The daily gazette-times. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1909-1921, September 18, 1909, Image 3

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    The City
and Vicinity
Albany claims to have twelve miles
l i -j n
01 cement siaewaiK.
tor item s-room nouse. c-an ai
542 North Second street. 9-16-tf
Profs. Kent and Gaskins were at
Monmouth yesterday.
Men wanted at new armory at once.
Wages $2.50 per day for 9 hours work.
Apply at the building. F. A. Erixon,
contractor. 9-16-tf
Mr. Gus Harding and family are at
home from their summer's stay at Seal
Harry La Mack, advance man for
the Uncle Josh Perkins Co., was in
Corvallis yesterday. Uncle Josh with
his hayseed band and good quartette
will be here Sept. 23, opening the local
Examinations for government posi
tions will take place Oct. 13 and Nov. J
17 for men and women in all branches
of the service. Write for full details.
C. C. S. S. 425-7 Lumber Exchange,
Portland, Ore. 9-15-6t
Mrs. Shepard, and daughter came
from MeCracken, Kansas, yesterday
to visit with Mr. and Mrs. A. P.
Brenner, recent arrivals who bought
the T. H. Crawford property at the
corner of 8th and Adams.
For Sale Two lots located corner
Fourth and B streets. Call 708 Third
street, or phone 1120. " 9-13-tf
R. E. Berger is having a curb placed
in front of his property. He would
have a cement sidewalk built there,
but other residents of that block refuse
to do anything until there is a more
satisfactory understanding in regard to
property lines. Mr. Berger is waiting
until the difficulty is settled. John
Thornton is building the curb for Mr.
Eat Golden Rod Flakes,
They are better for breakfast,
Than old-fashioned corn cakes,
And five minuets time,
Is all that it takes
At Kline's. 6-12-tf
A dispatch from Pendleton says that
city will be well .represented at the
O. A. C. this year, the local colony at
the agricultural college being larger
than at any other northwest institution
left for Corvallis or will leave shortly
are Charles Despam,- a junior; Albert
Gibson, a junior;' Bruce Gilbert, a
sophomore; William McDamel, "a - sop-'
homore; Orville Reeves of the '08 high
school graduating class; Lester Mc
Fatridge of last spring's high school
class; Derr Edwards and others. . The
school last year from Pendleton, will
re-enter this fall, while it is anticipated
that there will be 25 or 30 students
from other parts of Umatilla county.
Last year this county had 26 students
enrolled. . . -
Acme Quality Paints and Floor Var
nish that wears at A. L. Miner's. . . .
' ' ' .- 5-17-tf.
S. K. Booth, of Calumet, Oklahoma,
arrived here yesterday on a visit to his
daughter, Mrs. R. W. Skallerud.
Furniture, stoves, ranges, etc., at
Kempin's store. 103 N. 2nd St. 17-25
S. S. Dickington, a prominent citizen
of Larned, Kansas, is the guest of his
cousin, Prof R. W. Kirk.
Phonographs and all the newest re
cords at Heater & Harrington'sl
Mrs. Helen D. Harford, state vice
president of the W. C. T. U. is here
from Newburg, visiting at the home of
Prof. Kirk.
Going hunting? Get your guns and
ammunition at Heater & Harrington's.
Undertaken Bovee has a second crop
of strawberries on the vines in his gar
den. The berries are not ripe yet but
are already of good size and give prom
ise of becoming luscious berries.
Razors, safety and. the other kind.
Largest line at Heater & Harrington's.
9-3-tf -
The Occidental Mill will resume
business Monday morning. Southern
Pacific officials here today made satis
factory arrangements with the mill
people, and the mill will now get the
needed logs from the C. & A. connec
tion. t
Complete outfits for camping parties
at Blackledge's furniture store. 8-3-tf
Harry Whiteley, a 16-year old son of
Mrs. Agnes Whiteley, had one of his
hands mangled yesterday by the ex
plosion of -a shot gun shell he was try
ing to unload. The thumb and fingers
were badly lacerated. The Whiteleys
are recent arrivals from Victoria, B. C.
Wanted A girl for general house
work. Inquire or address E. D. Ress
ler, 142 N. 7th. 9-8-tf
J. G. S. Hubbard, of, this vicinity,
showed some South Down sheep at the
Salem fair. He didn't win firsts, but
was.not distanced. His showing was
as follows: Ram, 2 years old, 3; ram,
one year old, 3; ewe, 2 years old. 2;
ewe, one year ' old, 3; ewe lamb,. 2;
group of four animals, 2; group of four
lambs, 2; flock, 2; four lambs (special).
2 and 3; fat sheep; 3; fat lambs, 2 and 3.
Ice cream delivered on thirty minutes
notice by Winkley's Palace of Sweets.
' . ' tf.
.One of the largest deals ever made in
the timber market was made last week
when 3960 acres of choice Siletz tim
ber changed : hands : for the sum of
$322,000, 'i; D. R..Pendletpnn-a Seattle
timberman, having purchased this vast
holding from L. B. Menef ee and W. C
Slatterly of Portland. A. W. Morgan
of this city was one of the principals in
having engineered through another
large timber deal consisting of ten
claims in the Euchre' Mountain, con
sideraton $140,000.-. It is rumored that
Mr. Pendleton intends locating mills on
, Yaquina bay for the manufacture of
this timber. Lincoln County Leader.
The Pen That Inks
the Point
E, W. S. PRAJTT, Jeweler and Optician
These ! Garments for Ladies and " Misses
are of excellent quality. The styles, speak
i for themselves and the prices are really
less than the cost of material and making.
Henlzle & Davis
is being
in our new
Suits and
Cloaks' are
sold so fast
as to almost
show you a
. new line "
each visit.
Shoes for
Girls and
' in
the best
styles and
high grade
Call and
be fitted
to a new
142 Second Street
J. T. '.' Patterson has . purchased the
Bannister grocery on north Second
street. This is the store south of the
Farmers' hotel. . It has a good stock,
but this will be greatly enlarged, the
appearance of the place will be greatly
mproved and Mr. Patterson will make
a strong bid for a goodly portion of
the trade. Mr. Patterson is the father
of the little boy so badly burned a
couple of months ago. The little
fellow is now all right, the physcian
discontinuing his visits about ten days
ago. ; , ;
For sale or Rent Eight-room house.
with out-buildings, ' convenient to
College. 16th & Van Buran. 9-17-tf
Subscribers to the Daily Gazette-
Times are urged to not give to the
carriers any order to stop the paper.
This is wholly a concern of the business
office and carriers are instructed to
take no such orders. Subscribers are
urged to report to the office AT ONCE
any failure to get the Daily regularly.
This office has no way of knowing that
carriers are careless unless subscribers
report negligence. We want the pa-
Lpers delivered and will see that: they
are delivered if subscribers will but
phone any lapse of the carriers."
Sporting goods, bicycles and fishing
tackle at Heater & Harrington's.
- 9-3-tf.
Salem Statesman, Editorial: "Cor
vallis mourns the loss of one of her
most enterprising citizens and business
men, Simon L. Kline, who died last
week after a brief illness known as
pleurisy of the heart. Mr. Kline had
vast business interests in that city and
community and was very popular with
a great many people all over the Wil
lamette valley and the entire state.
His parents came to that 'city in the
early days, and by hard work and care
ful business application accumulated a
considerable amount of real property
which in their adult years proved of
great value to themselves and their
family. Simon Kline followed in their
footsteps to some extent, and was pro
prietor of the : leading merchandise
store in that city and in Benton county.
He was one of four children, of whom
two are living; one of these a sister-
is a most enthusiastic believer in the
upbuilding of her home city and is
numbered among the leaders in the
matter of its progressiveness."
..... - . - - - - - -
For a good big sanitary loaf of bread
go to Small, the only machine shop in
the city. Wed-Sat-29
People who have occasion to pass
over the Mary's river bridge at the
south end of the city say that it is in a
dangerous ' condition. : Neyer a heavy
bridge, this structure has reached the
stage where it not only vibrates stren-1
uously, but it is given to swaying side
wise. The matter has been mentioned
at different, times recently and this
morning sl couple of rather conservative'
citizens insisted that the bridge is so
far from being in ideal condition that
they were afraid ' to ' stand on
as vehicles pass over. : A. short time
ago a portion of the bridge was re
placed but this has little to do with
the strength pf the structure.
Rod Waggoner, press agent of "The
Time, The Place and The Girl," arrived
in the city this afternoon to complete
arrangements for the' appearance here
on Monday, Sept. 27th. This big mu
sical play has never before been pre
sented in Corvallis and it is safe to say
it is as large an organization as ever
visited the city, and comes direct from
playing to crowded houses at the Bun
galow Theatre, Portland. The company
numbers about sixty people and is head
ed by Robert Pitkin and Jessie Huston
and includes the Pennant Winning
Beauty Models and the "Pee wee Kid
dos," who are famously well known for
their dancing. The production is car
ried complete by the company in special
baggage cars. The seats will be on
sale early. "
A citizen Vof Corvallis makes the
statement that he had to wait forty
minutes yesterday in order to cross the
ferry. Another reliable personage said
in this office this morning that at differ
ent times yesterday the traffic was
blockaded and many people' inconveni
enced.' Punderson Avery made the
statement that "the ferry is mighty
slow business" and that a bridge would
be better. He also mentioned the fact
that twelve or fifteen years ago a
strenuous attempt was made to get a
bridge across the Willamette here, but
the people did not consider themselves
able to bear the burden. The city is
now double its size of those days and
the county is richer. Mr. Avery thought
it might be possible to build a bridge
here now. Another citizen remarked
to the writer that he wondered why the
County Court could not see its way
clear to build this bridge as a monu
ment to their progressiveness and busi
ness foresight.
The Gazette-Times is willing to af
firm that S. B. Bane is a scholar and
a gentleman, as well . as a first-class
vegetable gardener, a royal Democrat
and dyed-in-the-wool Methodist. That
which calls forth this spontaneous com
bustion was the presentation of a large
box of onions, carrots, beets, peppers,
beans, cabbage, cucumbers, corn,
tomatoes and lettuce vegetables fit
for kings and queens. S. B. Bane did
not - make this gift in order to gain
notoriety or favorable mention, but he
made i to convince the editor of this
pusilanimous .sheet that" there is at
least one vegetable gardner doing busi
ness in and near this city with marked
success. Jhe G.-T,, acknowledges the
corn, and the other truck as well, and
at this time is inclined to say that if
the women who fail to find vegetables
to their liking will but phone to Mr,
Bane, they will have no futher cause
to complain. - This Corvallis gardener
raises all kinds of vegetables and they
are perfect specimens of - their kind
and Mr. Bane will deliver.
Portland Fair
Oregon's Biggest Show !
Sept 20-25
Admission 50 cts.
6 Horse Races Daily
National Live Stock Exhibits
Balloon Racing
Chariot Racing
y Fascinating Midway Attractions
, FIREWORKS will be the most gorgeous and magnificent py
rotechnic display ever seen on this Coast. This will interest the
whole family. - .
Portland Fair and
Love Stock Show
Prepares young people for bookkeepers, stenographers, correspon
dents and general office work. , The development of the Northwest
will afford openings for thousands in the next few years. Prepare
now. Send for catalogue.
Occidental Lumber Co.
Successors toJ
Corvallis Lumber Co.
We are here to supply your needs in the Lumber line. Please
call on J.-B IRVING for information and prices. And take
notice that if we have not got exactly what you want we will
get it for you.
G. O. BASSET r, Local Met.
For the Portland Fair and Live Stock
Show held in Portland Sept. 20th. to
25, inclusive the C. & E. and S. P. will
sell round trip tickets on Sept. 23rd.
and 24th., only, good to return not
later than Sept. 27th, for $3.50. Chil
dren between 5 and 12 years old half
fare. Passengers ""can go either via
Albany or west sidh direct returning
same way as going.
R. C. Linville Agent.
9-18-7t r
"Well Irrigation for SniSll Farms"
is a publication just issued by the Gen
eral Passenger Department of the Ore
gon Railway and Navigation Co., and
Southern Pacific lines in Oregon.
The booklet sets forth in a practical
concise way the possibilities for profit
of . inexpensive irrigation, and should
be in the hands of every farmer in
Oregon. -
' Copies may be obtained free on appli
cation to Wm. McMurray, General
Passenger Agent, O. R. & N. and S.
P.. Lines in Oregon, Portland, Ore.
' S- 9-17-7t
The Best Paint
There is no better paint made for appearance and
durability than
Acme Quality Paint
Specially prepared for exterior and interior use.
Second Street, Near Palace Theater
Glass Jars, All Kinds, at
We do the Best Plumbing and
Carry a full line of Plumbers' Supplies
Dealers In
Hardware, Implements, Buggies, Wagons, Cream Sepa
rators, Graniteware, Tinware and Builders'
Congo Roofing and Quick Meal Ranges
Second Street,
Corvallis, Oregon
Sunday Excursions
to Newport
The C. & E. Railroad will run regular
excursions , to Newport every Sunday
until further notice, leaving Corvallis
at the same time as heretofore. Fare
for round trip, $1.50.
9-9-tf v R. C LiNViiXE,--Agent. '
Phone Your Orders To No. 7,
Where They WiU be Promptly Filled.
Fine Line of Crockery, Glassware, Cut
Glass, Haviland and Chinaware,