St. Helens mist. (St. Helens, Or.) 1913-1933, October 24, 1913, Image 7

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ival, Pork, Poultry, Hides
f, lea. end our nmt Nlh prk-e rl.t.
J1"",,., (air urWMll, hlalieat trlie. ami
"'i.. Urlum Hell." trial will)
Ul. Poultry. Hoga. Veal
. i:iHIui aitrln.... l.uill.-
I!' i'Y lueilla; ml, fanry!
t.aih. 6e Plun u mra, wia.le.
rft 1
KuIihi, Will fe- fur firlre lut
mMU'."lxrr I'ihk wanted. liyretuinniaii.
"-... a. r-n . Iirl Kmiil Ml.. I'urtlenl. t)r.
. ' 4 1 Wlri'I 4 IWIverad on
tAlvAilllilin r-ipt of trice
T. ...... .! a..rtl. pure rreern w.
itae l."i"l ""' I"" ' ,
l .... lu-i .tlierlne Ml.,
.rrflTC v. ceirmea,
DK 1 P I I I I lnl I .l f.W MlHla,,lt
ffll4l' M .
kt ai'l Mint eiielhee. t..lUra,
.., I..r if-k l.tal anil ITU-.,
fit" J. . W Ali I IN I ".. W Ul Ml. l-ia-llaMl. Or.
AirinMl TY rr.'Z:
;ii Uf Or. IWfl-
lf tiiftil A'lir.ity I ni Cw.. 06 UM
Uui-U'iitf. r-truntMl, lnirn.
Agents Wanted
I.uik and a Position. .
Ralph Mi Woe, sometimes I
Ifclnk ll.'rlit! hit. a rhawmed life.
UIm Wow Why?
Ralph W hi-newr lie Roes after a
f:tion hi flmla it has tmt-n taken.
in City Star.
You ran p t Itnunil ai(ainat any ac
cident eiri pt rnarriiiKe.
Find Remedy
For Eczema
Alto for Salt Rheum, Tet
ter, Psoriasis, Lupus,
and All Skin
in tmul.iea anould ba attacked
twa within by (Ivlnc the blood circular
a ( ""I iltlly lih. This la accom-
aUatia1 allh H H. H . lha tiaal known and
h!aiir riH-oinmanilad ulcxxl punnar
par d! overe.l. Ita action la vary rapM.
Ita ! labia untura la aui-h that It nat
rtCr riKl t into tha blood, aaturataa
U. anttia rlt, ulatlon, bathra the tlaauea
tltk an I'lfu.n.o that anablaa the akin
It kaal qui. k)y. The action of 8. B. B. la
oat cf an n 11,1.. la. and this fact haa
Lin Iii. tr.itcl time and time ecaJB
k tl,a ino.t aware forms of weeping
Ita lufluenra In the tla.uaa whara tha
flny art oi l. Irnnnfer tha ra4 blood for
tta a..rn out I.I.M..I to the valna la quite
amy Una of the dock the beat of the ,
And hew akin la thua eauaad to form
vblla tl.e senna of Irritating Influancaa
ttal ca i.-a e tenia are acattered and thalr
armful nittiira entirely a ua pan dad.
I. H. H a wonderful tonlo Influence
In ti e 14.,. .1 bex-atiae It contalna no
"iki, ta ii, i a .hyalo. la entlraly free of
ary mlnei.i druKa or any other druse
uotpt t!.a remnrkahle maillctnal effart of
tur n. Liable products of which It
k niailo.
Ktw pe.,,a ranllie how harmful are
kny of tha "troiia, eruita olntmanta that
uad to In in f.iv.,r liefore they loarnad
Itat 8. x s. la aafa. apeady and aura.
a ik at any drus atore for a bottle of
1 H. W i.ive It a a.m.l trial and you will
atn ara a ilerj.led Imiirnvenient In any
form ..f un Irmihla. Write to The Bwlft
rvctfr C, , in Hwlft 1U.1. Atlanta, Oa.,
wr.pac-iiii fre advice on armiM
and any ;
ather f.,rm of akin or blood trouh
i"i allow anyone to pal "l off a cheap
ubnita fr m. h. . y0u will ba '
riev iisiy li,l,p1,td If you do. ThaieT,B0 .ppilaa.
bsothu.a el. . -lu.i aa id'- aa 8. B. B. i . u aava tirb,.ly from rule.
No matter what you hunt for or where you hunt, tne ant,
to the queatlon "What rifle sh.U I lakaf" U-. Wi ehesOT.
Wmche.ter Repe.tlnj Rifles sra msds for .11 sty e. of cart ndfcea,
from ..a to .50 cVilber! Whichever model you select 3W
it an accurate khooter, reliable in action and strong in contraction.
Wt,ch.,,.r C. ..4- irfaw-rt. W rairf-.r. mU J';
WNOHI.T.a.....e,uo.ailfla.. NIW H". --
Pennsylvania's steam and electric
Jkllroarlg n tha first aix months of
"18 killed 633 and injured 7391 per-ona.
Bookkecpinff - - Shorthand - Icleffrapnj
To your Ability add BEIINKE-WALKF.R traininK.
Rewll-. 9oa M U ulary. W. Hand back of .or v.
PcrOnt of Rural Population Rap
idly Diminishing.
In IHHn .lK,,lt 71 ,, P..nt or th
IXMIU atinr. ci ,t. t, '. . . "l 01 l"e
:. u'HW'i Mates wii In .
rural ., 4,i w-H'r ln
Th.-e flKur... innate . a,,,,,,
U-n.nry toward the d..,..ti.,n"" f
own r, town. and rum. d,,,,
UtlimlntMelHrrfiTriti.... t lhl)ul
i-FriiB iii ininil that if,,
Itttr'tiul tk.a I. la,... 1,11 "
... .. .... .v..mHru ,,r livinif hHi !.,.,,
........ rnHurn,,t,n lm, inrrvum-d
ri,Ml.,.rl,ly. Thiacnilitinn.,,,,!..,,..,.
wily fxi'liunn in
lrK irieUHiir the
t.i..k . . ,, . " : .
..K.. nvin, ,r,hl,m which it
iH-i-niniriK m Mfrinua illn.(.r witn ,h.
.... of Ihe ,hv,,,.. n,lt the C()m;
m..rc-m ,e f t, ,,,,,,,., u n,)t itl
tno.t ...rii.i,, ..,,.,(. ,t ls ,.vi((,nt
limt If tin. mov..,m.nt ,.,,.,,1. i,
j mint ur,i..rrnine tho h Hlth
w, airt n,:tn or U. Ami rimn (M-opI.-.
Thi. tnovfini-nt of i, into
th UrKiT ritir. ha. h, n at the tx
Mnan of the rtiral .(lion, arid
inn atnaii liwim. If we
kh.iut a rralization of tho
eun hriii
anil a ri.
of th tniliuin mzi. town
vi.hI of thia fiiuvi mcnt, not only
. i r. U'"lr"'t', w""
win no D, ni iitfi, rr th pri,MTily
Snd Wull-heilil nf thw f'l.itt.tru ..i:
ii on ii k oi trie (oiintry si-ctioti.
a more cioaeiy with it. home
towna than with the iliHtiint citir,.
k ( arra Hhila V..u W.IL
;.-i....r.ii.,........ll T.' i,1!
Modern Cohtumes.
"There's an ilea for a (Ires.."
loo UarinK," aaid the a-trcn.
i ii i. .
"It may be all nitht for the atrcct,
but it wouhln't be allowed on th
at.U "-ritul,UrIW
siatfe. uunurif I u.t.
Moth.r. ni find Mr.. winiir. B..thinr
lo urmove Alalrh Marks.
Mark, on kitchen wall., which have
been csuned by carelessly striking
m.trhe. on th,-m. will di..pie-.r if
rubtH-d with
bit of lemon and then
with a clean cloth dippvii in whitim;.
Afterwanla waxh the aurfare with
Mravn. . I .., . , ; . i , u !
warm water ami oa then wijie with
a clean damp rlotn.
When Your Eyes Need Care
V U...I..W..O .1. M-u..l 1.
rin A.-la ijiurk.i. Try It ..r lo.l.Vtrak,
Watery riraaou l.ranulatrd Ijni'H. Illua-
lratel l.a in eai-n re-ai:e. tiiinue la
.,mu,n,lnl he nar itralu.a- a,, I aMlient MM-
h-iua'-bat a.1 in .jrrr..f.ii lahiir,ai.' r-rao-
ir ...m tear.. ..w q.e,,.., m ii.iv.
ittlHI K' 4 T .IUrHll II l'"! piTIVOa
Marina H.a Rail. In Awuilo 1 .!.. In and a-o.
u . nAmw1t Co Chloaan
Murlna aya Memeoy to., vnioago
Keve pting the I'roceita.
"Your wife come, down to your
olTlce nearly every day, doesn't he?"
"Yes, and do you know, .he Kot so
jealous of my pretty atcnoKrapher
that ! hsd to Ket a man In her placet"
"So now evrrythint: . all ri(htT
"No; now I'm jealous myaelf.
IU aura th.t yon ak f..r Wrlfht'a Indlas
Vegetable I'lll., ami I'-'k for tha .Ik-nature
of Km. W rtflil on wrapper and brn.
Kor Con.tlpallon, lllilouiuiwi aud Inillges-
Uu- Adr,
WouUln't Do.
wcar pocket..
No: with thenc transparent, cioinee
everyUxly ul(J ,,e h"w m"cn money
a girl had in ner pocKot., anu no
an would tike that.
. II i;L Ik...
u ,. ..ih.ra and men Ihemeelvaa are report,
r, by lha humlre.1. a really effective aafe. quk-k-
...I.. method of overcanlns the drink
halat A very iniereimi u. ainna "e"" " -.u M
Kutk Are.. If. V. N
ThrotiKh experiment, with chickens
and .m.U mamm-l. f-rl- .cicnt.s
believe, he ha. discovered tho germ of
mm wmmmm . 1...
A Romance of the
Cirido voa Horvath
and Dean Hoard
Ur rial. I . kr w i
paian la Ma
AjnarVa baan laolatad from tha raat
ar Ta wnrl t,y tha ua tit Z-raya. a won- I vnn
T h. VVd th 'rlmrV
""n f-iroinn invaaion. and tha eominant
k4 brt unltMfl undnr ona rovarnmant
wiih i-ruii-nt aa rridnt. For half a
arr i'- and proapritr raiancd In
hla part nf tha
orld. Tha atory opn
I with f r.-.t.nt I'rurli-nt erltl
rally 111.
I Saath la haatrnad hy tha rolpt
!ow."n, tit iihaali 1.. i
panatrmtln tha raya I'vlna. ha warna
Ma daiiKlilr Aatra that thla maana a for-
alan Invnalnn. Ma talla har to hurry to
i tha of Clrvna, hut dlaa bafora ha
aaa tall tha jivatfon of tha plara. Aatra
; W nomlnti.d for tha praaldani-y by tha
nrmttnental party. NaDnlaon Edlaon calla
aa A.tra. Inf'.rma har that ha waa a ti'l-
pit of her fathnr'a. and prnmlaaa to halp
Kar. Ha givaa har a rlnc miula of a naw-
y iarnvard auhatanca whlfh. ha aaya.
m i-xy. tha pmhiem of flyin. chavai-
1 Ur dl ,"n i,b-' m Ha caiia
l!B,w,rB,,', ".ff'im.w
a-rt of maklna old In raturn for anao-
, rata di.armam.nt and para. Tha ehaval-
! !" "p"'"'1 "f bain a
araaMant fhm r-ivi. a m from
!K : that h.Taa'Tan aprTTr ,Vr t'wo
Kdlartn. whoaa lona allenra haa worried
I irmntha on tha of Helanland ana
monthi on tha i.innd of n-ioiand and
: alTr.-. Vf ""r Vailed
If iri'i Ha promiaea to call on har
Napoleon'a aerret. Bha falle In lova
arlth him Hlia arraea to Join nirn in an
attampt to .-apa ny tha uaa of flr
mrlia ha aummnna a curloua flylnc mi.
ehlna whth reetTitlea a monatar aairla.
a,. .,r,. .,.. Ma maaaaa-a to
aatra F,1lann ralla on A.tra aa Dromlaad.
Jla tetla her hla plana for defenea hare
L . . . l . . . . . . k. H,ti e.ill.
a... ii. .. hi. workahnn nn tha laland
mt riryne in the Pa,'!n They make tha I ..
. t ii,. .1 K.a.d
rm the peroPartly nf the new auhatanca.
rlrrnlth. whh la tlahtar than anv known
matal and la prarttrany inneainii-iioiw.
n,. n. .o,.rd In naaalna tha
(,j,tn r,t fnd that tha Ameri-
. ..,.,,,.i,,a . aeeond on.. Edl
. .. . . VMH.n.1.1.
o" dallvera a rota to von Wardanateln
nuanhlp drrnandlns that tha fleat
. w1,11!.,wn y,y,, . attacked, but
rr th. u of aome myaterloua power na
' Mroye two waraMpa and eeverai aero
i alanea Ttenlij'na h' helptaaaneaa War-l-nateln
wlthdrawa hla fleet and conaenta
J Zi Z'" Fdiion1. mothT
ar la 111 on the Inland of (Irvn. i numawe
E,"tn0ra1,rv.r K.n.on'. .-er.t.. Rhatja-
fina to weave a net arounn rami, i-m-
.V' Werden.t.'in TS
har tha princedom of fk homDurs-uino-w
tor Iillaon". eeeret.
CHAPTER XIV. Continued,
He went un hlnh In the air and ad
ta.tlns the electro-stylograph, wun
hlch all the aerodromonee were
quipped, he began to send out calls
tor Napoleon.
In a few minutes the connection was a
j yi. diamrenr
, m hoy. t am
niln." Santos saw Napoleon adjust
mBfhanlsm to full power, then
. m A.1 I
lart forward. They spoke rrom unre
to Ume, and Pantos gave dlrecUons,
sntll be discovered ln the southwest-
arn l(y the rapidly approaching Amer-
Iran Easts,
They met on top of the extinct vol-
eano that was cauea dubious. "
wnOBB .lopea me ncuii. Bi.k"
m.nnlivin a hook RantOS' hand wam-
, ari(J COntratulated him on nis ois-
Af,er be had Inspected the
words to eipre.s nis joy. uuw .
n,lt there, looking up, his whole De-
' in emre.ed a silent prayer of
thanksgiving toward the omnipotent
being who creates nd governa tha
"Vfa don't need to look farther. Ban-
toe; thore Is .ufflclent clrynlth under
ear feet U meet the demands of the
timing century.
tti.v started homeward,
K.nnloon communicated, through
hi. lctrotylo(!raph, with hla friend
Kalmar. to find out who owned tha
property on which the peak of Suemeg
...wvd After a delay his questions
were answered. The peak, as part of
the achomburg I.lthow estates, had
fallen to the crown, as the prince had
.. . .i,i. h.iia That waa
iSTTh. .nfTrrnatloa he could g.t. .0
ha won in can ou iu nuu-1
aartan minister of agrlcultnre, who
.n.itlna In tall
position to tell
would probRniy De in
him what he wisnea w -"-, ..
Tate Is jesting wltn me. i n w
tnd that precious b.ou.. l
eountry. but gold win nuy u. a
Napoleon, ana " .v
Washington, to tell nis oeiroui.a vu-
good new..
o.ntna returned to Clryne, wo.
found the countes. with Mrs. Edln-
. d,d not mention the dlseoven of
tha new rWynlth deposit, as M i knew
Napoleon'.nt.a to seep
01 neK0,Jn,Vn, ror Purcu""
oomplelTfT y . . . .
Thellfii.Velana.Mraiyinrw. euu-.-
mile. In Use. was in u.. lur' ""
i enrlns. and the fine
WOBWOI aaaanai a
brought back th. ne.iu. i --
son. . fc,, a.
Th. were wu-"-- ' .
.try and love war. son.i .u
poor Duprel! It waa onlyi 1(1 aatt
of Ume until he would become Rosl
wonia btray hit muttr for a rwMt '
word from thoa trearberoua Upa.
Napoleon cam a wek later and
thankad Roaltu for bar kindness to
hla mother during ber India poaltlon.
Ha did not talk about tha dlseoTary of
the rich clrynlth depoalt la bar pre
ance, but when they went out for a
walk ba fouLd an opportunity to com
municate the good news to bis mother.
There was but one obstacle In the
way of his acquiring this property.
The last Prince of Hchomburg LI tho w
had died. His poaaeaalona were now
German erown lands and diplomacy
must be employed, or the Count Ton
Werdenateln would suspect tha value
of the property, and If be discovered
tha secret of the aerodromone Napo
leon well knew that ha would not hesi
tate to take to war In the air.
It would be terrible," be sighed, "to
destroy all the good we bare accom
plished.'' Napolron Invited the countess to re
turn to the capital with him and spend
a few days with Astra. Bhe consent-
sd, and when they were alone asked
what had become of the assassin who
had sought Astra's life. Napoleon
could give her no Information except
that he was ln prison.
Almost every mall brought the
counte.s letters from Europe, among
Which WSS aiJOther from the Count
The cleverly worded content, of
that message conveyed the Informa-
tl ,t. T . , . .
tlon that Napoleon was Interested In a
piece of land bnlonclnc to the Scbom-
burg LI tho w princedom. Rosltta was
requested to And the reason for bis
Interest As soon as she was ready
to caat the bomb that would destroy
peace tha reward she might ask would
be hers.
All this harmonized with her plans,
and she looked forward to the next
trip to Clryne with Santos.
There was a reception at the Crya-
. Palara that avanlnr for tha fit n In.
m ace lB Jn,n ior tne aipic-
matio corps of the countries repre-
Muted at te capital. It brought back
the days before the Isolation. Unl-
forme glittered, orders of valor and
exhibited by the Eu-
roneans. who seemed to hold to their
ropeana, who seemed to hold to their
tradlUons; the barbaric splendor of
the Orient mingled with the simple
the Orient mingled with the sir
evening dress of the Americans,
simplicity characterized every An
can citizen.
When Astra appeared aha waa her
self the greatest jewel.
A concert was arranged for the en
tertainment of the distinguished
The Countess Rosloy and Mr. Hale
sat near each other: ha was dreamily
- - - tha wnnarfnl ma,Hn-i onn.
tralto voice.
An attendant whispered: A mes
senger wants to see your ladyship
Quietly she withdrew from the ball.
Ambroslo Hale looked after her. He
had aeen tha changing expression on
her face, and shook his head doubt
fully aa ha watched her leave.
A man awaited the countess ln
small reception room; he wore tho
black cassock of a Trapplst monk, an
ancient order that still existed ln
few of the European countries.
His face resembled that of tha
Countess Roainy to an extraordinary
When she saw him she uttered one
word: "Robert." He motioned for
ner to step nearer, ana she ooeyed.
The pale padre brought from under
his robe a small parcel and unfolded
It. It contained a small locket with
One chain of gold. Fine miniatures
were on either side, and pressed be-
tween was a curl of black, glossy hair,
hnnnn with a narrow hlaek ribbon
One portrait was Rosltta's. Tha oth-
ar was a little girl s.
m pantomime tne mona toia koiuui
. . . aw- a.
that he had brought this to her at the
request of the little girl. She watched
him stupidly, seeming unable to grasp
"l-WIII-M.k. th. Whole Wor.d Su
K'1 meaning. i -
. . e-rasDed tha
monk', arm convulsively.
HBroUltr wnat has happened to her.
mymy daughterT'
Tn6 mfjnk ilowly ra,.ed hli rUnt
hand heavenward
RotUU f aT one thrleE tell
fc -.-v. hi. alat.r nn and
tenderly on the sofa, then
chaln ta ,u
C0Ter!n an(1 placed It carefully
tha bolom of her dress
HI. larga aye. rested somberly oa
Rosltta. and a sigh escaped his lips.
and, with a last
,laac at th. silent woman, departed.
regained conscKwa-
round for
Robrt. At first, when .be saw ae
one, she felt as though she bad had a
dream, but she felt the package In
ber bosom and she knew that It waa
no dream.
Bhe did not weep. Her eyes were
dry and hard. Bhe alowly unwrapped
that medallion and looked at that lock
of glossy hair. The portrait of ber
own child and a lock from ber bead!
She repressed ber feelings resolutely
and left the room with a firm atep.
She passed through several rooms,
nodding now and then to the people
aba met, until at last she arrived at
her own door.
She entered and locked thj door.
and sank Into a chair; not to give way
to her sorrow and aob, not to pray for
consolation, but to curse the cruel
fate that bad robbed her of her only
child, the only pure, clean. Innocent
thing In her life.
She looked at the clear, smiling eyes
gazing at her from the exquisite little
portrait Still she did not weep; ber
mouth was tightly closed, and the
corner, slightly drooped.
"You have taken her from me!" she
hissed to the Invisible foe. "You
wanted to crush me!" She shook ber
clenched band toward that phantom
pictured In her brain. "But you can
not I am stronger. Until today there
waa one pure spot ln my soul; I had
one being whom I loved unselfishly,
whom I wanted with me always, yet I
would not let her live ln my atmos
phere, because I wanted ber to be all
that I waa not And now she Is
gone!" She groaned ln anguish.
God! Are you the God of Love
that Christ told of. or are you the
vengeful, terrible God who vents his
wrath 'till tha seventh generation T
Tou have taken my love; now my
heart Is black and empty of all aava
Bhe became calm; her pale face was
expressionless, her movements meas
Nobody shall know that I have
suffered." She stepped before the mir
ror and looked at herself. "But mil
lions shall suffer. I will make the
whole world suffer for my loss.
"No more love, not another tender
feeline- shall creep ln my heart" Her
eyea glowed fiercely.
"I swear, by all the devils of the
underworld, that I will plunge the
world Into mourning, that river, or
tears shall flow to repay me tor my
heart's blood."
After a few minutes' work before
her mirror, she emerged from her
room as rosy-cheeked as ever ana
smiling. At first her steps were slow
but they soon quickened, and by the
time she arrived at the concert hall
nobody could have told that she had
gone through a terrible ordeal.
The last entertainer was leaving
the atage when .he entered the room.
No one, save Mr. Hale, knew of her
Inn a- abaenea from the hall. Wbea
she met Astra she felicitated her on
the success of the concert
When the guests had left Astra and
the countess retired Into the little
room that was reserved for family
"Tou will soon be the happiest
woman on earth, my dear," remarked
Rosltta, casually.
"I am happy now, my dear girl."
smiled Astra.
"The gods have given you a won
derful temperament my dear Astra.
You, with your calm, serene nature,
were created to be happy. Tou sim
ply shed the difficulties of life."
"Why, dear, are you unhappy T"
"Unhappy T" A sigh escaped the
countess' Hps. a spark of Ore gleamed
ln her eyea. then a smile parted her
coral lips. "A person with a tempera
ment like mine never could be happy.
My selfish mind craves Just the thing
some one else has, and If I ahould
rob that person I would get tired of
the object and cast It away." She
looked at Astra, but Astra only smiled
serenely, not taking Rosltta'. remark.
Such 1. my fate, my dear. Tell
me, am I responsible for being auch
an unhappy combination? Am I to
be judged by the same measure aa
you, who cannot help but be goodT"
W. all have passions. Mine are
for liberty, peace.
Liberty, peace," repeated Rosltta,
then relapsed Into thought Had Aatra
been able to read those thoughts, she
would have had cause for alarm. Her
brain was filled with war, destruction
and mourning all over the world.
The next evening Rosltta returned
to Clryne. with Santos at the wheel
of the aerodromone.
Napoleon and Astra watched the
great bird disappear ln the western
sky, and then they walked silently to
a seat that overlooked the city. Na
poleon talked for the first time about
hia love for her. Astra waa calm, but
she rose quietly and stood looking at
the pulsating city below them. Their
love had been understood between
them, although they had never spoken
of It Yet It made her heart tnroo
with ' happiness to hear hia tender
word. He rose and gently taking
her arm, they walked among the
plant, that grew on the roof. A faint
sound of music came to their ear..
Creek Rulers.
Greece haa not treated her ruler.
well since she threw off the yoke of
the sultan ninety year. ago. At the
outset she tried a president Capodla
tria, who was soon assassinated; then
Otho of Vavaria was chosen king, but
after a stormy time wa. forced to
abdicate. After that the crown went
begging for a while. The duke of
Edinburgh and the earl of Derby both
refused it, and It wa. common talk
that "Mr. Gladstone could have had
It by tha lifting of an eyelid."
Held In the Hospital.
1 don't see you running your oar
as much as I used to.
"No. It takes me longer to get ore
aa aaoldent now than It used ta."
Better than ether powders
producing light, daiaty, whola.
soaas) cakes and paatriei .
is high grade) and
moderate in price I
2Se lb. tin at grocers.
Cr..ceal Ufa. Caw Seattle I
' v ffili kaM vltft trft aMetatJrv!
arlillABjl Uabt ai Lowest aaa. ba
rtkru, eMMiaWt, wfTVaianit, Grftvttv
fl-aasaaM AlaMa. flt Mtsalewu. ilbarsU
' lev . I aietiu. iU eUiauta at atu laaejai
V Pi.i.Ln OA air t
No. 3 Prmo Jr. PlxXoe) 3V 4H Tr
ta rtarcbastajer of 0 I .a. tap la l yawi.
Sl'N LIGHT C0.U13 MM SUGatM, 0.
Architectural Draft
( oa rret. Const.
Mecaaaical Draft.
Show Card Writias
Telecraphy Die.
Wirelcee Telec
Central M.T.CA.
Day aad Mht Bcfcoela
Portland. Or.
Call or end for Cataloc
As the World Moves.
"You will admit we are in a high
state of civilization?"
"Well," replied the man who is
gloomily jocose, "some of it i. civil
zation ; and some of it i. frivoliza
tion." PS
"It's Up To You
The question of health
is largely in your own a-j
hands. If you will only
q guard the Stomach, Liver Q
and Bowels against weak-a-jj
ness by the daily use of fj
You need not fear an
attack of Headache, Indi
gestion, Heartburn, Con
stipation, Biliousness or
Malaria. Try a bottle
Followed Suit.
It was at a birthday banquet given
the other evening by a prominent
Pari, millionaire banker. Tha fun
waa at ita height when a lady cried
out: "My pearl necklace haa disap
Uproar followed, white every one
suggested plan, for its recovery.
Then the banker bad a Drill ant idea.
"We will place a salver in the mid
dle of the room," he said, "lights will
ba extinguished, and tha perpetrator
of thi. silly joke will have an oppor
tunity of restoring the missing neck
Thi. was done.
Then the lights were turned on
again and there waa more consterna
tion. The salver had disappeared.
ff Older year kaaa oeael haa keeaal
ff aaeHahed. awal aiiabla eewari the
II Wea. Save oeay-awjid daanpiiet
If mm. iOO ao-er-M eamai haoachly
U nkiliU dtelash Cet ear ba aad priaei 0
H kefx re bay a baa j I, ty I M
HrWbsra, Ore. ..m
Skira Cvea. Orannlated Kyellda ana Stlee
proeintly heeled with Roma. Kje Bal-
Too Precipitate.
"Mr. Smith, could you lend me "
"No. Mr. Jones, I can't And I
wouldn't if I could. I've been lend
ing you money for month, and you
don't even offer to return it"
"But I wanted to know if you
wouldn't lend me "
"I tell you I won't."
"Well, don't I wanted tha loan of
your fountain pen to make out a check
for what I owe you. But if you ara
In no hurry, I d not
Dr. Pierce'. Pleasant Pellet, regu
late and invigorate stomach, liver and
bowels. Sugar-coated, tiny granulea,
easy to take as candy.
A lake in Tasmania at aa altitude
f 8400 feet i. to ha harnessed and tha
electricity produced used ta supply
light and power for tha entire island.
IA lot of dead one. in every town are
bolding out on the undertaker.
ta aiava, viii .