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British Admiral Who Will
This Country In Fall.
Admiral Dewey Had Warm Friendship
and Admiration For Gallant English
Sea Dog Who Was Prominent at Ma
nila and During the Great Boxer Re-
. volt In China.
The choice of Sir E. Hobart Seymour
to command Great Britain's fleet of
warships at the Hudson-Fulton cele- !
bration in New York has aroused fa- .
vorable comment on both sides of the
Atlantic. i
Ever since Admiral Seymour stood
o nobly at Dewey's back at Manila
.Americans have had an exceptionally .
-warm place in their hearts for him.
Later when he commanded the allied
forces In a gallant but unsuccessful .
attempt to relieve Peking In 1900 he '
again endeared himself to all who
read the reports concerning the expe- j
At the time of the Boxer uprising,
when Seymour and his men were lost
to sight in the country between Tien
tsin and Pekin, the London Mail print
ed the following extract from Admiral
Dewey's Chicago speech of May 1,
Prance were making things a trifle ud
comfortable for the Americans.
In Tientsin in June. 1900. when the
Boxers had closed in on Pekin, Admi
ral Seymour, then in full command of
the British Asiatic fleet, was by agree
ment made . leader of the British.
American, Japanese, Austrian. Rus
sian, Italian. 1 German -and French
sailors and marines who sought to
raise' the siege of the capital city.
There were 2.066 ( officers anTl men
in all.
Medal For Heroic Deed. 1
On the right breast of Admiral Sey
mour is pinned, among others, a medal
received when as a young naval officer
he plunged into a shark infested sea
at night in order to save a sailor from
Admiral Seymour was born in 184r
and entered the navy when twelve
years old. From the time of the Cri
mean war in 1854 until the Egyptian
war of 18S2 his life was one of con
tinual - fighting. He was fourteen
years old and a midshipman on the
Furious at the bombardment of Odes
sa. He was present also at the bom
bardment of Sebastopol, one of the
worst battles of the kind in modern
Later he was commander of the
Growler and operated for several years
against pirates on the eastern coast of
Africa and on the Kongo river. He
was wounded severely in the leg dur
ing this later period.
In the Egyptian war of 1882 Admiral
American Flier Who Ha Broken Speed
Record at Rheims Aviation Meet. -
Glenn H. Curtiss has.again made the
world sit up and take notice of Amer
ican ingenuity, daring and progressive
ness. His record breaking exploits at
the great aviation meet -at Rheims,
France, will live long in the fast in
creasing history of the air. His vic
tory in the contest for the Prix de la
Vitesse, value 10,000 francs ($2,000),
was a splendid climax to his week of
endeavor. He covered the course in
this thirty kilometer race in 25 min
utes 49 seconds, corrected time. - . .
Curtiss, now the lion of Europe, is
really a gasoline engineer." Aviation is
merely a side line with him, in which
he differs from the Wrights, who have
given their lives to it. Curtiss eats
lubricating oil and drinks gasoline. He
began life in Hammondsport, N. Y.,
about thirty years ago and became a
newsboy because he needed the money.'
One day he traded a lot of old junk for
an old bicyrle. Oddly enough, that
trade made his fortune and determined
his vocation. It has never been stated
that Glenn Curtiss is lazy, but the
fact remains that Hammondsport is
mostly on edge and that he got a cramp
in the calf from pedaling his rusty old
machine up and down hills. Then he
caught sight of one of the early edi
tions of the gasoline engine.
"Why not tie that engine on my bi
cycle and save me all this trouble?"
Sister's Academy
Opens Sept. 7th
The Academy of Our Lady of
Perpetual Help will re-open on
September 7th. By means of the
new addition and the remodeling
of the building the school is now
equipped with all modern im
provements, and with a corps of
competent teachers may be de
pended upon to do thorough work
both.m the grades and high school
For particulars apply to. Sister
Superior, 225 West Ninth St.,
Albany, Oregon. &'19 to 9-19.
Homes Newport Property.
Sixty choice lots more or less in New
port, Oregon, (one of the most health
ful and popular summer and winter re
sorts) for sale or will exchange for oth
er good property. Property near Cor-
valhs preferred. Will supply funds to
buyers of these -lots to build homes
thereon! - Address M. S. Woodcock.
Corvalhs, Oregon. ' thurs. tf
. .. .1 1. T -. : ji .Li. .
, -"-i" aUUCu LUC auu iub he reasoned. He collected more old
; Inflexible. He was a captain at that junk when he had enou h he
i 6- ?10beJ' 1905L Admiual TSey" It for the parts of an antiquated gaso
I TUr 1Sited B0ft0D D b0ard lver !Hne engine. A few weeks of seclusion
uia. vvua-Liitr uavai Uliiuti Ul Lilt;
! highest rank that had as yet visited
! America, and his command over the
American sailors in China gave him a
My dear old friend, Sir Edward ' unique position in the eyes of Ameri
Seymour, is more than a brother to i cans-
xnere are rew instances wnen tne
flag of an admiral of the fleet has been
flown at sea, and when coupled with
the fact that Admiral Seymour, who
will come here on the Inflexible, was
one of the two recipients of the Order
of Merit when,it was first established
it will show the keen interest which
England has in the coming celebration.
me. I will remember his friendship
to the end. In Manila bay when I
was in a most trying position this
English commander stood loyally at
-r rr sr. i
it v fit iS" i
my back. If it had not been for his
Significance of Plan to
Cherry Trees to America.
In the daily press there has recently
appeared a little item of news whose
full significance the American public
j does not realize. Instead of sending
warships to participate in the Hudson
Fulton celebration, the emperor . of
Japan has indicated his desire to con
vey to the New York authorities a gift
of 300 cherry trees, one for each year
the' Hudson has been known to the
world, to be planted on both sides of
Riverside drive, New York, or in any
other spot the- officials may determine.
The ordinary reader will simply be
struck with this intelligence as a Tery
nice- thing for the emperor to do. and
people who do not believe much in mil
itary and naval display will perhaps
say in their hearts tha the emperor
has chosen the better way to indicate
his felicitation. But only a very few
will know that, from the Japanese
standpoint, much more is intended.
The cherry-blossom is not only the
greatly beloved flower of the Japanese
people, sharing a place in their affec
tion with the chrysanthemum, the na
tional flower of the empire, but is a
symbol of the very soul of the man-
in the paternal barn followed, until
one day Hammondsport was almost in
terested by seeing young Curtiss fly up
and down its angular street on his old
bicycle, propelled by a gasoline engine
he had in some occult manner attached
to the frame. He kept on at that .en
terprise until by and byv he began to
build motorcycles. Eventually he had
a factory that employed several hun
dred men, which made him a rich man.
! When our best aerialists began wear
ing dirigible balloons some of them
went to Curtiss for a motor "that would
push their gas bags. It naturally fol
lowed that the trying out process took
'place at Hammondsport, and Curtiss
!In time became identified with the
manufacture of flying machines of one
sort and another. Then he tried his
hand . at It for himself and produced
the June Bug, that famous pony built
little contraption that won the . first
prize offered in America for a flying
machine that would really fly.
Mr. Cuitiss is a gasoline engineer
' first and an aviator second. He Is
' chiefly interested in the performance
1 of the motor. As the motor is the
very heart of the aeroplane, his Amer
ican friends and Frenchirivals may be
J pardoned for 4he interest with ; which
; they watched his performances at the
' international flying races at Rheims..
And the Joke of it all is that it started
'when he traded for that old two dollar
! bicycle twenty years ago. Ne w - York
Globe. .
hood of Japan. That is why it has
moral support I cannot say what
might have happened." .
At that time Admiral Seymour was
In command of the China station. He
was already an old friend of Admiral
Dewey, and. though not at Manila
duriug hostilities, it was undoubtedly,
because of his general orders that the
English ships backed Dewey so well. ''
After the battle of Manila, in which i been . celebrated in song; that is why
Dewey wiped out the Spanish tieet. j the people flock to the cherry gardens
the Germans mobilized at Manila a j in crowds, in order, that while gazing
stronger fleet than that under the j upon the outward beauty their souls
American commander's command, and i rnay te baptized-afresh with a bap
it was then that Seymour's f rieudship j tism of the real Japanese spirit,
was especially valuable. Their officers . There is nothing in the American life
and men 'displayed sympathy for the to ' illustrate just what the cherry
Spaniards and showed disregard for j means to the, Japanese people. But if
the blocRade established. Serious fric- j vve had some symbol of nature that
tion, which might have led to . open would embody all that Plymouth rock,
-rupture, followed. On one occasion, .: an that the Declaration of Independ
when Dewey learned that a cruiser jenee. all that the emancipation proc
from the Germans had landed provi- j lamation means of liberty, patriotism,
sions at Manila, the American admiral , union, and then if our president should
ent his flag lieutenant to Rear Ad- ! select 300 of the choicest specimens of
'miral von Diederich to inform him of i this emblem and officially senij them
"this "extraordinary disregard of the I as representing' the felicitations of the
usual courtesies of naval Intercourse" ; American people to a friendly power
-and to say that "if he wants a tight . at the time of some Important celebra
he can have it right tiow." . tion they would surely be considered
This notification was followed by a j to carry a message of good will.
disavowal of the action of the cruiser.
When the joint army and navy oper
ations against Manila began on Aug.
13, 1898. the German and French men-of-war
occupied a position northwest
of the city, from which they command
ed the American station.' The English
and Japanese lay off Cavite near the
Americans Feared Germans,
Paris Newspaper Would Encourage
- : Practical Voyages.1;
The Matin, in view of the results at
Kheims, which have shown the aero
plane's capabilities as never before
realized, even by aviatorsr, believes the
time ripe for these machines to leave
the race track and make real voyages
from town to town. It therefore of
fers a prize of 100,000 francs ($20,0.00)
to be awarded to the owner of the
machine whlch'makes the fastest time
m a circuit irom fans to uijon, rei
fort, Kancy, Lille and Paris before
Aug. 31, 1910.
All the French newspapers are en
thusiastic over the great success of
aviation week (last week), holding that
it constitutes the greatest landmark in
the history of the conquest of the air..
They praise the enterprise and daring
of the aviators, paying special tribute
to the American, Glenn H. Curtiss, as
a modest, consistent and patient work
er, whose efforts have been crowned
by the blue ribbon of the air.
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At the Seashore
Is a delightful resort and a happy combination of pleas
ure ground possibilities. An ideal climate diversion of
recreation perfect bathing boating fishing riding driv
ing, and exploring, .make Newport a most charming and
popular play ground.
Southern Pacific Co.
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Ask for our booklet "Outings in Oregon."
WM. M'MURRAY, General Passenger Agent "
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Surgeon. Office in Burnett Block,
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Practical Hint For Schoolgirls. ,
A novel proposal made by a woman
inspector has come under the consider
ation of the Romford (England) school
managers. It is that schoolgirls. shall
become their own dressmakers. Needle
i work in elementary schools is at pres-
ent confined to odd pieces of miscel
1 laneous cloth obtained at trifling-cost
tThe Americans feared that the Ger- i The inspectress proposes, that the girls
mans might fire on them during the
tMmbardnient of the city. This fear
-was quieted when Captain Chichester,
senior British naval officer, placed his
.ships between the German admiral and
Dewey. Captain Chichester undoubt-
dly acted under general instructions
from Admiral Seymour. Later Cap
tain Chichester, in telling of his rela
tions with Admiral von Diederichs,
"When the German admiral sent me
-word that he was coming aboard my - vided the material
' hip to get me to join in a protest
. against Dewey's action I looked up in
ternational law and spread the books
out on my cabin table "with the pages
open and marked, all in a row. and
-when he came I said: 'What can I do?
This American admiral is so deadly
right in all he has done and all he'
proposes to do that if we protest. we
will merely show that we do not. un
understand law.' Of course there was
nothing to be done, and I did it
should be taught to mend clothes and
to make complete garments suitable
for their own wear. The idea is re
garded as excellent, but the provision
of material to make complete dresses
would Involve a considerable expendi
ture. . The view of the managers is
that it would amount to giving the
children free clothes, and this princi
ple thev are not prepared to adopt It
is probable a way out of the difficulty
would be found if the parents pro-
It may be said that during the en-
-tire war with Spain Admiral Seymour
"and the men under him acted 'as sec
onds for Dewey and his sailors. They,
offered moral aid when Germany and
Abruzzi to Be Rear Admiral
The announced program of the Duke
of the Abruzzi for some time to come
shows 'that a trip to America is com
pletely excIuded.V .After leaving the
steamship Oceania, on which be 1 re
turning to Italy, he will go to Racco-
nigi to .visit KiDg Victor Emmanuel
and Queen Eiena. On returning to
Italy he will attend to the publication
. vfof a hook on his last expedition to the
Gunners Can See . Enemy While Re
maining Invisible Themselves.
After years of patient experimenting
Dana Dudley of Wakefield, Mass., re
cently had the satisfaction of having
his "pan angle" telescope adopted by
the war department of the. United
The invention is simple in its con
struction, yet. It is said, may revolu
tionize modern -'warfare. It consists
of reflecting lenses so arranged at an
gles in a tube that persons or objects
above or below and on all sides may
be viewed from a place of conceal
ment. - "
The device as constructed for use In
warfare is arranged so that even on
disappearing guns or guns used in
trenches and fired from any point in
visible from the exterior the operator
may ascertain the location of the ene
my,: target or o,ther objective point
without exposing himself.
Himalayas. After this work has been
completed he will' resume his service
with the. fleet, when, it is understood,
he will be promoted to the rank of
rear admiral. -
New Use of Compressed Air.
The auxetophone is a device invent
ed by Charles Parsons, by means of
which compressed air can be utilized
to strengthen the tone of any instru
ment to which it is attached. Wnen
applied to the cello the valve is con
nected by a rod of aluminium to -the
instrument. The compressed air pass
ing . through the valve is caused to
vibrate, thus producing a -sound char
acteristic of the instrument. The
sound issuiDg from the trumpet; though
in many respects identical with that
of the instrument itself, is at the same
time much richer in l;one" and greatly
augmented in volume.
and Surgeon. Special attention given
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Qazette-Ti tnes
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