St. Helens mist. (St. Helens, Or.) 1913-1933, October 10, 1913, Image 8

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CharW Gram. dci-nty statcl f E"i";. ,"'"
, , . . , . the Mist office, was visiting friend In
labor commissioner and inspec-1 . T,,.i.
.... . ... . , ,M. Helen Tuesday.
tor of factories, made an otheial .
The butiness meeting of the tpisco-
visit to St. Helens this week.
Mrs. J. E. Ramsey went to
Spokane Tuesday to meet her
mother, who will return with her
to St. Helens for a visit.
w. C. Cooper of warren was a
business visitor in St. Helens yes
terday. There's a welcome for you at the
services of the Congregational
church every Sunday morning and
Dr. Armstrong of the Pacific
Coast Hospital, has been quite
ill the past week, but is now able
to attend to his duties.
Mrs J. H. Price and little son
Horace, returned yesterday from
an extended visit with relatives
and friends in San Francisco.
A. J. Tucker formerly with
the J. D. Lacy Co., timber ex
perts and one of the leading ex
perts on logging operations and
saw mill plants on the coast,
visited a few days in St Helens
this week.
Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Floeter of Happy Hollow a son on
Oct. 7th.
Mrs. Eugene Blakesley is visit
ing with relatives in Rainier
over Sunday.
C. H. Gibson, of McNear Gib
son Co. of San Francisco, was
looking over st Helens this week,
liir firm is a large exporter of
Oregon Fir and he feels quite in
terested in the Oregon mills.
There will be services in Christ
Episcopal Church next Sunday
evening. Octobrr 12th, at 7:15
J. W. Sherwood. State Commander
of the Maccabees.visited the local lodge
last Saturday night.
Ed Gore came down from Scappoose
Monday and visited with friends in St.
Helens for a short time.
Guy Mills of Vernonia spent a few
days in St. Helens this week on busi
ness matters.
Edwin G. Am me, an attorney of Port
land, was attending court in St. Helens
last Monday.
H. I). VanBlaricom of Vernonia was
a St. Helens business visitor during the
week He was attending to the sale of
property of the late Jos. VanBlaricom,
decease which took place at the court
Ik. use last Monday.
S. C. Morton and family and
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Day motored to
Lortland S' where the men of the
party witnessed the last base ball game
of the season and the ladies visited with
friends during the day.
Mr. McCoy, in charge of the
construction of the sewer in St.
Helens is a busy man. He has
quite a crew of men at work on
the ditching and will soon have
work for more men, He intends
pal Guild will bo held next Wednesday
afternoon and all members are re
quested to be present.
During the past week the sheriff has
co lk-toed about $'25,000 in taxes as the
last half.
Mr. and Mrs. G. O. VanNatta.
of Ashland. Ore., are visiting at
the home of their son. J. V. Van
Natta and family. Mr. VanNatta
is a prominent fruit grower in
Rogue River valley.
The secret is out. The truth
is known and we. as a public
disseminator of news must tell
it to you. The reason Joe Day
returned just when he did was
because he could not get a re
serve seat at either the Mew
York or Philadelphia ball grounds
to 6ee the world's series.
H. N. Cade met with an acci
dent last Wednesday which will
lav him ud for some time. He
was leading a horse at the livery
stable of Elmer Blackburn, when
the horse stepped on his foot,
badly mashing the great toe and
instep. He was taken to his home
where he will be confined for
several weeks.
Ernest Kroner, the Portland
architect, was in St Helens today
making arrangements for start
ing work next Monday on the
new Rutherford building
Columbia street, work will
to the building in the bottom of the
tower and stairway Into the main
church room or auditorium going up
from the bottom of the tower. The
whole building will be repainted and
remodeled so thut a really good struct
ure will grace the corner of Columbia
and St. Helena street, large enough to
accommodate the congregation and the
Sunday school which has outgrown the
old building.
Real geld was fond last Sunday by S.
Salser of Yankton In the craws of aome
fowls which he killed for the entertain
ment of Mr. and Mra. E. E. Quick, and
considerable excitement waa aroused
by the find. The sight of the yellow
metal brought dreams of wealth to the
host and vistors and eeroh waa made
fur the aource. but so far no trace of
the vein or deposit has been found.
Mr. I. H. Kiser, proprietor of the
Glen Cove Orchards near bcappoose,
was a visitor in St. Helens Tuesday.
Mr. Kiser and some of his associates
have recently established the Glen Cove
Orchards and they are now raising the
greatest variety of fruits and nuts ever
attempted in this county. Some of the
peaches from these orchaids found
their way to the editor of the Mist and
they are just fine enough in quality and
flavor to refute all the statements that
peaches do not grow well in Columbia
county. No better peaches are grown
anywhere than were these. Mr. Kiser
was much worried over the strange ab
sence of his son. Fred II. Kisler. the
official photographer of the Great North
ern Railway Co., who went to Crater
Lake aome time ago and has mt been
heard of for two weeks. Search will be
begun at once to locate him.
Born - On Sept. 29th to Mr. and Mrs
Obe Morgan of Masten camp, a son.
J. L. Zipnerer has bought the W arren
telephone line and switch hoard from
Lou Puzey and wilt take charge on the
first of November. It is the intention
to make several improvements on the
line until it will be thoroughly up-to-date
and serviceaMo for all the patron.
We do not know what the service has
been in the past for the Warren people.
On I DUt we do know that if they get as good
be service as Dr. aud Mrs. Zipperer are
r. '"l'V ".V V t
Annonucement In this Issue tails of
the new owneralhp of the grocery m,,,
formerly conducted by the Murkle Gro
cery Co. of thla eity. Ur. I). W, W.
llama of llwaco. Wash., has purchased
thla store and will conduct tne business
In the future. Mr. Williams Is a very
capable merchant aud comes to the pro.
pie of this city with the very beet of
recommendations and will merit kit
share of the patronage.
Ladlea. jou can gat just as styliih
millinery In St. Helena as you ran irt
In Portland. Everything Aral fUu,"
Hanson's Millinery, llsnk Building.
There are some line residences in St.
Helens and quite a large number of
them too. The Mist will make aspceiul
feature each week with a picture of a
St. Helena reesidence for aome time.
The first picture In this M'st Callcry
of St. Helena residences is the one
owned and occupied by Dr. Edwin Rosa.
Situated on the top of the bluff, on a
level with the business streets and
overlooking the Columbia river, sur
rounded by a well kept end apacloua I
lawn with fruit and shsde trees In at-
tractive places, this resldecce la one of
the most beautiful on the Columbia
river. It Is a large building with every
modern convenience ;an Ideal home. Dr.
and Mrs. Ross, with their two children
have occupied this residence for a num
ber of years and the home has been the
scene of many pleasant gatherlnge by
St. Helens people.
had spent three months vacation with
her aunt and uncle. Mr. and Mrs. Jack
Willis. The Dobbins have returned to
their home in Portland.
Some of those Portland policemen are
getting quite bold when they arrest our
own fcarle-a conHabble for running an
automobile wihtouta tail light, but this
Last YVedneHday morning the
they did last Sunday night when Fred ,adie3 of thfi Womon 0f woodcraft
boarded the early bus for the
home of Mrs. H. J. Anderson at
rnsriPil nn triia hnildinc and it is civintf the St. Helen people that no
expected to be ready for OC- complaint can be made from now on.
cupancy by November 15th.
"Where is the fire?" and
simular expressions were heard
at 11 o'clock to day when all the
bells were ringing and all the
whistles were blowing in cele
bration of the last blast on the
Panama Canal. There was con
siderable noise here in honor of
this great event but much more
noise will be heard when the
great ships from all over the
world begin to land at St Helens.
Mr. M. A. Leach General
manager of the largest White
Pine Lumber industry in Mexico,
located at Durango. has been
visiting in St Helens this week.
Mr. Leach says the plants in
Mexico are all closed down now
on account of the Revolution
there. He has just returned
from Washington D C, where he
was in conference with secretary
of State W. J. Iiryan, regarding
the Mexican situation.
Tuesday morning a crew of men
started work on the rebuilding of the
Methodist church on Columbia street.
The old buildirg will be moved 18 feet
south and about 6 feet east to the
street line. A-IO foot basement will
There was filed with county court
last week a petition asking for a lo--ul
option election for the the city of
Rainier. The court did not take action
as yet on account of some legal objec
tions which were raised and the pe
tition waa submitted to the District
Attorney for an opinion.
A suit was filed in the Cirurit Court
this week wherein Bert Stanley, a sa
loon keeper of Clatskanie, asks for a
writ of mandamus requiring the city
council of that city to grant him a li
cense to conduct his saloon. The city
council is dry and refuses to grant a li
cense upon the petition presented by
him, so he is go ng to ask het court to
decide the matter.
Mrs. Edwin Ross and Miss Iro Bar
ker entertained Miss Hamatstroin and
her Domestic Science Class at the
becautiful home of Mrs. Ross, last
Saturday, the occasion being the birth
day fo Miss Iro. Luncheon was served
at 12 '30. The table decoratione were
yellow and presented a very attrac
tive appearance. During the afternoon
the the other teachera of the St. Hel
ens schools dropped in and a most en
joyable afternoon waa spent.
Mr. John Payne of Sauvics Island is
lying in St. Vinrcnt'e hosiptal, a very
sick man.
Conductor J. II. Dobbiria, wife and
Wutkins subbet. fur Captain Abel as
Conductor on tho big bus from St. Hel
. n. n I'., ri lun. I Tha tail liffhr. went
out some place between Unnton and the Muckle farm near warren.
Portland and when the car was going the occasion being a surprise on
down one the streets of the citj it was Mrs. Anderson, which was cer-
hai ed and both Conductor Fred and Kn- tainly accomplished beyond a
gineer Sheppard were ordered to report doubt. The visitors Boon took
to Judge Stevenson the net morning. ,.harre 0f fIU! place and in
When the story wus told of the lull- ' sjl()rt tjme fia,J a cour,e ef Kal
d. lity of the lamp the heart of the juiist ai.. n;.r m, uhirh
wasenioyedby all. At noon a
bounteous dinner was served by
the hostess, assisted by the
guests, to which all did justice
The afternoon was spent visiting
. i.r J
iand having a gooci ume, ana
was toui-netl anil our brave ronsiaoie
with his engineer were told to go but
to keep close watch on the tail light
be built, all finished with plaster and , two lUllo daughters Lola, and Faye,
used for a Sunday school room. The , spent the week end at the home of his
old tower will be taken off and a new I mother. Mr. K. S. Frakcs. Lola had
to rush work a3 fast as possible, one built 12x12 feet with the entrance 'junt returned from Alaska, where she
We ih to announce that we have pur
chased the Muckle tirocery Company
and will continue the gru.vr J business
in the same location.
Williams & Hall.
I). W. Williams, Mgr.
Dr. C. E. Wade has opened
offices on the second floor of the
Muckle building and will engage
in the practice of his profession
in this community. Dr. Wade!
practiced for 11 years at Drain.
Oregon and has held many re
sponsible positions, being for 12
years District Surgeon and later
Division Surgeon for the South
ern Pacific R. R. Co. He is a
member of the Pacific Associa
tion of Railway Surgeons, ins
license to practice medicine has
been registered in Oregon,
Washington and California, lie
is a member of the Oregon State
medical Society and the Southern
Oregon Medical Society. The
Doctor has a finly equipped
office in the Muckle building,
through the kindness of Mrs. E.
nills and Mrs. Brady of theCreo
sote plant the crowd had their
pictures taken. At 5 o'clock
the return trip was made, all de
claring it one of the days of their
lives. Those in the party were:
Mrs. Cole. Mrs. Itrouse. Mm. Wil
liams and Mrs. Davis of lloulton;
Mrs. Morley. Mrs. Hazcn, Mrs. E.
Felton.Mrs. Dixon, Mrs. Chittim,
Mrs. Cage and Mrs. Richardson
of St. Helens.
tht cmihU Something you uii itU(y
while winking thai will innror .n
ability In lrru Frfii ienry i. thr ju,.
wind tu higher wUry. The
ImUv i the hig fortnr i n rHirirwy
A School oa UK Hi Man
im Sr. lUi ist
Al home tudy n itlmi ikr
rr u It of nil. (irt ready fur liiuminm
hy ptruiriiiK tixLy
llox !6t sr. HH.rNS. OKF.
For Sale and Want Ada
Ait ia Tbee C Junta Bring Rnulu
Trappere - Mink wanted, alive and
uninjured. Highest price (;alil. Write
Fred Everest. Ho 5, Hillahoru (J re.
t it rent loans on lurtm, or
chant lands, city resident or burli
ness property, to buy, build, im
prove, extend or refund mortgages
or other curitien: terms reason
i!e; special privileges; corres
pondence invited. Dept. I 61H
Common wcul th IJIdg., Denver, Col
or Dept. I, 74'J Henry Hldg., Se
attle, Waah.
FOR SALE. I have choice fell vetrt
seed well cleaned, for sale.
Warren. Of.
Team for Sale 5 years old. Well
broke. Weight about 2"U0 poundi
For particulars enquire of Pivd
Lynch, Scappooae;, Ore, Jtp
Wanted A acoool girl tu assist
with housework after school houn
For particulars call at Mist office.
The is a notice posted on the wall of
the postulate from the pontonire depart
ment calling for bids for new quarters
for the St. Helnrs office. Itids w.ll be
received until October 1Mb for suitable
quarters for a term of five or ten years.
About 1000 rijuare feet of space will be
required, also good, rear or Mint office
side entrance and a location not loo far
from the buasinese section. Hide must
be sealed and handed into the post
master at St. Helens on or before the
Ifith of October. The present quarters
are too small for the office as It has
grown During the past few years and a
10 acrea near Scappooxe to trade
for S giid cowa and $100 rash, or
would take a horse and f .100 mort
gage on land. Aug. Voss, Deer
Island, Ore. 2tp
$100 KEWAKt).
The Water Cominls ion if the City sf
St. Ilrhma will pay f 100 reward for the
arrest and conviction of the persnaot
persons who shut down one of the aster
gstrs on the main line recently, re'
any iraon or persona damaging oeis
IrrtVrlnir with anv water dIucS OS lie
line. Hy order of the Commiss'oe,
E. K. yUlCK. fee.
For Kent-Itooms In the flnk
tiuildinir. Steam heat, elertrif
light, hot and cold water.
Columbia (. Bank-
All kind of job work done at the-
t reaaonuhle P"-
Paaturc for rent. iSaledhayfcr
sale. C. VV. Lind. Warren. 4tP
having, in addition to his consul- j building which will give more room and
tation and reception rooms, a be more nearly fire proof la desired
white enameled surgery supplied There are several such buildings in the
with the latest X ray machine city "J it iy "n be had for reason-
and other modern appliances.
Ilargaln Sale -Four lti awl
room house. Trice fsf-O, ongo"
terms. In lloulton. 1 1-2
from depot.
10-UO-p Chan. Smith.
For Sale- I have choice fall W
well cleaned for aale. Newell Shf
jable retal the office will be moved, wood, Warren, Ore.
The Steamer ' Merced, Capt.
Asplund sailed from St Helens
Tuesday night with one million
feet of lumber and CO passengers '.
bound for San Francisco. j
The Steamer Multnomah, Capt. j
Maro, is loading a cargo of ties,
and piling and will sail for San1
Pedro tonight. Her passenger
accomodations are all taken.
The Steamer Willamette, Capt.
Reiner is now discharging her
up cargo in Portland. She will
come to St Helens for a full
load of lumber and will probably
Bail for Southern California ports
about Monday night.
Capt. Rosendale of the King
Cyrus expects to put aboard the
lnr Rt.Vk of his 900 M ft. cargo
Tuesday and will leave down for,
Astoria at the earliest possioie
moment. From Astoria, as soon
as his clearance papers are pre-l
pared, he will sail for New Zea
land. The Captain, while acknow
ledging that there are newer
schooners than the King Cyrus
maintains that none of them
can fh.)w him anything when it
comes to sailing, and says he will
again be with his St Helens
friends in about six months.
The big Steamer Robert Dollar
is due at St Helena some time
within the next two weeks. She
will takeout two million feet of
lumber for delivery to the
"Flowery Kingdom".
The schooner Caroline has ar
rived at the St Helens Shipbuild
ing Co.'s plant, and after under
going some needed repairs, will
in all probability take on a
foreign cargo.
Negro Stabs Greek
Deputy Sheriff Lake returned
from Rainier Wednesday evening
having in charge one Sam T.
Shelby, negrn, who had been in
A fight with a greek named
Jenes. The Greek was propri
etor of a resturant in Rainier and
while the negro was eating,
some sort of an argument was
started which resulted in an
agreement by the negro and the
greek to go out on the dock and
settle it. Arriving at the dock
the fight was started but only
lasted a few minutes. It seems
the negro was armed with a long
knife and a bottle of gin, while
the greek was backed up by
friends armed with scantlings.
However the negro got to work
first with the result that the
greek received two very bad
wounds, one in the abdomen and
one in the back which reached
to his liver. The condition of
the greek is considered Berious
from last reports and the negro
is being held awaiting the out
come of trie wounds.
Judge Eukln and Kcporter Carl
Knutsen came up from Astoria last
Sunday evening and Judge held court
for a while on Monday deposing of a
few motions and handing down some
decisions which he had taken under ad
visement. The following pruceeings
where ad:
May Johnson vs. Portland Lumber
Co., demurrer argued and taken under
advisement. Msy Johnson Admr. vs.
Portland Lumber Co., motion to strike
argued and taken under advisement.
II. If. McMahon vs. W. N. McKay,
default and judgment.
Ross Evana vs. W. E. Ncwsnn, de
murrer sustained.
Mattie Winans vs. F. Stuart, decree
foeclosing mortgnge.
I'earl lluyckc vs. Merle iluycke, di
vorce granted.
MattHon va. Lewis, demurrer over
ruled. South Portland ('rushed itock Co. vs.
City of Clutsksnie, motion to strike al
lowed. W. A. Hudson ve. City of ('Intel anle
demurrer au'-tsined.
W. A. Hairis vs. City of St. Helens,
decree for deft for stand.
A petition was presented to
the council at lloulton last Mon
day night signed by G4 legal
voters of that city, asking that a
, special election be held for the
purpose of voting on the qu
tion of consolidating that M
with St. nelen. A similar peti
tion is being circulated in &
iielona thia week and will be
scnted to the council next
day night, bo that the quer
of consolidating me po ¬
under tne name 01 v .
will be put up to the votert 1
i both places on saiuruaj,
The St Helens Rand h JJ
discoursing first class w
under the able leadership of
Grewell. The boy; are 4
ing regularly and fathfuHy
once each week, w("
mitting, an open air concert :
be given in front of r reJ
kins' Btoreand tomorrow.
dav night, another will M P
The lights on that con ,
not very good for the W
we would suggest that in"
or some of the business m en
that locality put in 'fJj
bo that on trouble will M