The daily gazette-times. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1909-1921, December 15, 1909, Image 3

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Perrin's Kid Gloves
for women are
standards of quality,
none better to be had
at any price, and our K ;
stock is complete in all 5
: the leading shades, and
we have this superb
- grade in all sizes.
We are sole Corvallis
agents for
""Perrin's" Gloves
i They are made from .
; the best skins and
. carefully made by
expert workmen.
When you are
looking, for, the
Best Quality '"',
for your glove money
it means you'll buy,
Perrin's at ;
When, you see it
j In our ad
jit's so
The City
and Vicinity
Dealer in All Kinds of
Delivered in any Quantity Desired to All
Puts a City. YARDS: 7th Street, opposite
Ben ten County Lumber er--i-j-
Offlce and Residence Phone, 1113
C- H .' Hiv-rerritt
Will be cleaning "feathers v
and mattresses for a short
time only. -r
Phone 470
or . and Licensed ' Embalmer.: . Suc
cessor , to Bovee - & ; Bauer Corvallis,
Oregon. Ind. Phone 4s. . Bell Phone
241, Lady attendant when desired. ' '-' -
censed embalmers and funeral direct
ors, i Have everything new in coffins,
caskets and burial robes. Calls ans
wered day and night. Lady assist
ant. Embalming a specialty. . Day
phones, IndvJ17 and 1153, Bell, 631;
night phones, Ind-2129 and.1153. ;. : '
Surgeon. ; Office in . Burnett Block,
over Harris' Store. " Residence corner
Seventh and Madison. Office, hours:
8 . to 9 a. m.; i to 3 p. m. Phones:
Office, 2128, Residence, 404.
Insure Your Stock
To Whom It May Concern:" "
7 iThiS is to certify that .we have
this day appointed Mr. S. K. Hart
sock, of Corvallis, Benton County,
Oregon, as our representative, ; and.
he is authorized to solicit business
.and collect money for this Associa
tion pertaining to live stock insur
ance. J '
National Live Stock Insurance Aas'n
ir-PfMtfimER, Secretary,
Portland, Oregon, October 28, 1909."
Luther Burbank has not Been able to
grow "potatoes on peach trees" and
he has pot yet produced the "tasteless
gooseberry." Prof. , Adrian, who
lectured at Albany recently, has written
the Gazette-Times the, above, state
ments. - Neither has Mr. Burbank pro
duced the pruneless prune, a fruit
much desired by boarding houses. His
most wonderful, if not his greatest,
achievement is his production" of the
blackless blackberry;, they . are now
white on the Burbank farm.' Prof.,Ad-
nan says the great horticulturist "has
crossed the apple and blackberry," and
it is presumed that he gets a cobbler
out of this. ' ;"He has also crossed the
strawberry and blackberry,'' and this
has produced, a headache. The G.-T.
is an intense admirer of Mr. Burbank.
He has done very wonderful things of
great benefit to mankind. His spine
less cactus the transformation of the
useless product of the plains into suc-
I culent food is of incalculable value.
His production of three new species of
fruit, the ?' Plumcot,' Primus Berry"
and "Phenomenal Berry" entitled him
to highest recognition. But, most of
all, his genius entitles him to freedom
from such, fool friends as Prof Adrian
who write protests at jesting reference
to some of the wonderful and .peculiar
results Mr. Burbank has obtained.
Sheet Music, Musical Mdse.
I Prices and Terms to Suit '
,, Call in and See Us.
The Mathews- Music Store
Corvallis, Qregon
x " Phone 357 "
aptf Geo-; fjtt,JfHgt. '- l'
ah the i;
newest : ;
'Weaves and Shades '
i at Reasonable ,
' ' Prices. 1 - ;
;Henlde& Davis
J. R. N. Bell is at Eusrene todav
delivering a lecture on Shakespeare to
the University students. . 7:,.7 , :
: Mr. and Mrs. C. A. . Murphey were
called to Eugene Monday evening by a
telegram announcing the serious illness
of his mother. - '
A basket social will be given at the
Bellfountain Grange hall Dec. 31st un
der auspices of the Philathea Sunday
School class. After the program the
baskets will be sold and then games
will be played until the New Year ar
rives. Proceeds to. ero towards a buv-
ing a new church organ. . ' .. 1
f Mr. and Mrs. Ira D. Wines', of Salt
Lake City, who have been visiting Mr.
and . Mrs. Dryden during the week,
leave for home tomorrow. Mr. Wines
is a prominent capitalist of "Nevada
and Utah. Mrs. Wines is a sister of
Mrs. Dryden and came to visit the lat
ter on account of illness.
I A piece of writing picked up on Main
street says: ,f'A young man in Bell
fountain recently : advertised in the
local papers for 'a woman to ' wash
iron and milk two cows. I'll marry
her." It is our impression that we
would not want to marry any girL able
to wash and iron even one cow.
The Red Cross stamp sale is assum
ing considerable proportions- here. C.
A. Gerhard sold $20 worth to , W. A.
Wells, and Graham & Wells, sav there
has been a steady demand- in , consider-
ame quantities. The - stamps : are
' 'pretty little jiggers' ' and. representing
what they do they look especially at
tractive: to those who delight,. in doing
?r me democrat says Albany should
have a $15,000 Carnegie library. Cor
vallis should have a $25,000 Carnegie
library. Not that Corvallis people in
their reading are that far behind Al
bany, but for the. reason that we have
here a great many more young peo
ple who should be reading. The col
lege brings us 1000 young men and
women that Albany, has not. A city
that, will not provide a good library
'will not do much of anything worth
while. But if Corvallis will do some of
the other things now contemplated we
.can well wait a time for the library.
' Campbell,; the man who sold Corvallis
a $100 page in a special Christian. En
deavor number of some northwest re
ligious publication, .which, carried with
it an?-agreement to insert a quarter
- pagom eastern, associate papers having
l.OOftjOOO circulation,, is , trying to get
fAlbany to ifaake.a contract. From the!
result obtained from the expenditure of
that $100, Corvallis might better have
thrown the coin in the Willamette at j
flood time. Campbell presented the
most glowing proposition - imaginable,
but there is no evidence that his 1,035,
000 readers saw the page advertise
ment from Corvallis, clearly the most
attractive ad in the papers sent here.
Toilet Cases
.: Smoking Sets
Cuff Boxes
; Collar Boxes
! Work Boxes '
Handkerchief Boxes '
Tie Boxes
- Traveling Cases
Military Brushes
Puff and Powrfw Rayps
Manicure Sets ,
Photo Albums
Music Rolls, 65c to $6
Post Card Albums, $1 to
' $4 .,
' Autograph Albums
Fine Holly .Stationery
Pyrographic Wood and
-7 r Skms
' Musical Instruments
Phonographs and Records
Sheet Music .
Full Line of '
Palmer's Perfumes in
Nice Boxes, 35c to $2.50
Satchet Powders, 10c
AT '
Graham & Wells'
,' The local tent of the K. O. T. M. is
making extensive preparations for the
social entertainment to be held next
Wednesday evening. '
At the regular 7 communication of
Corvallis Lodge No. 14, A. F. and A.
M. to be held tonight, the annual elec
tion of officers will take place and
there will also be work in the E. A.
degree. All members are urged to be
present promptly at 7:30 o'clock. k
- The Presbyterian chicken dinner was
patronized by a very large number of
people, and much candv was sold. also.
The Bazaar articles are finding a ready
sale. The ladies are offering supper
tonight from 5:30 to 7:00. This is vour
last chance to get a good meal and at
the same time to help out a good' cause.
Hen. B. F, Mulkey, formerly presi
dent of the Ashland Normal ' and a
member of the last state legislature!
now a prominent attorney of - Jackson
ville,, will .give. ; an impersonation of
Hamlet at (XTA. -C.: Armorv Tuesdav
evening; December 21, at eight o'clock.
There will be good music furnished
during this entertainment and all the
townspeople are invited to be present.
isir. nauiKey nas given his impersona
tion of the Melancfiolv Dane 31 times
in this state and is said to be perfect
m the character. The usual weeklv
convocation will be held Tuesday even
ing instead of Wednesday as the holi
days will begin Wednesday noon.
- Alone in Sawmill at Midnight ,
Unmindful of dampness, drafts.
storms or cold, W. J." Atkins worked
as pight watchman, at Banner Springs,
Tenn. .., Such exposure gave , him a
severe cold that settled on his lungs.
At last he had to give up , work. He
tried many remedies but all failed till
he used Dr. King's New Discoverv.
"After using one; bottle": he writes,
"I went back to work-as well as ever."
Severe colds, stubborn coughs, inflamed
throats and sore lungs, hemorrhages,
croup and whooping , couch eret anick
relief and prompt cure from this glori
ous medicine. 50 and $1.00. Trial bot
tle free, guaranteed by.
' ' . ' . " i i'j j'r( ii. n?.1
"In Wyoming," Willar'd
Mack's stirring play of western
life, will be on view at the opera
house' ' Wednesday, Dec 122.
Some one has said that the . days
of the western: play : are num
bered. This may be true of the
many so-called : western plays,
with the- shooting, i exaggerated
characters, horse play and nonsense;-but
if ' the avidity with
which ' 'In Wyoming" has ' been
received in each ;of the cities it
has appeared in can be accepted
as any criterion,4 it isjsafe to , say
the knell of: the genuine typical
western play will not sound for
a long time yet In addition to
the sympathetic story it details,
there is a spirit , of ' naturalness
about the play which gives it an
added , appeal. The ; press in
nearby cities say the supporting
company give the, piece a1 ,very
jtood presentation and iring;out
its beauties ia.telling:faahion. t
The subject of this notice,
was born in Michigan, Nov. ; 14
1841, and his death occurred at
his residence near Oakville, Linn
Co. Ore. Dec. 4,' 1909, at the age
of 68 years and 21 rfnva w;0
parents ! removed to ' Wisconsin,
where they spent a few years.
and in J.849 crossed the , plains to
Oregon, settling first in Marion
county where several years were
spent, when he removed to Tilla
mook county, and later to Polk.
and finally to Linn county, about
1880, where he resided until his
death. - At the age of 21 he
entered the army serving his
country .faithfully for ' th
years. ' In 1865, March 19, he
was married to Miss Cynthia Ai
Qoodell, who survives him. To
them were born six children,'
two daughters and four sons,
who were all present at the time
of his death. Their names are ;
Mrs. Charlotte E. Pugh, Mrs.!
Ella M. Brown, Wesley S, Lin
coln; Frank M.. and Ira St. John.
Besides the wife. and children:
three . sisters and one - brothpr
are left to mourn his. loss. I
Mr. St John was a member of
the. Willamette U.. P. congrega
.Very few of the pioneers of
'49 are left in this community. I
and very f ew of the old army'
men still survive. But two men!
were found to plant the flags at;
his grave and pay the last silent
tribute in honor of a departed
Mr. - St. John was a auietl
peaceful, upright man and citizen. '
a kind and loving husband and
tather. A large circle of friends
sympathize with the bereaved 1
family. I
"ir iff n"P r" BW1 aii ft
Save Money-on
Your Holiday Gifts
We will give 15 per cent. DISCOUNT fnr PAQH
on our ENTIRE stock, with the exception of Hamil
ton, South Bend, Ingersoll and Howard Watrk aJ
Parker Lucky-Curve Fountain Pens.' This discount
is given on our REGULAR retail prices and will con
tinue 'till January 1st, 1910. . -
This discount l is on all
Jeweler and Optometrist
WANTED TO BUY-Veal and all
kinds. of poultry. Highest cash market
price paid. Phones, Ind, 1168r Bell, 581.
Black. Ira Alcorn. .7" ' ? 12-12-5t
WANTED-1000 turkeys.' 500 ceese
and ducks between Dec. 9 and 22. I
can pay you cash for chickens, dressed
veal and pork, eggs and hides at all
times.. Jack Dawson's Poultry Market.
Both phones. - : v 12-9-6t 1
FOR SALE-rGerhard has Red Cross
stamps. 12-15-2t
FOR RENT A house of ten rooms.
partly furnished, on Van Buren street.
Apply to A., Kennedy, College Crest
- 12-15-fit
Business Pointers.
c These , cost money and are " '
worth your attention.
Xmas .stamps, seals, labels, etc.;
Five cents package, at Gerhard's.
Red Cross Stamps at Graham &
Wells'. ' ; ? ft
For the Home
Two tone Velour Couch, $ 7.85
Oak Rockers, special . . . 2.25
Parlor Tables, $1.95 to . 1,6.00
Magazine Stand,-$2.00, ' 4 -
. $4.25 and.. 5.50
Oak Comb. Book Case.. 17.50
Bissell Carpet Sweep4r. 3.00
Couch Covers, $1.50 to. 7.50
Portiers, $2.25 to.V. . 8.50
Dressers. xak, special. . . 10.00
Rugs, 27x54, $1.65, $2
77 and. ... ..... .,. ..... 2.65
Rugs, 36x72. $3.50 to . . ' 4.50
The "Free" Sewing Ma-
chine, the : best on
earth. Special cash
price for a . limited
time 35.00
For , the Children
Doll Cabs, 25c, 65c. . . . .$ 1.25
Doll Go-Carts, leather-
ette, $3,25 to. . . . .... 5.00
Iron Wagons, 85c, 95c. . 1.10
Autos, $3.95 to 6.75
ed- Rockers .......... v. ; JS -
:Red Chairs 65
For Everybody
Pictures, 5c to . .... 5.00
Writing Desks, $6 to.... 12.00
Wire Card Racks, 15c to .20
Wardrobe Stand. . . ..... 3.00
Mirrors, 35cr 45c to. . . .. 7.50
Plate Shelves, $i and... 1.50
Hall Hat Racks, $1.50 to 3.50
All Kinds of
Oak Rockers
And everything to make your home
comfortable." Let us show you.
The Furniture -Man
125 Second Street, ' t - Corvallis, Oregon
New Express ana Baggage." I have
just started a new exnress anH hfrroro
delivery. ' Prompt service. - Phone t
1211 or leave orders at Hodes Grocery!
siore.?,jonn Goos. , . . . . 12-13-4t
.1910 Calendar pads, assorted sizes, 16
kinds. . Ten cents dozen, at Gerhard's.'
. . , .. i2-i5-i4t;j
Read Miss Armstrong's aid describing
her special holiday novelty sale, at Miss!
onnstenaen a. Millinery parlors.
' . . , 12-10-13t
Larsre . stock; nf Adm. C
. . " A . VJ: . uupao : wii
hind at Blackledge's Furniture store.
- . 12-lt
'a Native oysters direct: from 7t.h
Willapa Harbor beds, 35 cents pint,; 65 i
cents qt. ' At Dad's place. - 10-29-tf
Eat Golden Rod Flakes,
' They are better for breakfast, f
Than old-fashioned corn cakes, '
And five minuets time, - '
. Is all. that it takes
. At Kline's. . ; 6-12-tf 1
Christmas Specials
0. S. gold filled, , hunting, 20 year case, Elgin or in en
rWaltham....... , JplU.UU
12 gold filled - open face' 20 year f case, Elgin or n C fl
; Waltham . f ..... . . . ................ ..i... ... ... 0.0 U
16 gold filled open face .20 year, case, Elgin or n rn
Waltham...... 0.0 U
18 goldlfilled open face 15 Jewel Waltham. ...... ... 9.00
14 karat gold wedding rings, .per dwt. . ......... 100;
Matthews, Optician and Jeweler
" ; ! ,? '..l.'.'f i-.'7'V i ' !, "-! ' '. 'I : :: . r, ' - S v. ; , "
Biggest and Best Paper in the Willamette, Valley
- t