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Published every evening except Sun
flay. Office: 232 Second street, Cor
vallis, Oregon.
Phone 4184
Entered u second-class matter July 2, 190 fat
tfc poatoffice at Corvallis, Oregon, under act of
Karens. 1879. .'
Delivered by carrier, per week....,.$ .15
Delivered by carrier, per month.... .50
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N. R. MOORE i . . . . Editor
CHAS. L SPRINGER, Business Mgr.
Those wno dislike the prospect
of 0. A. C. grounds being taken
into the city limits should read
Attorney Bryson's article in this
issue and forever after hold their
peace unless they desire to
spread among their fearful breth
ren the fact that their fears are
groundless. Mr. Bryson gives
legal opinion, and it would be a
pleasure to see the color . of the
hair worn by that particular
doubter 'with nerve enough to
question Attorney Bryson's state
ments. However, even though
it meant considerable expense to
annex the college and grounds,
we would think it mighty incon
siderate, mighty small, mighty
mean, for any man to hold out
against ' this, the greatest factor
in the city's prosperity,
tM maM outside
cranium. A man should be will
ing to go to considerable expense
to get such necessaries as these.
And because the city proper can
not afford to run the risk of epi
demic from bad conditions in
any section, the city proper
should be glad to : help any sec
tion, to, better, water and. sewers.
College hill, the section west,
and the sections both north and
south of the college are in need
of water and sewers. 'A part of
the sections' has water, bat the
Commission says this, will be cut
off unless the outlying districts
come in. And it is a certainty
that neither water nor : sewers
can be obtained until the , outly
ing districts do- come into ;the
city; , neither can they secure
lights nor police protection until
that time. With taxes leerallv
limited to 7 mills, and the pros
pect of getting necessaries and
city ; conveniences, : the man out
side of Corvallis, who may at
any time be subject to a 20 mill
tax for road purposes alone,
surely ought to be glad to come
into the city. '
son's Article
(Continued) from page one )
Those : living in the district
Corvallis desires to bring within
the' city limits should remember
this fact the highest levy that
utan be made for all purposes is
, 17 mills. The charter of Corval
Once within the '"city, , Corvallis
would be obliged to give the new
district mountain water, sewer
age, lights and police protection.
Any sane man wants the ; best
water' obtainable and - proper
sewer connections. If he does
not there is a screw loose in his
pay for the water, it uses and
pave its own streets and road
ways.1 ' v
The greatest benefit both to
the. college and the inhabitants
of. the city .which will accrue
from including these grounds
wiillil ifee limits 'of the city will
be the opportunity for police con
trol on the part of the city. The
state , law does not deal with ' a
number of minor offences relat
ing to the good order and peace
of a community as it is presumed
that all 'thickly settled commun
ities wil resolve themselves into
cities yrhiclr will ' furnish police
protection' and control. A con
siderable number of 'our citizens
plftstffeeir oit
the college grounds. Occasion
ally, practically all our citizen-
snip gathers there. Police' pro
tection such as city laws and
police alone can give is as nec
essary to our citizens while on
the college grounds as it is while
elsewhere. Also, the ueoDle. of
the state -have a right to. demand
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at our hands this measure of pro
tection for the' students sent us
while on these grounds. This
does not mean that we furnish
policemen to patrol the college
grounds. It only means that on
those" occasions when - large
crowds i are gathered there
and prudence demands the"
presence of our police force
it shall have the , right to
exercise its authority to conserve
the peace, within these , grounds:
City police control of the nWft
grounds is as necessary is like
control ot our opera, house or our
public school grounds or other,
public gathering places in our
midst. ". : . -, .
- Many other reasons might : be
assigned for including within
the territorial limits of the city
landwhich is naturally a part of
it. I will just give. one that
occurs tovme in this instance
Supposing the collee-e. timr.
by high prevailing prices, should
sen to private individuals a strip
of land off the east side of the'
campus sufficient to fill out the
blocks . . adjoining the r campus.
The purchasers of. these . lots
might be unwilling to come into
the city and unless by a major
ity vote they so willed we could
not bring them in. We would
accordingly have no police juris
diction over two half blocks in
the very center of our city. The
natural result of police . jurisdic
tion: would be : the growth on
these two half blocks of a busi-"
ness geetion of a very undesir
able character, free from all reg
ulation, or control on the part of
the city. ,ThoB undersirable
classes of business which seek to
avoid or escape the intimate con
trol of local municipal regulation
would congregate there. - - ;
To conclude I would answer
the question propounded through
your columns by saying that the
college grounds are territorially
so situated that they . naturally
belong to the city and form
it a territorial, unit andtfco leave
them ' out would be unnatural.
That the necessity of Dolice con
trol, and the duty which we owe
to the state to furnish 1 the pro
tection and benefits of municipal
control require the inclusion of
these grounds within our limits.
That no burden of expense f will
be saddled upon the city thereby
and I will conclude by asking
that; some of' the twenty men
represented by the v inauirv in
your columns give one good rea
son why we should not include'
the college grounds within the
city limits. -
Respectfully yours, '
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The only question to be settled
is that of choosing , a 'referee.
There is a widespread reauest
that Dr. Bell officiate at "these
obsequies, for two reasons first,
that he may be close to the two
great sinners who will pummel
each other, in the hope that he
can-say some word that will turn
them from their:sinfuls?path- to
the straight . and narrow -, road
that offers less money but more
glory ; second, that -he will . . not
permit the fight to get beyond
the brutality - of- the football
game. This will probably suit
both contestants, as it is claimed
that one is afraid and the, other
glad of it - ; '
It might be mentioned here
that Dr. Bell became ; a member
of this company only in the hone
of doing good. : If he can get
30,000 sinners here at one time,;
convert all of them, and then A.
L.' Stevenson can sell them some
ground hereabouts, Dr. Bell can
hope for a large increase in the
membership of his new . church.
He figured on this when ' urarine
the erection of the fine edifice
now trader construction. -
uecause of his. ability as a
campaigner; Napoleon Bonaparte
Averyi has been elected manager
during the absence: of Messrs.
Ppto T?.w1r arf Pnn Axramr and Sam
Wyatt, who leave for San '"Fran
cisco next Monday. Mr. .Avery
has already reserved the chairs
in the barber; shops,; real estate
offices and the opera house. All
things are moving along nicely,
Sheriff Gellatly - having been
squared this morning by the pre
sentation of two front row tick
ets. Mayor " Watters, ' Attorney
Bryson, and Chief Wells are, still
to be heard from, but if the elec
tion doesn't carry next- Saturday
they will have no ; a urisdiction
over the college grounds and
can not interfere. The big Arm
ory will be an ideal place for the
fight ' :;.-, v:'..,;-,7:;. ' .,.';.'
All parties are hereby notified
not to hunt - . or otherwise
trespass on the old Hardins nlace.
adjoining the John Kiger farm
four miles 'north of ..Corvallis.
Ore. J: Parties violating this warn
ing will be prosecuted i the to
full extent f o the law.
. John Kiger,' :j
. . Corvallis, Oregon, j
Dated December 13, 1909.
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