St. Helens mist. (St. Helens, Or.) 1913-1933, January 16, 1913, Image 8

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4 Yourself and Others
A couple of weeks Biro an item
was published in the Mist stating
that Chas. Reeler and Blanch Charn
ley were married, but it appears
that our information was incorrect
and that the announcement was pre
mature. No wedding bells for
Charley yet.
Born: On Monday Jan. 12th to
Mr. and Mrs, John Lafferty, a son,
Albert Johnson, one of the
prominent dairymen Of Scappoose,
was a business visitor in St Helens
last Wednesday.
Jimmie O'Conner has mumps.
W. J. Fullerton was a visitor in
Scappoose Wednesday,
Mrs. L. G. Ross will arrive home
today from a month's visit with
relatives and f aiends in San Diego,
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Bfackburn
returned this week from an exten
ded visit at their old home at Mist,
where Elmer has a timber claim.
Miss Slade, who resigned her
position at the St. Helens Tele
phone office a couple of weeks ago
has returned and again is at the
board in the office here.
Lost A diamond brooch.
somewhere between the Cox res
idence and the Morton residence
on top of the hill. Return to The
Mist office ond receive reward.
The Ladies Aid Society of the M.
E. Church will meet with Mrs.
Chas. Thompson Wednesday Jan.
Master Charles Kilgore, son of
Superintendent Kilgore of the High
School has been quite ill during the
past week.
J. H. Price returned Wedensday
from San Francisco where he had
been on a business trip in the inter
est of the St Helens Shipbuilding Co.
He says the Celilo is being rapidly
completed and will be ready for
a trial trip within a few weeks.
The Ladies of the Episcopal
Guild will hold a business meeting
at the Guild Hall next Wednesday
FOR ReNT; House, barn, chicken
house and "other outbuildings with
half acre of land. Half mile from
George Perry, Houlton, Ore.
Perry Austin came down from
Portland Wednesday and visited his
old haunts for a few hours.
County Fruit Inspector J. W.
Fomeroy, of Scappoose. attended
county court during this week.
FOR Sale Two cows, James
Kennedy, Goble. Oregon.
3Drs. Lowe & Turner will be
C-Vin St, Helens again Manday,
January 26th.
Wise and Otherwise
A. W Mueller was a business visit
or at Clatskanie last week.
Where and how do you-spend
You will find inspiration and
help at the service in the Congre
gational Church. ' 'A Church home
for strangers and friends."
Rev. F. J. Meyer, Pastor.
16 acre farm with 2 acres in
cultivation; have 4 year lease which
will be sold very cheap and at a
cheap rental. Also 6 head of milch
cows, team, hack, harness and
farming implements, household
goods if desired, Prices reasonable,
terms cash. Fair buildings. About
4 1-2 miles from Deer Island. Fine
out range.
2tp W. S. Francis. Deer Island.
Plymouth Congregational.
A church home with a welcome
and place for strangers and friends.
10:00 a. m. Bible School, every
Lord's day.
11:00 a. m. Public Worship and
"Nicodemus The Seeker after
7:30 p. m. Song service and Ser
mon, ''The Meaning of Congrega
tionalism." Wednesday at 7:80 p. m. The Mid
week Service and Bible Study.
Helpful and inspirational services
"Come thou with us and we will
do thee good."
Sanitary Barber Shop. .
. I wish to announce that I will
open up a Sanitary barbershop in
the Club Cigar Store building in
St. Helens, tomorrow, Saturday.
The shop has been fitted up with
new and modern chairs and fix
tures, and every convenience for
the public will be installed. A
share of the public patronage is
solicited. R. C. McCoy.
The Redmen.
The Improved Order of Red
Men having Tribes at Scappoose,
Warren, Goble and Yanklon is a
factor in the development of CoU
umbia County as well as its social
life. The Yankton Tribe is the
youngest of the four, having been
organized in May 1909 with about
20 charter members. Regular
councils have been held twice a
month at the Grange Hall with a
steady inerease in the membership
until now their numbers is Some
thing over 60. Last May the four-year-old
Tribe decided that having
out grown its swaddling clothes .it
was time to strike out and build a
home of its own, accordingly plans
were laid and the work of raising
funds began. A corner lot was
obtained and some lumber before
the "Fourth". Many friends who
celebrated that day with the Yank
ton Red Men will long remember
the neat pavilion erected by the
voluntary work of the brothers of
Tillicum Tribe for their accomoda
tion and the pleasant day and eve
ning spent with them. Early in
October the work of building a
commodious hall was begun, U. W
Clark was obtained as master work
man and one of the finest buildings
owned and occupied by any Order
in the County now stands on the
corner of St Helens and Kappler
Streets, Tillicum Tribe has reason
to be proud of its new home, which
was occupied for the first time Jan
uary 10th 1914. The lodge room
dining hall and ante rooms are
tastefully finished in Oregon Fir
Clearance Sua
Men's Heavy 6-in. Work Shoes v.cro f.j.50 now 2.85
Bovs Hiirli Tons were $3.00 now $2.45
Roys Heavy Shoes regular height were $J..S
Mcu's Suits at 25 per cent discount
Any Roy's Suit at )' o(T
Men's Dress Shirts wcie 75c, 5i, fi5 n,nv 3c
Your choke of lot ot Men's Shirts were U now ;
in sizes of 16, lb', and 17 only. .
Ladies Waists will be closed out at just J, price
I Welch & Ames
For Sale and Want Adi
Ad in Th C Jumn Bring Roult,
The dance hall on the ground floor I JJ. L. bllLLDUIN
will not be fiinished this yearLr U n.nn inli.
baloon League
ihough now in good shape for use
Several pleasant gatherings having
already been held there. About !
40 members were present at the
installation council which the Tribe
considers the rtal dedication of
their new building. A more for
mal opening will be held luter
when it is hoped to have speakers
from other tribes and all friends of
the order will be invited.
This week began the second half
of the term and few promotions
were made in the lower grades.
The debate last Friday ni;ht be
tween St. Helens on the affirma
tive and Astoria on the negative,
although the arguments on each
side were very convincing, was de
cided in favor of the negative. Mr.
Hattan and Mr. Richardson made
very strong and pointed arguments
and we all appreciate their efforts.
The basket ball team won in a
very fast and snappy game from
St. John's high school on .last Sat
urday night, running up a score of
30-17. The beys did very fine team
work. The girls team lost to the
St. Johns' girls, 9-2. They were at
a disadvantage on account of size
and experience, and also have been
playing boys' rules part of the time
wh'ch accounts for so many fouls
Wednesday of each week has been
decided upon as Parents' Day. The
teachers are glad to have the pa
rents visit any day but as there has
been very little visiting, and the
probable reason is that it is just
postponed from time to time,
definite time has been tixed. it is
hoped that if the parents will come
a few times on this day, Wedne
day, that they will take more in
terest in the school work and then
will come other days. A parents
interest in school is shown by their
visits, so if you don't visit, the
teachers think you care little
whether your boys and girls ad
vance or not. The children show
the same interest in school that
their parents do.
The school orchestra is progress
ing rapidly and aie showing a
marked interest in their work.
In no other school work do the
seventh and eighth boys show
more earnest effort than they do in
their manual training. The girls
take the same enthusiastic interest
in their sewing aod are doing ex
cellent work. They seem to thor
oughly understand that these are
two occupations that will benefit
them and be at their command
through life, by either of which
they may be enabled to earn a live
lihood if necessary.
Don't forget parents day.
Christian Bro's College, of Port
land, will meet the high school
boys on the local floor Saturday
evening. Come and boost the home
team. A very interesting and fast
game is certain. The Christian
Rro'a have the fastest team in
Portland of the high school class.
& A R & C R
ill ST. IIKI.l-NS
During the time I have
been coinluctin a
6 I! OP
I liae re.
.eucil my full share of jat
rora'je ami 1 a-.Mire my
ustoiuers it lia In. en
Paring 191.J the same
cmrtci-ns (untnu nt
Farm or Sale or Exchange.
(Kxchange for Stock Ranch)
Sixty acres for sale; 20 Cr
cleared; good house, two barns, el,
und other outbuildings; all u
cleared; one cow and team gu
with place; about 3 miles from St
Helms. 'JH miles from I'oi third, es
good county road; tl'O per rr.
f .'.noo, lMlatu't t kt cent., twin
to unit. For particulars write
Jt t in N. SiiKinviHMi. Warren, Ort
V.' ' l
sc. vh e u l
!1 be
!j Tin-St. Hele n Improvement CV
"ir in a position to help every per
I j wlio wants to buy. sell or rrt
property, lheyarcfn touch ut
luivt'iit and sellers, liny liavi 1
.. jrcputuion for fair "eulir.g that r
WliKiiK.AS. on the 7th tiny of Jan-: "r 00,1 treatment. If you hi,
nary. A. I. I'M I. tlvro -viis held in anything Iom II or wart to buy u
siid Ciiv of St i),n i.. , thing it is to your intertst t t
pursua-ice of law, 11 special election
for the purpose of electing the City
1.,,, '1 n
A. r.
II. 1 . M'.elilon lil livtnre in the Coy
Hal. SilM'Uv niorniriK nt I UN) i.Yliuk,
and in 'h evening, 7 at Houlton.
nlHcers required by law and the
("barter of said City, towit: One
Mayor; 1'our Councilincn; One
Treasurer, and rive Water Cotn
ndtsimiers, at which election nil of
said officials were eleCed, the re-
turns duly canvassed and the result
William Henry Beaver. ( declared; and said officers duly took
At his home, near Warren, on ! lhu oalh of ""'c' n'1 ""'r ''"'y in
Jan. 12th, Wm. Henry Heaver , Called; and the said cities thereby
passed away at the aire of 73 lK'cn"1-' consolidated tinder the name
vears. ! of the City of St. Helens. Oregon;
The deceased was born in Kates int''
county, Missouri, Dec. 25th. 1S10; J VVhkkkas. the name of St. Hel
was married to Matilda Jane ! ''ns 8h"ul'l 'w appear on all time
Grey, May Hi, lsfii; served as a ,:it)l, s. notices, tickets and all other
home guard during the Civil war; ! I,rint,''l matter iucd by any rail
crossed the plains to Oregon in r":"i in Mace of the stati-.n Houl
I8ti5 and homesteaded a tract of I t,)n ln sa,"e has heretofore no-
land near Warren, where he has I lM'are(l
Lv.v, Miinugcr.
St. lb-lens. Ore.
INow therefore he it resolved by
the people of the said City of St.
Helens, acting through their Mayor
lived continuously since.
To this union was born twelve
children, five of whom are still
living: John. George, Melvira. jam' ('ormn Council, that The
Mrs. Anna Iiennettand Mrs Etta "kane, Portland & Seattle Kail
Lamberson. There are eighteen I wav c,"Ml"ny be respectfully re
living grandchildren and four,,l"s,e" change the name of
A good house with throe cinft
lots in good location in St. I (vim
for sale. Inquire for prices ui
terms at the Mist ofliee.
for Sale or I'ent Two houin
close in Inquire of Muckle Htn
Ware Co.
Mr. W. A. (inlbraith Is wsmrf
to get his things from Kslen
hoarding house within fourtw
days from today. Friday, Jan. 9.
Miss Helen I,. Anderson, teacb
of the piano; several years experi
ence; with Mrs. C. II. Johns. St
Helens. 3t-l-J
I'ST A Hraetlet. Ixtwcn St
Ht'icns and H.iulion. Inst Sumhj
finder return to Mist office tf.
great grandchildren.
Funeral services were held at
Scappoose Wednesday and the
remains were interred in the
Scappoose cemetery.
Mr. Heaver was one of the pi
oneers of Columbia county and a
most estamable and worthy citi
zen. He has been a factor in the
growth and development of the
county for nearly fifty years and
his loss will be felt by the com
munity in which he lived as well
as by his immediate family.
A . .
ai tne council meeting on last
Monday evening the following reso
lution was unanimously adopted by
the council;
tir . . - .
v h r.ur.A.s, on the i.,th dav of
November, l'Jl.t, each of the cities
of St. Helens, Oregon, and Houl-
ff.n f lrwr..n I. I
w.ip."o, me same neing con
tiguous cities, held a special elec
tion upon due and legal notice, f,,r
the purpose of submitting to the
legal voters of said cities, the
question of consolidating said pit
ies, at which election both cities
voted to so consolidate under the
name of St. Helens; and ,lie
returns and abstracts as requir.d
ov law maue and filed with
Secretary of the State of Or.
the Houlton Station to that of St.
Helens, and that said change be
caused to appear ui.m all time ta
bles, folders, notices, tickets, ad
vertisements and all other printed
matter issued by said Railway com
pany; and that a ropy f this reso
lution be forwarded to said Railway
To the lluii .rl.i. t ,.
- "" "IIM V.OI n
Council olll,t('i,y, st c,,.nj
iimlim County, Ut. f (r.-,i..n:
We, the o tier, of a tiijriiv ,,l the
Hl.tto K .e,.l pro, er y. .,po,,,lic he.ei.i
sftrr Wril-. .tr,.,., in ! , y
St llelei..,r,B,y ,-,1,1,.,, yMlr
or.,1,!,. IV , iri,,,rVH TllUin tU(
Iffitlt lit.. ..... t. . 1
....... . ..IU r iineo, (. Mr,.,.t (((
. .',, line l Winter ,.,,, ,
t .e.,r.,ur:y a!,,,,,, Mr,.
t""'Cn,,rli,, Pl,ul, ICHl ,
i, r mime I r n wiilih l
"'I, low,,; for hi f,...
I lit P IllfV Li,. . I s
M rtlOtlH l,f
H.ref..,Bl,,.Hl.ol,yi,lall,jl,) ;,: A. ,ur ,.e,i,,er.
ever .nty. '
H. k S .nnvlninl, ,, i, rrt
I'. Serafllle, 1, , k ,
Ocore K,
'oiim, imtniH Iihu.u
I'e'. r 1 1, mi,, , , k .,,
All.llll.tHlil- i)IB '
loin I'a.KM
Mm. Ann e M. H,. ,,u k ...
M 'r n, h,Mk (,
s- C (iilt'Co,
II Moiku,
A J I.
Mrt. Mi( rvv
on en h ;,. ,,
S U At DR I C 5...
evi n d i c 5...
Poktlan-i Tricks
Ot'R Tricks
Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Allen
Watch Repairing
a Specialty