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In Cases of Djspepsia, Rheumatism,
Gout and Nervous Breakdown,
is Marvelous.
Upon recent investigation by eminent
pnysicians, chemists and scientists it
has been demonstrated that natural,
earth flowing tnineral waters are the
most beneficial means for the cure of
organic maladies.
Paso Robles Hot Springs are at this
time the point of interest to most in
vestigators, as recent occurrences have
attracted the attention of the thinking
world to these springs. - "
One of their chief points of interest
to medical men is said to be that which
proves that a pre-eminent chemical
action rests in the waters which flow
from the earth at Paso Robles, Califor
nia. -
Paso Robles Hot Springs is making
cures daily of rheumatism, gout, stom
ach trouble, neurotic diseases, kidney
trouble and general breakdown, which
proves almost beyond question to
medical men that there is some quality
in these waters superior to any in this
country and probably in the world.
It is also claimed for. Paso Robles
that the air conditions are perfect. It
lies in a small valley protected by
: mountain ranges; is 720 feet above sea
level and is not assailed by too much
sea moisture or an abnormal tempera
ture from the hot land winds. r
This air condition is thought by some
to have almost as much to do with its
cures as the waters themselves. i
The town, like all health resorts, is
filled with boarding houses of all kinds,
so that every purse will be' pleased.
There are hotels for the rich, where
any luxury may be had. Private baths
for exclusive patrons who wish to be
to themselves.
These springs have been known for
centuries, for they were used by the
Indian to cure his sick and later, the
Franciscan fathers performed wonder
ful cures here, but it is only recently
that the really marvelous ; powers of
these waters were made known to the
world at large.
Nearly every form of organic trouble
is 'treated at these hot springs, for the
authorities welcome all except those
who have tuberculosis or unclean dis
eases. For the man who suffers - from
over-eating or from -alcoholic -xeesses
there is nothing in to equal a
week spent at Paso Robles." It straight
ens him out with a rapidity that ia won
derful, and the best recommendation is
that they do away with the. nerve-craving
for stimulants because of their
peculiar soothing effects upon the nerv
ous system. '
- Truly speaking, the study of Paso
Robles Hot Springs is one which is
giving the medical fraternity abroad
and at home much interest, and is pro
bably directing more attention to Cali
fornia than any other of her patural,
gifts man.
A small book, neatly illustrated, has
been recently published by the manage
ment telling the story of the Hot
Springs in a most interesting manner
and giving complete information Send
for it, either to Wm. McMurry, Gen
eral Passenger Agent of the 0. R. &
N., Portland, Ore., or Dr. F. W. Saw
yer, manager, Paso Robles,' Cal.
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Three Miles of Prize Winning
Ears Entered In the Third ;
National Corn Exposition at J
the Nebraskan Capital.'
OW, brains are makinsr millions
on the American farms, how
meeting the seasons with com
mon sense as well as brute
force has resulted in giving the world
more ana better food, will be graph
ically shown at the third National
Corn exposition in Omaha Dec. 6-18. '
The United States government and
twenty-five states have exhibits in
stalled showing how the simplest form
of science has produced types of plants
for new as well as old lands, for arid
as well as well watered regions, for al
titudes as low as Louisiana swamps
and as high as Wyoming and Montana
tablelands 6,000 feet above the sea. .
The government exhibit shows what
the department of agriculture Is dolne
for the people who till the land, what
nas been discovered by the bureau of
animal industry,, by the office of the
plant breeder and those experts em
ployed to eradicate injurious Insects
and diseases of plants and animals
which annually destroy a billion - dol
lars worth of life and deprive the na
tion of that much new wealth.
Twenty-five of the states became In.
terested in the National Corn exposi
tion as a movement which would give
them an opportunity to demonstrate to
some 200,000 farmers how science is
solving the problem of getting from
the soil the greatest possible profits.
Thus the states have Installed their ex
hibits, and the farmers of the country
who have been applying some of the
methods first unfolded by the agricul
tural colleges have surrounded these
exhibits with grains and grasses pro
duced in all parts of the United States
during the season of 1909.
Three miles of prize winning corn
have been entered, the ears lying side
by side on the exhibition shelves. In
samples of one peck each more than a
thousand bushels of thrashed grains
wheat, oats, rye, barley, seeds of clo
ver, millet, timothy and alfalfa await
the scoring of the judges which will
divide $50,000 in prizes and award a
score of gold Land, silver trophies . to
those producing the best of each variety.',-,-
' ' v
Chance to Buy Choice Corn.
-When the exposition draws - to a
close all this prize winning grain, con
taining as Undoes the. choicest blood
streams of heredity in plant life, will
be sold at auction. The influence of
this choice seed on next year's crop
and on production during f years to
come will give the nation thousands
upon thousands of dollars of, hew
wealth. The state exhibits are espe
cially interesting, some of them show
ing the results of fifteen years' work
by plant breeders in order to secure
an improved variety of grain.
Wisconsin, for instance, has been
working with barley. The experiment
stations have secured fourteen varie
ties adapted to either feeding or brew
ing; Every variety has a pedigree run
ning back as far as those of most farm
animals. : How these improved varie
ties were secured, the parent stock and
the grain produced during 1909 are ail
shown, together ; with charts demon
strating the increased production. -
The conservative estimates say' Iowa
increased the value of the corn crop
$12,000,000 annually by instructing the
farmers how to test their seed. " In the
exhibit at Omaha the state shows not
onlyr the five general soil types with
in the borders, but demonstrates how
each must be handled to obtain either
a profit or a loss. The soil chemist
shows the farmers what fertilizers to
use on these soils. ' Remarkable new
varieties of hard winter wheat secured
by breeding and adapted to central
Iowa are' also shown, , while the en
gineering department has an exhibit
dealing with the economic production
of power on the farm. '
'Arkansas has a Held of growing rice
in its exhibit, and It Is to be irrigated.
isllllr i
! Especially Instructive Exhibits
From Several States Value ' .
and Scope of the American '
Breeders' Association.
daily just as it would be in the vast
fields of the south. Oklahoma shows
200 varieties of cotton and has a cot
ton gin to run every . day separating
the seed from the lint, Tennessee has
a miniature phosphate quarry, a pulverizer-
and the machinery for applying
this fertilizer to the fields when it Is
shown the soil needs phosphorus in
its composition. Alfalfa has solved
the problem of soil fertility and main
tenance, and Kansas shows the effect
of rotating this wonderful leguminous
plant with corn. . , -
Serum For Hog Cholera.
By persistent effort Missouri has se
cured the long looked for hog cholera
serum. By its use one crop of hogs in
four is saved from the ravages of the
disease. ' In its exhibits Missouri
shows how this serum is applied and
the Results of its application. :
Indiana changes the chemical com
position of corn at will, increaslng'or
decreasing the oil, starch or protein
content. Texas shows how cattle may
be finished for the market without the
use of corn, North Dakota how the
new coming population : may . make - a
large profit the' first year. South Dako
ta the results of experiments with
various rations for cattle, Montana the
dry farming systems. Colorado the re
sults of breeding to secure a sugar beet
with a greater sugar content, Wyoming
the acclimating of plants from the
lower altitudes, Illinois the results of
a sweeping soil investigation and ex
periments with crop rotation, Delaware
how a family can make more 'than a
living on one of the small farms of
little Delaware, and Minnesota the re
sults of spending $10,000 in breeding
wheat 1 . j-
Prominent Men to Speak. .
Besides seeing the exhibits, the vis
itors will have an opportunity -to," hear'
many authorities and thinkers, a pro
gram having". been arranged for each
day. Among the speakers are James
J. Hill, builder of the northwest; Wil
let M. Hays, assistant secretary of
agriculture; Gifford Pincbot, chief for
ester of the department of the interior,
and John , H. Worst, president, of the
North Dakota Agricultural college.? ';
Several foreign -countries have ex
hibits at the exposition. ,'-',
Value of the Breeders' Association.
A gathering that will be valuable to
the National Corn exposition will be
that of the. American Breeders'; asso
ciation; which will also hold its ses
sions in Omaha. Its members are la
boring: to so handle the energy of he
redity that the production of the earth
in both animal and , vegetable king'
doms may be greatly increased.
Not to plants alone will the meet
ing be devoted, but all those who are
working to harness the -forces of he
redity create new - plants,, maintain
strains of highest 'excellence "in live
stock will discuss progress and plans
for the future.
One committee composed of from
five-to ten earnest students and prac
tical workers will submit a' report on
swine breeding, while members of an
other committee will report ' on the
present" status of ' apple breedings in
America. These are by no means ex
treme subjects. The association is al
most universal in its scope, '' Another
committee will report on breeding of
fur bearing animals.
Willet H7 Hays, ' assistant " secretary
of agriculture, is tfiS" secretary of the
American ... Breeders' association' and
one of its founders. . For years he has
devoted mucu of . his time -and thought
to the work . of the association and has
just now realized In it a great organi
zation of workers who are building np
American farm products -by scientific
breeding.",-Their- meetings serve as a
great clearing house for ideas where
the workers it each division may give
to those in other divisions the benefit
Oi their work year by year. . Thus one
can has . not only his own experience,
but that of almost 1,000 others, be
comes his If he is in intimate commu
nication with the American 'Breeders'
In the City of Corvallis and in the Ad
jacent Territory Proposed
to be Annexed. :
To the electors of the City of Corval
hs; and
To the electors in the territory adja
cent thereto hereinafter described and
proposed to be annexed to said city:
- Notice 1S hprohv mvan C. . .
the18th day of December, A. D.,
1909, under and in Dursuancc of : nAi
nance No. 2S9 nf tfco est-, r n:.
entitled "An Ordinance submitting to
boundaries of the City of Corvallis and
calling an election therefor," which
passed tne iouncil of the City of Cor
vallis on the 8th rlav nf MnvomKax ioao
and was approved by the Mayor of said
Cltv on the 8th Haw nf Nnmnh.. in An
- . .7 iwivmici, ttjat
a special election of the electors of said
V-ny oi orvams ana ol tha electors of
the territorv hereinafter
r iuu UilU
proposed to be annexed to said Citv of
rniHTnlKM J11 1 1 1 "t ' . J
uuivauia wm ue neia, commencing in
said city at the hour of nine o'clock in
the forenoon of said day and in the ad
jacent territorv hereinafter
at the hour of eight o'clock in the fore-
huuh uj. saiu aay ana continuing in said
city and in said adjacent territory pro
posed to be annexed until seven o'clock
in the afternoon of said day without
closing the polls, for toe purpose of
submitting to the electors of said. citv.
and to the electors
hereinafter described and proposed to
ue auuuieu 10 saia cicy tne question
whether there shall he
haujau iaj oaiu
CltV Of CorvalllS thp fnllmwrnfr IaoawK
territory, to-wit:
. commencing at a point on the West
bank of the Willamette River South 70
deertes 3ft minutes F.n -fmm ,
C3- . u -1 I'll! a t,
which is due South 12.61 chains distant
irom tne bouthwest corner of the Do
nation Land Claim of John Stewart and
Marv Stewart, his wife MKfio-H'
Number 949 Claim Number 49-in Town-
snip li, bouth Kange 5 West of the
Willamette Meridian and Claim Number
50 in Townshin 11. South Rantre A Wocf
al nr:n - j t, r . .. 43 ,
ui me vv niametie ivienaian antl run
thence North 70 decrees 30 minutes
West to the West side of the County
Road leadinc North - fmm the rsr
Corvallis, Oregon, being, the Northerly
extension of Ninth Street in said City
of Corvallis, running thence North along
the West sMe of said cnimtir mad tn a
point which is due East of the South
east, corner property nnej ot Block
JNumber.18 in Wells & MeElroy's Addi
tion to Corvallis, thence North to the
Northeast corner (property line) of
mock Number 23 in said addition,
thence West along the South line of the
road bounding said addition pn the North
to the Northwest corner (property lihe)
of Block - Number 37 of said addition,
thence South along the East side of the
County Road to the South side of the
County Road leading from Corvallis to
Kings Valley, thence East along the
South side of Said Onimti
intersection thereof with the East line
or the Donation Land Claim of Freder
ick A; Horning and Mary Ann Horning,
his wife, Notification Number , 945, be
ing Claim-Number 53 in Township 11,
South Range 5 West of the Willamette
Meridian and Claim Number 39 in Town
ship 12,- South Range 5 West of the
Willamette Meridian, thence South
along the Easts line of said Donation
Land Claim to the center-of the chan
nel of Oak Creek, thence down the
center of the channel of said Oak Creek
to the intersection thereof with the
center of the channel of Mary's River,
thence down the center of the channel
of Mary's River to the most Southerly
Southwest corner of the City of Cor
yallis, being the point where the West
line of said City of Corvallis intersects
the center line of the said Mary's River,
thence following the several courses of
the West and North , boundarv lines of
said City of Corvallis to the "Northeast
corner of said city, : being; the point
where the North line of said City of
vorvaiiis intersects, tne center, of the
channel of the Willamette River, thence
down the center of said Willamette
River to a point South 70 degrees 30
minutes East from the place of begin
ning," thence North 70 degrees 30 min
utes West to the place of beginning.
'V The form in which said question will
appe&r 'upon the official ballot, omitting
the description of the territory proposed
to be annexed, is as follows:
; "Shall there be annexed to the City
of Corvallis, Oregon, the following de
scribed territory, to-wit: (description
of territory). ,
: 300 For Annexation. .
301- Against Annexation."
, The polling place where said election
will be held, in said City of Corvallis is
and shall be the . Council Chamber in
the City Hall in said City of Corvallis
and Wm. H. McMahon,- A. L. Steven
son and W. R. Hansell are the Judges
of election in said city,, and E. D. Hen
dricks and Grover C. Cate are the
Clerks of election in said city appointed
for said election , . . .
v The polling place "where said election
will be held in the hereinbefore de
scribed territory proposed to be annex
ed to said City of Corvallis is and shall
be the front room on ground floor of
Kennedy's Store: on the North side of
County Road constituting extension of
Monroe Street and located on the South
side of Block one (1) of Wells & Me
Elroy's Addition to the City of Corval
lis aforesaid, and Louis Hollenberg, F.
S. True and W. K. Taylor are the
Judges of election in said territory and
N. Tartar and F. E. Stevens are the
Clerks of election in said, territory ap
pointed for said election, v
The electors within said City of Cor
vallis, and the electors within said
above described ; territory proposed to
be annexed thereto are hereby invited
to vote upon said proposition by placing
upon their ballots the words, "For An
nexation" or "Against Annexation'
that is to sayj by placing a cross upon
the official ballot between the . number
and answer voted for., Electors in
said City of Corvallis will; vote upon
said-proposition at the above ; named
polling place within said city and the
electors in said above, described terri
tory? proposed to be annexed will vote
upon said proposition at the - aforesaid
polling place-' within said territory.
The votes cast in said territory proposed
to be annexed will be: first separately
canvassed and if a majority of such
votes are in favor of annexation then
the votes cast within said City of Cor
valliswill be next separately canvased
and said territorv will not he atincv fn
said city unless a majority of the elect
ors of said territory and also a majority
of the electors of said City of Corvallis
voted at said election for annexation.
Dated November 19th, 1909.
Done by order of the Council of the
City of Corvallis. ; .
Geo. W. Denman,'
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Municipal Judge of the City of Corval
lis. Date of First Publication, Nov. 19, :
1909. D&W
- .J . CI 1
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WARDE, Jan 26.
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