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    VOL.1. NO. 194
Section That Has Been Growing Won
dronsly to Get Great Set back if
Annexation Fails Next Saturday
Section Most Have Water
A failure to unite with Corval
lis will be a sad blow to the dis
trict that it is proposed to annex.
vAukjku ucidumiaLiini til
the Water Commission to confine
city water service to the 1 city
limits means that there will be
"ms ut iivj uuuuillg ill tllB weaL-
; ern section next summer or for
a long time to come, ; Two -men
who own lots there and have
planned to build in -the spring
said in this office this morning
that they can not afford to liye
there without mountain water,
and they say emphatically that
they will not build if the next
Saturday is against annexation.
! This is certain to be the conclu
sion of many others who have
bought lots in the western part
jof the.jeifey-.with the? intention' of
building. A , large number of
lots have been sold there the
past year on the certainty that
mountain , water would be 'fur
nished. Most of these people
will not think of living there
without water at once and hope
of sewerage at, an early- date.
They understand, however, that
the city has rendered service
there somewhat illegally, out of
kindness of spirit, and in the ex
pectation that that section would
become a part of the city when
j 'a i , i ,
vppurmniiy onerea, so tney do
uui cAti cue city ty continue
its service if the vote is against
annexation. ' r .
The failure to get "water ;pn
A' press notice says: - "In Wy
oming' H. E. Pierce and Co.'s
great play of western ranch life,
will be the -attraction at f the
opera house Wednesday, Dec. 22.
The selection, of this 'drama of
the west 'will meet with, wide
approval in Corvallis and the
production itself promises to be
one of the most pretentious that
will be seen here during the pres
ent season. . "In Wyoming, "is a
genuine. ." American play, ..replete
with virility and strength. Wil-
' lard Mack, -the author, has skill
fully combined, his: ingredients
of , dramatic interest with the
proper admixture of comedy, and
has succeeded in evolving a rare
play wherein swiftly alternating
laughs fifive nlace .
moments of intense pathos, The
scenes are laid near Casperj Wy
oming. The . management has
.furnished a complete scenic pro
duction, which, will be used in its
, entirety during the engagement'.
the hill west of the college means
a cessation of growth there. It
is likely to result in a lessening
of values, and it is certain that
there will be no further increase
of value. . There has been a dis
position to make the western
section of Corvallis a residence
section and many citizens of
spme means have bought there,
but these will not build. No
section can be made fit for living
without water . and the people
who have lived down in the city
Will not forsake the mountain
water here for well water there.
With' the tendency to growth
that western Corvallis has shown
the past year or two, farm lands
there would be worth $200 to
$400, a lot in less than five years.
But it can never be so without
water. There is no bluff in the
City Water Commission's attitude
in this matter,; and if there were
there is now ready an injunccion
suit to keep the commission from
serving consumers outside of the
limit.': : w ;"',.' "'
Annexation might cause the
payment of an advance in the tax
(though we doubt any consider
able advance) but the loss to
that entire section will ,be hun
dreds and thousands of dollars if
there is no annexation. "Voters
should not listen" to these carpers
who are opposed to everything.
Peter Rickard Squaies Ted's Debts;
; ,i P. Avery Kin to Jeffries.
Press dispatches brought the
news this , morning that Tex
Rickard, the prize-fight promo
ter had been , sued for $5650.75
on bills owing one J. G. Roberts.
With the idea, of furthering the
chance for Corvallis landing the
Jeffries-Johnson .fight, .with
which Tex. Rickard has much to
do, Peter' Rickard got in touch
with the authorities at Reno,
Nevada, where the suit was filed,
and guaranteed the sum owed
by his relative. If this .doesn't
warm Tex up toward: Corvallis,
then he is a very ungrateful fel
low, v ;-v ' ,
; Since the Johnsons have lined
up the chocolate champion in
favor of "Corvallis, Mr. - Punder
,son Avery has been making, an
effort to get a particular lever
age on Mr. Jeffries. By - refer
ence to the family tree he dis
covers that a brother , of his
great 'great grandfather's
nephew by his ; sixth wife mar
ried a woman who had a coufiin
named Jeffries. That's a "rather
slim thread to work on," but the
Corvallis company proposes to
leave nothing undone that might
land the big scraps With $175,
000 of good coin at , hand, the
city council, sheriff's office
and . ministerial association ac
quiescent, it would be a shame
if this coming mertyopohs,. prob
able capital of Oreeon. should be
beaten out by San Francisco or
Oakland. .. At, last accounts N.
B. Avery and A:.L. , Stevenson
had their heads together and
they are. certain to hatch up a
surprise for other bidders for
the fight. " ' J .. ; .':
Mrs. - Eldriedsre leaves Fridav for
Newberg, v-where she willspend the holi.
Falling Off of Attendance at North
School Result of Foolish Alarm from
Careless Statements -Every Pre
caution Being Taken.
Of more than 200 pupils en
rolled at the North school but 65
were in attendance today. This
is due to alarm about diphtheria,
of which there is tmt ONE case
in the city at the present time.
There have been but six cases
since September and in the past
month there have been but four.
No case has yet developed jn
school, and extraordinary pre
caution is being, taken. The
North, -ii school , is fumigated,
though there was no suspicion of
germs hr the buiiding. , Last
night the Central building was
fumigated simply of a 'precau
tion. -. There is no epidemic, no
possible danger of an epidemic
with present precautions.
Everv voune-ster with
suspicion of "a s6rerthroat" Is ex
amined by ; physicians. Foolish
and excitable persons have re
ported 25 and 50 cases. - The
health officer's report says ONE.
Friday nieht opens the rjreliminarv
basketball season at O. A. C. Forme
experts will play the reffular team anil
the Sonhs will nlav fh T
1j - . XT J w 0 J." 11U
the line up of the old stars it looks ; like
the regulars are due to receive a drub
bing. - .' '
George Watson, a stranger enraged
in peddling small household utensils,
was picked up by Chief Wells Wednes
day and charged with violation ' of a
city ordinance. On a preliminary hear
ing he pleaded not guilty and 'his trial
was set for 9 o'clock this morning, and
then postponed until 2 n'r-lrwlr
days at labor was the sentence. '
: Every Man's Overcoat
Reduced thisSreek. SEE
1 'k
" ' - - I " ! .. . . i r -r '
i ' ;.
People Who Come and Go and Why
) They Do It- Some Come to Cor-
j yallis, Others go ElsewhereSam
Bennett is Getting Better. ; ,
MONROE, Dec. 13-Rev. Hack
ing, of the M. E. church at
" ,
Monroe, delivered an address on
Odd;. Fellowship before Alpine
lodge No. 197 I. O, O. F. Sun
day at Simpson's chapel. The
members were out in full regalia,
as were also the Rebekahs.
I The prune orchard on the old
EcElroy place is being rennovat
ed, About half of the trees
are, being taken out to make
room for the ' rest to properly
flourish. The Oregon Apple
Co." owns this place and Cleve
& Currinj an old O., A. C. man,
is superintendent The portion
jf the -place' in prunes is only
ten . acres, and' the greater part
of the remainder will soon be
into apple trees. Already
nearly 10.000 young', teees are
hee1ea"' mnTfefe:"on the placeT
awaiting favorable weather so as
to be placed in favorable posi
tion. A dozen men are employed
regularly by the company and a
great change is being made in
the ranch. Scores of big oak,
some of which were four feet or
more in diameter, have been cut
down and the stumps blown out
preparatory to getting 'some 200
acres of trees set out by March
Despite washouts and soft spots
along the line, Carver, has been
doing 'business at the same old
stand of late. -
C. J. Currin, : superintendent
of the Oregon Apple Co.'s ranch
here, was a visitor to Corvallis
Christmas Sale of
Ladies' Coats and Suits
Great Xrnas Sale of Ladies' Coats and Suits. Every year there are;
many people who confine their gift giving to practical and needed things.
That is why we are making a Great Reduction on our Coats and Suits, so
those who are seeking such gifts may get just what they are looking for
at a greatly reduced price. Below we quote regular and sale price which
tells the story better than a whole page of description:
$13.50 Suits, Sale Price. .............. .$10.75
15.00 Suits, Sale Price. . . ; ............ 1L95 '
. 17.50 Suits, Sale Price... .13.95
1 30.00 Suits, Sale Price. ...i..... . . 23.85
Space will not permit us to quote more prices, but Every Suit and
oecona jf ioor Department is Reduced.
in the House
on Saturday and Sunday. .
Bernard Wilhelm is having a
snug little home built Things
are evidently going to happen.
Philomath, Dec. 16, Mrs.
Geo. Gove went to Albany
Wednesday on business, '
Mrs. H. S. Moses and daughter
Blanche were Corvallis shoppers
Frank Becker returned Wed
nesday after spending a few
days in Corvallis the guest of
Prof. Sam Groff. : : ' 1 '
' . , -; -
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Strong of
Salem, visited her mother, Mrs.
Schaffer, last week. " ' ' ,
Mrs. Robert Hunter and baby
daughter returned to Corvallis
Saturday. White in Philomath
they visited at the home of Mrs.
Hunter's father, J. E. Henkle.
; The Rhetorical given at the
Philomath College last Saturday
night was in every way a success.
Musical numbers were also rend
ered. ' ' ' ;
; Mrs. Gertrude Fischer was in
Corvallis Saturday. .
, The University Extension Club
met at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Bennett last Thursday
evening. This club is composed
of the teachers at both College
and the public school. j
Sam Bowen, who was injured
last week, is rapidly recovering.
Rev. and Mrs. Parrett are
holding, very' interesting meet
ings at the Brick college. ' ' ' - .
Newberg and the Philomath
last Saturday night at the Armory
The game was wone by the local
tipam by a score of 56 to 32.
- R. A. Clark, Miss Edith Cum
ming, Miss Allen and" Mrs.
James Evars were Corvallis
passengers Thursday. -
Editor Gazette-Times: In
your headline to my letter of
yesterday you said that l am not
afraid of the devil himself, but I
am. There is . nothing else in
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, Beautiful water colored Landscape t
many different subjects. Price 19 cents
to trade !
Says Cooncilmen Should Own at Least
$2,000 Worth of Property in the
City Gets .Wires Crossed and
Scores Doc When He Isn't Guilty.
Gazette-Times: As I read
the article that T)r. Pernot. wrote
of the condition of Job's and
Wilkins' Additions I would like
to know if he knows the reason
why Job's and Wilkins' Additions
are in the conditions that they
are in? We have paid taxes for
years and have not. received any
benefit All we ever got was
our street . crossings cleaned
just a few days before an elec
tion. . We, will all vote for the
annexation . next Saturday if
they will sign a contract to go
right ' to work and put ' in- the
sewer. It seems like there
ought to be - a hew ordinance
so a councilman had to be a resi
dent of the .city for at least two
years and -own not less than
$2000 worth of property. We
nave some men in tne council
that don't own any property
here in the city' in their" own
name. ' I would like to ask Dr.
Pernot if Job's and Wilkins
Additions are not in as good
sanatary condition as the south
west part of town. If he finds
it the same, don't give this part
a blackeye, for I think that is
not , helping to make Corvallis
beautiful! And I think' Dr.
Pernot makes part of his living
off of this part of the town.
The y college is the life of the
the rest and get the sewers Job's
and Wilkins' -, Additions will be
the heart of Corvallis and the
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.Vt:.--. J - .... - . .