The daily gazette-times. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1909-1921, September 09, 1909, Image 3

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The City
v and Vicinity
Flags on the city hall and court
house are flying at half-mast, in res
: pect to Ihe late S. L. Kline.
For Rent On College Crest, five
rooms, with electric lights and mount
ain water. Apply to W. C. Shriver, or
phone 1185. 9-6-9 & w.
Prof, and Mrs.. T. H. Crawford re
turned last night from a two months
stay at Seattle and Puget Sound points.
They had a delightful vacation, enjoy
ing the A. Y. P. E. very much.
Lost Flat, gold breastpin, between
Seventh and Adams and Palace theater.
Leave here and get reward. 9-8-2t
The Presidential Postmasters Asso
ciation, of which B. ' W. Johnson is
Secretary, will meet in Portland Sept.
22nd and 23rd. Postmaster General
Hitchcock will be there at that time.
Ice cream delivered on thirty minutes
Rooms for rent, suitable for office or
other purpose.' over Blackledge's furn
iture store.. B. R. Thompson, R. F.B,
3. Corvallis. 9-10-w-th
For Rent 6-roomhou9e, corner of N.
12th and Harrison Sts. Call Ind.
phone 285. . 9-7-3t
Rev. Whiirev- of McMinnville, will
preach at the Baptist church next Sun
j day morning and evening at the usual
hours. All members are urged to be
For Rent, House Eight rooms, and
bath and pantry. Located next to
corner Eleventh' and Jackson. All
modern conveniences. Apply to E. G.
Barzee, the corner. 9-10-It-D&W
The Starrs are expected from Cali
fornia in short time to remain about a
month. They were in Arizona for a
while but found that climate unsuited
and finally went over to the "land of
flowers." ' -
Postmaster Johnson has been notified
that the department is., now prepar
ing a new postage stamp of special
design, which will be ready for issue
to postmasters about September 20,
to commemorate the discovery of the
notice by Winkley's Palace of Sweets. Hudson river by Henry Hudson in 1609,
" tf and of - the introduction of steam
B. M. Martin will leave tomorrow for navaAn on Tte wfter5 b7
Salemonatwo weeks' vacation. He , ton ui 1807, , The stamp oblong m
will be joined there Sunday by Mrs. Mar- shape.
tin. During his absence O. P. Hazzard
will substitute on R. F. D. 4.
I Yesterday's Oregonian contained the
shocking account of the killing, in
Portland, of a little child of less . than
two years, of age, by the streetcar of
Conductor J. E- Coleman, an old 0. A.
C. student, who married Miss Sadie
Dixion, formerly of this city, and 'for
i years an efficient bookkeeper and sten-
Students at 0. A. C. this year will ographer at R. H. Houston's hardware
find a welcome change in the hallway store. The parents of 'the little child
of the Administration building. A cork are prostrated with grief, and to
linoleum has been laid there, and now the many friends here who have learn
as the hundreds who tramp through ed to know of the splendid qualities of
there daily the noise will be somewhat both Mr. and Mrs Coleman, the news
For Sale at very reasonable price
10-room house, within two blocks of
Mechanical Hall, O. A. C. Suitable
for roomers. 1604 Van Buren Street.
Eat Golden Rod Flakes,
- They are better for breakfast,
Than old-fashioned corn cakes, .
,. And five minuets time,
Is all that it takes
AtKlineti. 6-12-tf
B. F. Swope, county judge of Lincoln
county, has resigned and Governor
Benson has appointed C. H. Gardner,
a retired, hardware merchant of Toledo,
to the office. Mr. Gardner was highly
recommended for the position by the
citizens of Lincoln county. He is 55
years old and a republican. Earlier in
life he traveled out of Portland for a
wholesale hareware house, and . was
county clerk of Illinois for 15 years be
fore coming to Oregon.
' will be received with deepest regret.
It is a well known fact here that Mr,
Coleman is considered one of Portland's
most courteous, conscientious and care
ful streetcar conductors and friends at
tach no blame to him. The motorman
on the car was so overcome that he
was unable to give a statement of the
affair. ' .
Wanted Position as clerk; have
had 16 years experience in general
merchandise and clothing store; A 1
references; for particulars inquire at
this office. ..'.
Wanted A girl for general house
work. Inquire or address E. D. eas
ier, 142 N. 7th. ' 9-8-tf
A few days ago a well-known citizen
of the county missed a purse contain-
, ing considerable money. He remembered
having it at a certain place, and did
j not see it after. He recalled that a.
boy was near the last time he saw the
purse, So he immediately insisted to
j himself and others that the boy had
stolen the purse. A few days later the
F. P. Clark, of Philomath, protests prominent citizen' left that identical
that the train service between Philo- purse on the counter of a certain store
math and Corvallis is very inadequate, and yet he insisted that the boy had
The one train each way a day allows stolen it. The boy's relatives became
Philomath people less than two hours aroused and with aid of city officials
in this city between trains.' If they convinced the prominent citizen that
desire to transact business . requiring , he had accused the boy'" unjustly, and
any time at all they must remain here under threat of prosecution he proceed-
over night. He says , the Philomath ed about the city telling to 'all, to whom
people dislike this arrangement very he had previously accused the boy,
much, and feel that Philomath is en- that he had made a mistake. Occur-
titled to great' consideration. It is
claimed that traveling .Representative
Jenkins promised them some different
sort of arrangement. V
ences of this kind are extremely un
fortunate and should tead the people to
be careful in the matter of making ac
cusations. ,.r
We Use Scien
tific Instruments
To determine the needs of your eyes
, There is no guess work about our
examinations. "They are just as ac
curate as trained skill and experi-
: ence can make them. They cost you
nothing so you certainly ought to
have the benefit of .them, if you have
any eye trouble at all. They mean !
the propers glasses, the only kind
you can afford to wear.
E W, S, PRATT, Jeweler and Optician
Complete stock of all W.
B. Corset models in the best
styles for fall wear. Take
advantage of expert fitting
$1.00 to $5.00
$5.00 and up'
142 Second Street
D. H. Leech, pastor of the First M.
E. church,, leaver .in- a few. days for
Forest Grove to attend the annual
meeting of the Oregon' Conference.
His two seTmons next Sunday may be
his last here, as the Methodist- author
ities have a habit of changing pastors
from place to place over-requently,
and they may send Mr.' Leech to some
field where strenuous work ; is needed .
In two years' work at the local church,
Mr.: Leech has performed excellent
service, adding many members to and
freeing his church from debt. He is
an earnest, conscientious worker, a
pleasant, approachable gentleman, a
pastor who has gained the good will of
a large majority of the people of the
city and enjoys the love and esteem of
those with whom he is most closelv
associated. Corvallis will regret it
very much if Pastor Leech is not
returned to the charge herey
Go With A Rush.
;r, ; - ,''
The demand for that wonderful Stom
ach, Liver and Kidney cure. Dr. King's
New Life Pills, is astounding. All the
druggists say they . never saw the like.
It's because they never fail to cure Sour
Stomach Constipation, Indigestion, Bil
iousness, Jaundice, Sick Headache,
Chills and Malaria. Only 25c.
By Patronizing Mrs. J. Mason's Spec
ial Benefit Millinary Sales. '
r i . iir
Keaay-to-w ear
These Garments for Ladies and Misses
are of excellent quality. The styles speak
for themselves and the prices are really
"' less 4han the cost of material and making.
Henlde )& Davis
Phonographs and all the- newest, re
cords at Heater & Harrington's. ,
9-3-tf. .
A cement walk will be laid immedia
tely in front of the one story1-buildings
on the East side - of Second between
Jefferson and . Madison., "' James L.
Lewis expects to lay a walk in front of
"his . property, the old Elite millinery
corner, also, and is now waiting for
steel tressel work for use in case a
basement is dug beneath the walk.
Complete outfits for camping parties
at Blackledge's furniture store. 8-3-tf
The change of "program offered . at
the Palace theater last night is a strong
one.. There are -three really excellent
films, "The Way of the Cross" being
the best of the three.1 This is a story
of the struggles of the early .Christians
in Rome during the reign of Nero, the
tyrant, is well staged and acted and is
intensely interesting throughout. "Cold
Plunge in Moscow" shows a man taking
a swim in the river at Moscow, Russia,
with the thermometer below zero. ' 'An
Heroic Father" is also good, being the
story of a father s rescue of his son
from a band of brigands. While Miss
Spangler makes the most possible of
the 'songs, they are punk. The bill
will be repeated tonight. .
Going hunting? : Get your guns and
ammunition tit Heater & Harrington's,
" '.' '. .; ';. ; 9-3-tf. ,
A great many Eugene people are
going to burn coal this winter instead
of wood, says the Guard. This is al
most an inovation in Oregon ' and : the
West, but in the East the woodsaw
as frequently seen as the coal wagon is
here. Several Easterners have during
the past few winters moved here with
coal stoves that are used to coal fur
naces " only, LiOOKine the matter up
they find that it is possible to ship coal
at almost the same price as wood. , So
it happens that this winter much more
is being seen in town than previously.
The cost here is about $10 a ton, for
coal that sells in the East for $3 and $4,
but with the cost of oak, , maple and
fir wood ranging from $5 to $6 a cord it
is really as cheap to burn one fuel as
the other. The coal is generally con
sidered mnch the easier and more con
venient. - A bin in the cellar takes up
much less room than the unsightly
woodshed and. the coal hod and
small shovel beside the stove is more
easily handled than the wood box and
pleases the small, boy that has to split
wood. ; In a few years, perhaps, when
the price of' wood has advanced an
other notch or two, coal will be shipped
here in greater quantities, and sold at a
price so that the begrimed coal man
with' his baskets or coal shute is a
familiar character.- c 4 "
Mrs. J. Mason, the milliner at Third
and Monroe streets, is going to donate
ten per cent of her daily sales to the
respective'churches in the city, begin
ning Monday, September 20, and giving
the benefit of two days' sales to each
The dates set apart are as follows:
M.T3. church, South, September 20,
and October 1; Baptist, September 21,
and October 2; Evangelical, Septem
ber, 22, and October 12; Presbyterian,
September 23, and "October 4: Metho
dist" Episcopal. September, 24, and
October 5; Congregational, September
25, and October 6; .j Episcopal, Septem
ber 27, and October, 7; Roman Catho
lic, September 28, and October, 8;
Christain, September 29, and October
9; German Lutheran, September 30,
and October 11.
Members and friends of the various
churches are requested to remember
the different dates. A full line of trim
med hats will be all ready for selection
the style being this seasons very latest.
Also a line'of mourning hats. ,8-30, 9-4
- .La Is 'ia0RG.AJJ3 Principal
Individual and class instruction. Bookkeeping, Office Methods, Type
writer Bookkeeping, Chartier and Universal Shorthand.
c "ie ior i erms
Occidental Lumber Co.
s Successors toj
Corvallis Lumber Co.
We are here to supply your needs in the Lumber line. Please
call on J. B IRVING for information and prices. And take
notice that if we have not got exactly what you want we will
get it for you. . ; . - :
CO. BASSET T, Local Mir,
The Best Paint
There is no better paint made for appearance and
durability than .
Acme Quality Paint
Specially prepared for exterior and interior use.
A.- Xji Miner
Second Street, Near Palace Theater
W. H. Curry, residing about seven
miles northeast of Corvallis, and one
mile north of Granger, will hold a
Stock sale on Tuesday, September 14,
beginning at 10 o'clock a. m.
The stock will consist of 19 head of
Jersey cattle, full bloods and high
grades; ten head are mature cows, the
other nine two year old and yearling
This herd has been one of the most
profitable little dairy herds in this part
of the valley for the past few years,
nothing but full blood sires being used;
also the milk from each individual cow
has been weighed and tested and all
unprofitable stock sent to the Hock."""
Every farmer should own at least
one good cow and this-is a chance to
secure them. - r-
Mr. Curry also offers seven head of
young Berkshire hogs, full blood.
There will be a free lunch served at
noon. , ." - -
A. L. Stevenson will be the auction
- For Sale A few
rams. J. M. Porter.
Benton County Lumber Co.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Fir Lumber, Mouldings, Cedar Posts,
Sawed and Split. Gedar Shakes
Dealers in
Doors, Windows, Lime, Bitot, Cement,
Shingles, etc
Glass Jars, All Kinds, at
We desire to return our heartfelt
thanks to our friends and neighbors
for their kindly aid and sincere sym
pathy extended to us during the illness
and death and burial of our beloved
. Mr. and Mrs.. B. M. Martin.
- We do the Best Plumbing and
Carry a full line of Plumbers' Supplies
v; Dealers In
Hardware, Implements, Buggies, Wagons, Cream Sepa
rators, Graniteware, Tinware and Builders'
- Hardware.
Congo Roofing and Quick fieal Ranges
Second Street,
Corvallis, Oregon
. Acme Quality Paints and Floor
nish that wears at A.- L. Miner's.
Succeed when everything else fails.
In nervous prostration and female
weaknesses they afb the . supreme
remedy, as thousands have testified.
it Is the . best medicine ever sold
ever a druggist's counter.
Phone Your Orders To No. 7,
Where They Will be Promptly Filled.
Fine Line of Crockery, Glassware, Cutff
Glass, Haviland and Chinaware,