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    Form 3547
Permit No. 2
VOL. 5 NO. 4
APRIL 1960
Reservation Boxing Clubs Organized;
Sportsmanship, Boxing Recognition Received
The Cliiloquin Boys' Club has
achieved much recognition and
has been winning many awards
for its boxing performances and
sportsmanlike behavior.
At the Southern Oregon Golden
Gloves Tournament recently, the
Club copped three championship
trophies, swept the sportsmanship
award, and received a special let
ter of commendation from the
Golden Gloves Committee.
Ron Hogarth, light heavy
weight, Leon Weeks, 130 pound
er, and Jake Gregg, 119 pounder
won the championships, while the
members of the team as a whole
won for themselves, the sports
manship award for their behavior
both in and out of the ring.
The performances and behavior
of the team members were so
good, in fact, that the golden
gloves committee sent a letter to
the Cliiloquin officials giving
special recognition to the boys
from Cliiloquin for the part they
played at Coos Bay. Written by
Xonn Irish of the committee, the
letter said in part, "We of the
Southern Oregon Golden Gloves
Committee would like to compli
ment the persons who sponsored
the Cliiloquin Hoys' Club to the
Coos Hay event. The Conduct of
the Cliiloquin Hoys Club at the
Golden Gloves was outstanding
the competition terrific and their
sportsmanship grand."
Organized about a year ago by
Lou Jones, Cliiloquin Chief of Po
lice, and assisted by Ken Schoon
over. the police assistant, the club
works under the close supervision
of an advisory and finance com
mittee composed of Al Samples,
Gleta Wamp ler and Klido Dc
Hortoli. Although the training of
the youngsters is the direct re
sponsibility of Jones and Schoon
nver, the committee appointed by
the Recreation Council has estab
lished rules of scholarship and be
havior for the club members. A
few youngsters were eligible to
participate in recent smokers be
cause of their failure to conform
to these1 standards.
The club has participated in or
was actual sponsor of smokers in
Sprague River and Cliiloquin, and
their last event took place in
Klamath Falls on April 23.
Wherever the t e a m goes, it
takes with them, a feathered war
bonnett and Indian blanket sym
bolic of the Indian reservation. As
Lou Jones says, "Although our
team is composed of both Indian
and non-Indian boys, they're all
proud of the fact that they are
from an Indian reservation, and
want other people to know this."
In addition to the champs men
tioned above, the club has 23
young fighters, listed following:
Lynn Anderson, Amory Hetties,
Joe Hetties, Hob Hojorcas, Lee
Chase, Mike Chase, Rickey Chase,
Al DeHortoli, Ray Deliortoli, Jim
Herron, Randy. Jones, Duanc Mc
Daniels, M a r t i n O c h o a, Ken
Schoon over, Ronald Shadley,
Rickey Star key, Don Taylor,
I luck Todd, Van Todd, Ramon
Unive, H u t c h Wampler, M i k e
Wamplcr, Ralph Wright.
A similar club has been organ
ized in Sprague River under Par
cnts a n d Teachers Association
Sponsorship. The team has not
been in existence for long but has
been making excellent progress
under the watchful training of
Ron Wilson and Hob Harney.
There are twelve youngsters
who comprise the Sprague River
pugilists: Dick Aguilar, John
Atchley, Larry Harney, Roland
Crume, Paul Lowry, Roy Lowry,
Allen Foreman, Paul Molandis,
Freddie Schonchin, Calvin Sum
mers, Sut Wilson and J i m m v
The Sprague River club has had
several .smokers in Sprague River
and helped make the OTI-spon-sored
smoker in Klamath Falls a
On May 7th, the Sprague River
PTA is sponsoring another
smoker in Sprague River starting
at 7:30 P.M. It has been an
nounced that all proceeds of the
smokers which will be held in the
school gym will be used for the
purchase of school playground
RDG Efforts In Effecting Early Termination
Payment Bring Support From BIA
Hureau of Indian Affairs offi
cials in Portland have actively
supported the position that the
Federal Government should take
title to, and make immediate pay
ment to the withdrawing mem
bers for the unsold units.
In his letter to the Discussion
Group dated April 21, 10, Don
Foster, area director, said, "I am
sympathetic with your desire for
immediate payment by the Gov
ernment for the unsold units. We
have forwarded to Washington
the expressions of your group as
well as resolutions of the Klam
ath Executive Committee." He
went on to state however that
he "does not know what the out
come will be, but in fairness I
want to say that it does not look
very encouraging at this time."
Elaborating upon the "present
and prospective status of funds
for the withdrawing members,"
Foster stated, "You know, we are
definitely planning to make a
distribution from the sale of the
Antelope Desert Unit and other
available funds as early in July
as possible. We had planned that
funds from the sale of the Klam
ath Marsh would be included in
this distribution, but it now looks
as though the Marsh money will
Where Tom Toms Beat
And Mill Whistles Blow-
The highly descriptive lines
"Where Tom Toms Heat and
Mill Whistles Hlow. a Mod
ern Little City That's Hound
to Grow" represent the
new slogan for the community of
Cliiloquin, selected at the April 25
meeting of the Cliiloquin Cham
ber of Commerce. Some 40 Cham
bcrites convened at that time and
picked from a field of 10 finalists
the slogan best characterizing the
The slogan contest was con
ducted by the publicity committee
of the Cliiloquin Chamber, com
prised of the following members:
Opal Doak, Pearl Adamo, Luther
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not be on hand until later. Con
sequently, we do not believe it
would be satisfactory to hold up
the July distribution.
"As it now looks, we should be
able to distribute approximately
J? 1300 (without the Marsh pay
ment) in July. Since we have been
unable to arrange for a postpone
ment of the offsets, most of this
distribution will go against the
member's indebtedness. When the
Marsh payment is made later in
the summer, another distribution
could be made. This would
amount to a little under $300 per
"If the July distribution is
made as planned, and other off
sets from the resolving credit
funds are recovered, we plan to
start taking loan applications in
July. We will make the date of
accepting applications as early as
possible, but cannot set a definte
date until the progress of the first
distribution is better known. In
any event . . . we will process the
loan applications just as fast as
we possibly can."
Despite the pessimism ex
pressed by many people regard
ing the possibility of changing
the law at this time, the Reserva
tion Discussion Group has been
working hard in an effort to se
cure amendatory legislation that
would make possible an earlier
pro rata distribution to withdraw
ing members.
Among its activities has been
the circulation of a petition (see
Jan., 10, Klamath Tribune, page
4) and the solociting of support
from such agencies as the Wilk
cnson Law Firm, the Hureau of
Indian Affairs Officials and
Following a conference with
Marie Xorris and Flava Yates,
officers of the Discussion Group,
Tom Watters, former Managcr
meut Specialist sent personal let
ters to government officials em
phasizing the need for amending
the law to hasten payments to
withdrawing members. Among
others, Watters sent letters to
Hureau officials, and to the Sec
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