St. Helens mist. (St. Helens, Or.) 1913-1933, November 28, 1913, Image 3

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In tin- N"rtl .-sii i,,.,. ., .
,. . . 1 11 (,"V-n. on the Cluml.iB
K.v..i., ,,. ;., ,,. f llv,.r ,,,
A It K A :
AIh.u; "'m hi,,,(. H i irc.H
I-. 7L'.;.,,,,., Tl ,,! H,t j i4,,llillly , ,lllliuilln
and I. ,ired, -c!u ,ivc ,f tA- , (
NN TII.I.AI'.I.i: I.A';
. I"' T'M . ,,:. iu-lu.1. Ml fuuUr vM,,,, ,! ,,. is
V.-l ..I! !...: I,..t . ,.;:!,:,. I . I m ,, ,..,,,,
I'll' I' 4 , . ! ,.
I I t! ',U '.V.
' ' : i : ,m r, ,.(.
' ' ' 1 1 vl!;!-;!: ,'! .i,;v. mi
..- ;i:s ;;:!- . y .. i.;.!: :.w;, .? i ;
i. ti :. a .-!:.'. ; : '..i.: , ui .m.i. i -;i iri;;; i y
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Mil.)-..; i -i ( ., .. i v :;. .u:
'" 1 "f ""ll'll I- IN ll t cl.l . ,,,. ;!,,: Ill
I i ' "'I .. i I .,.. in i iv i , 1 1 c.:.. . i r i,,.
mills 'i i:a;lima: -
A!"'U'. I."'. t:i,i. s v. !.i li inrlu'l. s tl.e n.aill line i,f the S. '.
V S a:,, I I'..- : Ii.tit K I' 'lulu.
' 1 ; ' ' M."."! (MH-ful --H:i i.ti' lliis
' .it ,t .'. , .i t
( i.l.MAIi'
' i f . : ! 1 ii .! v On- '.iiii:iir the Uu-rm,i:ii-t.T r:uily
n .!. , Inn in it,. .,,;ul,i w tho'.i'.st utaihrr nf
vv.nVr i ur:i!lii r h uliii t unknown. During t lit
winter rti-ir.tli-. t ( i -j . m ,',,!isi li r;i!,!c lam, Lut i: t t in much.
.Li t i, 'i i i ,n ,;n- cr ni- "i i failure. art' uriktum n.
I'Ki ti tl t I
I I i.::- ! u'.'. m:.i. ---i-,ial!y a:!-s. .cuis. i!uriis
U-riK-i. tlt.i. i and i.r.ii.M-s; ourdrn truck nf all kinds arid
llllll) lne.
Ship f;i,ni all parts of tin? worlil carry Columbia County products down
tin.-Columbia Liver ami to the markets of the world. A through line
"f Lailroadi the county from the North to the South. Liver
boats cany local products to market at low rates.
L A N It :
Ihoununda of acieu of firat claKS larnl can be purchased at reasonable
priccsyipun which are .stumps left from tht timber operations. This
land is especially suited for farming, fruit raising and dairying.
V i,,- ,V
I .
t ! I
- """" "
, T""i:-m;..,.1- ,,i"V:;:- :-::.v
iif- r.. ' "' "- ZJ f - 'k a, nrr vrrr,?-
;'( r;,.'i' i- " T,,'-r; ' .7.- j - -,.. "
; 1 ... ' . '
v"' rv..-'::'--,'
V -" ...'. '",... "k" .-; '
A city on thtf Columbia Liver, 'H miles from I'ortland, with a population
of prii,c The County Seat of Columbia County. A Four year
Standard llih School. Methodist, Congregational, Episcopal and
Catholic Churches. All the leading fraternal orders. Gravity water
system owned by the city suilicient to supply a city of 10,00(1 people.
Lleclric lights, graded ami macadamized streets, sewers. Principal
industries are l imbering, shipbuilding, creosoting, stone quarrying,
ti-hing arid shipping. Two large saw mills with a capacity of 250,000
feet per da ; more than 5 million feet of lumber chipped each month;
several lar g,- ocean going vessels built each year; timber treated with
creosote and .hipped all along the coast. Two big stone quarries and
rock crushing plants in continuous operation. An average of 300 tons
of Columbia Liver Salmon caught and marketed. A farming country
back of it that cannot be excelled in the world. Several new business
blocks now under construction. Live miles of sewer lieinjf built.
Many beautiful and attractive homes.
Lumbering and timber ii the principal industry; there be
ing about twenty-five saw mills. Salmon fishing in the
Columbia River is alto an important industry. Farming
and fruit raising; Stone quarrying; Ship building and all
kinds of lumber manufacturing plants.
There are fine opportunities for the small farmer, dairy
man, fruit grower and truck gardener. Also a number of
choice deep water sites for manufacturing plants.
12,090 acres of low lands along the Columbia River which
have recently been dyked and are now in high state of
cultivation especially adapted to growing of vegetables and
small fruits.
I .r standard IIij;h Schools;
Grade schools i n each
Nearly all denominations represented.
Circuit Judges, J. U. Campbell and J. A. Eakin
District Attorney, W. B. Dillard
County Judge, W. A. Harris
County Clerk, H. E. LaBare
Sheriff. A. E. Thompson
Assessor, C. W. Blakesley
School Superintendent, J. B. Wilkerson
Treasurer, R. S. Hattan
Coroner, F. H. Sherwood
Surveyor, Geo. Conyers
Commissioners, John Farr, Louis Fluhrer.
St. Helens Rainier
Clatskanie Houlton
Scappoose Warren
Deer Islpnd Goble
Yankton Vernonia
Mist Quincy
Mayger Marshland
Columbia City Reuben
Apiary Hudson
Prescott Trenholm
Patronize the Mist Advertisen
Count' Court
. ' 4 .-'
Are you jjcttin r.ore pay han You
did l..t year? Are you reasonably
sure of Ctti" still more next year?
If not, this is your time NOW to
mail the coupo-i K-low and let the
International Corre!.ponJence Schools
explain how they can qualify you to
enter a more important line of work
in your present occupation or in J
different one where you art command a
flintier salary at the start, with no limit
to your earning pou cr. 9
In making this offer, all your cir
cumstances have been taken into con
sideration, and it only remains for you
to fill out and mail the coupon. How
you can succeed with the aid of I.C.S.
training by mail, as thousands like
you have succeeded, will be fully ex
plained at no coat whatever to you.
' riease explain, without further i
' obligation on my rrtjiow I can J
, qualify tofa larger saiaiyym
. . i. r . n,tiih I have '
position uciuii " -
marked A
Mi,., tmtt WHW
,1,11 nrl-
Ti.ttll- " "
hart nr
pltatlitnatrr Fnftll-r
1111 r".Pl"r"
ll.ill.1lni 1'inHrwfct
PlrH.-lur-l rn-rr
llptrif. t Mil""
Wlnlnff rt.glPtirr
St Helens I.ik!ht Co. Iiht for Sept 2.r
laundry 1
linht for
St Helens I.itjnnly
Ci'iistine li. ripnirs
5herwuil& Kii.8, furniture E su.uliiii
II Morbus b u 1 1 1 1 1 -t
St Helens I iht Co,
(lit 4 1
K.h I)r I. (j. I'ruf servient l"i
I'liisteer Mrs K, ImiirJ fur
prisoners 1 1
Watkirin Kred sup to prisoners '.Ki
Sherwood K II tiurtal of Givranni 5u
Hitrne of llie Aged, i-are of Mc
Donald Co
Clatskanie Merc Cn.stip to Hilmcr S
I'ae' Coa.t Hospital Assn. care
Hoeek So
Watts fc Trice, supplies Grant 12
IV- I Pr A 1 ejiant of Hunno.
insane 5
Koss Kdwiii
Kuss Ur I. G,
Jotter K K
Harries G W, State vs Hoe,
Canipliell J I., State vs Hoe,
insai e
Sutherland G I state vs Hoe,
Larson J II Hut voters
Mist Tub Co, election supplies
Glnss & rrudlioniine, tlectiun
Voel Geii W, lien votes
Hush'inK & Co, election
Glass rrudhonitiu", electi n
Watts T C Ken volts
Weed O G. Ken voters
Lowe Mrs K, deliverirn hal boxes 'i
Fow ler K M hooth for election 4
exam of liarno,
turn of Nelson,
care of Nelson,
3 00
1 ' 0
I Nun
, sirtrt ui4 No.
, Cll -- -
i-ru. i.YFon.v.mox r,v.niin:si.v.
h. V. RliED, Manager
Darin' (' liall for election 2
Kinilifh M M " 3
School tlist No 3.' " 3
Rama.-y (ieo A' supt K D Nn 1 U
Dspnin U S " " 3 15
Gaittens Jas " " I 42
Fowler C C " " 5 36
Johnson V. " " 34
lloysen I'aul Chr ' " 7 '31
Kirhy D C " " 8 31
Lovexri" Knill " 0 4
llallhorn II " " 11 12
Ca'nitiirK N " " 12 13
I'eterson II " " 13 3o 00
John M J " 15 4 5o
North Kdwin " " 16 39 00
Feel Ir A J exam of Nelson
and treatment to prisoner. 7 00
Hunter H I' work for sheriff 2 9o
Watkir.s Fred work fur sheriff 85 00
Harris W A exp of Co Jud(-e 13 o5
Hoe E M work for sheriff 3 00
Watkins 11 I' canvass votes 3 00
Watts T C 3 00
Farr John 45 60
Flurht-r L 78 25
Road Dist No 1
Cooper Fred 5 00
Duncan Reelen 2 5o
W atts and I'rice 2 55
Winslow J S 12 5o
Duncan J U 2 5o
RoaJ Dist No 2
KaHbertf John 25 00
Hennttt H T 25 00
Swift A B 12 5o
Chel'.lterK A 25 00
Iloyt A 12 5o
Road Dist No 3
II Woodward 66 o5
R Hustam 7 5o
Woodward N 66 65
HoydJ 17 5o
Rosasco L 17 5o
Uluckburn E 9 00
Barnes WE 15 00
KcKan II 2 5o
Rice F 2o 00
Turner C 25 00
Nicholls T N 12 5o
Pspain E lo 00
Roac Dist No 4
Gaittens Ray 45 00
Roud Dist No 5
Fowler C C 16 85
Blake Ed 5 00
Road Dist No 6
James Hudson 39 60
WHlter Tracy 12 5o
Lowman Lbr Co I5o 00
Wiihani Bert 3 75
Rainier Lbr and Sliinnle Co 112 "0
W arlters J C Io 00
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H. Laiscn, formerly in the mer
cantile liusineas at Warren, has
placed his accounts in niy hands for
collection. All persons knowinjr.
themselves indebted to Mr. Larscn
will call at my office in St. Helens
and make settlement within the
next two weeks and save costs.
Oct. 24th, 1913.
M. E. Miller.
$100 REWARD.
The Water Commis: ion of the City of
persons who shut down one of the water
Kates on the main line recently, or of
any person or persons damaging or in-
terfering with any water pipes on tbe
line. By order of the Commission.
E, E. QUICK, See.
For Rent Rooms in the Bank
building:. Steam heat, electric
ia. ivu tile vii ui 1
St. Helens will pay $100 reward for the "8nt " ana COia water.
arrest and conviction of the person or Columbia Co. Bank.
The Mist management has made arrange
ments with Port 1 (in (I Evening Telegram
whereby we can give subscribers the advan
tage of a gigantic combination offer for a
li.uitctl period. You can get a Metropolitan
evening paper with all the latest news from
all over the world and all the news of St.
Helens and vicinity in the Mist at a remark
ably low price.
The Evening Telegram is the best pap
in the state, market reports unexcelled,
Saturday edition contains a magazine and
comic section in colors.
The Evening Telegram
St. Helens Mist - - -Total
Both Papers Through this
office if paid in advance for
1 year, ou or before Decem
ber 31st, 1913 . - -
$5.00 per year
$1.50 per year
$6.50 per year
505 Mo