St. Helens mist. (St. Helens, Or.) 1913-1933, September 26, 1913, COUNTY FAIR SUPPLEMENT, Image 9

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The following is a list of all
the rrize winners at the Fair
that we are able to obtain at this
time. It includes nearly all of
the awards except the school
exhibits and a few from one or
two of the depa-tments which
we are unable to get at this
Features of the Fair so far
have been the excellent music
furnished by the St. Helens band
and the exhibition given by the
St. Helens Firemen. The fast
time of 33 seconds was made by
the fire boys in runn'ng 100
yards, connecting with a hydrant,
stringing 500 feet of hose and
getting water.
Good roads day Friday was the
occasion of a big delegation of
Portland people, among them
being Samuel Hill, who spoke in
terestingly of the road question.
Other speakers from Portland
and Seattle also urged the citi
zens of this county to get busy
with the making of roads, which
advice will very probably b
Out of 14 exhibits 11 prizes
were awarded to George Lemon t
of Rose Hill Farm, St. Helens.
His collection won first prize for
the best individual exhibit,
The three Guernsey cows from
the Clover Hill Farm of E. L.
Thompson at Deer Island, were
the finest specimens of cows
ever shown at any fair in the
county. The cows are all im
ported and were beautiful to
look at.
Other fair news and special
mentions will be made in our
issue next week.
General Farm Display
Pkay Tarbeil, first.
C. C. Moyer, second.
G. L. Tarbeil, third.
F. Brown, fourth.
Unthreshed Grain
J. D. McKay, first.
G. W. ferry, second.
A. & K. E. Freeman, third.
Bundle Wheat -
A, & K. E. Freeman, first.
Ray Tarbeil, second.
Threshed Grain
Erick Morten, first.
Ray Tarbeil, second.
Display Grain
G. L. Tarbeil, first.
Ray Tarbeil, second.
C.C. Moyer, third.
Bundle Clover
Frank Brown, first
Ray Tarbeil, second.
None worthy of first,
C. C. Moyer, second.
Ray Tarbeil, first.
C. C. Moyer, second.
Vetch -
P. E. Brockway. first.
Ray Tarbeil, second.
Display of corn
G. L. Tar jell, first.
Than Brown, second.
Kay Tarbeil, third.
Tallest corn
Edwin Moreback, first.
G. L. Tarbeil. second.
Sunflower display
Wm. Karth, first.
W. C. Morley, second.
Gus Hegele, third.
Carl Muhr, fourth.
Farm exhibit of vegetables
Warren School, first.
Dr. Edwin Ross, second.
Wm. Karth, third.
Than Brown, first.
C. C. Mower, second.
Ray Tarbeil, third.
S. Vincent, first.
Ray Tarbeil, second,
Ray Tarbeil, first.
S. Vincent, second.
Display of Water melons
Scappoose School, first.
George Hyde, second.
Geo Hyde, first.
Warren School, second.
Scappoose School, first.
S. Vincent, second.
Beets -
Warren school, first.
Wm. Clark, second.
Mangals -
Dr. Edwin Ross, first.
C. C. Moyer, second.
Scappoose School, first.
P. C. Jacobsen, second.
Wm. Karth. first
Warren School, second.
Wm. Karth, first.
F. Nagel, first.
G. L. Tarbeil, second.
C. C. Moyer, first.
E. A. Rotger, second.
Cucumbers Warren school, first
Mrs. Sherwood, second.
D. Pasero. first.
Warren School, second.
Unthreshed Beans
Dr. Edwin Ross, first.
Yankton School, second.
Threshed beans
Ray Tarbeil, first.
Than Brown, second.
Fresh Fruits
A. Holaday, first.
Elmer Dahlgren, second.
J.icob Hegele, third.
Apples, all kinds -
A. Holaday, first.
Elmer Dahlgren. second.
Spitzenberg apples -
A. Holaday, first.
G. L. Tarbeil, first.
Fannie Cooper, second.
Muhr, first.
E. Dahlgren, necond.
Northern spy
A. Holaday, first,
Muckle Farm, second.
Elmer Dahlgren, first.
scappoose School, second.
Ben Davis
A. Holaday. first.
Elmer Dahlgren, second.
A. Holaday, first.
Best Plate, any variety, Rome
A. Holaday, first.
Ray Tarbeil, second.
Wolf River -
Warren school, first.
J. Hegele, second.
A. Holaday, first.
B. Anjou
Elmer Dahlgren, first.
J. Hegele, first.
M. F. Hazen, second.
Plate of Quinces
Mrs. s. E.NoWels, first.
A. Holaday, second.
Pumpkins, any variety.
S. Vincent, first.
Warren School, second.
Squash, any variety
Dr. Edwin Ross, first.
Scappoose school, second.
Muckle Farm, first.
Ray Tarbeil, second.
Dahlgren, first.
J. Hegele, first
M. F. Hazen, second.
Display of berries
Dr. Edwin Ross, first.
G. L. Tarbeil, second.
Nuts -
Edwin Ross, first.
A. Holaday. second.
M. F. Hazen, first.
Wm. Karth, second.
C. C. Moyer. first.
m. F. Hazen, second.
Barred Plymouth Rocks -
Ray Tarbeil wins 1st cock, 2nd
cockerel, 3rd cockerel, 1st and
3rd hen, 1st and 2nd pullet, 1st
and 2nd pen, 1st collection.
Mrs. Peter Felton wins 1st
cockerel, 3rd pen.
W. C. Morley Wins 2nd cock.
2nd hen.
G. L. Tarbeil wins 3rd pullet,
3rd cock.
White Plymouth Rocks
Clover Hill Farm wins 1st
cockerel, 1st and 2nd pullet, 1st
Iva Tarbeil wins 3rd pullet,
2nd and 3rd cockerel, 2nd pen.
R. C. Hamill, 1st.
Geo. Lemont, 2nd.
Dr. Edwin Ross wins all awards
on White Orpingtons.
Than Brown wins all awards
on White Wyandottes.
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Larson
win3 all awards on BufT Orping
tons, Buff Leghorns, Rhode
Island Reds. This was the finest
individual display of poultry on
the grounds, there being six
pens and a total of 21 awards.
Ray Tarbeil wins all awards
on Anconas. Together with his
other awards Mr. Tarbeil won 22
ribbons, which is second to Mr.
and Mrs. Larson.
The Clover Hill Farm took all
awards on White Leghorns.
V. C. Morley took all awards
on Bantams, also on Indian Run
ner ducks and Belgian Hares.
George Lemont took the price
for the best display by one ex
hibitor, geese, ducks, rabbits,
guineas, pigeons, phesant3.
children's poultry.
Dit Holaday, 1st and 2nd, Buff
Larson children from Goble,
1st on Barred Rock, male, 1st on
Buff Leghorn, female.
Elsie Morley, 1st on Buff Cochin
Trio of Bantams.
Charles Popejoy, first female,
2nd male, 1st trio, Barred Rocks.
Roy Laws, 1st and 2nd Brown
Leghorn, female, 2nd Barred
Rock hen.
Edwin Larson, 1st golden Sea
light, male.
Jos. Baaeel. 1st trio common
Grace Farning, 2nd trio com
mon bantam.
Warren boy, 3rd trio common
Best General Exhibit.
Mri. A. B, Lake, first.
Mrs. Harry Bennett, second.
Mrs. Rose Carey, thir l.
Embrodery Collection
Mrs. Emma Halstcad, first.
Mrs. J. G. Pringle, second.
Miss E. Rosenthal, third.
Crochet Collection
Mrs. VV. B. Dillard, first.-
Mrs. Sampson, second.
Miss Jennie Rosenthal, third.
Cross Stitch Collection.
Mrs. E. W, Saxton, first.
Mrs. I). W. Price second.
Mrs. J. W. Allen, third.
Tatting -
Mrs, Hannah Partridge, first.
Mrn M. White, soeond.
Mrs. Hannah Partridge, third.
Drawn Work -
Mrs. Maude Adams, first.
Mrs. Harry Bennett second.
Mrs. Rose Carey, third.
Darning -
Mrs. Edwin Ros. first.
White EmbroiUry 1 piece -
Mrs. J. G. Pringlo. first.
Mrs. A. B. Lake, second.
Mrs. W. It. Dillard third.
Colored Embrodery
Miss E. Rosenthal, first.
Mrs. E. Paeon second
Miss Doncettc. third.
Knitted Spred
Mrs. Sampson tirt.
Vlrs. G. J. Jasper, second
Miss Jennie Forsman, third.
Fancy ciuilt -
Mrs. Heetnan, first.
Mrs. Osliurn, second.
Mrs. Aiken, third.
Silk or Wool tiuilt
Mrs. II. Bennett, first.
Mrs. Aiken, second.
Mrs. Saxton third,
Rutfs -
Mrs. E. Bacon, first.
Mrs. R. Hazen, second.
Mrs. E. Bacon, third.
Sofa Pillow -
Miss Ethel Matthews, first.
Mrs. F. J. Meyers, second.
Mrs Sampson, third
Crochet or Knitted Wool 1 piece
Mis Eiscnblutter, first
Mrs S S Long second
Mrs I.ynge, third
Best ('rochet 1 piece
Mrs E Blakesley, first
Miss J Rosenthal, second
Mrs N A Ashl.y third.
S. Saxton, 1st
Geo Lemont 2nd
Geo Lemont 3rd
Draft 3 years olds
G E l kstrom 1st
Geo Perry 2nd
G L Tarbeil 3rd
Draft 2 year olds
Joe Sohciski Ut
P Jacohscn 2nd
l)r Ross 3rd
Draft 1 year old
Geo Lemont 1st
Draft sucking
P S White 1st
II () Howard 2ivd
Geo Lemont 3rd
Driving Horse
G I. Tarhell 1st
W C Cooper 2nd
Joe Soheiski 3rd
Driving 2 year olds
Dr Ross 1st
J W Armstrong 2nd
Drivers Yearling
1 r Ross 1st
Guy Tin hell 1st
Draft Team
Sherman Saxtmi 1st
A I. Larson 2nd
W R Holms
Best Pulling Team
Dave Vincent 1st
Mr Turner 2nd
K W Saxton 3rd
Best Pulling Horse
Mr Turner 1st
Dave Vincent 2nd
E W Snxton 3rd Double Driving Team
Jan is I iiivis 1 at
Joe Holaday 2nd
Geo Hyde 3rd
Best Single Driver
Geo KetYv 1st
Ed Laws 2nd
Wilbur Muckle 3rd
Shorthorn, Aged Cow
Ray Tarbeil 1st
2 year old Bull -
G L Tarbeil 1st
Calf Bull -
Ray TarUII 1st
G L Tat Ml 2nd
G L Tarbeil 3rd
Heifer Calf-
G L Tarbeil 1st
" 2nd
" 3rd
Yearling Heifer
G L TarU II 1st
" 2nd
Jas. Breehart, 2nd trio Silver
Max Miller. 1st female and lit
male, White Wyandottes.
Rex Miller, 1st and 2nd male,
Rhode Island Red.
Best result one setting of egus,
Brown Brothers.
JoHie Harrison, 1st Mallard
Rex and Max Miller, 2nd on
Mallard ducks.
Brown Brothers, 1st trio Indian
Runner ducks.
Mane Dixon. 1st trio pigeons.
R. llarnill, 2nd trio pigeons.
Robert Dixon, 3rd trio pigeons
Jersey, Yearling Bull
Geo Perry 1st
T Browd 2ml
Heifer Calf-
Geo Perry 1st
Guernsey Cows
E L Thompson 1st
" 2nd
" 3rd
Orin Backus; 1st on Chestir
White Boar.
Frank Brown; 1st on 0 1 C Bou.
1st on ) I C sow; 1st and 2nd on
Poland China Shoats.
J W Patrick; 2nd on O 1 C Bosr.
Geo Perry: 2nd on Chester whit
Clover Hill Farm; 1st and 2nd on
Berkshire shoats; 1st on Berkshire
sow; 1st on Berkshire Boar.
A L Lawn 1st on Chester Whi
40 Dairy Cows and Heifers, mostly Guer
nsey and Guernsey grade.
3 Guernsey Bulls from 12 to 18 months
old, eligible for registry.
Also 12 or 15 Pedigreed Berkshire and
Duroc Jersey Hogs.
Terms of Sale Will be Announced Later
AT 1 ):,' O'CLOCK
CLOVER HILL FARM, Deer Island, Ore.