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NO 3.
taxes, when payable
Extract, With Reference, Irom
General Laws of Orefon.
SmrrioN 36H2. Taxes legally lev-
lad and charged in any year shall
'be paid before the first day of April
following. If the taxes against any
particular rrcel of real property,
or the taxes on personal property
charged against any Individual,
Arm, corporation or association, are
not paid before said first day of
April, penalties shall be charged on
such taxes and added to and collect
ed with the same, as follows:
1. A penalty of one per cent on
all taxes paid on or after said first
day of April and before the first
day of May following.
2. A penalty of two per cent on
all taxes paid on or after the said
first day of May and before the
first day of June following.
3. A penalty of three per cent on
ail taxes paid on or after the said
first day of June and before the
first day of July following.
4. A penalty of four per cent
on all taxes paid on or before the
first day of July and before the first
day of August following.
I 6. A penalty of five pr cent on
ill taxes p"id on or after the said
jfirat day of August and before the
first day of September following.
J I'KOViDKt), that one-half of the
llaxes against any particular parcel
of real property, or of the taxes on
personal property, charged against
(any individual, firm, corporation or
association may bo paid before the
'said 1st day of April, in which
event the penalties specified in this
"section shall apply to and be col
lected with the remaining one-half
t such 'axes, to be paid prior to
the first day of September follow
ing. All taxes remaining unpaid
on the said 1st day of September
shnll become delinquent. Upon all
taxes so delinquent there shall be
fharged and collected a penalty of
0 per cent and interest at the rate
f 12 per cent, per annum on such
taxes from th day on which they
became delinquent until their pay
Tiient. All penalties and interest
charged and collected, as provided
In this section, shall be for the ben
efit of the county and the municl
pal incorporations or districts which
may havo an Interest in any por
tion of such taxes. I
Scappoose Bridge Out.
The severe rain storms of last
.week caused the bridge across
Scappoose creek to float about a
mile down the stream. This waa a
large structure, covered, and rest
ing on concrete piers, but the wa
ter in ScaP;ooso creek wss so high
that the piers were inundated and
thw rapidity of the water caused the
bridge to go out.
I The county court this week let a
contract to G. W. Morris to build a
temporary bridge which will be
completed in ten days.
In the spring a new steel bridge
wili replace the old one.
Much inconvenience has resulted
from the bridge going out ns it shut
off travel along the road between
St. Helens and Scappoose, and the
only way of getting from one place
to the other waa by train.
Miss Helen L. Anderson, teacher
of the piano; several years experi
ence; with Mrs. C. H. Johns, St.
Helens. 3t-l-3
Summary o ! Levy and
Amount for Various
We print below a summary of the
tav levies for the county this year
together with the amount that will
be raised by these levies. A study
of this list will be interesting as
showing the cost of the various in
stitutions of the government. The
portion of the state tax to be paid
by this county is far In excess of
the actual expenses of the countv
itself, while the schools and roads
constitute the greater portion of all
the taxes.
His also interesting to look back
less than forty years and find that
in 1875 the total tax for the county
iucluding state, county, school and
everything else, was just $5,000,
much less than it now takes for the
city of 8t. Helens alone.
Total valuation of Tax
Koll $18,067,830.00
State Tax .00370640 66965.00
School 00170336 30776.00
Library .00002126 384.00
Indigent Sol .00001661 800.00
County .00285237 61537.59
General Road . OOC60000 171944.33
Special School 61254.71
Special Cities 1C072.10
Total ... 398.933 73
Fire Patrol, 8.487 acres,
.036 per acre 297.04
Total of all $ 399,230,77
a warantpresent
City of St. Hilm Pnuali Oar Fia
Company with Warraat for
Ona Hundrad Dollars.
As a mark of appreciation for
faithful services the City Council
last Monday night presented to the
Fire Company a city warrant for
flOO. Thla money will be used by
the company in securing some need
ed equipment, and was a very
timely gift.
They Wanted to Know.
A delegation of citizens of Mist
waited on the county court yester
day to obtain information concern
ing the proposed bond issue for
building roads. The delegation
consisted of Casper Libel, N. D.
Peterson. Antone Gerg, Peter Ban
ter, W. II. Hose and Andrew John
son. They spent the greater por
tion of the day with the county
court and every detail of the prop
osition waa thoroughly discussed.
K. o! P. Install Officers.
At the meeting on last Tuesday
evening the following officers were
installed by the Knights of Pythias
lodge: Je Clark. C. C. ; S. R. Son
neland, V. C; Edwin Rosa, P.; M.
E. Miller. M.of W.; Jaa. O'Connor,
M. of A.; A. J. Deming. K. of R.
and S.; C. W. Hlakesley, M. of F.;
W. J. Fullerton, M.of E.: Martin
White, I. G.; A. L. Stone, O. G.
Anent the Road Districts.
The valuation of property in the
four road districts of the county is
as follows, and the tax levy of
nine and a half mills for road pur
poses will raiso the amounts set
No. Valuation Amounts-
1. $7,667,715 $72'843.27
2. 5,079.445 48.254.72
3. 3,203,115 80,429.57
4. 2.117.555 20.116.77
Total $18,067,830 $171,644.33
By a Vote of 2 to 1 Voters
Instruct Council
to Proceed
The people of St. Helens have
decided to build a municipal
dock. Ily a vote of more than 2
to 1 the voters at the election on
last Wednesday instructed the
Council to build a dock at the
foot of St. Helens street. The
Council has already planned on
a dock to be 100 by 200 feet,
built out to a depth of 21 feet in
front. It is planned to let a con
tract for the driving of the piling
and capping the same, and then
the Council will do the decking
and building on it by the day.
No definite arrangements have
been made yet, but the new
council will take the matter up
immediately so that work will be
started soon.
Caaa of tha Stala . Adama, Murdar
Chargad, U oa tha Dockat Crima
Committad at Varnonia.
The Circuit Court will convene
again at St. Helens on Monday,
January 19th, at which time the
case of the state vs. Green Adams,
charged with the murder of Robert
McPherson, will be placed en trial.
This alleged murder was committed
at Vemonia last spring and there
will be a large number of witnesses
to be heard.
County Attorney Dillsrd will
prosecute, while George C. Brow
nell. of Oregon City, will defend
Mr. Adams.
It is presumed that after this
trial some of the other pending
criminal cases will be disposed of.
Pot Luck Supper.
Come and bring your baskets to
the M. E. church Wednesday, Jan
uary 14th. The members of the
aid society and congregation are
requested to bring their friends.
Arcade Theater.
Saturday night the great moral
drama, "The White Slave," in two
reels. Sunday, matinee and night,
the wonderful jungle picture,
"Wamba, a Child of the Jungle."
One of the new residences on
the hill overlooking the Columbia
river, ia the beautiful home of
Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Morton. This
was one of the first houses to
be built after the building started
in St. Helens a few years ago
dating with the advent of the saw
Market wit Not Ovar-tockad with Eg f
Oragon and Washington Produced
Big Crop of Hop.
Will Tichenor, of CUtukariie, was
attending court here lust week.
G. 11. Bynon and L. W. Van
Dyke, of the Nehalern Journal,
were in the count seat Saturday.
Almost everything produced on
farms an1 in gardens now sell at
lower price than they have brought
for many years, but eggs bring as
g"od prices as they did in flush
times. The market never seems to
be overstocked, as there is a big de
mand for them in all cities.
J. Peacher, a pioneer citizen of
this place, had the misfortune Sat
urday morning, to fall down a stair
way at the home of his daughter,
near Columbia slough, and fracture
his leg. Mr. Peacher is over sev
enty years old and the accident is a
most severe one for a person of his
advanced age. His daughter, Mrs.
S. A. Miles, of this place, is in at
tendance at his bedside.
The indications were on Monday
night that the ice would be frozen
to a sufficient thickness the follow
ing morning to admit of skating
and a number of our people who
are foud of that sport made prepa
rations to indulge in a good day's
skating, but they were doomed to
disappointment, as they awoke on
Tuesday morning to find a drizzling
rain prevailing. It is not well to
make preparations for any fun and
expect the weather to help you out.
in Oregon.
It is said that one-half the hops
now used in the United States are
grown on the Pacific coast, the
bulk of them in Oregon and Wash
ington. These two states have all
the conditions for supporting all
the hop fields in the world. It costs
less to produce hops here than it
does in any other country, and the
soil is well adapted to them, yielding
a very large number of pounds per
acre. Why wouldn't it he a pretty
good idea for some of our Columbia
county farmers to set a portion of
their farms to hops.
Mr. W. A. Galbraith is wanted
to get his things from Kaleva
boarding house within fourteen
days from today, Friday, Jan. 9.
, 2-5-3t
no,...,,. .uJ '
-a-.''xr-;'sn' s.
mill in the city, and Mr. and Mrs.
Morton selected a site that would
command a beautiful view and
one that could not be obstructed.
The home of the Morton's has
been the scene of many pleasant
gatherings and family entertainments.
TO I ffifki
Petitions with over 600 names
of legal voters were presented to
the County Court this week praying
for an election to submit the
question of bonding the County for
$360,000 with which to build per
manent roads. The clerk checked
over the names with the registra
tion books and found . more than
enough to call the election and the
Court accordingly made an order
calling a special election to vote on
the question for Monday February
2nd 1914.
This question is uppermost in the
minds of nearly every citizen of the
county at the present time. There
is almost a unanimity of opinion in
favor of the bonding of the county
for building roads but there is con
siderable dissatisfaction ever the
distribution of the funds. The
petitions calls for the expenditure!
of $Z60,0U0 on the Kiver road;
$25,000 on the Houlton-Pittsburg
road; $l5,(K)0on the Mist-Clatskanie
road and $60,000 on the Nehalern
The amount of money appropria
ted is deemed to be equitable and
in proportion to the amount of
assessable property in each district
Will Build Gas Tug.
Another contract was awarded
the St. Helens Ship Builr ing Co.
this week when Mr. Rocca, of Point
Reyes, California, left orders for
the construction of a gas tug, which
completed is to be 64-foot long,
18-foot beam, and depth of hold 6
feet. The tug will be completed
within sixty davs and when launched
will be taken in tow by one of the
McCormick steamers and taken to
Point Reyes.
With two large barges and this
tug under construction almost the
entire ship building crew is
again busy and will continue so un
til the laying of the keel in the
spring for a fourth large steamer
for the McCormick company.
Road Supervisors Appointed.
The County Court this week ap
pointed Supervisors for the four
road districts of the county as fol
lows: District No. 1, U. S. Despain.
District No. 2, Mr. Kirby.
District No. 3, James Van.
District No. 4. U. S. Mellinger.
At the Telephone.
Miss Slade, who has been em
ployed by the St. Helens Telephone
Co. the past year, has resigned her
position here and gone to Carlton,
Oregon, where she has taken charge
of the Pacific States office. Miss
Mildred Schultz, of Portland, is
now at work in the St. Helens
Clover Hill Farms.
It is reported that E. L. Thomp
son, owner of Clover Hill farms
near Deer Island, has sold his prop
erty there to a firm of Portland
men for $100,000. The farms con
sist of about 400 acres of land and
many modern improvements.
as the figures show that in District
No 1, which is all the southern
portion of the county from Deer
Island to the Multnomah County
line, the assessed valuation is $7,
667,715; in District No. 2 $5,079,
44s; District No 3 $3,203,112 and
District No 4 $2,117,555 so that
when the amounts to be expended
in each district are taken into con- s
sideration the apportionment teems
to be fair and equitable.
The County Court has employed
Mr. Titus, an experienced road
builder and engineer to have super
vision and charge of the road build
ing for the County -hlle the State
Engineer of Highway Commission
will have charge of the surveying
and locating. The County Court
will, of course, retain and have
jurisdiction over all and will be the
last in say so that every detail will
be looked after by competent and
trustworthy men. There need be
no fear of any graft or favoritism.
Each and every locality and
community will be accorded fair
treatment and the money will with
out a doubt be used to the. very
best advantage for every tax payer
in the county.
Suicide at Tillamook,
Word waa received here this week
that Ben Wooley, for several years
a resident of St. Helena, had com
mitted suicide at Tillamook, where
he, with his family was residing.
We have been unable to confirm the
rumor so far. Mr, Wooley will be
remembered as a carpenter here for
several years who worked at the
mill for some time and who lived
along the road to South St. Helens.
He leaves a family consisting of a
wife and three children.
A Light Vote Cast.
As the election held Sst Wednes
day A. W. Mueller was elected
Mayor. H. P. Watkins, Treasurer,
and the following as Councilmen;
J. H Cronkite, Charles Graham,
N. O. Larabee and M. Saxon.
For water Commissioners, U. S.
Despain, A. T. Laws, H. F, Mc
Cormick, H. J. Southard and A. L,
The proposition of building a
dock was carried 106 to 52 which
means that the city will construct a
dock at the foot of St. Helens St.
during the summer. Not over a
25 per cent vote was cast.
Clerk and AssessarTraa'e.
County Assessor Blakesley has
moved his office into the room ad
joining the clerk's office, while
Treasurer Hattan will occupy the
old assessor's office for the collec
tion of taxes.
Stockholders Meeting.
There will be a meeting of the
stockholders of the Columbia County
Bank on Tuesday, January IS, 1914,
at S o'clock p. m., for the purpose
of electing directors for the ensu
ing year. Wm. M. Rocs. President.
- r.