St. Helens mist. (St. Helens, Or.) 1913-1933, June 27, 1913, Image 7

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('a ' " '"" ,rlr" fur Wild IXirh.
. t-( In eaeaon. Write us fur
IM. o k'"J" I""""- ". ela.
Pearson rak't' Portland
""7i.l iwiirr. N " ' ' rim.. Ihit
ikI law. Hand II NOW lo
.,,1 H .MI. SMimwiila.. t ai.
Our l"UM'lMtlil Hilly llyht.
Ill IH'rtil.. nin utlMy. MMt
1. y K AnkvfiV. I'mtl.tul.
f Barorwl Hand Marhln.
Machinery -'
Mnlll 1 he J. K. Martin o.. Kl lat
JfillanJ. nd and pru-aa,
JrnTioK i ki:i: advici:
(uriall'i and l.alala if alu. Ui uu.
rACiFir ;iano & kkktii.i.kk to.
11 MailLaa I'urllaad. Or.
Hl rhamher nt I ommrrrm llulldlnff
A rh-atl f-r ill " ' umlrr
IM pr"n' '" ' VI"" ' iim TH't'"r. A.
t ly-re, MH t i't-r. lir aiM. tutrht
ytif,. 1KIVS I imiim In en-jr mifiioly
bvilJln'rnt, viiiliiiitr lu lake till a Well-
aa. pn-f-1".!! el iillUi rMtU W rtUi I' full
Hevn. 10 a.
er I
lo p. m,.
lit itinl
Km 5714
VWftllc Tr''"f "f A cut anl Chnmlr
iiuuri t- -hps. I'rnclilUMivr. hull UVe-7
Black Spots Wiped Out by Hit Fir
Ball In a Noiseless
"Hefore I consent to let you have
my daughter." miUl th.. grim old K.u.
tlomuii, "Hutu nru some ii'h(oii I
woul.l II kit to anii yUi re you Cj tj I k.
"Well. yg, to t.ll t!i truth, J in
afraid i am."
"Mm. Kvtir aw-ar?"
HKim.tlm a, wtmu I bucome very an
ry. I do
"Y, but I have nTor noticed thai
It ln)umd inn."
:vry drink intoxlrul Idk lljnim?"
"I o-culiinally lakH a drink, but I'm
not a alavu to tli bubll, I UHHiiro
"IUys you vr tx i n In lull?"
"Oiick. I took aoino futiila to which I
I had no rlKht. but 1 did not do It d.i- j
llbtfratuly, I a..ur you It uh tin; r
ault of a uilauiidcrHtaiidliiK " j
"Vi'. It K.incrully U. How about
your family? Wlmt kind of
did you liavti?"
Senate Caucus Fixes Places In
New Tariff Bill.
OppoHinic ElemenU Voted Down
Mohair AIho to Have Flare
On Free Lixt.
r 1 1 a).
a-all, kuio I.
.;. ftll
j a.-i .1
It u n r t h l m ff.
I .iraf-! ..
U14 i f 4Ur, at
afitt r 4Ha
I. 1 1.
Bjr- ii uMAJU, XM A kr-M4U fj.
Wine OM Gentleman.
An old gentleman, whoae character
iu unirtipencheil "cl uniinxachabl,
(or tum alight ciium' w chullcnKwl
by a !ilit yotinir Hotupnr, who
iv ilcti rmincd Ihut th olil K(,ntle
min Bhmil.l kivi' I'ini honorable aatia-fn-tion.
Th d Kintlctnan very (ikm
Mturcdly I'fuoiil to tl K fit. and the
follow thnut. ii.- l to "pn-tt" him a
ISDWird. "Wrll, t.i hlirml I would
nther fill "0 nrwtiii cr thnn on
eoflio," rejoined the old Kentlcinn.
WaxhinKton, I). C Frco iURar In
l'JIC and fro raw wool now are extab
liBbid in the tariir reviaion bill, hav
ing been Hppnved by the Democratic
caucus of the Henate after a two-day
fight. The sugar schedule, aa re
Hirted by the majority member! of the
finance committee practically aa it
panned the house, was approved by a
vote of 40 to G. Free raw wool aa
ancestor j submitted by the majority ami just aa
Ml lllU.Ull t V... lw...U,. k..
1-J you think It U fair to hold a 1 ca,.cu by a vote of 4 1 to 6.
man responsible for what bla ances I rM, ratification of President Wil
ora aid. I son's tariir policy, he having insisted
..u""r,!I tnJf .qu,,,itlon " I upon the wool and sugar propositions
Wei, I cant aay that my ances- M.f,)re the ways and means committee
tora amounted to a ureal deal. My i in tne beKinninj?. came after a long
a-randfuther waa-was-ln short, h.j series of developments since the tariff
waa baiiKod. ,j passed the house, in which the
iou v never held a Job anywhere I president has been an active partici
very Ioiik. have you?" pant.
"I can't aay that I hava." When the fight of the anti-free wool
wnai aaa the blKbest salary you Democrats was getting hot, the Presi
er earned?" i dent issued a public statement declar-
Nlneion dollars a week "
"Ever Jump a board bill?"
"I wouldu't exactly call It that. I
owe a lady for several months' board
that t had three or four years ago,
but I fully Intend to pay her some
"Have you ever rocked a boat?"
"No, air, never."
"Have you ever at off a flnterackor
under your icrandmother's chair or
been hurt wbllo trying to make a
racknt on the Fourth of JuJy?"
"No, air. I believe lu a noiseless
"All rlitht. Vou may ha her. Tm
lad to get you Into our family."
ing that any suggestion of compromise
on his wool and sugar schedule ideas
absolutely was out of the question,
and later he stirred all administration
leaders to action when he made his
charge about the existence of an "in
sidiious lobby," investigation of which
has brought results regarded aa favor
able to the tariff bill.
When sugar and wool had been dis
posed of the ciiucuh ratified the com
mittee amendment placing hair of the
Angora goat on the free list.
Pudding, Tapioca or Shortcake,
Make Delicious Confection.
Rhubarb Pudding Mash half a
pound cf bag or pulled figs, or use
dates or raisins, or a mixture of all or
of any two of these fruiU. Cover
with boiling water and cook until
water is nearly absorbed. Cut a
pound of rhubarb In inch pieces, put a
layer of the cooked dried fruit, and
repeat until all la used. Add a quar
ter of a cup of hot water and bake in
a slow oven until the rhubarb is soft
Serve cold alone or with cream.
Rhubarb Tapioca Soak half a cup
of tapioca over night and cook until
clear in a double boiler. Place in a
buttered pudding dish two cups of rhu
barb, cut in small piecea; one cup of
sugar and a pinch of ginger. Pour
the hot tapioca over this, atir In one
teaapoonful of butter, cover and bake
one hour. Put a meringue on it be
fore serving, if you like, or serve it
cold, with plain or whipped cream.
Rhubarb Shortcake Put two cupa
of rhubarb, cut small, with a leant cup
of sugar in a double boiler and cook
until rhubarb ia tender and augar dis
solved. Add the juice and chopped
rind of one lemon. Make a shortcake
by your favorite receipt, but cut and
bake it like biscuit. When done, break
open, butter them and arrange on a
hot dish. Put the rhubarb in be
tween, and when serving pour the
juce over them.
Mothers will find Mrs. W!niow-s Boot hi as
yrn. ih- l at mmnW to iw tut liieir children
dunus lb letiiiutf jajnud.
At Leant Something; New.
First Mother "How was the baby
show?" Second Mother "Fair. Of
course, there's not much change in the
styles, but the display of accessories,
such as five-minute detachable nigh
ties, cry mufflers and self-starting
cradles was particularly good."
March of Progress.
Abner Wombat was born In a log
cabin, but every one of bis grandsons
has a dress ault Such Is life In
Wo tSo.iif K'f-.l j.ww.n Iliuw1tlue. Its
thof l i. in tmiff l-'t'.a wli r. Aa fur
Craa UU ll!w. II'- U.l . a. I Mil.
No Time.
"Have you ever had nervous pros
tration?" "No. I work fur a salary
vklch stops when I'm not on my Job."
Chicago Hecord Herald.
Simpls Lines.
What we all need Is grand simple
Ones In our character and our work
u well as In our toilettes.
II c 1 c n s
I'oHTl A X ti, OKBifO
RtMuUnt and Da? School for Girl
It of f.Utr Hi.!- tin !i.lUt (rrltMwpt.II
Mlt. Art, &iUM !... It At I, iKaaMtnl
TUXtlfcTI II M I't HMH,OffU0
l. Ilrlnta 1114
Tres Absorbed Lamp Post.
When an old elm tree In the ave
ue at IIiihIh y i'urk, near I-ondon, was
cut dnwn, tin- Iron framework of an
old Uriel lamp wax found embedded In
th trunk to a depth of several Inches
about 25 feel from the ground. It Is
bslleved that the lamp liiuat have been
sailed to the tree many year ntto and
tradiiiilly became surrounded by the
Mrs. Hilbert Tells of Her Dis
tressing Symptoms During
Change of Life and How
She Found Relief.
FMwood. Pa. " During the Chang
W Life 1 was hardly able to ho around
at all. I always had
a headache and I
was so dizzy and ner
vous that I had no
rest at night The
flashes of heat were
so Lad sometimes
that I did not know
w hat to do.
"One day a friend
advised mo to take
I.ydia E. Pinkliam't
VtiipatitiU Com
Powd and It mado me a strong well wo
JJM. I am very thankful that I fol
lowed my friend'a n.lvlc and I ahall
Jmend It as long as I live. Refore
iu 1,19 Compound I was alwaya
J,ckly nd now I have not had medicine
rpWn a doctor f..r t.n Vmi mav nnh.
"htny letter." Mra Pmvnn It. fin..
lET, Fleetwood, Pa.
" flashes, headaches, back
lc'1". dread of Imnemlinir xvil tlmiilitv.
b In the ears, palpitation of the
nit, sparks before the eyes, In-egu-constipation,
variable appa fU,
and inquietude, and dizziness,
Promptly heedeil by Intelligent wo
ho are approachind the period In
Wne" woman's great change may
- ...
LlJia EL PlnVhatnU Com.
tond Invigorates and strengthens the
organism ami bulids up the weak-
llervniia iiim It hn carried
V Wtmcn safely through this crisis.
fit t't ,.
Retiring Governor of Georgia Fa
vors Compulsory Arbitration.
Atlanta, (ia. An arraignment- of
lalMir unions in which it is charged
that they form "the most widespread
ami aggressively exacting trust in
America," is contained in the farewell
message of Governor Brown, pre
sented in the Georgia legislature.
Governor ISrown's criticism is made
in connection with his argument for
the enactment of laws requiring com
pulsory arbitration of differences be
tween employes and employers.
"The trend of the laws of the pres
ent day is to suppress combinations or
trusts in restraint of trade," says the
message, "yet while it is a matter of
public note that the labor trust is the
most widespread and aggressively ex
acting trust in America, politicians
pander to it because of its voting pow
er. "The labor unions, by combination
which they work through strikes and
kindred methods, are aggressively
levying a toll on all the other elements
of our citizens. They have organized
a trust and demand that all other peo
ple buy laUr at whatever price they
chcxne to put on it. Contemporaneous
ly, they are trying to force from em-
Merlam's Corner, Concord, Mass.,
gained lasting fame In tho early days
of the Hevolullon because, according
to the Inscription on a tablet erected ployment all similar workmen w ho do
there, "the llrltlsh troops retreating ! not join their orders."
from the old North brldg-" were here I
attacked In flank by tho men of Con- Woman Explorer Goes North.
curd and neighboring towns and drlv- New yorkInto practically unex-
en under a hot fire to Charlestown." prireil regions of Northern British Co-
' lumbia and Southeastern Alaska,
have never seen the face of a white
"Yanks. Doodle" Oldest of Our Na- 1 woman, ftliss niary i.. jooe, proiexsor
Who Put "U"
in Blues?
YOURSELF; in other
words, your lazy liver. You
have been overloading the
stomach and thus clogging
the bowels. You can easily
stir these organs into
healthy activity by the
daily use of
Stomach Bitters
I Womanhood
AUt A'aure
now and then,
uitk a gtntlt
cathartic Dr.
Pierce' Pleat,
and Pellet tun
tip and inxrigor
at liver and
towel. lie tur
ou gtt what
you atk or.
The women who have used
Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription will tell you
that it freed them from Dam-
helped them over painful periods in
their life and Baved them many a (lav
of anguish and misery. Thi3 tonic, in
liquid form, was devised over 40 years
ajfo for the womanly system, by R.V.
Piece, M. D., and has been 6old ever
since by dealers in medicine to the
benefit of many thousand women.
Sowif you prefer you can obtain Dr.
Pierce' favorite Prescription tablet at
your druggiet at St per box, alto In 50c
tize or tend 60 one cent ttampt to Dr.
H. V. Pierce. UufTalo, N. Y. for trial box.
r a
Yon save both the wholesaler's and re
tailer's profits when ordering, for we
manufacture this material.
1- ply, weight 35 lbs. to 1(M sq. ft $1.25
2- ply, weight 45 lbs. to 108 sq. ft..... 1.50
3- ply, weight 55 lbs. to lOd sq. ft 1.75
Write for samples or order direct from
I this Arl. Katixfaction cruarantoei!-
J. E. BERKHEIMER MFC. CO., Tacoma, Wash.
Great Virtue.
There Is no greater everyday virtue
than cheerfulness. This quality in
woman Is like sunthlne to the day, or
gentle renewing moisture to parched
herbs. The light of a cheerful face
diffuses Itself and communicates the
happy spirit that Inspires It
The sourest temper must sweeten
In the atmosphere of continuous good
humor. As well might fog and cloud
and vapor hope to cling to sun-Illumined
landscape as "the blues" and
moroseness to combat Jovial speech
and exhilarating laughter.
There Is no path but will be easier
traveled, no load but will be lighter
no shadow on heart or brain but will
lift sooner in the presence of a de
termined cheerfulness. It may at times
seem difficult for the happiest temper
ed to keep the countenance of peace
and content, but difficulty will vanish
when we truly consider that sullen
gloom and passionate despair do noth
ing but multiply thorns and thicken
Gave Her All Her Rights.
A woman was charged at Greenwich
(England) police court-with allowing
a donkey to stray. Immediately after
a young man had been fined for a
similar offense. Mr. Symmons "You
won't have a feminine grievance If I
fine you the same as the man. If I
charged you less you would say you
were not having your rights. No, the
same as the man."
When Your Eyes Need Care
Try UuHna Kr Remedy. No Smarting- Feels
Floe Acta V'lekly. Try It or K-d, Weak,
Watery felyea ul Oranulsted fcyellria. lllua
trmted BHa io earn Parkaire. Murine ia
enmpoandnd by oor omll.ta not aMTfttent MM
lclDa" tot In tuv.-eoafnl Phy-lclan.1 i'ratf
ilea fur nianr rrm. ftuw dlirat-3 to the Ptib
ilo and snld by Orunjrlati at Tbc and 60c par Hnuia.
Marina Ma SaUa In aaeptla Tube, 'Jba and 6uc
Murine) Eye Remedy Co.. Chicago
Raw Meat Popular in Italy.
Travelers report that in Italy the
devouring of raw meat in restaurants
Is now so common as to be to wo
men, at any rate a public annoyance.
The waiter brings the slab of beef
steak and exhibits it to the eyes of
the man about to lunch, who watches
the process of cutting and of sprin
kling with a little oil and vinegar.
Over the dish is then poured a raw
One Thing That Holds Us.
Most of us would be financially well-to-do
If we didn't have to pay our
debts. St Joseph News Press.
The Tortures of Prickly Heat
and all skin affections are quickly al
leviated and in a short time complete
ly cured by using Tyree's Antiseptic
Powder. 25c. at druggists. For free
sample write J. S. Tyree, Chemist,
Washington. D. C Adv.
fi Raises j
fi the
I Dough jf'
j Better!
Pound Can fjjr
kV All Grocer.
Pessimism of Mr. Mutshaw.
"It Is a great pity," a trifle grimly
remarked Stanley Livingston Mut
shaw, who had several unappreciated
Frankenstein on his hands, a boll on
bis neck and a grand grouch on bis
soul, "that some children are so sadly
afflicted with bashfulness; and It la a
still greater pity that others ain't. Al
so, I have observed that a brother-in-law
never dies and seldom resigns.
And I believe we are going to get this
season a darn sight more rain thaa
we need!"
Liquid blue i a weiilc ablution. A mid It. Buy
Ri-d Croaa ball Blue, the blua that's ail blue. Aak
yout- grocer.
Called for Blood.
"Sandy looks as if he had beea
fighting." "He has been fighting; a
fellow said something in his presence
about 'musicians and bagpipers,' and
Sandy sailed into him."
tlonal Songs Origin of the
Other Three.
of history in the Normal college in
j this city, will start a week hence from
Prince Kupert, B. C, accompanied
By tho direction of congress Invea- lonly by two Indian guides,
ligation waa recently made, regarding Miss Johe is a veteran of several
what are known as our four national j exploring expeditions. She was one
n tri.i remirt th.- ol me two women wim i ruieimur
songs. According
oldest of these songs Is "Yankee
IXxdlo." It was sung 1T.0 years ago
and next to "Dixie" still Is the most
popuhir of our national melodies.
There axe 18 different theories as to
how the song originated, but tho most
rellabln Information seems to point to
th fact that the song was written by
a llrltlsh officer, brought to this coun
try and first played by British bands,
thereafter being appropriated by tho
colonists. The first printed verwlon of
tho song Is found In Walsh's collection
of dance music, published In tho year
17r.1i Tho most substantial song Is
"America," written by Itev. Samuel V. j
Smith, at Andover, Mass.. In rcbruary.
1832, but this song was set to the mil
slo of "God flnvo tho King." Tho
"Btar Spanglfd Banner," which wsc
writton by Francis Scott Key. while
witnessing tho bombardment of Fort
Mcllenry from a llrltlsh man of war
on Iwhlch ho was held prisoner, has in
recent years been adopted as the na
tional anthem and Is now playod on
all patriotic occasions. By order of
the government It Is received in botb
army and navy circles with barod
Herschel Parker when he reached
Mount Sanford, the highest mountain
in the Selkirk range.
She said she expected to study the
traditions, habits, ceremonies and lan
guage of tho Athabascan or "Carrier"
tribe of Indians along the Skeena and
Peace rivers.
A Pertinent Question.
"My people have lived In this coun
try for five generations."
"And did you Inherit from them yoir
disinclination to pa)' taxes?"
Read It Again.
Read the Declaration of Independ
ence through again. There may be
some essential part of It that you
have forgotten.
The most fervent prayer may be
made In silence and the most pairlotlo
eltlson may make little noise.
Canadian Wreck Kills Eight.
Ottawa, Ont Eight persons were
killed and more than 20 injured Thurs
day afternoon in a wreck of the west
bound Winnipeg express on the Cana
dian Pacific railway. The colonist
enrs. crowded with immigrants,
skidded down the embankment and
plunged into the Ottawa river. In
these the eight known victims, four
men, three women and a child, met
death. Five of them have been iden
tified as recent arrivals from Scotland
and Ireland bound for Western
Impure Blood
Gets Good Bath
Wonderful How Quickly
Your Entire System
Awakens When the
Blood is Cleansed.
Moat Experts to Travel.
Washington, D. C. Secretary
Houston Is contemplating the dispatch
of four or bve of his experts from the
bureau of animal industry to Argen
tina, Australia, Uruguay and Brazil.
The placing of meats on the free list
by the new tariff bill, combined with
the decrease in the supply of cattle in
this country, has led the department
to the belief that other countries may
be shipping beef here in the near fu
ture. Humidity Kills Eight.
Philadelphia - Eight deaths were re
ported in this city Thursday as a re
sult of excessive humidity, although
the official temperatre did not register
above 85 degrees. Most of the vic
tims were infanta.
If you are down with rheumatism: if
you sneeze, fee! chilled, are choked wltn,
catarrh, have a cough, or your skin la
pimpled anil irritated with rash, acxema.
or any other blood disorder. Just remem
ber that almost nil the Ills of life come
from Impure blood. And you can easily
give your blood a good, thorough cleans
ing, a bath, by using- S. S. 8. There Is
no need for anyone to be despondent over
the Illness of blood Impurities. No mat
ter how badly they attack the system, or
how unsightly becomes the skin. Just re
member there Is one Ingredient In 8. S. 8.
that so stimulates the cellular tissues
throughout the body that each part se
lects Its own essential nutriment from
lb blood.
This means that all decay, all breaking
Sown of the tissues. Is checked and re
pair work begins. S. 8. 8. has such a
pacific Influence on all local cells as to
preserve their mutual welfare and afford
a proper relative assistance to each other.
More attention Is being given to con.
atructlve medicine than ever before and
8. 8. 8. Is the highest achievement In tbla
line. For many years people railed upon
mercury. Iodide of potash, arsenic, phys
ics, cathartics and "dope" aa remedies
for blood slckncas, but now the pure
botanical 8. 8. 8. Is their safeguard.
You can get 8. 8. 8. in any drug store,
but Insist upon having It. The great
Swift laboratory in Atlanta, Co., pre
pares this famous blood purltler, and you
should take no chance by permitting any
one to recommend a substitute.
And If your blood condition la such that
you would like to consult a specialist
freely and confidentially, address the
Medico Department, The Swift B peel do
Company, mo Swift DUg Atlanta, Oa.
Record for Laziness.
The laziest man Is reported In Ar
kansas, where he conducts a shoe
store In a little towi. A woman en
tered his shop one day and said she
wanted to buy a pair of shoes. The
lazy man, who was sitting on a box
at one end of bis establishment. look
ed at her, yawned wearily, and then
said: "I can't wait on you today.
Come In some time when I'm standin'
up." San Francisco Argonaut.
In the Car.
"My dear sir, I don't mind your
walking briskly nil over my feet, but
I wish you wouldu't loiter on them."
He "I wish I had money. I'd trav
el." She "How much do you need?"
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Telleta regu
late and invigorate stomach, liver and
bowels. Sugar-coated, tiny granules,
easy to take. Do not gripe.
Mean of Maud.
Ethel "Jack snatched a kiss from
Alice Inst night and she cried." Maud
"What for more?"
Slow Work.
Poverty Is no disgrace, but It la hav
ing a hard time getting Itself to be
Daily Thought.
Silence Is a great peacemaker.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
Legal Axiom.
Keep your own counsel and you'll
never need a lawyer.
Guileless Paragon.
Oh! for a person who Isn't trying to
work something.
lallanee er Sare Eyes anal Stlea
promptly bealeal with
Roman Eye Balsam
is what they all say
V '
M. . tV Witt, tmmm mi Mm
t-f our
Methods of
Out-of-town ts
pt ran hav) their
plate and bridsw
work 6niahad In on
day if Moaaaary.
An abeolute rruar
an tea. backed by 29
eeara in Portland
Wise Dental Co.
Office HOURS:
8 A. M. In 8 P. M. Sandava 9 ta I
Phones: A 2029: Main 2029.
falllnc Bids.. Third and Washington. Portland
For that troublesome ailment use
Hlahly recommended. Sample package 10c
The Vitalitas Chemical Co.
North Rank Bldg.. Seattle. Wash.
: -nam
ix,. ;;.
tan recetT prTinpl tiMalw
nifiir of TTnn rnliwnnae.
E-aitat-fcauUdaxi- rsjaMua
tae Catlaeaa doctor.
Try once more If yon riT ba doctoring wit a
this one nti that one sind here not otitined pt
nutrient iltf. I-t this) irrset nature hp.ler dia
noee yoar pm enrl prevri'e svinA rvmeiy whosie
aotlon I quW k. tnire ana nfe. jlli pnmr-ript.oiia
are com pounded from Koota, lrtaB, Hmle and
rlarkn that he bern sjthervj from ever qnar
terof th lote. The skirete of th-e medicines
are not known to the mi (!.) world, lut have beea
hftD'ttvt 'lwn from tmthmt to eon ia the rjhjiirtaea'
laii.e ia China.
If yon lire out of town and cannot call, write for
nmpium blank, and oirvular eoclotuiia 4 oeate ia
1621 st St., Cor. Morrison
Portland. Oregon.
P. N. U.
No. 28, '13
wrltlta- to adrartiaara, plena :
vv tioa thia patwr.
Color more goods brighter and faster colors than any other dye. One lOo package colors silk, wool and cotton equally
well and is luaranteed to five perfect results. Aaat dealer, or we will send postpaid at 10c a package. Write lor Uee
booklet bow to dye, bleach, and mis color. MONKOE DBUO CO MP AMY, Quincy, Illinois.