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    For Cleansing the Blood j TRIP MADE TROUBLE
I bava never found anything (Vtinl to Hood'
rarnarilla. In our home it in regarded our
ig-eneral family medirine. We una it whenever
we ar bilious or run lown, or have imiiur
lilood or that tired filling. I regard it only
simple justice to apeak well of tliia meuinne,
that baa proved ita worth no muny time. Cer
tainly we would not know what to do were we
leprivtd of Hood fcrnpurillu." JIr. I 1L
Nuabamn, Goshen, Indiuna.
It la because it eoinliinea tli great curative
irtu of more than i!0 valuulilu ingredient
just tboae jiresrribcd hy the best physician, thut
P Hood's Sarsaparilla
roiaefar tuou reniaflabla curative power. It is the Spring Medicine for
tin blood, stomach, kidney and liver. (Jot a bottle today.
But Pa and Ma Stubbins Had a
Long Journey Before Them,
and It Was Their First.
ten r '' "rtree Wild Iucka
sad Kkw saiw Writ m far
w (W, aa all hlode !. Br. eta.
Pearson-l'aKe Co., Portland
Surer then daya tnrana work
end lot of tt. You can't work
at tp speed unless your stomach
la rljjlit on the job. If it .ai.'t, try
Stomach Remedy
and get back Into the stride at
once. Time. i money and you
can't alTord to lose any.
llet tbe remedy at any drug
atore or aetid to
Powell Kcmcdy Co.
Spokane, Wah.
1 a llollle, Six lU.ttlee for $5.
Mr. Melvlna Btubblna threw Uf,
both floury baud In horror. Fa bad
fallen over something la tbe wood
lied. The cat shrieked lu pain. Tben
another crash adled consternation to
tbe startled woman.
I Mr. Htubblu rushed Into the
; woodshed, i'a wa down on tbe floor
i with a load of stove wood about Mm.
! HI uoae wa bleedliiK and the water
I from the overturned pall on tbe wab
1 bench waa dammed against hla over
: all. Tbe cat cowered under the
I waalilng machine, licking tenderly at
i her bruised tall.
I "JoaUh Htubblu, what be yon a-
doln'T" abrleked Melvlna solicitously,
To Keep Room Fragrant
You will And any room delightfully
freshened If you will flit a bowl full of ' grasping the proatrate man dotermln-
Dolilng water then pour on the top a .dl, by u,, .houlder and atrivlng to
IVW Ulll)' Ul Uli Ul invt'iiur. iuvs
the bowl In the riioui for a few mill
(Ilea. Till Will lie appreciated espe
dally by those wuokm cl I h I n it room la
near the klt' lirn. When UHed jiiMt In
fo re dinner I served It couutera'il
kitchen odor.
f ,f f 4 wev,e - ,
! Huah Duffy.
! Hon should Have Been in Good
Condition in Fall.
II uoujzn rr
Better! imnl
Vk Pound C
AU CratejraVV; j
Fowl Should Not Be Allowed to Eat
Oraln ae Faat ae They Can Con
sume It, But Rather Made to
Scratch for tt.
A much dDnd uoon the condV
' tlon of the bene themelve a any
! thing elae. if you are eipectlng tbe
I winter egga. You ahould have aeen to
It that your ben were not ruuuiu
wild during the late fall, getting too
much corn about the fielda or bog
pen, or that they are not etarvlng
when you think they are picking up a
good living for themelva after the
! grain ha all been put away tor mm
For many yeara l aept oniy m
flock of bena and paid little attenUon
ralae tbe groaning heap. I to them except during the winter, i
"I wu Je.t a tblnkln' about that ; Veteran baaeball itar, former man- i got of COurae, very few egga and
trip of ourn." he panted, gaining hla ager of the Chicago White Bo and i ouni that if I wished thla much
feet, "an" (tumbled over th' bootjack, tbe Milwaukee llrewera. baa been ughi. winter aupply I mut look doa
Then the gol darned cat got In my awarded the Fall River tranchlae in j er t0 bulne.
way, an' I went down." i tDe New England league. It 1 ex-1 j ed ahuttlng my bend In a large
Mra. Btubbln waved her hand dee-1 pected that the team wlU be moved I park ,juring the month of November
palringly and alghed. i 10 Portland. Maine. j ad feeding them cooked vegetable.
.jbo AND 6i0o
00, i$KOC ilul)lO
ti.OO. $1 Wmrt li 00.
The Urcatt aaakar of
Man's S3.50 and 1-4 OO
sho in the world.
AO Ihuvt. J uM food
jlm, ni hi mmmr mm om.r
U 07OO lh anly dilfi
ah tm mil tbara, stylfft
ul, TrjrD04ir. ii jmm i
lonlM large factorial
Mim., and aaa far yoaraal
L. lNiufflaa ihoM ara aadt,
eraland Kf thar ara wa
k baiter, hold tbalr aaapa ai
aojr othar naka far ta.e prlea
It W. L. Pnnrlu abnai ara a.
vllnU..wr.t W. I.. Iionlaa. Rmfktnn. Mau,
aakas aoalln M.M 1-VV
aaaa la I ha on... A ..1 "mVC
and .h.H.. ,. J? ,r-J I
aula W. U i.JX.'i la-V-VX-ija
at Brorklnn, V.'c 'jfA
t bow raraf ullr t ! XJP A
roa would thea r 0 -jff
rantad ta Ht Wtl.r, '"irflt
id waar Wagar taaa ' W"J
TVglu as-a Is rj
oa Ilia auHow. igf jfj ' m
TITUTt. fj&r
1m mn flilvol nna frnm 11t think-I
tn' of goln travelln'," abe admitted.'
tbet I ain't good fer nothln' an'
you're wore," heaping It onto Joalah
! merclleeily.
Bometlme I reckon It aln t wutn
i th' candl
, milk, a little of everything in me
! shape of grain. Instead of letting them
; run to tbe corn bouse; that la, all
hni thnaa I wished to market, and
Pink rye, tatzeefla.
Shipping fever
and Catarrhal FavM
Bora nra and poattlr trwantlra. na matter how bona) at any c
ara inactd or "ospoaad. Liquid, giran on tha; acta aa taa
b ood and Glanda, aipals tbapuivOTMmatarnufrnaitbabcar. Carol Dta
tamiMrlnboKsandSnarvandCaolorain P'jultrr. Larsrat aHnll,
uxrlt ramodv. Curaa La Gnppaamonf hum.-, oncaandia a (na Kid,
neyraraadr. (Ae and 11 a bottla-. I5and tlOaoWn. Cjtlhlaaiil. Kaaj
It. Show to your dnjririat. who will t it for yoo. Fraa Baoklat, "D
trmpor. Cau-aa and Curaa." Hparial acenta wantrd.
Kissing Conjugated.
"8aim Sllclu once aaid that klaea
were like creation made out of noth
ing ind very good: and another Amer-
thoae I confined In a large coop with
rharica MePmirt nf Pittsburgh de a floor In 1L ao they could not do too . writer thua conjugated the verb
all thl fuln' an" atewln' , feated Charlee Oil of Ilrooklyn in a ! much acratchlng, and fed them more . t0 klgg. "Bua. to kl; rebua, to kU
again; piunuua, ii i -
to number; ayllabua, to kis the band
instead of the lipa; blunderbuss, to
klsa the wrong nerson; erbua, to kiss
in the dark: omnibua, to kia verj
one In the room."
an packln" an' plannlnV be walled. ; National Billiard league game, tu w grain and less mn, pieni ui
wiping the blood from hie blckory 4. i water and usually two weeka would
ahlrt and looking dazed. "Folk would : John Layton of St. Louie in a match nnd them In good condition for tna
Tailor Before Civilization.
Civilization makes a man, and tbe
Ka K.11.. nfr i ru.i,nn ir thsv stared game with C. Law ton broke the
home whar they wux comfortable." ' world' record high run, with 78. un
"An' never eeln" nothln' at all!" der tbe new atyle of acoring In con
agreed Mrs. 8tubbins, turning the tlnuou pool. Martin Phillips of Cbl
waah bench right lde up and pouring cago ran 74.
a liberal helping of water Into tne
basin. "Willi yerself. It look like
Jo I ah went out to tbe barn, feeling
mark at
Thte. I find, pay better than al
lowing the bene you wUh to keep over
remain with those who are going to
sell, since the feeding method differ.
A hen should not be fat when the
cold weather seta In any more than
she should be starved. She should do
fed according to the egg producing
fffoic Safins
Qaickiy tads
Waak. Sara Evaa
You Need
yaa kaa yaar llvar active, year isesl
raaular sad yaar dlgaallaa faad
I - , uaiaji wtrui uui w iun - . . , i m
' UD.'".IVi".',' d 'l1,"' l ,,",?1r.fUl ! niefully of bis nose. It waa evident , ForreBt c,dy, the Red Sox atar back- method, and with me that method is
Only Success Worth Winning.
There I nothing base In failure, but
base failure; there I nothing good In
iircei" but that which I well won.
The nwliiime of triumph 1 a mockery
to him wh ha not Oserved hi auc
eesn; If anything of conwlenc remain
to bit" uch applause must be a posi
tive torture. We alway know In our
heart whether we have merited that
Willi li come t hi. and It I alway
sweetened a hundnilfold when we
know that wo really huve done ome
thlng fair and true for It.
I. and In many re-1 , ' ' ..... , thjl' ... , ,,.
apert. not so good. With the dawn of w,Br- '- " aiop. "" :-"7 -d . eood :hance to acrauh for
civilization cume the tailor, and wltn Btubblna cycle. Getting ready to go Uert ghotton. the Browne' ipe , tool Md a gooa cn&nc. w k
,.ll... ...... I.l..l..r Mrhar IravellnaT VII RadlV lntCrrUDUUK u" nnlfloMcr waa a-iven a DIM " '
level of civilization, men of higher j even tenor of life on the farm. Half jjongj in bl salary.
Ideal and of greater force both men- j the countrylde knew of the proposed Great Fall of the Union association
tal and physical. J trip by thla time, for the local corre-:,g go)ng try out a ,oung second
. . . .. . lepondent of the Advocate bad chron-' tfccker ttan,e(i pmout
icled the newa weeks ago. i , , hag been Bet tne
Aa the gala day approached, i'a mo wh(jn Toronlo wlll nwt u,, interna-
Ma ntuDuln pacaea anu unr".--. uonal leacue Dennanf.
Cheating th Stage.
Why la there no great American
dramatlatr aaked the art pessimist,
'itofaiiae." renlied the sardonic man-
, - ' ,. i.,,n.w.of
regular meaia, pienij w laser, wucu o.u nu.v.. i 7 i
tninaiDK up ui n.-voo v.m- -and
dressing it up 'n good apeechea be
doesn't bother about the theater. He
goe into politic."
Too Often Thla I Iht View Taken.
"I think tbe school teacher tn thl
town ouKht to gel more money than
they do ' "What put that kind of an
Id. a Into your beadT" "Why ahould we
eipeot the people who are educating
our rhlldren to work for 170 or ISO a
month, when we par our chauffeura at
kraut f 100 and furnish them with board
and lodging blde7" "Hut wht does
arbool tearhln' amount to. anyhow T
Look at mont of the teacher. They
lo t got nothln' but education." Chi
cago Trlb ii nr.
Dally Thought.
Vim sleep, tout the loom of life never
tops: and tbe pattern which wa
saving when th aim went down la
wesvlng when It come up tomorrow
Henry Ward Heecher.
I .oral Airent fr .Stoddard-Dayton line
ml AuUMnubilea, iibaral diacount to
Huatlar. a g(iot name and reputation
rounta mora with ua than einenca.
Will ronaidnr l iva paupla who will en
tar buamaaa. Thia y inrludaa a
umplala rurraHfionilaiH'a aalfa course
and s car to drmonairale with en aaay
creaalng the tennlon until neither of
them alept at night for apprehending
train wreck The train wa due at
8:40 In the morning, but. In their
anilety not to be late, the couple ar-
i n.T.r allow a ben to eat grain aa
fast as she can pick It up. but make
her hunt for it tn a good pile of litter.
a. truA tnr breakfast, fed at all
' o'clock, milk and a little wheat or rye
! ; .. . .... o'clock
ror umner, uu auyo -
of corn, two quarU to forty bena
ration, dui
I Thla ma aeem a amall
CapUin Mclirtde of the senator : where three mca,g are glTen yott will
think the Athletic have the beat , fln(J ,g enough and If more la
chance in the 1913 race. i ,jiowei them there will be fewer eggs
The "perfumed note" are not r Rnm think it better to feed all
'.".k a i fnr 7 fluatered sponalble for Art Shafer a retirement gmgll la no com, but In the
riTn.f h" eP ' fm professional baseball. j " weather I And that corn .atl.fle.
. h. a little airly" com-! Huggln. .ay. Slim Sallee. hi .outh. th fowli .ch better and it ahould
TVm:Jn. Sl; . w'U be the aen.aUon of be fed aa hot as they can
rrnimrn uatad rin M " . ' ... . .... v whole show the next seaaon. Never emect real succes wiui wia-
LLruJitljLA HiUIUIV tAfV VU. ln the big. Dam-iae stauou. , ... . ,and ang lck Tuck Turner -.ral:lnB w,thout a good bone
Regulate the Boweli
Btlmunte the Liver
Improve Oieotlon and
Purify the Blood
Rad Croaa Ball Bhia gtwa double Talu for ym
Dwnay, coas twioa aa iu aa any othar. aVa you
Making It Clear.
Tie break faster had ordered a aaU
but ateak. Tbe waiter returned to an
nounce that a steak could not e
aerved, but that a filet waa poatlbl
"The filet come from here," bv ex
plained, laying two finger athwart bli
aide ai d speaking a on perfectly
good halibut to another.
Waaalagtaai Rtrart.
! the drum elove valiantly gave out It
redolent coal smoae ouor.. , r0mn campaign
Joslah took up his stand before tne , w..k.ii .v,hi
- ,v- -it.h'. VirlvhtAat nroaV . . i ill lia had for 15
aa uui vi vmm- - -n - , mm. a uuu.
. . . L I n I r. n . ... 1 . I m I V mAnthl.
and Will pay iur n
Knew What 8h Wanted.
rinaeH ticket window and waited Im
patiently. A the minute paaaed and
the agent busied himself beyond It
Utile Ruth listened In silence while i Portal, their lJy
on. after another of her elder, refused Joslah k5Ph,. orm onto
all but the smallest possible helpings , vlna and shifted his big form onto
of mince pie. One wanted "Just a little the other foot
piece," another "only a very little,", -aittin' most time, ain't It, paT"
.ir When the inlld's turn came aha' . Mra Ktubbtns. wiping her
The Fordham baseball chedule thla Bone melj ,hould be a part of every
eaaon consists of 27 games. Of thla
number 20 wlll be played at home.
Pat Tebeau is urged by many St. ;
Loulsana aa the proper man for Mra.
Hritton to aelect aa the .arda" presi
breakfast In the hen roost ana me
oyster shells and sklmmUk are quite
aa essential.
Meat 1 good, but never throw the
carcase of a dead animal Into the
jhl.lrAn house unless you want to
Dr. Frank Sexton. Harvard s baae-; cr,ate disease germs and Impure eggs.
ball coach for the paat three yeara. Keep th carcaas frozen out 01 aoor
About Umbrellae.
Eyeglass wearers have long since
complained that people are careless
with umbrellas. Many pair of glasses
have been knocked oft and broken by
persons who aalflshly refuse to move
an umbrella eo a to allow other peo
ple to easily pass. A few even persist
in dangerously spinning an umbrella
along a crowded street, endangering
the glasses and sometimes eye ui
paaslng walkers.
Pretoria Raising Hope.
Experimental hops are now being
grown at the government botanical
station near Pretoria. Should ucces
attend the attempt, a very remunera
tive aide line wlll be within the reach
of the South. African farmer. There
are ten brewerie in the country using
over half a million pounda, or more
than 250 ton of hops per annum. Thl
represents a cash value of $ 162,500.
Stubbins, Wiping ner , . , .,,, rHmaon ! ...... - n of meat
passed her p..,; eagerly. "Please give noge wttn . polk,dot oludker-, i -t
ma loo mucn. ner native siucemj ... . ; -
llef- , . .. fc I Pert Shotton. the Rrown's young ; reg
Joslah consulted his watcn. MT, he tlred of playing! v-.
wonia. ' ,. .
aaranri Hand Mvkln.
arr hnaght. sold and
erhanari: wil'.n
bn, aaamllla. at. Tha i. K. Mania Co.. U
U fortland. Hand for Biota I HI and prlaaa.
W are Hole
Agenta for
haml Iti.trtimanla. Tha oat nanplaia atorh
of Mu.iral M-rrhaitdiaa la ba NoiUwaaL
W rtta fer t atakura.
IM karaad Mlraal. fartlaad, Oragaa
Remedies Act Quickly
and Painlessly.
V a.naiii mm'intr O r kT In d.rka
"I wish this here winaow wou'u . m,nor , g , Hgve Ienty of
open up." he complained restieaaiy. . - , fgh al, There j.
i : ain't got more'n 43 mlnutea.
" open up." he comp.aineu --"' I l.nnow. and fresh air.
Vncle Ezra-Did you ee liamiet , ,.We ,., got more n 4a mlnutea. j p,ptrhpr the Giant ahortstop. ! ,h,a r-tter than fre.h air and
at the oner, house mst n gntj ,nci. ; Joglmh cou,d hold blmse.t no; amo NaUona, - - hougg clean.
:?-.'p- J,...; . fniiinr ftff longer. Me stepped flt.tem.n.7 -, - ghorUtop. maklng M error. KverT mornlDK while the dock are at
niiaaeni uir. ........... .i-vo.ahe f and rappea .ouuiy ,
It wssn't wear as good as his L"om
edy of Krrors" Uiat I saw twenty year
ano. Puck.
to tbe
error Every morning
I their breakfast
take a ahovel and
Mothers will And Mra. WlnsloWs Bootnin
yrup C a bast raiaedv to ns tot tnairnhiUnta
J uruf teathiug period.
Many Mile of 8ausage Links.
The sausage eaten in this country In
the course of a year would encircle tbe
earth more than six time.
q Banish q
"Dull Care"
Q Moat of your downhearted- Q
ness and "blue feeling-" can
be traced to a lazy liver.
Biliooaneaa ia a aura de
stroyer of health and hap-
pi ness. J
will make the liver active,
assist the digestion, help
J the bowls to become regu- J
larand make life a pleas
ure. Get a bottle today.
Chsteaubriand'a 6trang Tomb.
St. Malo. tbe gay watering place on
the French coast haa tbe remarkable
tomb of Chateaubriand, the father of
French romanticism. At high tide it Is
covered by the sea. It Is marked with
a simple rrons.
Just Before It Happened.
Belshazzar (at the famous feast)
Well, that's a nice aurprlse! The din
ner committee ha arranued to have
some moving pictures! Ick.
f It la rbrapar la ford lr-
gla aall lhaa la raatara far-
tillU aaaa aa.
Sm Tlma-Trlad iridic
hava alwara Mada lod.
ThM bruhira biacY rnva.
hattar Iruit. rra.llrala
Imported to h'a lalioiatorv. at
arsl, from tlia fur nrlaiit. tlieaa niedl
alnaa ata inn. I up In preierlpllona and
Brnrl.ed l.y hliu for tlie various all
hianla that ha la callail upon to treat.
Lat this won.lerful nalura hrslar aiag
nasa your raae. from tha vrgalal'la
klngdnm moat of hla ranieillea ara oh
taliiaj in the frnm of roola. hrl and
harks wheaa cura.lva power ra un
failing. COVMUI.TATIOV rata
Thoae living out of town nd wishing
to aeeura rnieillea. aind 4 eanta In
tamps for circular and symptom blank.
Opsa Xvaalng and Bnndays,'
The C. Gcc Wo
Chinese Medicine Co.
lUf First St., Cor. Morrison
-a -'
Elan I ! ami e - L-....
1 aur awaaaparliicl and practical i bamiala.
Ian I dlaraaaa son araveni nvv-.-m
. . . Hurlna- the season.
on the window. The sounds rrom oe-, Cincinnati, the UD the dropping under the
yond stopped. The agent approacneo . champlong of ,912 to paas perchea. Take care that they do not
and threw up the aaah. from Natlonai league club, whoee uge the nesU as roosting placea. and
.I-rould 7- 00 u,r J0"i fl be helped win. aiways change the atraw In the neaU
aiah asked apologetically. Madlgon DaJebaIl director are) ! ana get fresh straw or. better still.
-Which way you goln r querlesl tn Bgy once a member of , ha ,catterlng for litter at
agent, none too anaoiy. ' the Cleveland Napa, to act aa playing leaat M often aa onca a week.
Easu repuaxi - , .. for the 191S team.
afeared It wui gltUn" late."
"Hub!" grunted the railroad man.
"Plenty of time! w nere tor l,h,. .r win devote his entire Urns
liarperavuie , fh, r..nt
Wllbert Robinson naa oia out n i . eppn PPM GATE
bualne Interests In Baltimore and EXCELLENT FttU-f'tN UM I C
"How fur la It to
queatloned Mr. Btubblna, looking the
agent In the eye.
"Eighteen mllee."
"At two cent a milef
"All right Olmme two ticket an
return." with the air of a man about
to take Niagara. "Melvlna an' ma air
goln" travelln'!"
Globe-trotting 1 only relative, after
all. Judge.
to coaching the Giant pitcher.
Eddie William and Archer Rellly
have been turned over to the Spring
field. Ohio, team by the Indianapolis
club of the American association.
Swinging Device Keep Oldr Hog
From Entering While Little Fel
lows Are Being Fad.
In feeding the little pig with older
Portland of the raclflc Coast league . 1t , necessary to have some ort
haa purchased Pitcher Stanley of tha . . ieDarate fedlng pen for th pig.
Atlantic City team, ne wa mm ieu- ol(jer one can be kept out ana
tng pitcher In the Trl-State league last
Oarralaabla bklH. Sllra "' "
,..l lafaraiallaa .f all kl.da W rlla far It.
It raata yoa abaolaUly avlhlng.
Pacific (Juano & Ftrlilier Co.
.-.-... a. PORTLAND. OKK. I
is what they all say
of aur
Method of
Out-of-tnwn r
pla ran hava thair
plala and bridga
workflniaheri Inona
lay If neraaaary.
snlaa. barked by 2
M. a. a. wtlL Paaanf im Miaun yars la rortiana.
Wise Dental Co.
ornt r modrsi
S A M. ta S P. M. Sundays I 1
phaneai A 202V, Male 209.
rallln Bid., Third end Waahlnglen. Partland
Early 8la ' TurKlah Capital.
Constantinople haa been threatened
before by the nulgarlans, the most
memorable of the early attack having
mde in 813. when the barbarian
The Federation of American Motor,
evrllsta has 20.000 members.
Penn cricketer this season will be
.n in Canada, and next year will
Kruro arrived before the city's walls. meet ,ne crack colleglate teams of
Tho siege, it Is related, waa Degun jgnj during an European tour.
..ith hlnh ritual, but before more than I . k Mrliermott. the American open
demonstration had Deen maae, me .f champlon. will spend two weess
Pyiantlne emperor came to terms, i (n ,he goutn b,fore his invasion or
while the negotiations were going on i .. a At Plnehurst he will teat
Krum was nearly killed, a peril which h,g (trenKth with Tom McNamara, for-
aaai aia r.r.rrTayyrj.
Norih Pacific College of Dentistry and Pharmacy
I ' '
The North Pacific College was etnb
H.....I in im'ih. It ha departments of
Dentistrv and Phurnmry. No school In
America haa better facilities for the train
inn of younu men and women lor success
ful professional careers. Tho annual e
ion begin October First An Illustrated
catalog- of Information will b forwarded
upoa application to
..t a - - - "... i
.nraaed the founder of the Bui
garian empire that he laid waate the
uburb and retired with a host of
rnmMves. Fortunately for Constanti
nople, when the uuignrinn pnnoc re ; Kananamoka, tho Hawaiian swimmer,
turned to take a fuller revenge he was j hgg bp(n DittPn by an eel and la afraid
the pigs prevented from entering th
pen while the troughs are being filled
by means of a swinging gate.
Thl gate wlng outward only. It
1 held up while th little pigs enter
Thousands of poopla suffer froro bald
ness and falling hair who. having tried
nearly every advertised hair tonio and
hair-grower without result, have re
el g-ned themselves to baldnes and its
attendant discomfort. Yet their case Is
not hopeless; the following simple home
prescription nas mans nair l
ye&rs of baldness. a..d Is also unequuaa
for restoring gray hair to its on.'r
color, stopping hair from falling out.
and destroying th dandruff germ. It
wlll not make tha hair greasy, and can
be put up by any druggist: Bay Hum.
ounces: Lavona d Composee. 1 ounces;
Menthol Crystal", one-half drachm. If
you wish it perfumed, aild half to one
teaspoonful of To-Kalon Parfuma, which
units perfectly with the other Ingredi
ent. Thl preparation I highly recom
mended by physicians and spacialisis.
and 1 absolutely harmless, as It con
tain nons of the poisonou wood alco
hol mo frequently found tn hair tonics.
Do not apply to th face er where hair
la not desired.
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moe nrofeselonal.
Swimming trainers apparently havs ; cgn pugQ
woes unknown to tne men wno navw wllL
condition other athlotea. tmae
Useful Gate.
the feeding pen, and being light, they
it forward and go out at
seised with apoplexy and died.
Parcel Post.
What is that chirping sound In the
"Young chickens, gasped in nus-
band guiltily.
"I know IL You forgot to mall that
doaon eggs I gave you mree wee as
Must Be.
Ms he mnklng goodT'
"No question of It. Me can get coal
on credit." Detroit Free Press.
f resultant blood poison
Lee Humlston, the Denver pilot. Is
the new star to flash across the mo
torcycle horizon. Humlston circled
the mile lap at the ria Del Rey In
Los Angele In 30 seconds, clipping
four-fifths of a second off Ray Sey
mour's record.
"Hobey Hakcr, tne seneanonai liar
.,. Prinreton hockey team, wa
tendered the re-election to the cap
taincy of next year' team, but refused
to accept, and endorsed W. S. Kuhn,
the Pittsburgh boy. who wa the unan
imous choice.
The Krebs Coburn team won the tx
.. hirvcle race at St Ixml. Tha
It mar be used to advantage In fat
tening hog that run with the tock
hog. After putting out the feed th
feeder raise the gate and let In
thoe to fatten, then let It fall; all
other are kept out yet thoe in the
pen may go out when through eating.
Thl tyle of gate 1 also convenient
for the lamb lot where one uses a
creep. The gate should be Just large
enough to admit a good-sized lamb.
Dally Thought.
Forget outaelve; help u bear cheer
fully th forgetfuln of other. Rob
rt Louis Stevenson.
Yea Can Get Alice's f oo-f as ml.
Write Allen P. Olmated, 1 Koy, N. Y for a
Tee sample of AUrn'a KiHil-ti-t It rurra
iweatlng , hot swuilon, achlug feet. It makes
new or tight ahoea hit. A certain cure lui
wrna, ingrowing balla and bunion.. Alldnig
tal aeU it. 'taa. Ion'( accept aur subatilut.
Freak of a Vowel.
nrtrsv-"Thl morning I caught a
fragment of convereatlon between a
native and a foreigner. The former
wa saying: The "o," remember, is
pronounced like "l" In Jim.' What
word do yon suppose he referred to?"
Briggs -"That easy! "Women, of
MAKB BUI MONEY! Bi our representative.
Caay aalea anywhere. Show aampU-e and taka
enler. No rlk. Don't wait: srrfftf toJaii.
DeX. IX. Kaaai 111, W ilea Bids., f ortiaad. Or.
Regular Meal.
"He eagerly swallowed every word
he bestowed on him. he fed upon her
very look, he lived upon the smiles she
gave him." ' That what I call an all
consuming passion." Judge.
Practical Teaching.
One ettlement worker In New York
city has made a specialty of teaching
boys bow to maice articles o. immiu..
out of old packing boxes.
. t.f l.. Lila Nam. 1QA Uawa
jgn vr. .... - ! ' - - ,l,llln waa aao.
Probably no surname ha undergone ixirtus-t-nnieiuu "" , . .
o many change, a. that of Sir Marry ond. and IWM.r. and'
BUPleton Malnwarlng (pronounced third. They made a flat S6 miles In
innnerlng). At reover nan. ni en-, ionrt -
ehlre home, there I a paper show
ing tho nnnie written In 394 ways.
lioudoa Mall.
Dally ThouQh.
vat sleep, ant tha loom of Hfw aeae
topei wad ha astlars W.-a
Tt for Olo.
A convenient test for oleo compared
with butter Is to heat with a lighted
match a teaspoon containing a small
niece of butter, says the Wisconsin
nairvman. if butter, it will froth
freely, but without sputtering. A piece
of oleo under the same conditions doe
not troth, but melt down like greaa
and putter. Renovated butter act,
much like oleo. because tho fat which i
nroduce the frothing have been most
ly melted out during tne process o.
For all diseases. No poisons or
mineral ued. Send for ymptom
blank. WEE ADVICE.
Forest Smlthson, an Olymplo win-
1908 and regarded as
one of the best hurdlers In America, renovation.
fa. a. ai f .. 11 ftT the spiked shoe for-
a.nnitaia- an noun ood hi re- I Loeate thm Favla,
lira n ant . the eladaw gaU. If ymm
. . t-m j -ai liraa I x f r aa
ikkst nm wki uititw
Ploowonn. Mar.
IWiaSi ( vImi "ai
lat Ft IWl laak rtfiaailM.
Dr. Hall's new and complete book ot
(JUaatroteuV t1
Plain Truths rf Sea LH
arr ranoa aaaoa w kaow I
Salary ia muriate talniaai
are. auakaaa aoauakDeat
avallbr aa aaal ehll.irai
I NfW SOOK UI li.l.ll-n,.llua,
Ml ID 10 It AO naiios tka laoacam ta aaaat
a" kliadn.ak aara alati. aa
ehaa lanairr aaa aratkl ari aaacaUoa let aa "
rTwar. oa IK. - Vice Crwaaa- Mai- l
Miaa Uam Addama aat'Coia..lla Vkai"
Mn CaniaCkiaauattltoa iinvw. .
ul. ilk. Siakkiat Wallaea Wkal Wnaa rl.e.,
i.nir aiaal.aai aiacaaaa mj i.. ..a..-"--.
i t-e t,w a a, i
I no'
aaiaal ak.aaawaa anaailr 4ita.iaa wr
"ai.i.. T"r.i--a.ka- k V'SC
poaas "lakes" - 4amtT --,.;.
SUaala lsaa..aa tku avakaa .Ictlm. to "
Lira aci.atia t ialiaanoa at "aactaraal iaaai
secrets ol tall aaa aesuaiawaoam --
J.olot aciart.rt tP. lava) "''"
ril. rhlr. . W. U. fcaort l-
Uctata. aaa a-karltv aa gaaalaaaa ewwvaa aor. aa
All la aa. . la alala.n-.
I ija rawaat r
' m. w. y - --
1 ,U e. ai-ta-ra, 1 I
I V tla thla sa. .aaw
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T Ptaaaiwa. j It
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aa t-rm fault la yewrav
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