The daily gazette-times. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1909-1921, September 18, 1909, Image 1

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O. A. C.'s Schedule Now Complete--'
. One Big Game in Corvallis and Sev
eral Minor Ones Team May Go to
Los Angeles to Play. '
When it is determined whether
there will be a game with St.
Vincent College, Los , Angeles,
December 4, the football arrange
ments for 0. A, C. will have
been settled. The' schedule se
cured by Director Angell is as
October 16 Pacific University
at Corvallis.
October 23 Catholic Young
Men's Club, of Portland, at
Corvallis. ' '
October 29 Whitman College,
At Walla Walla;
. November 6 Will amette Uni
- versity, at Qorvallis. r
-November 13 University of
"Washington,' at Corvallis. s ;
November 19 University of
t jregon at Eugene,
day at the state fair,, the Salem your recent articles on "Boosters;
November 26 Multnomah Am
ateur Athletic, Club, at Portland.
U. of 0. Games. "
The State University has
scheduled but four games thus
far, as follows; "'
November 6 M. A.. A. C at
November 14 Idaho at Port
land. November 19 0. A. C. at
November 25 U. of W. at
The Two Teams
O. A. C. will have the nucleus
of a good team to start with,
but will lose several of its good
men this year. Among those
not expected back are: ;
; Jamison) tackle), Pendergrass
(guard and captain), Dobbin
end), Cady (end), Brodie (end),
and Cooper (left half) ; Hastings
(sub-half), who goes to Berkeley.
Those remaining from last year
are: Wolff (half and fullback),
Endberg (end and half) , Wallace
and Evendon (guards), and
Kelly (center), They are all
good men,
The' University will - have all
her old men except Moullen
(tackle), Hurd (half) and Mc
Intyre (guard), and possibly
Sullivan (sub-half). In other
words, it starts with about 17
varsity men of last year. Prac
tice begins next Monday.
George Hug, Oregon's center in
'04, '05 and '06, and an all
Northwest man, will be the re
gular assistant ! coach; Coach
Forbes lives in Springfield and
has' been in touch with his men
all Summer. It is practically as
sured that - Hayward will be
with the varsity again this year.
Oregon will get a number of
good men from the "prep"
schools. Scott, guard in '06 and
.center in '07, will return to
college and try for Monllen's
place at tackle. He weighs 215
and1 played a good game for the
; "alumni"' last Fall in the prac
tice game at Eugene. He has
two more years on the varsity.
ra ; -
IWof-Tt sA1sSVi" ..
Iflxl j
Scene from 'The Time, the Place and the Girl" at Corvallis Opera House, Monday Night, September 27
-. ! T .. . . , ,
nnnrniirn nnnnTn
Salem: Statesman Sav : Manv C.nnA
Words For State School Here.
In connection with O. A.1 C.
Statesman' says: "The ,0. A. C
booth in the main pavilion has brought attention to many pretty
been attracting wide attention.
It includes a comprehensive dis- place you have mention iA
play which gives some idea, of serving of -all the praise given.
the wide scope of the work being
yPJfcfetglUfe JJafesIQhieyjdentlr,
missed your notice.
institution and is well worthy a
careful inspection by all ..visitors
at the fair.
"The Oregon Acmcultural Col
lege is located at Corvallis, a
city of five thousand inhabitants.,
supplied with mountain water.
provided with an excellent sew-
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"Uncle Josh Perkins." "the
great comedy success, is down
for an engagement of one night
at the opera house on Thursday,
Sept. 23. The play is built on
orginal lines and is said to be
presented by a brilliant company,
who made the most possible "out
of every type of character 'en
acted . While built largely for
laughing purpose', there is
enough pathos, human interest
and thrilling situations unfolded
to suit all classes of men, women
and children too. The forth
coming engagement' of J this
company will doubtless attract
the usual attention from - the
playgoers of Corvallis; Reserved
seats on sale at Graham &
Wo rtham's, prices 25c, 50c, 75c.
Albany Demoract: The state
fair is short this year on county
exhibit?, and there is a rea
son for it. : Someone says there
should be a prize of at least $500i
and a little less on races. The
races may draw, but they don't
give a country the reputation" a
large display of ' exhibits does.
If the fair could have ten county
exhibits there would be some
thing .doing; ; It is "something
worth -'working- for. -At least
$1000 could be set aside for prizes
for such exhibits. '
Citizen Expresses Appreciation of An
other's Well-spent Energy.
Editor . , Gazze Ite-times : In
and Who They Are, " you have
places about the city and each
I wish to call your attention to
Dallas Paper Believes Era of Suburban
Development at Hand.
A person ' going from - town
west to the city limits on Monroe
street, cannot but be impressed
with the barreness of a goodly
share of the residence property
along the street, especially after
Ninth street is crossed. An
oasis in this desert may be seen
at this time if one turns north
on Eleventh street. J. R.. Mont-
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' 'Many of the : valley news
papers are filling their columns
with comment on the taking
over of the Willamette Valley
Company properties by the
Northwestern Corporation, and
are predicting all , sorts of , big
things in the way of railroad de
velopment as -a resultrTBays the
Dallas Observer.
"The Observer does not be
lieve that there is anything to
get excited about. The station
ery used in the various offices of
the Willamette Valley Company
has borne the heading "North
western Corporation" for the
last year, and the employees of
the system have made no effort
to conceal the fact. It is more
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Woman Enables County Adjoining
Benton to Get First Award.
Spontaneous Combustion Sets Fire to
Barn and Destroys Structure With
All Its Contents Horses and Cattle
Turned Out. !
IW-destroyed ..a. large barn,
one hundred tons of hay, wagons,
buggies, , harness, feed and two
calves at the Abe King farm last
night about 11 o'clock., The total
loss is placed at about $2500, with,
less than $1000 insurance.
House in Danger
The fire was not discovered by
the. Kings until the entire barn
was a mass of flames. There
was time to open the doors, and
fortunately the horses and cattle
in the structure were driven out,
Salem Capital Journal: A
train load of happy people from
Polk countv went lihrnfl' Inst
nic-lit. nnrl tlio waa r.ov.i,3 I with the excentinn nf -torn pclima
a-- i . uuiuauo w.. t
that came in from Falls CityTnere waa nothing 'to do: but let
were the happiest of all, because .the fire burn and tarn attention
old Polk won out first prize in ' to,the, residence, which was in
the state fair county exhibits. : reat danger. With the help of
It was a further honor for Falls neighbors, who did valiant ser-
OTyrbecause'MrsTWolirand her "viwin-tarrymg-Tvater anff'et
daughter, Mrs. Willetts, of that blankets and carpets to the roof,
town, put up the whole display, 'the home was saved, though at
with a little help from the countv times the heat from the burning
court $50 and some glass jars. Dam was 830 intense as to make
Mrs. Wolff had nearly as much well-nigh impossible to work.
more in the shape of her individ
ual exhibit, and about one fourth
Disrupts Milk Route.
Abe King is one of the dairy-
?f Jre green house disPlay- men supplying milk to patrons
Mrs. Wolff has been an exhibtor ;n h,c tir tj,0 ica v,;
for many years, and is of the ness and vehiflps mP it immc
most skillful decorators in the sihlo fnr him tn mule th romiia
state. Her exhibit consisted of a -h
; ivuixuo uii o mux 111113 llA vym QXSm
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1 mmtmmmmmmmmmmm WHWHMHE
LADIES' COLLARS Ladies' and Children's
Both embroidered " OUTING FLANNEL
"and Plain NIGHT GOWNS
and plain. . jging in price from
Special 19c 25c to $1.75
New Rugs
and Carpels
Just received. Prices
Very Low
We have just received
a beautiful new assort
ment of
Pillow Tops
Specially Priced
19c and 43c
In serges, homespuns and diagonals and
mixtures. A large assortment of new
est fall models of high-class tailor-made
suits in all the popular lengths ranging
from 40 inches to 45 inches long. Some
are strictly plain tailored, others have
strapping of same material and some
are trimmed With braid and some with
jet buttons. Coats are all liried with
satin and the skirts are made after the
newest pleated models of the most neat
and attractive styles. These d Q
are very good bargains for PO
We also have a beautiful line of tailored
suits ,. rangmg m price from
$20 to -
uuiui cu
Goats are made from a fine quality
of covert cloth and are exquisitely
tailored. Coats are full length and
seven-eighths fitting. Backs are
trimmed below waist line with four
buttons on each of the side seams.
Have vent on center seam. Coats are lined through
the sleeves and to the hip with tan silk
to match. Buttons are used to fasten, which extend to
the bottom of the coat This is an extra , O Q C A
good value at '. p0DU
Co Igate's Talcum Powder, regular25c, for 19c
. Denial Cream, " "25c for il9c
EastmanTs Satchef Powders . v 25c fbr ll9c
" - Cbldf Cream " .25cforC" "l9c
" . j Tooth Powder 'vX25c for- Il9c
- - 3' P-rfumes - 7-- 9C
Sanitol Toilet y Soap, regular 25c, for. 1 4 19c
" Tooth Powder " 25c for 19c
Sanitol pace Cream, regular 25c, for 19c
Williams' Shaving Stick, " 25c for 19c
Mennen's Talcum Powder " 25c for 19c
Allen's Foot Ease " 25c for 1 19c
Newbro's Herpicide " ; 50c for " 39c
Violet Witch Hazel " ' 25c , for l 119c
Eastman Toilet Water " 50c for 43c
Sanitol Tooth Brushes " 35c for 29c