St. Helens mist. (St. Helens, Or.) 1913-1933, August 15, 1913, Image 4

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a ,
Ia the matt.r ul the estate of Herman
Hansel, deceased, v
To4ht nekuoan heirs and devisee ol
Herman Hausel. deceased.
Io the nam of the Ktute of Oregon,
yon are cited to I and appear ia th
Conoty Court of the Put of Oregon for
the County of Columbia, at the Court
Roost thereof, ia the City of St. Helena,
In aaid county and state.on Wednesday,
September 5,1913, at 10 o'clock a. m. of
that day, then aud there to show cause,
If any exists, why an order of sale should
uot be madeacvording to the prayer and
petition of the administrator of the
above entitled estate, for the eale of the
real property belouging to aaid estate,
the said real procrty being described
as follows: t "
Begiunirg at the uortheast corner of
a tract of land heretofore deeded by
Rachel A. Campbell and J. A. J. Camp
Mi, her husband, to Emma Vivian and
Frederick Vivian by deed, dated Octo
ber 28th, 1892, and recorded in Book M.
of Deeds for Columbia County, Oregon,
at page 4.-8, thence running west along
the sooth boundary line of the present
traveled county road leading from St.
Helena to Houlton, Oregon, I'M feet to
a point, tbence running south 175fet
to a picket fence, thence east 61 feet to
the east line of Rachel A. Campbell's
land, thence In a northeasterly course
230 feet to trie place of beginning, all of
said described tract of land being in
Section 4, Township 4, North, Range 2
West of Willamette Meridian in Colum
bia Couuty, Oregon, and lots 20 aud 21
of Block 107 of the city of St. Helens,
Oregon, except strip taken by county
Witness my band aud seal of said
court affixed this 22nd day of July ,1913.
H E LaBare, County Clerk.
Seal of County Court,
Coinmbia County, Oregon.
Published first time.July 25, 1913.
Published last lime August 22, 1913.
' ' , . A, W. Mueller, ,
Attorney for Administrator.
Martha A. Tift, Plaintiff,
Thadens F. Tift, Defendant.
In the name of the state of Oregon,
yon, Tbadeus 8 . Tftt, are hereby required
to appear and answer to the complaint
filed against yon herein on or before
the 9th day of August, 1913, that date
being six weeks from the publication
herein, and if yon fail to appear and
answer herein, plaintiff will apply to
the court for the relief prayed for in the
complaint filed herein, and moreparticu
larly defined as follows :
"The plaintiff asks that a d.cree be
granted forever divorcing her from the
above defendant. That the court per
mit and allow the said plaintiff to re
some the name of Mrs. Martea Annetta
Anderson, said name being that granted
her in a former marriage, and that soch
other relief be granted a to the court
may seem bt and equitable.
Max O. Cohen & Joseph Mannix,
Attorneys for the Plaintiff,
: N-tice of Sheriff Sale
By virtue of a foreclosure execution
duly issued be the clerk of the Circuit
Court of the County of Columbia in the
State of Oregon, dated the 16th day of
July, 1913, in a certain suit in the said
circuit court, for the said County of
Colombia and Stile of Oregon, wherein
C. M. Elwert as plaintiff recovered a de
cree against Bennett L. Johnson and
Mary Johnson, hnsband and wife, and
William 8. Dippold and Dove Y. Dip
pold, husband and wife, for the sum of
fl587.60, with interest thereon from the
27th day of June, 1913, at the rate of
7 per cent per annum, and the sum of
1150.00 as attorney's fees in said suit,
ayd the partner sum of $44.75 as costs
and disbursements therein : command
ing and directing me, as 'he duly elects )
and qualified sheriff of the said County
of Columbia, in the State of Oregon, to
sell any and all of the right, title, in
terest or estate of each and all '.f the de
fendants theiein from, on, or after the
15th day of May, 1911, in and to the
premises hereinafter described, and to
apply the proceeds of such sale :
First : To the payment of the sum of
$44.75, costs and accruing costs.
Second: To the payment of the sum
of $150.00 aa attorney's fees.
, Third: To ilif payment ot the sum of
Jl 5x7.50, wi h interest thereon from the
27th itay 4jur.e, 1U3, at the rate of 7
per cent per annum, which deerte was
duly enrolled and docketed in the office
oltbe said county clerk of Columbia
Couiity In the Slate of Oregon rn the
27thdy of June, 113.
' Jiow, therefore, portusnt to said ese.
cotton, notice is hereby given that I
will, on theifith day of August, 1913
at the Court Jioute door, on the west
side thereof, in the City of fit. Helens
County of Coltm.bia, stale of Oregon, at
the honr'of two o'clock on the after,
noon of raid day, sell at public auction
lo tl.e highest bidder for casii any and
all of the right, title, interest or estate
of the said defendants Bennett L.John
eon and Mary Johnson, his wl'e, and
William 8. Dippold and fove E. Dip
pold, bis wife, or either or each of them.
had or claimed in Or to the hereinafter " P' Ibereof duty recorded In
described premises, on or after the 15th' public records of said county on the
day of May, 1911. to.wil: I day of Mar. 1907; and the S. W.
The .Northwest quarter N W 1-4 of 1 X 4 of the X. W. 1.4 and the W. 1-8 of
S rtl. n thirty Ave riS, Township seven ; le S w ' township
(T p. 7) north of range five tU. 5) West R"K of Willamette
of Willamette Meridian, containing 100 'Meridian, located in Marion County,
acres, together with the tenements, J Oregon, it all being the property of said
bMdiUiiieuts and spnurtenances there, estate; or so mm n inervoi as may
nnto belonging or in anv ah eppet- necessary to pay the de s of said de
taining including that one certain ' ceased and the charges and expenses of
sh'ng'e mill complete, situated on said ! administration.
described premises, toget'er wi h the Witness the lion. W. A. Harris, Judge
eniilneaod machinery of every nature County Court, with the seal of
ned in Iheoperation of said m 11, which
I am ordered and directed under and by
vtittte of aid execution, or so much
thereof as may I necessarv to satisfy
the said decree in favor of J: he aaid C.
M. Klwertan.t agninet tlie said defend
ants, Bennett L. Johnson and Mary
Johnson, husSand and wife, and Wil
liam 8. Dipl oid and Dove K. Dippold,
hosbank and wife, and each of them,
with iute eat thereon, together with all
costs and disbursement, which have or
may acC' ue on ler or by virtue ol seid
Witness my hand this 17th day of July,
A. E. Thompson,
Sheriff of Columbia Com tv,
Sta'e of Oregon
Hannah C. rors, Plaintiff,
Paul Edward Fors, Defendant.
To Paul Edward Fors, Defendant:
In the name of the State of Oregon,
You are hereby required to apr and
answer the complaint til d against joa
in the above entitled suit, on or liefore
the 30th day of August, 1913, and if you
fail to answer, plaintiff will take a de
cree against you as prated for in the
complaint bled herein, to-wit: Tnat
the bonds of matrimony heretofore and
now existing between plaintiff and
yourself be dissolved, and lor such
other relief as to the court may seem
meet and equitable. Service of this sum.
mom is made upon you by publication
pursuant to an order of the Honorable
J. A. Enkin, Jode of said court, made
on July 14th, 1913, dim-dug said pubti.
cation in the "St. Helens Mist." once a
week for six consecutive weeks, bs-
ginnin. with July ltiih, 1913.
O. M. Hickey,
Attornev for Plaintiff.
51$ Wilcox Bldg.,
Portland, Ore.
First publication, Jwly 18, 1913.
Last publication. Aoguat 24, 1913
Alias Summons
Vargarct Bean, Plaintiff,
Arthur L. Bean. Defendant.
To Arthur L. Pean, Defendant:
In the name of the State of Oregon
voo are hereby requiied to appearand
make answer to the complaint filed
against yon in the abeve entitled court
within six weeks trom the date or the
first publication of this notice to-wit:
the 6th day of September. 1913, and if
you fail so to do, for want thereof the
plaintiff will take judgment and decree
aeainst vou. forever dissolving the bonds
of matrimony now and heretofore exist
ing between you and the plaintiff, and
that the plaintiff be given her maiden
name and have inch other and further
relief at to the court seems equitable
and just, together with plaintiffs costs
and disbursements herein.
Service of this summons is made upon
you by publication of the same in the
St. Helens Mist, a weekly newspaper,
for six successive weks by virtue of an
order signed by the Hon J. A, Eakin,
Judge of the above entitled Court, on
the 21st day of July, 1913.
Date of the first publication the 25th
day of July, 1913.
Date of the last publication the 5th
day of September, 1913.
Perry C. Stroud,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
First National Bank Illdg,,
St. Johns, Oregon.
In the matterof the e-tate of E. B.
Senders, Deceased. '
To A. V. Sanders, M. A Sanders, E.
V.. Sanders and F. M. Sanders, heirs at
law of said deceased, and all persons
unknown having any interest in said
In the name of the state of Oregon:
By order of the above ranie I Hon.
Court, made and entered on the 2t'h
day of Jnly, 1913, you are hereby cited
and required to appear before the said
County Cour,t, at its court room in tie
City of St. Helen, Oregon, on Mon
day, the I5th day of September, 1913,
at one o'clock p. m
then and there to
showcuef it any
yon have, why an
order of said court should not be made lien or inter-st In the real estate de
granting to L.R. Rutherford, as ad- scri' ed in the complaint herein, Ihb-
minlstrator of said estate, permission to.
sell and directing him to sell, at public
or private sale, as may appear to the
best advantage ol the estate, that cer
tain tract of land l)ing in Multnomah
Connty, Oregon, known as lot No. 9 in
block No. 2 of Rock wood park, accord-
saiu court amxeu inis :un nay oi tfuij,
Attest: II. K. Latere,
County Clerk and ExOtllcio Clerk of
said Court.
(Seal of County Court)
Citation to Heirs
ix the county court ok the
state of oregon, for
Columbia county.
In the u;atter of the estate of Joseph
Wioblaricoin, II. D. Yanhlaricom,
.!! Sl.eeley, Drucilla Baker and Ellen
Mays, bro her and MNtere of said de
ceased, an I Emetine Weed, Lawrence
Vanblaricom. Isaac Vanblaricom, Sum
net Vxnbluricom, John Vanblaricom,
Louvina Taylor, Mm tin Yanhlaricom,
i.illie Vanhliiric m Anna ChrUtian
son and llaniette Vanblaricom,
nephews aid nieces of said de
ceased, heirs of law of said deceased,
and all persons nnkuown, lutervsted in
said esta'e, Greeting:
In Jthe name of the stati of Oregon,
Yon and each of you are hereby cited
and required to appear iu the County
Court of the Sttte of Oregon, for the
Couuty of Columbia on Tuesday, the 2nd
day of September, 1913, at 10 o'clock a.
tn of that day, thm and there to show
the caiife. if any terebe, why an order
should not be made granting to the Ad
ministrator of said (State permission sou
diiecting him to sell, at public auctiou
or prtva'.e sale, aa may appear for the
best interests of said ea'nte, the real es
tate of said deceased, located In Colum
bia County, Oregon, and described aa
About 2 1-2 acres more or less lying
in the Multicast 1-4 of the northwest
1-4 of Section 4, Town -hip 4, N. R. 4
V. of W. M. on the eat-t and north side
ol aid p.ut; Also a strip of Ined alxmt
100 ftet iu width lyirg east of the tract
now owi.ed by Guy Mills, and west of
land owned by Joseph Hicken ttom
and rnnning to the ctnter of Rock Creek
and all that part of Hie S. E. 1-4 of the
N. W. 1-4 of Sec. 4. Tp 4, R. 4, lying
between the bind of Joesph Hicken
bottom and East Side Addition to the
Town ol Vernoitia, excepting 100 ft. by
tOift. at stiowu in book 14, page 2i3. of
the deeds of record of said coUi.ty. And
all that part of the S. K. 1.4 of the N W .
1-4 of Sec. 4, Tp. 4, V. 4, bingraftof
Rock Creek and W. and N. of Ea-t Side
Addiiioti to Town of Vemonia, except,
ing that deeded as shown by Book 11,
page 320, of the deed ii-cords of said
county And all tint described as Lot
So. 9, Blck No. 12 of the Town of Vcr
uonia, and all the lo's of the East Side
Addition of the Town of Vemonia dr.
scribed I y lot numbers and block num
bers a? follows: Ixts numbers 1 to 5 of
bis. A, lots tiunitx-rs 1 to 6 of blk. B,
lots numbers 1 to 6, b.k. No. 1, lots
numbers 1 to 12, blk. No. 2, lots num.
bersl, 2. C, II. 12, blk. No. 3, lotsniim
hers t,.2. 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, blk No. 4, lots
numbered 2, 3, 4, block 0, lots
nuiiibeis3, 4, 5, 7. 8 blk. 10, lots num
bers 1, 2, 3 blk. No. 15. '
Witness the Honorable W. A. Harris,
Judge of the County Court of the State
of Oregon, for the County ol Coluuib a,
with the teal of said court affixed this day of July. 1913.
Attest :
II. E. LaBare,
Clerk of eaid Court,
y A. F. Bariiett, Deputy.
II . W White,
Attorney for Administrator.
Firit publication Friday, July 25.
Last publication August 22.
C. I. Huoghkiik, Plaintiff,
Jofeidi Silvs, Catherine Silvs, K. F.
V-orhecs, Delia Voorhees, L. W. Voor
bees, Olive Voorhees, Walter Voorli. es,
Nettie Voorhees, Delia Voorhees and
the unknown heirs of Isaac Voorhees,
deceased, the unknown heirs cf
William Voorhees, dec.-ased,and also all
other perrons or parties unknown claim,
ing sny liuht, title, estate, lien, or in
terest In the real estate riescritwd in the :
complaint herein. Defendants.
To E F. Voorhees, Delia Voorhees,
L. W. Voorhees, O'ive Voorhees, Wal
ter Voorhees, Nettie Voorhees, Delia
Voorhees and the ui.known heirs of
Daac Voorhee?, deceased, the nnknown
heirs of William Voorhees, deceased,
and alo all other perrons or parties un-
I known claiming any right, title, estate,
In the name of the State of Oregon :
Von and each of yon are hereby required
to appear and answer the complaint
filed against yon in the above entitled
suit, on or before the last day of the
time prescribed in the order for the
publication of this summons, thJ said
period of tint bel ,rom
day ol the first publ cation of this sum
mons, a d sai I hat" d,.y of piihlicatloa
being the 12'l day of Scpemter, I'M
and if vou fail to so appear and ans-
u... ...l.i .i,miiiitini ine inniut u -
rau-ie your default to
las entered
applv to the c mit above named
mIIi.I. m.mtted In aiid rotu I'luinl, lo-.i
For an adjudication llat ti e
from where a line running parallel wnli
and through the c liter of New llnlfo.d
street in Suid Ci'y of lUiuter woold
crs the n rth boundary of -aid WaierSt.
andruailng thence ess'erly aloeg the
north side of Water street forty f et,
thence at right angle northerly o a
hundred and sevents ftet, to the tide
land or water frontage sold bv D. au
Rlancnard t said C. I llo-gliklrs ;
ttienct. at right angl-a westerly fully
fret;theoce at right angles nni'h.rly
one humlred anil seventy tee', mr- or
less, to the placo of legluning. be go
and va'id; that neither the il. 'en danla
nor either of them Iks any rgh', title, ,
estate, lien or interest in said rent prop
" ' " ' ' , " I' , -,, , a
erty, and that they be f.eer i njoim it
.rom ..serting any cUiu. wll.,eve,
This uniiuioi s Is pub I h"d by order of
the Honorable J. A. Eakin, Jodge ol 111"
Circuit Courlol the State of Oregon. !-
Columbia County, made and dsted July
2tUh, 1913, whiihord. r prescribes thut
service of summons in this .uitl mxde
uon you by piihlicatlon once a aeek
for six consecutive wek in the M.
Helens Mist, a i.cwswpcr of general
circulation published weekly in anhl
comity, which tin e will begin to run
from the day of the tbst publication
hereof J and the time within which you
are required to answer suid c ni laint l
on or oefore the la-t day of tl)e tio.e
prescribed in aaid nrdi r for publication,
to-wit, September 12th, 1913. '
The date of the Qrut publication of this
summons is 1-fidiy, August 1-t, 1913.
Dil!urd A Pay,
, Attorneys lor Plaintiff,
Notice of Survey to be made by County
T Louis Streicher, Min.icio'a and
Oregon Ltnd and Timber t'ouipany, a
corporation, Alexander Md'h ron, Ed
ward (S. Mct'hcrson. Mar.iu J. Mcl'her.
son and John C. Kll worth :
Notice is bcrby given that pursuant
to a notice and rejiie-t that the set 'Ion
corners at the northeast and northwest
corners and the quarter section orners
n the east, north and west mlcs of Sec
lion 0, Towmdiip 0 north, range 5 wi s',
Willamette Meridian, Columbia County,
Oregon, have lieci me obliterate I and
lost and the owner of part of said section
reijUetted that the same lie re e-tabli.hed
and the quarter qiistter tion Corners
in said sectn n l e also e- tubbthed aud
Notice is beieby given that on the 2tUh
day of Augiirt, 1913, I will proceed tn
make such survey and re-establish said
lo-t and obllierated corners and quarter
corners at d establish the quarter quar
ter corners in said section tl, s,nd mark
the same according to law, of which you
and each of you will take notice.
Geo. B. Conyers,
County Surveyo. Colombia County, Or,
By L. J V.iiiOrsl.oven
Date 1 1 first publicatii.o Aug. 8, 1913.
Date of last publicati in Aug 22. 191.1.
Iiora E. MujHlcinan, I'LInt J,
Charles C. Mo-sleman. D fcinl.nit.
To Charles C. Mussbman, the alove
named Difemlnnt.
In til- name of tf.e state of Oregon
you re I ere by requir.d to appear and
answer the coiuplnlnt of the plaintiff
61ed ag.iiusl )ou I. the a ove entitled
court and cau.e, within six weeks from
the date of the first publication of ttiis
summon'., and if you fail to apesr end
answer said complaint, for wnt there.. I
the plaintiff will apply f the court, for
the relief praye 1 for In the sai I com
plaint, to-wit, fur a decree dissolving
the marriage Contract existing fwtween
jrou and plaintiff, and for such other and
further relief as sIk- may be entitled to
This summons is served npon you by
publication in "The St. Helena Mist,"
pursuant to an or l-r made and enter -d
In the alHive entitled court on the lllli
day of August, I9l3, by the Honorable
I J. A. I'.kin, Judge of said court.
John R. Down, s,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Portland, Ore
Date ol fir-t publication is Aug. 15.
Date of last publication !s Sept. 27,
county of Columbia.
Win, M. Ross, as administrator of the
estate of Hans P. Bjorkman, deceased,
John Larsen, Anna Laisen and Amos
wiv. - j ... , i il.iv of the tiral pun icauou "
ofpluinlitl in and to the followicg de- (Uy f
K-rih.d real property In ( lh( ,,,(U of pVp.
countr. Oregon, vis. : t onimenc l.g s Jf ( , ,u
.,.,.,,,! Waierst,. , r ,ia c,,,,,,,).!,,,
in the city of Rainier, thirty feet easterly I I
..II. l-n. M.II,i.llri,t1ol 11)11 I'.v
w M..KIw4ln. Defendants.
To John Lai sou and Anna Laro. De
fendants: In the name ol ibe Mate ol Oregon,
you and each ol youar- hereby icq-iiteil
to appear aid en-w.-r Ihecon plalnl
tiled against you In the above eulliled
,, , . ,,.,., i. ,i,
iiiiii, iirv-trriifvi - - - -
. ...',.. ..i .. ..I iil. au'uiiioiia. I ueS hi
, ... ...
lM"iml wl li',,b,i" etk 'f",u "',
he tnie ed and apply to the court above
named for the re.ief demanded tu aaid, td-wit: For Judgment
sg iinst vou fr 1 150, with interesi there,
on ai the tats .1 o p.r tent per nniuu
Horn Aiigut lt, W0, lr 7i altoriie'
fce..f..r ft 28ul taxes pal I and I r o-l-and
dial urseri eot ot suit; ror a d- le
of sa'a un-ler for ol the I..Ui.
ing desciihed 'l property I'. Culuui' u
county, n. t-wit. t'. mm-nciin
i a 'liit JW unit west of Hi" North te.'
Coiner I llie D. L. C. f Z- Bryaiil. le
a.ctii.11 111. towiish p 7 north, ra. ge 4
west of iliiuniMt Metldian. and run.
ning thei re sntti M rods; ih-ne wr.l
13 r.Kl.; thence north Ml rod ami thence
U2 rod. to the ,h.,uI of la g aUng .
and that vou and a I pcisolis tlainillis
under you, subsequent to the execution,
of dm mortgage refeiled tu In rotiij lain)
I e line, losrd of all I wli'.i'lnlni or equllt
of roleinp'lon in said premises, and thu'
von pav any dtfii'irncy remaining after
l plying the proceeds of said sale
properly applicable to the satisfaction o'
add judgment.
t his summon, ia pub Uhed by oidei
of the lliirorable W. A Harris, ('ounij
Jmlge for .ai.lC. Iilinhiil couuty, or. gon.
l-ii.U and dated Aiiau.t 14' h, ItM.I.
which ordrr pr. scribes tint S'rvb'eot
.iin.tnoiis In this suit be made u, on ou
by publication once a week or U con
secutive week in the St Ilrh lis Mist,
a licwspaier of general circulation pub
111. ed weekly it. said county, which lime
will liegin lo run from the day of the
first publication he eo'; and the tmi
within wh ch you are required toanswer
snhl complaint I on or larfore the last
day ol the time pr. scrilwd in aaid order
for publ c.itiou to-wil: Sep-etuber 2Hi,
The ibt- of the first publication o'
thi suuimona I F May, August 15th
Dillard A Day.
AtU rneys lor I' atnufl.
Ilszel WoauMii, l lainttlf,
Cha. Woxniau, IetVlnl.iiit.
To ( has Woxman. Delemlant ;
In the name of the state of Oirgon :
You are hereby required to a pear and
ansaer to the tutnplalnt 6ld against
you in the ab ve entitled suit, on or be
fore the 4th d.v ol t. t.-r or the '."7th
day of Septem!r, I'.'ht end if you fail
to atiser, pi oil' iff will take a decree
agul st you as pra)e I f. r in the coui
p'.iinl f . 1 " t heitin, to-wii : Tl ai the
b nd.ol niatritiinny ber-tofore and n- w
el". k beta een plai I'ff and ours'f
i'.s.ed and f.r such u l i r relief
mi) ft. in me. t and rqdab'e. ,
Service ol this summon, is ni.n'e upon
you t y publication pnr-tmnt to'uo ..rilrr
of the Hon, W A. Ilarri., County J.c'ge
of said County, niaile on Aug 14,1913.
dirertinir said publication In til- St.
Helens Mist once a week f .rslxron
sutlve wels, h Inning the ljlii da;
of AugU-t,JI913.
O. M. Hickey,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
513 Wilcox llldg.
Portland, ore.
Notice in hereby given that the
board of directors of school dis
trict No. 55 of Columbia Co. will
receive sealed bids for the con
struction of a school house size
2 U31 1 12. Hid to be opened on
the 27th day of August, 1913. Ma
terial of old schoolhouse to be used
ns far as may bo. Specifications to
be seen at the house of the clerk.
Ten per cent of certified check to
accompany each bid. The board
of directors reserves the right to
reject any or all bids. P,y order of
the board of directors of district
55 of Columbia Co.
Edwin North, Clerk.
IU.I I'lHIIOI" W,i, i - " "
.' ' 1
Rport of The Condition of
No. 18
The Columtih County liankat St.
Helen, In the State of Oregon, at
the clnsd of business Aug. 9, jy.3
Iamtm and dUcounta $140,012.20
Overdrafts, secured and
uniHtcured 259.79
llondi and warrants 41,4sg. R3
llankinc houao 15,670.00
Furniture and fixtures 2,700.00
Other real Ute owned C.128 77
Due from apjiroved re
serve banks 4I.9C7.80
Checks and ther canh
Items 1.00
Cash on hand 10,tVJ8.00
Other resources h 03
Total -rC7,HOo,44
Capital stock paid in $o(),Q00.00
Sutplus fund 10,000.00
Undivided profit, less t
exHna'g and taxes pnid ,B.2K0.28
I'oatat savings bank de
posits 11.123.97
Individual deposits sub
ject to check 1 50,945.67
Demand certificates of
depoeit .1,707 39
Cashier checks outstand
ing WC.71
Time certificates of de-
poait 1. 802. 74
Saving di'poaiU H2.279 68
Total $2;7,805.44
State of Oregon,
County of Columbia, sa.
I, A. L. Stone, Cashier of the
above-named bank, do solemnly
wtar that the above sta'ement is
true to the beat of my knowledge
and belief.
A. I.. Stone, Cashier,
Subscribed and eworn to before
mo this Nth day of August, 1913.
J. W.Day,
Notary Public
Wm. M. Koss,
I It. Rutherford,
J. S. Allen. "
Anna L. and
St. Helen.
I.ucy Kve'man and
merman. Rainier,
Ira Saurer,
Ernest Zira
For Sulc - Porcelain bath tub.
Inquire at Houlton Confectionery
Store. 3tpd
Taken up at my place, 7 miles
west of Doer Island: -1 yellow
Jersey bull; 1 black and whits
heifer and one red and hit
heifer. No marks, brand or bells.
Owner can have same by paving
charges. R. E. Keck.
For Rent-8-room house, strictly ,
modern; partly furnished if de"
sired. Inquire or call on A. W. ,
Mueller, St. Helens.
For Sale A few hogs at mf
place. 1 1-4 milts northwest of
Warren. II. W. Ileizenrcter.
Cirt.dt Ju.'ges, J. A. liakiu, J.T.
I list 1 let Attorney, K. B. Tongue.
County Jmlge, W. A. Harris.
" Cletk. II. K I-atU'e,
" Hierlff, A. K Tboiiip-nii
" Asses or, C. W IHakeslrJ.
" Tr.asurer, R. S lla'tsn,
Kchool Hunt. J. B. WUkerso.
" Kuifeyor, Oeo. B. I'onvrrs.
" Coroner, P. II. HI.erw.siI.
" Cotnniisaionera j, Huliref.
Mayor, A. W. Mneller.
Recoider, K. K. Quick.
Marsliat, W. H. Wondnw. ,
Tieasnrer. Mrs. I. P.. D-ald. .
Cmilicllmeni I, II. Cronkl'e, w.j.
Mnckle, J. K. lUit.aey, and -
Water Comrals-lon: A. T. I-VV
F. McCormUk, A. U Hlone,
Isiain, II. J, houtha.d.
Water 8npt..'Chas. I V- '