs. .here will be a double-header ban start in on the “ dog ow ner c a m ­
Arch Duncan, Mrs. Paul Wiggins. kctball gam e for tiie Beaverton hign pa ign ." If your dog hasn't a. license,
Mrs. Sayling. Mrs. Martha Hammer. " b o o l is sending ov er both the b o j s I etter get him or her on e just as s o » ”,
At the Mgh se. oid and torium on
Mrs L. (1 Ross, Mrs. Ilollbaug'i, and girls teams to try conclusions .is you can mail a. letter or call al Tuesd y ev ning i e
ir> 28. the
Mrs Edwin Ross and Mrs. lla llberg with St. Helens high.
Both Beaver-
senior class o f 3
l l e ' e 1 s high will
on teams have made good records
present the p'.ay
B oh ."
this season and St Helens will have SHOULD BE A
maiden lady, Mi-s Ue e a t ke her
play fust ball if they succeed in
S W E E T TOWN niece. Bryant, anil ..atherine.
N O l’ FORGO i’TEL to
registering victories. T h e first gam.1
her fr end. ar - having trou ble in no'
W ashin gton's birthday was not for which will be between
the g irls’
If a big stock o f sugar would knowin g w ho Mr Doe is when Phil­
gotten in St, Helens though there le j m s , will start promptly at 7 :3 0 have a tendency to make things ip, K's cous u, is preparing
was no general observance of the i,.'clock and it is expected that a large sweet, then St. Helens should he a to'en tertain him But in spite o f the
Tlve hanks closed for the day crowd will he present.
It Is report- sweet ti wn for the next several entanglement o f cats and the dear
and the of flees of the court lious led that Beaverton will send a large weeks as Monday night there was old maiden lady, love finds a way
were closed for the transaction of ' number o f tans to root for their unloaded one lot o f sugar o f 4 00 and with the help ot the maid and
business, though some of the offic ials 1 1 earns.
It was consigned to J. L butler i l l is well and ends well. The
put in a full day's work
Due to the
After the gam e the visitors and Williams A Sons and distributed play begins promptly at 8 o'cloc k
l a d that Porcy Harrison, custodian h'gh school students will be guests among several o f the St. g r o ­ and the admission Is 50c and 35c.
>f the court bouse never forgets the o f the ju n ior class at an Informal cers.
Anticipating a raise In sugar The c a s t :
proper time to ruu up the flag. Old little dance in the city hall.
Rela­ Glen W il liam s placed an order d i ­ Philip Royson ............ Kenneth Pratt
Glory was seen on the court house tives and friends o f the high school rect with the San Francisco w hole­ Robert Brown, clerk of Benson
flag pole
At the schools there were students are invited to attend tho salers for a carload
It was shipped
and Benson ................. t'arl Tucker
brief exercises In several o f the grade dance which promises to he an en ­ via one o f the McCormick boats to Rebecca Lake, a maiden l a d y . . . .
rooms and in the high school and the joy ab le affair
...................................... Naomi Bunnell
Portland and then via river boat to
St. Helens Several trucks were busv Jenkins. Miss Rebecca's butler. . .
So far as can be ascertained MANY GRIPPE
....................................... T h o m a s Ketel
the greater part o f Tuesday distrib­
there were no oth er patriotic ex er­
uting the sugar to the merchants in­ Katherine Rodgers, her n i e c e . . . .
cises com m em oratin g the day of the
birth o f the "F a th er o f Ills t’oun-
Marion Bryant. K ath erin e’s f r l m d
The doctors In 8t. Helens have
........................................Doris Nauman
'r' ” ------- --------
been very busy persons for the past ISLAND MILL
Miss R eb ecca’s m a i d ..........
Under the direction o f Madame ten days on recount o f tho prevalenn
........................................ Elvira Blair
Katherine Covach-Frederick, there o f grippe.
About every oth er per-
will he a sacred concert at the Gath
ollc church, Sunday afternoon be­
ginning promptly at 3 o ’clock
doubt the music lovers o f St. Helens
and vicinity will w elcom e the an­
nouncement o f this extraordinary
concert under the direction o f one
o f the most distinguished vocalists
of the west
The twenty people In
the company supporting her are high
class singers o f note and there are
several violins and ’cellos in the in-
There are no re­
served seats anil the early comers
will find the best accommodations.
sou on e secs has Just recovered. Is
nlwHit to be sick, or thinks so. o r has
a cold.
Dr W a d e said that there
was no cause for alarm but warned
Ihe people to be careful. "T h er e are
not less than 100 cases o f grippe in
St. Helens and v icinity," he said. The
epid emic has been o f mild form and
usually the sick person has not been
confin ed to bed or room for more
than fou r o r fiv e days.
front oth er places in the coun ty and
rom the state at large, indicate that
the grippe epid emic is not confin ed
lo this section
Monday morning the whistle of
the Island mill blew and the big en ­
gines started the wheels In motion
after an idleness o f almost a year.
Very little lumber was out Monday
ns It was found necessary to mak-»
som e minor changes
This was done
and since that time the mill has been
grindin g steadily and turning out
from 60.000 to 80.000 feet per day
At present 4 4 men are employed and
as the yard begins t o f'll with lu m ­
ber and shipments begin, an ndd'-
tional fo r ce o f 10 or 15 more men
will be required.
On W ednesday night. March let
members o f the Masonic lodg e and
their fam ilies and mem bers o f the
Eastern 8tar will gather at the *o
c>al room In the Masonic building
tor a social evening and s general
vet togeth er meeting.
Tho last a f ­
fair o f this kind was very enjoyatila
r o d no donht there will be a large
a.tendance at the m e « ' " g scheduled
f o r next W ednesday evening.