The daily gazette-times. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1909-1921, December 23, 1909, Image 1

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    VOL. I. NO. 200
Business Men Getting Alarmed Over
the Situation and Hope to Stir Up
Something Entire Public to be In
vited to Big Meeting
Corvallis has no fire depart
menu l he city . has more or
less effective apparatus but no
effective organization of fire
fighters. The Merchants - Asso
ciation is taking the initiative in
an effort to secure an organiza
tion arid will call a meeting for
some early date. Next . Monday
night was decided ,on but com
.' plications have arisen " and the
meeting will not be - held 'until
later. -
' J As it stands today, no one ex
cept Chief Wells,'-M.'M: Long or
Tom Graham feels any sort of
responsibility in case of i .fire,
and , . the - interest i of these
counts for little : or nothing
when there is no active co-opera--
tion -birthe partof men"who
: should be alive to the necessity
of the situation. To all ; intents
and purposes there is no organi
zation at the present time. This
leaves the ? city -almost at the
mercy of the fire fiend, and busi
ness men, in particular,' have at
last become concerned. .
The meeting to be. held- soon
will be for general discussion of
plans calculated to insure the
city reasonable . protection from
fire. It is desired that every
business man, city official, , past
and present fire fighter be pre
sent at the meeting to be' called
, soon and there present any sug
gestion they may have. This ' is
a necessity. . ; v
i Heney Wellington 'Wack, Dr.
Cook's lawyer, and the friend who
is authority for the statement,
were , asked how.- much ' money
they thought Dr: Cook had made
from the sale of his narratives to
newspapers in this country and
abroad and from his lectures.
-; "More than $80,000," said Mr.;
Wack. . '
"More than $100,000, " said the
friend. ; i ,'
The board of Aldermen, who
.voted Dr. Cook the ' freedom ' of
New York on hisreturn to this
country have, now adopted a res
olution to withdraw their grant.
"Gazette-Times:- "'r""" ,
Well, the election is over and
a great majority is satisfied with
the returns. The only ' reason
that I can account for "so big a
MADE 1,000 f
majority in favor, is that all of
Job's ancL Wilkin's addition got
busy and said "yes'. We'are a
busy lot of people anyway; we
want to do our part to make Cor
vallis grow. :. What we want now
is to .vote -"yes" for bonds for
the ? sewer, and the sooner the
better. I think a good way to
BOOST a city is for everybody to
get busy around their own places
and clean up; put in a nice lawn,
tear down all the old shacks of
barns, all the old fences and nut
m more sidewalks, as we havp
lotsof visitors here' every year,
besides the ' students. '' i .
Well, it is. pretty hard to run a
city to suit everybody, but watch
Corvallis . grow anyway. : Just
think of a - city growing 500 in
one single day, and most of in
the Northwest .part )of - town.
That is sure helping to make Cor
vallis a city of 10,000" population
by, 1913. If everybodv will do
their part and begin now. all will
be well Sneak a erood word of
for the city, tr do not say any
thing. If you" live in one Dart
of it hold up for it, but you all
know now that Job's and Wil
kin's addition and the part west
that came m Saturday, will grow
now faster than any other Dart
of town,, for. you can tell by the
election, that we are all after any
thing that will help the, city grow.
, A Resident.1
H A Bowman to D.W Shilland fir-
lots H & 12 bl 17 Wilknis Add Corvallis
Jenette P Drew to Albert R Starkev
600 acres near Alsea $1.
John H Chiles to Horace Underhill 35
acres' near $10. "
A F Hershner to Joseph L Russell
lots 15, 16, 17 College Crest Add Cor
vallis $10.
Marcus Parmenter to Henrv Havs
332.09 acres Kings Valley $10. " " r
G A Whiting to Mjtftha A Vail lot 4
bl 11 Job's Add Corvallis- $lu. ; : -- v
Frances A iibell et al to Henrv Havs
527 acres Zings Valley $10. "
Alfred E Johnson to C B Prather 20
acres west of Corvallis $10. ' : ' '
J L Sprinkle to W H Dillev lot 2 & S
30 feet of lot 8 In bl 25 Avery's- 2nd
Add Corvallis $10. i ...
W H Dilley to SteDhen Carver lota
11 & 12 bl 3 F A Helm's Add Corvallis
$1: ' ' ' . ,
W C Harris and wife to C W Nelson
and wife 20 acres south of Corvallis
J L Sprinkle to H H and Nettie
Glassford lot 1 bl 25 Avery's 2nd Add
Corvallis $10. .
H C Hantaan to Benardi Wilhem 24
1-2 acres near Monroe $600.
Jonas O Jorstad . to W E and K M
Mays 50. acres north of Corvallis $2500. 1
The diver engaged by the Sa
lem Water Company spent the
most of Tuesday at the bottom of
the slough , through' . which the
mam intake pipe of the water
company runs. In the afternoon
he found what he, had been look
ing for a big hole-in the pipe
a hole big enbueh tb let in stasr
nant waterni quantities sufficient
to give thf ientire city the typhoid.
The breakas foundnear the
west bank of .the slough. Two
sections of the pipe where a joint
is made were parted nearly a
quarter Of ari ihchrand thisi Crack
is believed to extend a good share
of the "distance. f around the" 24-
inch pipe. The bfficial statement
that the break has been the cause
of Salem's epidemic of typhoid,
was sent out by; Mayor Eodgers.
Cannot. Send Whiskey Under Other
Name AH Boxes Must Be Proper
ly Labeled and Bear Name of Con
signor Will Hurt "Piggers".
The local people who have been
getting ther "tanglefoot" via
the express office, labeled "dried
prunes" or '.'apple butter,' will
run up against a Government
regulation after January 1st that
may cause more or less incoven-
lence. - During :the Sixtv-firsf:
Congress the Government decid
ed to come to the aid of local au
thorities of "dry section's" who
have some difficulty ; ia t handling
blind piggers. '
And they - accomplish this by
sending out notice to all '; manu
facturers of intoxicants that their
wares must be labeled on the out
side of. the package on and after
the. first of the new year; setting
forth the contents and tho ovo-'t
amount m each-, package , It is
beheved that if the local s author
ities co-operate, with the Federal
Government in the enforcement
of the law it will be ? a . compara
tively easy matter to sUDDress
the ''blind tigers. " jit is pointed
out that from now on they can
not exist without, violating the
Federal statute, and the assump
tion of the Department of Justice
is that' the would be violators
would not care to take the chance
of falling into the clutches of the
Federal courts.
It has beefi-alleged" from time
to time that in sdine of the states
where the - sale of intoxicating
liquor has been, prohibited in one
way v and ? another, the express
companies and railroads assisted
the violators of the law by acting
as buyir-g and selling agents or
IDESAXj OlXJclgttxajL as C3rFt& JSljco
Special Bargains
In Neckwear
Silk Petticoats
Beautiful - Silk Underskirts, new, beautiful
colors, values ranging from $4.50 to $15.00. ,
Xma5 Handkerchiefs
Xmas Handkerdbief s, a beautiful
assortment of both plain, initial and fan
cy embroidery edges. Price from 5c to $1
both. Congress, with the idea of
putting a stop ; to this practice,
provided as follows: 'Any1' rail
road company, express company,
or other common carrier, -or any
other person, who, in connection
with the transportation of j any
spirituous, vinous, malted, fer
mented, or other intoxicating : li
quor of any kind, from one state,
territory or district of the Un ited
.States, into any state, territory
or district ot tne United States,
or from any foreign country into
any states territory or district of
ihe United States shall collect
the purchase . price or any part
thereof, before, on or. after de
livery, or shall in any . manner
fe?t as the agent of the buyer or
seller of any such liquor, for -the
purpose of buying or selling or
completing the sale thereof, sav
ing only in the actual trahsporta
$on and delivery of the same,
shall be fined not more than $500.
I Captain B. Sv Osbon secretary
of the : Artie Club of America,
who has been spokesman of the
Cook' partisans, Is not ' yet con
vinced that vDr. Cook failed to
reach the North Pole.
A '.'This' argument Js not yet
ovefr,? he savs., "There are go
hz to be iiiormportanrdeveI-
opments very soon. I am not at
liberty to say what these are, but
they have to dp with the whole
Cook controversy, and will make
some people, I think, feel mighty
'You will find that Dr. Cook
is not downed yet. He - is pre
paring something for his enemies
now, and when, he gives it out
you can be sure it will be worth
This week for $150.00. If you
have a piano and want a player
this is a snap. -; 12-20tf
Beautiful : assort
ment of fancy col
lars, all the new
est patterns, sev
eral different
. styles to choose
from. We have
divided them into
two lots. Lot One
are wprth ' up1 to'
' 75c - Special Xmas
Price 43c Lot Two
.worth up "to 50c;
.special 23c
s Parsnips
Sweet Potatoes
; Lemons
I Banannas
Two Men Jump and Suffer No Injury
-Woman's Ear Torn Frozen
Ground Causes . Caboose to Jump
From Rails 10 Miles South.
In the derailing and overturn
ing of the C. &A. caboose , on
the train's return trip to this city
yesterday, evening, Mrs. - Wash
ington Howard, of Alpine, . was
quite badly bruised and one eat
was badly torn. Edward Will
iams and A. M. Taylor; two other
passengers in the caboose, jump
ed and escaped injury. . ' '
The accident happened about
ten miles south of Corvallis, as
the C, ,& A. train was returning
from the south end of the line.
It seems that mud had worked
up higher than the rails, and then
frozen. I When the caboose hit
that frozen ground the wheels
ran off the track and after trav
eung apout iorty . leet tne car
toppled over and rolled down the
slight - gradethem ThFr"maIe'
passengers" jumped but Mrs!
Howard had to stav with ther m.
boose? and was quite badly used
House Officer Thought Congressman
Ellis Was Stranger.
Some friend in Washington,
whom we strongly suspect to be
Dr. Arthur Butler, sends the
, Polk County Observer - the fol-
For your Christmas din
ner we have everything you
need in Fresh Vegetables
and Fruits
Pumpkins :
Fresh Fruits
-v".. Candies, Nuts and Popcorn
All at Lowest Possible Prices
lowing clipping from the Wash
ington Star: - -
"The greatest excitement of?
the first day in the House was
furnished by the important dis-'
coyery on the part of a couple of
the House employes that a man.
apparently a stranger in the
House, one could recollect
ever having seen him before, had
entered the chamber and taken a
seat on the republican side. A
deputy . sergeant-at-arms- - was
hurriedly ; summoned . and in
structed to put the stranger out.
But when he went to perform
the mission the man bounced
out of his seat red in the face,
and announced that he was
Representative Ellis of Oregon,
who is not a new member by any
"Excuse me," said the deputy
sergeant-at-arms, very much em
barrassed, "I didn't recognize
you, Mr. Ellis, without your
whiskers."' ,
"This was consi dered a suffi
cient apology, for Mr. Ellis'
whiskers were famous in. the
House. They were about a foot
long, but bushy, and spread out
on his chest like a fan or a pea
cock's tail, and they had another
peculiarity, They used to be
brown, then" they got gray, and
then all of a sudden last season
they got ; black, and now . they
are gone for good." .
. -
The holiday rate"s" tor all points'
on the Southern Pacific lines have
oeen nxea at one and one-third
fare for the round trip, the re
turn limit on all tickets being
January 3, 1910. Tickets will be
on sale December 21, 22, 24 and
25 for Christmas, and December
31 and January 1 for New Year's.
To all points on the Corvallis &
Eastern line the rate will be one
fare for the round trip. Tickets
will be on sale December 24, 25,
31 and January 1, the return lim
it being January 3, 1910.
12-21 3t & W
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er can have sam e by calling at Ger
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Fancy Box of Men's Socks
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Boys' and Men's Sweaters-
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