St. Helens mist. (St. Helens, Or.) 1913-1933, April 11, 1913, Image 4

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For Sale and Want Ad
Ada lm TUCJmhm Brimg RMulu
For Sale Five brood sows, one
boar, seventeen small pigs.
D. Paaero Bros.,
4 Columbia City.
One brown yearling heifer taken
up the fore part of September.
Owner can have same by paying
charges and proving property.
C. 0. Dahlgren,
8t Warren. Ore.
Full blooded Barred Plymouth
RockTejrgs for setting. $1 per
setting of 15.
George Perry,
Houlton. Ore.
For Sale Six-acre farm, good
house and out buildings. Also ten
acre tract'all under cultivation, one
mile from'St. Helens, Ore.
Geo. W. Perry, Houlton, Ore.
For Sale Thoroughbred Wyan
dott cockerels, $2.00 each. Eggs
$1.00 for setting.
R. H. Roberon, St. Helens, Ore.
For Sale Early Rose seed po
tatoes. D. Pasero,
4t Columbia City
Light Brahmas egg for hatching.
$1 for 15. Mrs. S. E. King. May
ger, Ore. 4-21
Indian Runner duck eggs for sale.
$1 for IS. J. W. VanNatta, War
ren. Wood for Sale
Good Dry Fir, Cut from Large
Green Trees.
Will Deliver to St Helens for
$3.50 per Cord. To Houlton
for $3.00 per Cord.
25c Discount on Ten Cords or
More. Hard Wood $4.50 per
Cord. Phone Bachelor Flat
Line or write me at Warren
Ore. Wm. Skuzie.
Houlton M. E. Church
Houlton, first and third Sundays.
Preaching by the pastor, Rev. W.
T. Fairchild at 11 a. m. and 7:30
p. m. Sunday school every Lord's
Day at 10 a. m., Mr. David Cole,
Yankton, second and fourth Sun
days. Preaching by Rev. W, T.
Fairchild at 11 a. m. Union Sunday
school at 11 a. m.
Warren Preaching at 3 p. m.
on first and third Sundays of each
months. Trenholm and other points
week nights.
Summer Rates between
St. Helens and Portl-rd
50 cents one way
75 cents ronnd trip
Tickets good any time after
April 4th
Boat leaves St. Helen 7:65 a. m.
Returning leaves Portland 2:30 p. m.
Arrive at St. Helena 4-45 p. to.
t St. Helens and
' TT ll Tn 1 m rf
nuunuii fairy
From Healthy Cows
delivered to your door
every day
George konopka
iwiim juw TtuoMt Taaae
Oar Win fit
Ilk Blastl IT
relieve at ear
Stacking. Km Cap. AmkUw
All donirinir to connect to sewer
in sewei district No. 2, apply to R.
Constantin for permit. By order of
City Council.
John Q. Gage, Rec.
Have five acres of new ground
ready for plow. Would give con
tract for plowing same.
George Perry, Houlton.
Indian JJunner ducks. White
W. I will have a tew settings of 1 h
egg to spare.
ti iwr aaitfitio
J M. Burkfaead id
... 1
yyarreo. ure.if-"
County Court
Wednesday, April 2. 1913. 5th
Judicial Day.
Court came pursuant to adjourn
ment. Officers all present.
Due proclamation being made the
following proceedings were had:
Matter of petition of C. Norman
et al for a county road.
On this 2nd day of April, 1913,
comes on for hearing the pitition of
C. Norman and 21 others, free
holders, residing in the road dis
trict or districts of said proposed
road, praying for the re-location of
the Delena-Mayger road, described
as follows:
Beginning at a stake marked A
situated in the county road on sec
tion line 1200 feet south of section
corner, between sections 4 and 5,
T. 7, N. R. 3 west; thence in a
southerly direction on the most
practical route to a stake marked
B, situated in the county road on
section line 1000 feet north of
quarter corner between sections 8
and 9. T. 7. N. R. 3 W. Said road
to be known as the Delena & May
ger road, and the present road be
tween stakes A and B to be va
cated. 1
And it satisfactorily appearing to
the court from proof filed herein,
that due notice of the pendency of
this proceeding has been given as
by law required, that twelve of said
petitioners are legal freeholders of
this county, residing in the road
district or districts of the proposed
road, and that a good and sufficient
bond has been given and filed here
in; It is therefore ordered by the
court that the board of county road
viewers meet at Mayger, Oregon,
on the 11th day of April, 1913, or
on their failure to meet on said day.
then within five days thereafter,
and proceed to view, survey and
locate said proposed road.
Matter of cancellation of county
road warrant;
On this day it is ordered by the
court that county road warrant No
1235, in the sum of $2.50, in favor
of Hugh Murray be and the same
is hereby cancelled, said warrant
having been issued in payment of a
claim heretofore settled by the road
supervisor of R. D. No. 10, and in
advertantly reported to the county
court for payment.
Matter of scalp bounty claims
On this day the clerk presents to
the court verified scalp bounty
claims as follows:
Andrew Nelson, claim No. 55, for
$6 for three wild cats.
Clvde McDonald, claim No. 56
for $3 for two coyotes.
R. Christensen. claim No. 57, for
$11.50 for one coyote and five wild
Clyde Johnson, claim No 58, for
$2 for one wild cat.
And the court being advised in
the matter, it is ordered by the
court that said claims be and they
are hereby approved.
Matter of claim of Chaa. B. Stuart
for damages from slide:
On this day this matter again
coming on for consideration by the
court, and the court not being fully
advised in the matter, it is ordered
by the court that said matter be
and the same is hereby continued.
Matter of application of Jennings
McRae Logging Co. for rebate of
taxes erroneously assessed for year
1907, and for cancellation of same
on delinquent tax roll:
This matter having come on for
hearing on this 2nd day of April,
1913, upon the sworn petition in
behalf of the Jennings-McRae Log-
ing Co. , and the records, evidence
and facts of the matters pertaining
thereto having been duly presented
to, and considered by the court, and
it appearing to the satisfaction of
the eourt that by errors in timber
cruise and assessments based there
on, the said company was over as
sessed for the year 1907 to an ex
tent in excess of amounts yet
claimed by said county to be delin
quent from said company for said
year, and that all of the unpaid
balance of such delinquent tax
should be remitted and cancelled
from such delinquent tax roll; and
that said company should dismiss
its appeal from the action of the
board of equalization, in so far as
the same is based on any irregu
larity or illegality in regard to the
amount of iu Uxes already paid for J
said year, which is conceded by the I
petition herein;
It Im now, therefore, ordered
court th1 " ot Mld ba,mne0 ofl court being fully edvlmed.
delinquent Ux as charged aganat ordered by the court that amid re.
Jennings-McRaa Loggfna" Com-jport
rnr um rav irvii unmu 1 jwb
.. ., r
to $658.04, together with all cost,
interest and penalty, be and the
same is hereby remitted and can
celled, and the tax collector for
Columbia county is hereby directed
to cancel the record of delinquency
appearing on page 42 of Vol. 2, of
the assessment roll for Columbia
county, Oregon, for the year 1907.
and all other evidences of delin
quency for taxes for said year
against the S 1-2 of SVV 1-4 of Sec.
11; the N 1-4 of NW 1-4 of Sec 13;
all of Sec 14; SE 1-4 of Sec. 15;
SB 1-4 and E 1-2 of NE 1-4 of Sec.
22; all of Sec. 23; N 1-2 of N 1-4.
S 1-2 of NW 1-4 and N 1-2 of SW
1-4 of Sec. 26; and NE 1-4 of SE
1-4 of Sec 27, all in township 7
North, Range 5 West of Willamette
And it further appearing that a
portion of said section 22, described
as NE 1-4 of NW 1-4 of NE 1-4, ap
pears on the said delinquent tax
roll for said year 1907, in book 2,
page 7, line 20, as assessed to Maud
E. Graham, when in fact it was
owned by said company, and one-
half of the taxes assessed thereon
paid by it, at the time and under
the circumstances affecting that de
scribed on page 42 of said roll, and
there is yet marked against the
same as delinquent, the sum of $34,
which should he remitted. It is
further ordered that the said bal
ance of $34, together with all
interest, costs and penalty, against
said property for said year be and
the same is hereby remitted, and
the tax collector is hereby ordered
to cancel the same of record.
In the matter of the application
of Columbia & Nehalem River rail
road for spur crossing over count
road, near Wood's Landing, Oregon:
The Columbia At Nehalem River
Railroad Company, through its at
torneys, Messrs. Veazie, McCourt
& Veazie and Dillard & Day, hav
ing this day filed its petition pray
ing for right of way, during rail
road construction, for a spur of
switch track over the Columbia
county public road at a point in
SE 1-4 of SE 1-4 of Sec. 5, town
ship 7 North, range 5 West, in Col
umbia county, Oregon, about 490
feet south and 400 feet east of the
Wood's Landing Railway Station;
and presented the same to the court
for consideration thereof, and the
court having duly considered the
same; Said petition is hereby
granted as filed, and said railroad
company is hereby granted the
right to construct a spur across said
county road at the said designated
point, on the present grade of said
county road, and so as not to inter
fere with traffic thereon, for the
transporting of material during the
constructing of its contemplated
railroad, upon condition that it is
to remove the ties and rails used
and restore said county road to its
present condition when said railroad
is completed, and that the crossing
of said spur or switch in said county
road be at all times kept convenient
and easy to the public.
Hatter of deeds for road from
Rainier Land Company, Geo, F. &
M. J. Moeck and D. B. & Tlllie
On this day it appearing to the
court from the examination of duly
executed deeds, that Rainier Land
Company, Geo. F. Moeck et ux and
Dean B. Stehman et ux have con
veyed to Columbia county a certain
strip of land in Sections 17 and 20,
i-i, lorever dedicating the same
for road purposes, it is ordered by
the court that the board of county
road viewers survey and locate said
road according to said deeds, and
file their report, together with a
plat of said road with the clerk of
this court.
Whereupon, court adjourned un
til Thursday. April 3, 1913.
Thursday, April 3, 1913, 6th ju
dicial day.
Court came pursuant to adjourn
ment. Officers all present.
Due proclamation being made the
following proceedings were had
Un uils day this matter coming
on for consideration upon the re
port of the board of county road
viewers upon the proposed change
in Rainier-Beaver Valley road in
accordance with duly executed
deeds from Rainier Land Co,, Geo.
Moeck et ux and Dean B, Steh
man et ux, heretofore duly pre
sented herein, and it appearing to
the court that said proposed change
would be of public utility, the re-
port of the board of county road
riewers being favorable, and no ob
jecuon or ciaim ror damages being
tMtm a. I
tiled er preeented herein, end the!
be accepted and that said
jh wh k
Town's full of
Studebaker Farm Wagons, Studebaker Bug
giea and Studebaker Delivery Wagona.
and every owner of a Studebaker veHicle
is proud of it Because he knows it is the best.
Studebaker wagons and buggies are built on honor
and with the experience that comea from sixty years
of wagon building, and you get the benefit ot this
experience when you buy a Studebaker vehicle
Whether you live In town or countryt whether you want a
work or pleasure vehicle, thera'ea Studebaker to fid your require
manta. Farm wagona, contractor wagon, truck, municipal
vehicle, ica wagona, dump wagona and carta, road oiler. huggies
depot wagona, aurreya, pony carta, runabout wa make them au.
alao hamate, for any eued animal for any vehicle, of the
aarna high atandard oi quality aa the Studebaker vehicle.
See ear Wr ar write a.
STUDEBAKER South Bend, Ind.
with said deeds, be duly recorded
in the proper records, and from
thenceforth said road shall be a
public highway.
It is further ordered by the court
that the road supervisor in v. ho
district said road is located shall
open the same for public travel.
It is further ordered by the court
that the clerk be and he is hereby
authorized and instructed to issue
a warrant on the special road fund
of road district No. 6, in the sum
of $50, in favor of D. E. Stel man,
in accordance with agreement here
tofore had with said D. B. Stehman.
Whereupon, court adjourned un
til Friday, April 4, 1913.
Friday, April 4, 1913, 7th judi
cial day.
Court came pursuant to adjourn
ment. Officers all present.
Due proclamation being made,
the following proceedings were had:
Matter of petition of St. Helens
Timber Co for rebate of taxes:
On this day comes on for hearing
the sworn petition of St. Helens
Timber company, a corporation, for j
rebate of taxes assessed and levied j
against the timber on lots 1 and
2, and SE 1-4 of NE 1-4 of section ;
4, township 2 North, Range 2 we9t jecteil S. 8:1 27' w. l om the N .
of Willamntte Meridian, ! ner of Mer' town -f ....i ie ... .1 .,.
And it satisfactorily appearing to
the court that all the allegations of
said petition are true, and that all
the timber on said premises had
been cut and removed prior to the
first day of March, 1912, it is or
dered by the court that said peti
tion be and the same is hereby
It is further ordered by the court
tViof fka .lorlr Ko or.fl ha ia ksruliv
instructed to issue a general fund
warrant in favor of St. Helens Tim
ber company, in the sum of $225,
being the amount of Uxes paid by
aaiil rnmnnnv on account of stfph
company on account
assessment against said timber for
the year 1912.
We help ourselves only as we
help others. Be wise; help both
yourself and others by joining the
count v of hi a.
In the matter of the petition for the
Incorporation of the botinrlurie here n-
after named a- d the reaident- thereof,
f the CltT of Goble, Coluwhia County,
To whom it may concern : I
Notice ia hereby Riven that on YVeilne-
day, the 7tn day Of May, 19 Id at Q ;W a.
111. of taid day, at a regular term of the
Connty Court of Columbia County, ore.
con, a petition will be presented for
hearing before aaid County Conn, a true
and correct copy of which aai'l petition
ia us follow:
Ia the County Court of the Stale of ore-
gin, tor the County of Columl la
In the mailer of Die petition for the
incorporation of the bonmlarieft dareiq-
fter named and the residents (hereof, aa
the Citr of Goble. Columbia Count.
To th ifooorbl Cmnty Court of J
(Columbia Count r, of goo.
We, to uadams-ncd, mora tbaa fort? J
re-ou.;Jfl', ,itetun, ruin wumm th.thi
named mid haviui reuled therein f r a
period of more than 30 iUi pre-ilm
lie dire of thin petition, r. ajwtfiill v v
tiiion and repieneut a lollowv:
That we are qua ified elector ten-din
within the bouiuUnea ami Imi'orv
bvei. Mftri
therti for
dny; ha'
w.der i:l
Ijirl'n met n L.ii. ; til it
lex tlinn lrl itil.iibit.ilit
riti ry md on, i'h i I
Hi-ribed hiiI 1 tin
Ixiumlli ie 4r-t1.1t ii icul io l ;
TI111I the t rnl iry ii i lnhracr-l i nr
the piopo-d biiiii l.i'iei ie ,-iil- l
lis fnll.W-:
BfKtniiitil at pf'i-it
line Ii- twee'i r-ti- a I :
Hlnptt. Not th, nae - 1'
the corner routiu-ii to -
and 14, in C luu u '
ruoii dj thrm e i". 0" ifl'
ihn rt 30 'tt. ili-nce
585 4 feet, th -tce N. M" Jl'
feet, th-nce N. M 15' W
thence N 22 31' W 2.'i6i feet.
8h" 42 K. 24H4 feet.
85 nS' E. I'.W 4 f- et. l'ie r"
t)8 68' E. 154.3 then.-c N Hit I V
98 4 feet to the we-tem limit of il e -e-Utile,
1'oltlHn'l & kMW.l,l- K.tllto..
Coinpany'i forlueily AiIoiih A t Ihui
tiln Kiver Railroad C"iii:i r.ttlil oi
way, thence on the mine e.ur to ti e
center of I lie turn n channel o 'he t'ol
unibia Rive-. Tlieuee dtiw n the ' entt r
of the limit! channil of ie rulutiihiH
Kiv- to a point where a I. m- p'
tertect aaiil ! enter Inn
I elire s .
E. t-i the 'ill N K. !'!,' r ol h 1
terVTo! of (;oli:e, tl 1 1 ! t
couri-e 1178 .3 fie' u I-ik ' ' '
of Kai Koelei' T t
S. 6 31' V. li 4 Jl-t he .r V
W. 224 4 li t-t. Hie ; : .V .'.)' ,
feet, .heme S. i:ii:' V to.;.:. f.:.
tbeiic S, 67" 18' w. "i)7 h ie , '1 it
74" vv
222.8 l et,
157.9 tei-t, th i.i-kS .! 4V
tiienee S. (I 34' A . I7U '1 e
to ,b' i
of hifiiiiii' l
niiu le of mli-i'.ii ill ti.
teiri ry at il win m the t--t ii u u t ti .
intieio e ih c il cl i- 1.1 D .11111,1 - v )7o
,,) Wl. t, . tf ,. p,8, i, ,t . 1 r i(!
p. r el, imhr h- r.ntur th-t't 1
' . u :' r '"' I' -" 1
' 1,1 '" "r'J"-
K.iti 11 a 1110 wrv .
ioh. . q- ni,n.
tin 14 h .i.i y ..f Murcl., I11I:).
Henry Welter, M'. V. VV, Makm tet,
If 51, fowler, K. a., 1. llirhop.
Mi. H.C Makiimtf, K. HliiHrl, T' 04.
Ilui t.r, I. It htiiHft M, l I.ln . M C,
llovf . A Can wall, Kay If f n. Mr
U.K. Aiciii'i.ilil, Line II "V n, I.. .
Benne-t, Koh Makini-t-r, J. T. MrKuhly
C. K. Kowler. Iilit Hunter, L Archi.
bald, W E, Ktnnin Niih
bauel, F. W. M Hkiti'ler, Alex McLeol,
J)ui IetiKHthi r, Jennie Kltur, Mr. L.
I.uillile.R. L Ki-nny,Jolin Crura, 01U
I). Hauler, Cl'ei-li y Miikin-tt-r, Harr
Cooper, W illie holon, Arthur Can
tuer, Hi-rt Mukitint-r, Nutu-hauer, Mr.
It, Link, C C. Stuitiei, M', MHrgar
Welti t, Ni; WelU-r, nr. U. A. tjilat,
Clinr, B. Mriill, Mr. Chit, Morrill
8trab L, Voigt. Mr. Ii. Ii. cantwe
C. 0. Hovan, nr. Ii ti Hulnan.
8 ate tf oreon,
cjountv of Columbia,
I. Frank iiialmp, teing ti rat duly aworn
le)0- and auy: That I circulaleil tht
fore( pttiiioii within th territory
di-i-ciiherl in the petition herein, that
w enih and every one of aaid peti
lionet aign their lenpeclive name and
know of my own knowledge that the
aignatiirea of the aaid petitioners are
true and genuine.
Frank Iliihop
8tib rihed and aworn to before
tbia 24th day of March, 1113.
A. W. Mueller,
Notary Public for Oregon.
, W. Mueller Votary Public )
I Heal. I
Mtata of OTfgott. J
data of lb flrat pnbfleation of
noiica fa prfi 4, 1013, and ue dai
aju i, iMi.
" " '
ill iiU'il an' -.tern i 'i 1
,,,,..( . I ii .';
i:e tie ' ' ' ' ' . .
XXVI. o Oi.t.-.. II.
.'.In let .
tietici S VA
V frTjaj fN stiV 'MUJ lVJiV
Fine Bottled Goods a Specialty
E. EN Y ART, Proprietor
Houlton Oregon
CLEyMmC. A f D
PREea&IMG ersest sciielkeh
SHOP Pr'r'"r
Livery, Feed and Sale Stable
AU Business Promptly Attended To
,- ....i,.,.y.
1 K of .IRFCON. FOR Col..
..-i A. J. I 'iiKen. I'liiititiff.
I Im I.. T.i... en, Hefendnnt.
f-i tl.. nam.' of the hlale of Oregon
! iu -e hi ri l.y rniiin-d to apfirar and
I '. .lie ..Him-, tu Dm compUiiit IIIimI
inn ou in the abve entitled court
a r! mine on or before tint nixth day of
'av, l!M:l, -iid 'ly being more than
x . ki r m anil alter the. da'e of the
l! - j. 'I-Iiih of tbt unniiiioii", ati,
i .011 1 ill to -o.p. ar and miiki- aner
I aid .011,1.1 ,ir.t, IIih plnintifl will -..y
to t.r (' nrt for the relief prayed for
1 . khi! 1-omplnii.t, U-wit; For a il.eree
of dtvon e ilias'ilvlug the bond of matrl
m oy iu and heretofore existing he
twren V..11 and plaintill, and awardinK
plaintiff the care and C'ltody i f the
minoi 1 bililn n of yotirnelf and phiinlifT
vix , Mit'iH-a .1, Tannen, (ieoryB VV, Tan
en, Coiad I 11 Tantren and Curl Tangen
.inn nri-irii ( 'in 1 111 III o lie.llie owner
iii Inn own r k'H, fiee and ch ar of any
v aim lit voir fuvor tnertiti, of ibe f.,J
lowirnj li tcrib.'il rcjil propi rtv. ituaied
in the Connty ul Coliimlii and blaic of
Onitoti, viz . lot ni.mUr eluht (8) it
bit k numb, r (4) In ilryant's irnt Ad
union 10 the town of llryantsville, now
"i'hin theClty of CUt-fcinie j and fot
tiler reliHl .,-), M tfr Cpnrt may deem
ei't tnble in tfie tri-mie.
Thin Miimi.nna a tilblil t'l in the Hi.
Ilcmn Ml-t by thH order of the Hon
i. A, Kukin, J.i.le of the above en
L1I...1 n .. .1..1 j ,
....... v-iuu. uiiiy in ine ami eptere l on
'h- niiu teenth day of Marefa, 1011, and
in-uaieoltbe nrt inl.ictlon of aaid
iiminona I Mareh 21. 11)1.1, andthedate
of thelHNt publication thereof ia May 2,
in l.l.
Tearcy A Winller,
Attorney for I'lainiiff,
708 Chamber of Commer. a I'.uihllng,
roitland, OrKon.
for hale Cood second cutting
clover and first cutting timothy and
clover; American Wonder and Hur-
bank awej potatoes; also a new varl
ety called
. I a
mo fcvenrreen. a o-rr-nf
"ti fine potato.
writ A, ,"Juur phona or
- , Uf,oa' Warns. Ort.
St. Helens, Or.
Eggs for Hatching
5. C. Huff Leghorns
S. C. Buff Orpingtons
l.t P... $2 00 par IS E((t
2nd Pen, f I 00 par IS Efft
Spacial Matin Paa, $3.00 par IS Efct
Wm for Mating List which will f
our Winning at Poultry Shawi
Mr. and Mrs. Albert D. Larson
Box 96 Goble, Ore
$1.00 per hi
$,!.()() per :o
$lf)() per Jo
Poor Hatches Made Good
Notice of Final Account and
In the matter of the eetateof Iaid H.
Dritlain, Heceaaed.
Notice ia hereby given (hat Fauna A
Brittain, aduiiniitratrix of the eatateof
lavid II. Ilrittain. deccaaed, haf Sled
her final account a aurh adiiilnitratrlf
of (aid eatata in the Connty court d
the State of Oregoa, for Columb
County, and th( the aaid court imP
pointed Saturday, the 'Jtlth day td AprUi
191.1, ut IU OQ o'clock i.Di ul MiJJ'f.
in ti e court room of taid court, l
Helen, Columbia county, Oregon,
the time and place for lbs bearing of ll
ol.jecimiia fo raid fina) account and M
ettleiiient thereof, and that all -crt)Pf
inteieated in Mid estate nify n",P11
or I rforenaid date aI file spy ol iftipD
tl en to.
Hated t Helens, Oregon, ami M
pul It-bed March 2H, 1013.
Jimma A. Briiuin,
Ailn iniairatiix of Eiat pf Jvld Hi
ntittain, HtM-caaed.
Ueo M. NJcBride, Attomff.
Notice to Creditors
in tub; urv court tV TUS
In the matter of the eatals of Hun &
Hj irkman, Iced.
Noiics I hsraby given by the ufl1'
iKned, the administrator of the Mis'
of liana P, Bjorktnan, dm:eal, lh
creditor of, and all parmms bK1"1
claim agalnit ad rttate, to piW'
them, with the proper voucher, wltbls
ux runnth from th date of till nli".
to aaid administrator, at lha Columbia
County Bank, In St. Helen. Columbia
county, Oregon, that being the place tot
the transaction of tha bimine of '
Iated April 1013,
Wm. m. Mwr.
Adminlitrator of theeitateof Hani
njorktnan, deceaaed.
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