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JULY 1959
' 4-'' ."L 1 t - -.'-"-'.-..TT"'..-.-"' ;r-rSS-
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Irt of fiftyeight youngsters visiting icene of historical battle i shown above.
chairman of the Kccreation coun
cil to work closely with the Cur
ricr.s composed of Marie Xorris,
lsoii Harrison, Klava Yates, Inia
Recreation (Con. from Page 1)
presented at the I '.ratty Meth
odist Church.
Only one field trip has been
made thus far. fifty eight young
sters in a caravan of seven cars
bring taken to Captain Jack's
stronghold, Klava Yates and
Marie Xorris, assisted the Cur
riers in chaperoning the group.
Knima Lou Harrington. Klorence
Cole and Louis I'ohll donated the
uc of their cars. After learning
something about its history and
exploring the stronghold, the
caravan wound its way to Malin
Park where the youngsters en
joyed a swim and ice v cream
A girls s(fthall team super
vised by Art Ctirrier has gotton
off to a slow start hut games
with Klamath halls teams are in
the offering.
A committee was formed early
in the summer hy Roger Wright,
limine, Monty Starkey and Joe
Ohles (Con. from Page 2)
termination program. However,
he does object to non receipt of
per capitas or other funds by
members of less than decree,
seeing the completion of termina
tion as" somewhat far off.
Concerning, the Klamath Edu
cation Program: "I think that
the education program is a very
necessary tiling for our young
people, in most cases. The pro
grain is a very wonderful oppor
tunity for those who desire an
education past the high school
period. I am very thankful for
the program, because without it,
I would have been unable to go
to college."
Sponsored by
The Chiloquin Area Recrealion Council
Under the supervision of Art and Helen Currier of the
American Friends Service Committee
Special Admission 10c
Cartoon Carnival plus Disney's Short "A World is Born"
(8 P. M. Evening Shewing Only)
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Color Cartoon
Abbott & Costcllo Meet Captain Kidd and The Thing
Matinees 2 P. M. Adults 50c Students 20c
Evenings 8 P. M. Adults 50c Students 25c
( CoSponiord by the 6rMy Recreation Allocation)
Evenings 8 P.M. Adults 50c Students 25c
Third Personal Property Medical Service Policy
Sale Held July 23 Changes Announced
The third in the series of tribal The following memorandum
Personal Property Sales (KTP- dated Julv 16, 1959 announcing
35") was held on July 23 1959 .ccrtriill )(')licv changes was re
al the tribal conned house About ccivc(, from 0r Francis Wilder
sixty persons, mostly tribal mem- ()f t,u. jllIlic Health Service for
hers, were in attendance to bid plication in the Klamath 'Pri
on seventy items ranging from j)Une
household furniture to automo- " . , .. ... , A.
biles. Although prospective pur- Hnaiicial responsibility for he
chasers were require' 1 to submit m,C(1,cal, ?""c Prcram at the
sealed bids at the previous two ;"h Inc .an Agency dias been
sales, the July 23 sale was on an ?kc ncr .U S' lxlhhc.
oral auction basis. Xon members Iea'th 15?CTV,CC,I li " a"cc
were given the opportunity of ,,-yf.I)r' .K(,1,tcrt L' ,,c ' n,iec ,cal
voicing their bids on each "item .,ccr "I ge. Portland Area
m . . . . ... . I If ffn I lii'iLinn t I ti 1 1 'i i llonlfli
put up tor sale. 1 lie high bid by , ...v.... ..v.
the non me mber was announced "Previous to July 1, '59. Klam
bv Karl Wilcox, after which tribal atl1 Tribal funds paid for much
members , were given the oppor- nt" the medical care needs of
tuuitv of meeting the high bid. Klamath Indians. Tribal funds
Since more than one tribal mem- u il1 nn longer be used for the
her was interested in most of the clinic, Dr. Zobel says. However,
items, it was necessary for the as was true when the health pro
tribal members to bid against KTani was financed by tribal
each other. The items went to the funds. Klamath Indians will con
highest bidders, tribal members timu' to pay for their hospital
having the right to applv the pur- anl other medical services if
chase price ' against their pro such services are secured from
rata shares. anyone other than Dr. Francis D.
The total appraised value of the Wilder, LJ. S. Public Health Ser
seventv items was- $5,903.00 vicc physician located in' the
which 'does not include six items Health Center at the Agency,
for which no appraisal values "Dr. Zobel also announced the
wen given. The total amount ac- policy with regard to drugs pro
tually paid by the successful pur- vided for Klamath Indians. The
chasers on these six items plan will be the same as is follow
antotinted to only $109.00. The ed on other reservations. Drugs
total sale price of $13,779.95 was will now be dispensed only if t lie
more than twice the total ap- clinic physician decides they arc
praised value. Of the seventy necessary to treat a patient, and
items, only one item, a dining vvill not be dispensed at the pa
table - Chiffonier at $35.00. was tient's request as in a drug store,
sucessfully purchased by a non- . Other supplies, such as lysol,
member. The other sixty-nine chlorox, etc., which were furnish
items were purchased by tribal ed in the past under the tribal
members. program, will no longer be avail-
The most spectacular prices able at the clinic,
were paid for two automobiles, a "The Public Health Service is
195o Kord for $4,900.00 and a 1957 discontinuing the clinics pre-
h'ord for $5,000.00. viously held at Heatty, Oregon.
It was announced that the next Dr. Zobel added. This change has
personal property sale will be been decided upon because the
held at the agency on August 27, building used for the Heatty
1959. Interested persons will have clinic is in process of sale bv the
a chance to examine the items to Bureau of Indian Affairs."
be sold at the council house on 1
Aug. 2-4, 25 and 2o from 9 A. M. to sale at this oral auction. The LanS
1:30 P. M. and on Aug. 27 from Sales Office advises that the
S A. M. to 10 A. M. One hundred property will not be available for
thirty items will he put up for removal on the date of the sale.
(Mai auction bidding among Tribal members was held on Julyl,
1(5( at tje Land Sales Office in Klamath Kails. Ore. The tentative
results uf this sale are given below.
Rfjliiation HiQh Bid Prict Paid
Un.t No. Mmbr PurthJifr Valu Non Mmbr By Member
12IA Mitchell, et al $3Sr 0 $45S.7(5 $500.0X)
S Clarence & V. Clinton 11.120 11,120
IMC McAuliffe.
I.yon.& Steward 12140 132.000
11(.C Hill. Hatcher et al 21.080 30,00.")
120A Hill. Hatcher et al 4S.794 i9K50n
(H 12" r,Kn!(!