St. Helens mist. (St. Helens, Or.) 1913-1933, October 31, 1913, Image 7

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ilalrv bittsr. 20: hna
prill-. I-'"' . '. "IF-
.t.a.r Vka fttul lMlf. Writ ft fur
7tm "r ' return mU.
tiMY CO.. 1"7 K""1 Ht.. Purtland. Or.
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HI'lttoN - Ammit llnl
I. ll.i. Vm, Uu)4. : .ae
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n IttMtml I aiLi.ra wtaiaaw
i IWl-iwUUIWal
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7, ul.r.. I'-el""
nlljr fur limli erlllna latMt
lHt liuay, wrlla balay l'ar
malty Co.,,,. N. I).
alllKX HIIAKI'K.NUI MelLfaclaiti e-'ierenteal. in ! New, w dars'
,..i if not Blpfrlrv. twlurn.
taUiaX , Ma Healer. M..... Ml.e.
tt hfHl f"" Mu ll I. tat ftiMl 1'rlcM,
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furr tlia la"r" " tiever '
H, .ul AllliMtv ! l. Uww
Huiii'i. run".
ents Wanted
The "Topgrade" Shoo
A Heally Classy Sho
,, iJ i-Jk-
Portland. O'.
When Admiration Weakens.
"W nitturnlly triv to Imitate
ihM whom w lmlrB."
"Not alwayt. Kvery mall boy ad
nlrrii Sunta (.'laud, hut nona of them
win( to ttro up to have the kind of
whlikera he is represented as wear
In.." .
M..Ihf will Una Mri. nmimri lonillii
hruu tii Wi ' -1 " uuf HaiWii
Unug 111 kxUilu t-lluJ.
ptirlng tlio first four months of 1913
Dura were ulsnnhlr rl In La rrlRorl
m. Uniewaya. ami the KriRoriflco
HontevidiXi 4M21 cattle and 212.665
hn a montlilv avrrsife of 12.0U0
ttttl and f.'UlOO shi-ep.
But Lydia E. Pinltham't Veg
etable Compound Restored
Mrs. UCIcar' Health
Her Own Statement
Statesmen Acknowledge Benefits of
Better Halves.
Compliments have freijuently been
paid by famous statesmen to their
wives. It will be remembered how
Disraeli dedicated "Sybil "to the
most severe of critics, but a perfect
ire, and whin s certain wit. who
never allowed good taste to wait on
his humor, was rallying Disraeli on
his m arrive he received the ruttinv
I married from a motive which I
do not expect you to understand
Mr. Gladxtone. In old aire, said to a
friend: "My wife has known every
political secret I have ever had. and
as never betrayed my confidence,"
nd others have borne tribute to "the
tender viliganct which sustained and
prolonged his years."
I.aly balisbury, with no aptitude or
Inclination for public life, was the
stsy, eonfidsnte and social helpmeet
f her huiband.
At a dinner to Mrs. Llovd Georra In
London, at which she was presented
ith a replica of a portrait of her
husband, a letter was read from Mr.
Lloyd George expressing deep appre-
lation of the "great kindness which
prompts my friends to present to the
brave little woman who is my wife a
portrait of the troublesome person
whom she has stood by through good
and evil report."
I wtil una lam nnoi w
7SE R I A l"
I story j
A Romance of th
CaSdo von Horvmtb
ssd Dean Hoard
9m Affw ..... th MMitinftfit of North
Am.rlc had bn Isolated from the rt
f th world by lh umm of Z-rmya, a won
Arful InvontWm of Hannibal Prudant.
Tha Invention bad earad the eountry
trom fnrrlKn Invaalon. and tha eomtnant
ad brrn united undr oiu fovammant
ith w. nr..Mni For half a
id proaprnty ra
Rah! Rah! Rah!
Three cheers for a keen appetite, per
fect digestion, liver activity and bowel
regularity. If you do sot possess thete
you should take
Stomach Bitters
before meals. It helps Natsresver-
come all Stomach. Uverand Bowel Ula.
Selecting Next Yesr's Breeders.
Two-year-old hens make the beet
breeders. In disposing or us oiu
stock, retain the very best, most vig
orous old birds for next year's breed
ing pens.
The birds Intended for breeders
should not be forced for heavy egg
production, since heavy laying weak
ens the hens and result in infertile
eggs and weak chicka. Feeds main
tenance ration until February, when it
my be well to change to a laying ra-
lion snd get
nnailble. T.
MntUrV haiM anl
Mb rmr4 .f Ih. wnrM Tha atOTT OPnS
With l' Prudant erltlealW ill. HIS
a..iu I. v. . . A km IK. nmIdI Of
maaaaa from Count von Wardanstaln pf
Oarmanr that ha haa at laat auceadaI In
panatratlne tha raya. Pylns. ha warn
.ihia. A.ip. that thla maans a for
aHirn Invaalon. Ha tails har to hurry to
tha laland of Ctrrna, hut dlaa bafora na
aan tfll tha location of tha plare. Asra
la nominated for tha praaldanrv By trie
ronllnantal party. Napolaon r.aiaon -.
..... i . i t... that ha waa a Du
al! of hr fathar-a. and promlaaa to help
har H alvaa har a rlnc made of a
W mmnvmrmA atihatanr.a whlrh. ha says.
will aolv. tha nrohlam of flrlna. Chaval
lar dl I -.on annaara In Furopa. Ha Calli
n von Wardanalaln and offars him tha
aarrat of maklns old In raturn for abao
luta dlaarmamant and paar Tha enavai-
tar la oiiapactad of bain a an Amarijaii.
Ha ta aaliad at nlrht and carrlad otr in
an arotlana Aura la inauauraiwaj
raaldant Bha raralraa a maaa rrom
Mlaon. whoaa lone ellaeoa haa worriaa
har. that ha haa baan a pnaon.r
wonfha on tha laland of Haliroland and
haa luat aaeap-i Ha annnuncas that the
aonfadaratad flt of Europe ha sallad
for Amarlca. Ha promlaaa to caii
tha followtne nlht. Countaaa "'"ja
any, naromaa a pnaonar in nm- u
ln N.polaon'a a-r.t. Sha falls "
with him. Una arraaa to loin him In an
att.mpt to aacapa By tha naa of fVra
woraa ha aummona a cortotia flyln ma-
. li ,l v.1.. monatar aaaia.
u. . Mna Ma maaaaara to
... tr . ..ti. AM A .Ira aa rjromlaad
Ha t-n. h.r his plana for o-fanaa have
a. i .a W..e Ikat ha will sTIV -till-
ar dMalla at hla worfcahopon the lelanfl
of Clryn. In tha Pinv Thar rnajta tha
trip In thr.e honra. His plan, are baaed
on tha peculiarity or tne new
elrrnlth. whlrh la tlrhtar than a ntkn"
roetaJ and la practically nor"rt,b'",
Tha Ptiropeana succeed In P"";
Una of Isolation hut find that tha
rana have esieoimnea m ' ..,-i.
aoa dellvara ft note to vYt'Tn. flllt
i- ki. a.HhiM Amandtna that tna neet
k! withdrawn. Kdlaon Is atlarkad.
She had laid her band on his arm, and
repeated the question.
"Becaase I dare to love you. yoa; la
my eaae not hopeleeaT Poor Bantos
trembled under the strain of the paat
half hour. All at once the despair,
the sufferings and his untold misery
were swept away In the wave of hap
piness caused by Rosltta's arm about
bis short neck. He embraced the ex
aulslte woman so ardently that she
suffered, but she only replied wua s
sweet, sense-ensnaring smile. Bantos
"Tou have no Idea what power yens
possess over me. I am your eiavw.
Tou can make of me what you will, a
hero or s traitor. I am ready to die
for you."
It was not necessary for Bantos w
tell this. RosltU knew Her power
even better than Bantos.
They were nearing Clryne. and Ban-
tna tried to retain Ms normal eour
ooanre. Rosltta said gravely:
Listen to me. my dear, we bi
be very careful what we do. I love
you and I want our love to last as
long as we live. Tou are all alone.
hot I have Dowerful connections sum
still more powerful enemlea who
would prevent our happlneaa. For
that reason we must plan carefully
and until that happy Urns comae,
whea we can silo away to that lltue
f ours, wa must be dlacreet
and rantloua. Do not tell of our love.
I will meet vou whenever I can and
we will leave when the way la clear."
"I am yours, my dear Rosltta. but I
know my happiness will betray my
The countess gazed straight ahead,
her hand still nestled In Santos". She
"I have been all alone. The Presi
dent. Mr. Edison and his dear mother
have been very good to me, but I have
longed for someone to be my very
own. I have found you and now I am
hirniT. Indeed."
Could Santos have seen Denino iu
artful schemer's veil, he would have
recoiled, horror-stricken. But he eould
onlv see the tender light In her eyea.
and haa the lovln woraa iron.
by the uaa of some myaterioua V"
d-.tror. two warships "V?
planea I'al1aln hts helpleeeneas War
SenaTrln t.thdrsw. his rlfj?Z2
to unlvemal disarmament. Kdlsor. a motn
Vr I. U on the Island of flrvn ""'"
Roslny oe-,rs to ro and comtrrt her hop
In to dtamver Kdlaon-s eyts. "he hj-
. -t around Bantoe Iu-
e1"? " Z Tha eottnteaa
r.oiaon . .c7.n.
pre I,
A New Princess.
Napoleon found obstacles In the
way of obtaining the property where
he had discovered the desired clryrxlth.
The German crown declared It was
not for aale. He asked for s long
tasLaa and the rluht to mine the Peak
Buemes. but that would conflict with
the laws of Hungarian lease and rent
al rlxhts.
Reailxlna that he never would ar
rive at the actual working of the mine,
unless he took s decided step, he paid
a visit to the Count von Werdensteln
Thla time he crossed the ocean in
one of the newest English liners that
made the trip between New Tork and
Liverpool In three days.
Upon his arrival In Berlin he visited
his friend, Herr Kalmar, before he
even sought a hotel. The German
was verv haDDV to see the man with
whom he had so many pleasant deal-
K?l' PHncedTm (r?M.mtanj-l'H,,,w "hom h ha1 ' PS-ant deaJ-
for Poison's secret Fdl.on and Bantne , d readUy explained the politl-
VrrrS cs? ...tuauon in K-pe. He frankly
;T find It on the aetata of Schombura
them laying
Z. Richey, in
as soon as
Farm and
Detroit, Mich. "I sm glad to dis
cover s remedy that reiievea me -ro
,my suitenng aou
pains. For two years
1 sullerc-j ueanni,
tlown pains and got
all run down. I was
under s nervous
strain and eould not
sleep at nlk'ht. I
went to doctors hers
In the city but they
did not do me any
" Seeing Lydls E.
rinkham'a Vegetal.! Compound adver
tised, I tried it. My healW improvru
wonderfully and I am now quite well
again. No woman suffering rn
male ills will regret It if she takee thta
medicine." Mr. J AMKf 0. LEtXtaB,
KJfl Hunt St., Detroit, Mich.
Another Case
Philadelphia, Ta.-" Lydia E. rink
ham's VegeUtile Compound la sU yoa
claim It to be. About two or thres
days before my I would get bad
backaches, then pains In right and ere
sides, and my hem! would ache. I callea
the doctor and he sni.l I had organic In
flammation. I went to him for a while but
did not get well so I took Lvdia E.I nk
ham's Vegetable Comxund. After tak
ing two bottles I was relieved and finally
my troubles left me. I rn.rrled and
have two little girls. I T
turn of the old troubles. "-M-Cn
Uofxl, 2CM a CbedwUk St,rPl's..a s
It All Depends.
"How sre wa fixed for warT"
"Welt. In the newspspers w
pretty good, but in the magaiines w
PW rJther bad." - Washington. D,
C, Herald
Needless Apprehension.
She Will you love me when I'm
He Why worry about thatt We'll
probably be divorced long be fore.
lloston Transcript.
: Pi.a.ant Pellet curs
....t.: inn Conntipation is the cause
of ' many diseases. Cure the cause i
you cur Easy to take,
She Was One.
"Is that Perkins chsp who calls on
. mm mrsi iii7fiii. i
you very . ..
' Intelligent i
know enough to embrace an opportun
Avoid Embarrassment.
..r...i,i .nit arrest s woman In a
Tt HUI" J " '
. . J -l.t-.t"
'""Cert, ly not." replied the police
m.n. "lam. pieman Ishould
turn my
face away and never see ber.
Good Guen.
The class was discussing ni,?'l,"
how they walked, got up, etc Alter
she explained the cow's method of ris
ing to her feet, the teacher m- , .
V.rv anv other animal
1 'U V IIU an" olla
that get. up lik. s cow." Si
. . " . . ' then one little
reigneq ror a in""" "-t -
girl timidly ralel her hand.
"What lsltT"sked the teacher.
"A calf," was the reply.
Tobacco Habit
Easily Conquered
hM -rltwn s boos nd U
The health improv
wondarfullr afoar tka
ullsl. ""- nmrT aa4 s
fZ.JZi. No mora of thst i-rvees fcsl-
Ztied of plP. ls. ujratte ar
ir.hteTt. Pr the orbld
'"'JfT T R4 Ave. U
.Vnro. who write. Uibira.
To your Ability add BEHNKIwa rf
Rcssh-i food pedioi-i food vbil-
eutPTFR XV. Continued.
ntave vou ever thought of the fu
ture " asked Napoleon, after a silence.
1 have. Napoleon. I have thought,
that when we have finished our task.
when we have don tne ming. ua,
father wished done for the good of the
United Republics, then we may retire
to that little Island where your mother
Urea, and rest and be happy unui
end of our days. There your genius
will create new, userui wings vua.
will make humanity happier. in.ue
that will help eradicate poverty and
Dear girl! I have a premonition
that the day you dream of are stui
far off; that those Intriguer In Eu
rope are planning ana scnemina
that when w least expect It trouble
111 begin. For that reason, i dohw
It best to plan our man ir
Bom of the Jesters over me
have already begun to discuss our att-
uatlon with heartless cynicism.
They stopped and stood silent for a
moment, then Astra leaned her head
on Napoleon's shoulder and tenderly
and lovingly she whispered:
-Tour thought Is my thought: I will
follow wherever you lead."
In the meantime the aerodromone
was rapidly nearing Clryne.
n.itte had sat motlonlea for a
ahort time, her mind revolving ail the
details of her plan.
Santoa sat with hla hand on th
wheel eyes straight forward, watching
th faint yellowish glow that marked
the horizon. Hla heart throbbed with
happiness. He felt the presence) of
tn, woman who wa playing with him.
"Mr. Duprel!"
The dreaming man turned toward
tv. nie.ture of hla dreams, letting the
bird fly It teady. rapid courae.
-will you answer me a question.
Mr Dupreir she asked appeallngly.
-Aa many, counteas, as you wleh to
-First of all. please call m RoaltU
and I will call you Santo."
Santo nodded. H hd no more
pot,,, to analyx her moUvea. he
wanted to bellev In th thing that
were happening.
"Were you ever In love mend
Santos r She looked Impishly into
Santos' astonished eyes.
"I never wa before," he stammsred.
"Then you are. nowT"
Santoa euddenly felt that weakness
that nvloped him In th prnc of
th fair countess leave him; hla deep
love had made him brave.
-I am. eountess! Hopeleesly ta
lor." His voles wa pathetic, a ming
ling of longing and despair.
-Why hopelessly, my dear Santo T"
aaid that there was possibility of an
International disturbance; th people
ware hannv. but the nobility, and.
more particularly, the Idle army and
navy officer, were agitating the quea
tlon of restoring the standing armle
and aerial and naval defense.
K,r.nlAnn listened travely to the
nniniona of thla brave and broad
inriad man who was doing all he
muld to enlighten the people. H
knew Herr Kalmar was a perfectly
trustworthy man, so he told him about
hla difficulties In obtaining feaa ue-
Here Kalmar said: "1 bellev that
.1. . aahancAllnr. notwithstanding his
m And th mean to eoufunud
them." HIS tace siprvsiw na ve-
termlnatloo snd Herr Kalmar rospeoV
ed him as a man mors tnaa a song, a
man of hi word.
Th chancellor received napo-eos.
very cordially.
Napoleon stated hi errand, oneny.
He told the count that he wa anxious
to gain control of th property la
Hungary that had belonged to u
Schomburg Llthow estate.
Th count wa somawhat taxes
aback by this direct statement H
aald. In hla suaveat manner:
"May I ask what cause your anxie
ty In regard to that property T To be
perfectly frank. I sent my oeew
anal y eta there to assay that peak, hop
ing to find the name of the mineral
that Intereau you, but they do not
find anything extraordinary, on ox
them mentlona a peculiar quart for
mation there that somewhat reeemnie
the mineral used In manufacturing
(lass, but that Is all they could And."
"They are right count I wank
those crystals."
"I shall do my best for yon. but
yom know how Imperfect our law ar
la regard to estate that fail to the
"Can you not mak an exception la
thla case?"
Th count shook hi head do
"Hi majesty 1 th only on who
could, and I am sorry to say that your
honor do not happen to hav W
Of conn not; h think I havs
ellnnad hla wines!" This remara
allDDd out nnexoectedly.
He took leave of th conni am
looked up Herr Kalmar once morw
and told him many things that showed
th big German he was la Napoleon s
Shortly fter this be left for Eng
land, and from there for New I or a.
Count von Werdensteln did not
know th true value of thee crystal.
but he was shrewd enough to surmise
that they were connected with Napo
leon's aerodromonea, those wonderful
bird that vomited lightning. Would
they ever be his? "Everything comes
to th man who waits," he thought
and made ready to report the result
of hi work to hi majesty.
Aa he waa leaving the room, an at
tendant ushered In a bright-eyed little
man, without announcement The offi
cer exnlained that he came from the
Countess Roainy and th chancellor's
brow cleared.
Th attendant was dismissed and
the count motioned to a chair and
asked the messenger to sit down. In
stead of complying, the young man
took a package from his Inside vest
pocket and handed It to the count H
saw th handwriting of th couniess.
He carefully opened the sealed en
velope and sitting down befor hi
desk h began to read:
Sir: Th plana you outlined tor
.... . . - U.IMI.
my conduct oeiore i w
land have begun to develop. I will,
ahortly. know a few very Important
things In regard to th 'aerodromon'.
with one of which you, yourseu.
had some experience.
"What do you think of them? wna
would you think of being awe w
manufacture them, to fly on them ins
red, white and black flag. Instead of
the stars and stripes?
Tou may fill out th papers tna
make the Countess Rosiny the Prin
cess of Schomburg Llthow. and I wth
you would hav th estates In uer
many and other countries tranafeiTed
to me at once, aa I want to take pos
session, particularly of the eetat in
Hungary, In the near futur.
"Plans should be made to defend
my undertaking, plana that will ln tha manufacture of a flotilla of
aerodromonea. I hardly think th
president of the International peace
committee will interrupt us, but our
greatest strength will He In being
ready for any emergency.
"The time of action la almost here,
but It Is Impossible for me to stat
tha avaet date lust now. Cnder no
circumstances can I tell the outcome
until the paper of possession ar in
th hands of my legal advisers, Her
ren Konrad and Hans Schwab of Ber
lin. Upon their assurance tnat me
title and deeds are In perlect conai
tlon. your excellency will hear from
me further. With the nest personal
regards, I am, as ever,
"Tour obedient servant,
"Countess Rosltta Roslny."
The chancellor's feelings, after h
had carefully read this letter wer a
mingling of aatUfactlon and nistrust
He reallxed that th counteas had
cleverly taken command, and. notwith
standing her seeming servility, ah
was the on to dictate and th chan
cellor th on to obey. He glanced
up at the little man who had brought
the letter. He wa standing stolidly
California Independent Concerns
Sold for $110,000,000.
Are Right Count;
Thoee Crystala."
I Want
Syndicate Headed by Andrew Weir
& Co., Largest Shipowners in
United Kingdom.
San Francisco The purchase of two
independent oil companies of Califor
nia, the Union Oil company snd the
General Petroleum company, involving
$110,000,000, is announced in inaon
by Eugene DeSabla, according to ad
vices received nere.
DeSabla cabled that paper naa
been signed whereby a huge British
syndicate, headed by Andrew Weir,
will take over Dotn companies. mw
deal involve more than $75,000,000
in stock and $35,000,000 in cash.
The sale means that the Union uu
. A 1 J !a
company, with its wiae on neiu,
subsidiary pipe line companies and it
great fleet of oil-carrying sieamers,
barges and sailing ships, will pass
from the control of Lyman Stewart
and his family and become merged in
a gigantic British concern.
The Union Oil company deal will be
made on a cash basis, while the Gen
eral Petroleum company will change
hands through an exchange of stock.
Andrew Weir is at the head oi An
drew Wier Co., the largest shipowners
in the United Kingdom.
Portland Hotels and railroads
throughout the Northwest are joining
the movement to bring about n proper
celebration of "Apple Day," Novem
ber 18. In the Portland Commercial
club are letter from hotels in all of
the Pacific Coast states promising to
put apples in aa the main feature in
the menu of Apple Day.
Positive promise of co-operation in
th. nian which was first suggested by
The Dalles hotel, have been received
in the past few days from a number of
leading hostelrie in Oregon, Wash
ington. California and as far east as
Colorado and Minnesota.
Party Leaders Pledge Forcible Re
sistance to Home Rule.
Newcastle, England Speaking from
the same platform a Sir Edward Car
.on th Ulster unionist leader, An-
drew Bonar Law, tne opposition ieau
in the house of commons, pledged ine
support of the unionist party to
Ulster, even to we extent, oi w""""
resistance to home rule. His eagerly
awaited reply to Premier Asquitb'
offer of a compromise on October 25,
however, consisted merely oi a
ment that the unionists would consider
carefully any proposals the prime min
ister cared to make relative u m ablu
tion of the home rule problem, if a so
lution were possible.
Mr. Bonar Law expressed the opin
ion that the only logical way the gov
ernment eould avoid the responsibility
of plunging the country into civil war
was to secure a mandate from the peo
ple by a general election, and if it fa
vored home rule it would be acquiesced
in by the unionist.
The speaker maintaineo w
government had brought forward its
land proposals to contuse tne ibbuw.
Sir Edward uarson, woo mnuwcu
Mr. Bonar Law, said :
I will consider all the overtures
when they are put into plain language.
I will submit them with the best ad
vice I can to those who trust me. But
I tell the government that, so far a I
am concerned, no offer will be of use
unless it is consistent with the solemn
covenant into which the government
ha driven Ulster."
defeat In American water, haa
t.ined the kaiaer' good will, and haa,
no doubt delayed matter becaus h
wanted to And out why you want the
Peak Suemeg so badly. HI spies are
probably at work trying to ascertain
the value of th Peak, so that he can
ttllls It for hi own purpose.
Napoleon acknowledged this fact
"Thn you minx tne power wouiu
not hesltat to undo all I hav dons,
that thr would gladly tak up arm
axaln. and wage battle In Ood's bean-
tifuL clear alrf
-I certainly do!" waa Herr Kalmar's
amohatio answer.
-That makes tt all th more Impera
tive that I carry out th pactum to
a. latter I never eould answer to
history. If I were to break my oath.'
Ha startled. "If war Is carried Into th
air. If anyone ahould discover th se
erwt of eirynlth and th arkUxMnon.
"H wa very lasy, Mr. Parkin,"
said old Mr. Jonea. "I muat aay my
first husband waa a very laxy man."
"How laxy was her I aaxeo.
"Well he wa so laxy. Ell. Mr.
' - a. . aessa
Tonaa was SO laXV. that OS VOUBll
shovel a path to th front gats."
"How did h get th path Droaasi
outT" I asked.
"Oh. he used to lay on me loang
and pinch the baby' ear with the
nipper until th neighbor earn rush
ing In to tread down th snow." EM
Futile aacrtftoe.
Cholly What's th matter, rwmak,
dean boy?
rwank Oh, Cholly. Ethel tsDsms
ah love another.
Cholly What hard lack, after yonr
devotion I
rwank Hard luck!' Why, Choir.
In th last six month her father's
do has bitten me nice time.
Trail Into Wilds Opened.
Tacoma, Wash. Completion of the
Upper Cispus trail, making a good
bridle path all the way from Longmire
Springs to the foot of Mount Adams,
was announced by G. Fallen, forest
supervisor in charge of the Mount
Rainier reserve. The route will be
opened for tourist as soon a the
snow leave the trail, about the middle
of next June.
The Upper Cispus trail gives easy
access to a region that has been prac
tically free from all sign of civiliza
tion. Indiana invade the district near
Mount Adams and Mount St Helen
each fall to hold their annual cere
monies and pick berries.
Horses Have "Apple Day."
Chicago Working horses of Chica
go will have an "apple day" next Fri
day under the auspices of the Anti-r-noirv
eoeietv. Ten barrels of juicy
apples will be distributed to the
horses when they approach the var
ious drinking fountains. Accompany
ing each apple will be a copy of "The
Horse's Prayer," which will be hand
ed to the driver by society women who
have volunteered their service. "Ap
ril. Av" for horses will be an annual
event according to the officer of the
Cold Threatens Apples.
Springfield, Mo. Smudge fires are
smoking throughout the Oxrk spple
belt in an effort by orchardist to save
thousands of bushels of fruit still on
the trees. A drop In temperature to
23 degrees caught many fruitgrowers
with the picking scarcely begun.