The daily gazette-times. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1909-1921, December 14, 1909, Image 3

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Perrin's Kid. Gloves
for women are
standards of quality,
none better to be had
at any price, and our i
stock is complete in all
the leading shades, and
we have this superb
grade in all sizes.
We are sole Corvallis
agents for
"Perrin's" Gloves
They are made from
the best skins and
carefully, made by
expert workmen.
When you are
looking for the '
Best Quality
for your glove money
it means you'll buy
Perrin's at
When you see it
In our ad
The Gity
and Vicinity
c. S. IB-cLtlex
Dealer in All Kinds of
Delivered in any Quantity Desired to All
Parti o City. YARDS: 7th Street, opposite
Benton County Lumber Co. . .
Office and Residence Phone, . 1113
j i. F. L. Price went out to his ranch on
j the Luckiamute Saturday to spend a
few days.
j Dr. MentorJHoward, who has been ill
for several days, is now able to be . at
his office again. . :'
J The beautiful nights and sunny days,
! after the season of rain and ' snow, is
greatly enjoyed. Not that the continu
ous rain and the snow were bad, but
that they were unexpected.
j Frank Boulden and wife left Friday
morning for Portland for a few days'
visit with Mr. Boulden's sister, Mrs.
B.' D. Arnold, after which they will
proceed on their way to Afton, Wyom
ing,, where they will work on a sheep
ranch. , Mr. Boulden has a brother liv
ing there.
J Ferguson Chapter No. 5, Royal Arch
Masons, held a very interesting commu
nication here yesterday, the R. A. de
gree being conferred upon A. K. Russ,
Peter Rickard, and a Mr. Anderson,
from Toledo. The work lasted from
four to eight o'clock and was concluded
With a big banquet to which all did full
justice. D. P. Mason and B, H. Mar
shall, of Albany, were over and took a
prominent part in the 'work.
I' . At the regular meeting of Modern
Woodmen on Saturday evening, Dec.
11, the degrees were conferred upon
one candidate. State Deputy Simmons,
of Portland made' a short talk on the
good of the order, after which they
elected officers for 1910 as follows:
Consul, M. "S. Bovee; Advisor, ; M.
Thompson; Banker, T. L, Davis; Clerk,
J. E. Fowells; Escort, H. M. Vance;
Watchman, Woodruff; Sentry, John
Day; Manager, 3 years, Peter Bilyeu;
Camp .Physicians, Drs. . Morris and
A marriage license was issued today
at the County Clerk's office for Troy
H. Hulburt and Miss Hattie Bullis,
two of the best known young people of
Orleans precinct. They will be mar
ried Wednesday in Corvallis at the home
of Miss Bullis' grandparents. Mr. Hul
burt is a native of Linn county, being
the son of Frank Hulburt, a prominent
resident of the western part of the
county, and a member of one the lead
ing pioneer families of Orleans precinct.
Miss Bullis is a daughter of S. A. Bullis,
jwho resides near Tangent. Albany
'Democrat. ' .y . . .
Will be cleaning feathers
nd mattresses for a short
time only.
. Phone 470
WANTED TO BUY-Veal and all
kinds of poultry. Highest" cash market
price paid. Phones Ind, 1168; Bell, 581
Black. Ira Alcorn. 12-12-5t
or and Licensed Fmbalmer. Suc
cessor to Bovee & Baner Corvallis,
Oregon. Ind. Phone 45. Bell Phone
241, Lady attendant when desired.
. censed embalmers and funeral direct
ors. Have everything new in coffins,
caskets and burial robes. Calls ans
' wered day and night. Lady assist
ant. Embalming a specialty: - Day
phones, Ind. 117 and 1153, Bell, 531;
night phones, Ind. 2129 and. 1153. ; ;
Surgeon. Office in Burnett , Block,
over Harris' Store. Residence corner
Seventh and Madison. Office hours:
8 to 9 a. m.; i to a p. m. Phones:
. Office, 2128, Residence, 404, "
WANTED-1000 turkeys, 500 geese
and ducks between Dec 9 and 22. I
can pay you cash for chickens, dressed
veal and pork,, eggs and hides at all
times. Jack Dawson's Poultry Market.
Both phones. 12-9-6t
WANTED Experienced dining room
girl at the Hotel Corvallis. 12-2-tf
Business Pointers.
. . These cost money and are
wnrtli VAnr aH-AntiAn
Toilet 'Cases
Smoking Sets
Cuff Boxes
Collar Boxes . -v
Work Boxes
Handkerchief Boxes
Tie Boxes
Traveling Cases
Military Brushes
Puff and Powder Boxes
Manicure Sets
Photo Albums
Muste Rolls, 65c to $6 ,
Post Card Albums, $1 to
Autograph Albums
Fine Holly Stationery
Pyrographic Wood and
Musical Instruments
Phonographs and Records
Sheet Music
Full Line of
Palmer's Perfumes in
Nice Boxes, 35c to $2.50
Satchet Powders, 10c
Graham & Wells'
New Express and Baggage. I have
just started a new express and baggage
deliverv. Promnt service. Phnnn
1211 or leave orders at Hodes Grocery
store. John Goos. 12-13-4t
Read Miss Armstrong's ad describing
her special holiday novelty sale at Miss
Christensen's Millinery parlors.
Large stock of roll-top desks on
hand at Blackledge's Furniture store.
. : 12-lt
Insure Your Stock
To Whom It May Concern:
"This is to .-certify that we have
this day appointed Mr. S. E. Hart
sock, of Corvallis, Benton County,
Oregon, as our representative-, and
he is authorized to solicit business
and collect money for this Associa
tion pertaining to live stock insur
ance. . .
National Live Stock Insurance As'n
ByJ. M. 0BER, Secretary
Portland, Oregon, October 28, 1909."
Sheet Music, Musical Mdse.
Prices and Terms to Suit
t, Call in and See Us.
The Mathews Music Store
Corvallis, Oregon
Phone 357
Capt Geo. Tyler, Mgr.
Native oysters direct from' the
Willapa Harbor beds, 35 cents pint, 65
cents qt At Dad's place. 10-29-tf
I Eat Golden Rod Flakes,
They are better for breakfast,
Than old-fashioned corn cakes,
And five minuets time,
Is all that it takes ,
At Kline's. ' 6-12-tf
All the
' Weaves and Shades
- at Reasonable
:. . Prices.
Henkle & Davis
E. W. Wyatt, in jail on a sentence
for bootlegging, paid $31 today and
Sheriff Gellatly turned him loose. Wy
att immediately hiked for a distant
clime. '
O'Connell, wrestling master at the
Multnomah club who is training O. A.
C. teams, bested Strangler Smith
again Monday night. It took him more
than two hours to get the required two
falls. . ; : - ':
R. H. Huston, the hardware man,
has installed a National cash register
that will do everything but talk.' It
registers . the sale, the time . of sale, ,
who made it, adds up the accounts and
sales, and presents a card asking you to
call again. It does countless other
things, too numerous to mention. Bob
thinks he has hit on a great Christmas
present for himself . . . ,
Miss Pauline Kline7" entertained the
nameless 500 Club Saturday evening
and was successful in - keeping the
guests so late that most of them failed
to get to church the following morning
all of which was very bad, of course.
But the guests had such a jolly good
time,' 'and such generous "helping of
good things to eatnat they could not
readily leave these bodily thrills for
soul thrills on the morrow. At-500,
three tied for first place Mrs. McAlex
arider, Mrs. W. F. Gaskins and C. V.
Johnson, the former being successful
in a draw. Stephen A. Carver had
such bad partners that he got only as
far as the first rung of the ladder and
was awarded the eonsalation offering.
Before the fun ended, one of the Gas
kins was elected president and the club
was given the name "Igo Ugo Club."
This stands good until the next meet
ings at the Gaskins home New Year's
eve. Miss Kline is elaborate and gen
erous in her hospitality and there are
few who find objection to this. Sat
urday evening she was ably assisted in
serving by Miss Bessie Thorpe.
McKenzie's Fun Makers opened their
engagement last night at the Palace
theatre to a packed house. The four
act drama, "The Senator's Daughter,"
was presented, in which all the charact
ers were well sustained and, consider
ing the size of the stage, was- as well
puton and gave as much satisfaction
as many a play that has appeared at
the opera house. Robert McKenzie, as
the insipid Lord Harry Bresford, had
the make-up and English drawl neces
sary to make a success of the part.
Miss Eva Hazlett, "as June, "strictly
up-to-date," made, a hit. Miss Gwynne
Sterling as Leucia, the Senator's daugh
ter, had the heavy, female role, and
while weak in some parts, as a whole
gave a good interpretation of the per
secuted woman. . The female comedy
part, Amelia Higgins,-was taken by
Miss Irene Palmer, who captured her
audience at the start with make-up- and
funnv lines. The work of Richard
Lonsdale, as Senator Clay from -Ken
tucky,, and Frank Howe, as Colonel
Stetson, was good, and Chas. Dale, as
the Marquise de la Rochette, was ex
ceptionally good. The company will
repeat this play tonight, and tomorrow
night will present "The . Man From
Mexico." ; If the company continues
to give the class of plays it opened
with last night, , the success of the en
gagement is assured. Four first-class
moving pictures were shown, the best
of which was "The Best Man Wins."
This is the story of a race for a bride
by a bunch of cowboys and . is exciting
from start to finish. "Lines of White
on a Sullen Sea'.' jjs a pathetic film and
seemed to suit the female portion of the
I audience. The other two films are clear
The Daily Gazette-Times. 50c month.
Presbyterian chicken dinner 11:30- to
2 p. m. tomorrow for thirty-five cents
and you can eat all that time if you de
sire. ?
Tonight at Shepard Hall the, Bentcn
county alumni of 0. A. C. will cut up
high jinks. There are about 150 Ben
ton county graduates and a great many
of these will be present. , There will be,
games, music, speeches and refresh
ments and any other meanness that can
be thought of.
The G.-T. promised a legal opinion
on the advantage and disadvantage to
the city of Corvallis in annexing O. A.
C. grounds. That opinion is at hand
but of such length that it is impossible
to present it in this issue. It will fur
nish interesting reading tomorrow, and
will be particularly interesting because
it is conclusive and incontrovertible.
The steamer Pomona, when at a
point near Independence Monday morn
ing, blew out two cylinder heads and
cracked her shaft. This put her out of
commission. The Oregona stuck a
snag at Coffey chute the Wednesday
before and was disabled. The steamer
Mascot will now ply between Corvallis
and Portland until one of the disabled
boats is repaired. .
Tony Hanson, the Monroe man re
ported lost about flood time, is at San
Diego, Calif. Mrs. Hanson received a
card from him last week that was writ
ten about the time of his departure from
Corvallis, but in some way it had not been
delivered to her." Mrs. Hanson is now
preparing to go to her husband, whom
she says did not leave because of. debt.
It appears that he had long desired to
move to southern California but could
not gain Mrs. Hanson's consent be
cause all her people are near Monroe.
The husband decided to go and from
there try to induce his wife to follow
him.- The plan has worked, for Mrs.
Hanson will go. Had his card not been
delayed somewhere, Mrs. Hanson
would have known with two or three
days where her liege lord had gone.
Save Money on
Your Holiday
We will give 15 pec cent. DISCOUNT for CASH
on our ENTIRE stock, with the exception of Hamil
ton, South Bend, Ingersoll and Howard Watches and
Parker Lucky-Curve Fountain Pens. This discount
is given on our REGULAR retail prices and will con
tinue 'till January fst, 1910.
This discount is on every
in the store. V
Jeweler and Optometrist
Offers Christmas Suggestions
Novelties Hand Bags Back Combs
In Neckwear suitable for Something always accept- 18 karat gold inlaid. A
Christmas gifts. Put up in able for a gift A large as- grand display of Beautiful
single boxes, " all new attract- sortmentof new styles from Combs that always please
ive styles, at 50c up to - - Prices ranging from
' , . ... . - , v -
. 25c, 35c, 50c and 75c $7.50 each. V 75c to $4.00
Opera Scarfs Novelties Xmas Handk'ch'f s
. T , , . . j The always pleasing present
. Just the thing for a pres- In hand made Christmas goods for la(Jies put up one-half
ent A good assortment, of such as pin cushions, jewel dozen in a box, all , different
new things at r bags, necktie rings and fancy, styles, or by the single hand-
, . . kerchief from the cheapest
- ' bags, made from a fine qual-
75c to $3.00 each ity of Persian Ribbons. 5c to $2.50 each
Beauty, Pins, Dutch Collar Pins, Belt Pins, Kid Gloves,
Mufflers, Belts, Fancy Ribbons, Silk Hose, any of
these make a present that will always please.
Make a present of a REDFERN Whalebone Corset.
Get the style you want and if not satisfactory after
Christmas we will fit the corset for you free of
Kid Gloves can be exchanged for the right size after Christmas and have them
. fitted if desired.
You are especially invited to call and see Our display of
' novelties. It will make your Christmas shopping easy.
- t ...... .. -
Only Ten Days- More Until Christmas
You are all most cordially invited to call at the Elite
Millinery and Ladies' Toggery to see our goods.
and veryentertaining. . .. r