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Form 3547
Pttmit No. 2
VOL. 4 NO. 7
JULY 1959
:'yrry (d.hJr'fl
Denton Park is scene of active swim program. Shown above ard a
few of the youngsters receiving instruction.
At the invitation of the Chilo
(iiin Area Recreation Council and
various individuals and organiza
tions, the American Friends Ser
vice Committer has launched an
other full schedule of summer
recreation activities on the reser
vation. Conducting the program art
Art and Helen Currier of Portola
Valley. California who conducted
a highly successful program last
year. Due to a housing shortage,
the Curriers including children
Cordon. Paul and (iinny, are oc
cupying a house at Klamath
O' ;ency.
About one hundred youngsters
from the Chilo(uin area are par
ticipating in the swimming pro
gram at Denton Park. Until Art
ami Helen Currier are qualified
Red Cross Life Savers, Art carry
ing a Water Safety I nst ruct r
certificate which ualifics him to
teach and award life saving cer
tificates. Robert Cole and Johnny
Wright, twojeenae tribal mem
bers who were awarded junior
life savin ;, certificates last ear
have been assisting the Curriers
this summer. The youngsters are
transported to the swimming area
on Mondays and Friday on a
school bus provided b the Klam-
day mornings for Junior
Senior life saving students.
Top flight feature length mov
ies are shown every Wednesday
as part of the summer's recrea
tion program at nominal admis
sion prices. The Yearling, Merry
Andrews, Kin Richard and the
Crusaders have been shown and
academy award winners such as
Lili and Seven Prides for Seven
I'rothers have been booked for
the weeks ahead.
The Curriers also
program in P.eatty
eludes swimming and
together at the Jesse Kirk prop
erty on 1 ucsdavs, and swimming'
(lasses on Fridav afternoons. On
Thursday evenings, the same
features .shown in Cliilocjtiiu are
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conduct a
which in-
picnic kret-
Attend at Special
Price of .
C ounty
es are et
ch A
aside on
Sqn up before 5 P. M.
August 6 at
Klamath Education Office
Spcniored by Chiloquin Area Recre
ation Council under lupervliion cf
Art and Helen Currier, AFSC.
Executive Committee Acts On Attorney Contract,
Recreation; Hears Report On Claims
In a special session on July 11,
1959, the Klamath Tribal Fxeeu
tive Committee unanimously
passed a resolution to amend the
existing contract with the Wilk
ensou law firm.
The existing contract limits
"representation of the tribe to
services before the Indian Claims
Commission. Hie intent of the
parties," according to the resolu
tion, "was that it should continue
the same services and coverage
as to representation by the At
torney to the same matters in
cluded in a previous con-
tract, approved March 29, 1911,
which authorized and obligated
the Attorney to represent the
Tribe as to all claims against the
L'uited States either be fort the
Indian Claims Commission, the
United States Court of Claims, or
any other Courts Commission or
body." The resolution amends the
contract and enables the attorney
to take the claims cases before
more than the Indian Claims
Commission. Provision was also
made in the resolution "allowing
reimbursement to the Attorney
for expenses incurred for charges
for rental automobile and for a
mileage allowance in lieu of ac
tual expenses for use of a priv
atelv owned automobile."
Present at the meeting to pre
sent the forejoin resolution was
Donald C. Cormley of the Wilk
ensoii Law Firm who briefed the
committee on the status of the
existing claims. Cormley Mated
that "much leal research is nec
essary as well as talking with the
people involved." Me went on to
explain that his firm "will re
ceive no compensation unless the
suit is won," and expressed op
timism about the results nf the
suit. He reported that new evid
ence is h c i n j.,r uncovered to
strengthen their case. An attempt
is beiii'e made to ;;et a trial date
for the late fall since the leal
k'niundwork " i substant iall
o er."
As for his firm's responsibility
in explore new claims, (iormley
said. "It is our duty to investi
gate possible claims, advise you
of liiein, and then file them." He
explained that there may be
twenty or thirty individual suits,
although for a tribe, a class ac
tion can be taken. This was re
ferred to by the Washington at
torney as a "clean litigation."
(iormley auounced that he will
return to the reservation early in
August at which time he will be
prepared to present a more de
tailed report on the Claims.
Another resolution authorizing
payment of expenses in the
amount of .fnl'MO to Farnest I,.
Wilkenson, Claims attorney for
the Klamath tribe for the period
October ln5K to March Ml, 1959
v;i;: approved by a vote of 5 to 0.
In another resolution, the com
mittee aain unanimously ex
pressed its appreciation to the
"American Friends Service Com
mittee for sending Mr. and Mrs.
Arthur Currier to assist in estab
lishing a recreational program for
the youngsters of the Klamath
Innervation. " In the same reso
lution the committee granted
permission to the Curriers to
"enter and utilize reservation
areas, subject to the approval of
the Klamath Agency hire Dis
patcher, for the purpose of con
ducting recreational programs for
the reservation oiuij;stei s."
Rock Removal
The Committee also passe-J a
resolution approving C. K. Wells'
application to remove rock ma
terial from the Saddle Mountain
pit located on tribal laud des
t ribed as S cl7. T .S5s., p. o .; j lr
resolut ion ;;i ant s W ells, the
Siiperiuteudaiit of ( oiiutv K'oads.
"permission t use the pit in
which to stockpile the crushed
rod: material" at the rate of fie
cents per cubic ard. hive mem
bers voted for the res..iitiuti and
one abstained.