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nence ot tne deceased tnere is,
; necessarily; a more widespread
Published every evening except Sun- interest. That that Power that
day. Office: 232 Second street, Cor- j gjveg an(j takes away may as
Vallis, Oregon. - i guage the of thig comra(Je
phone, 4184 J boy, the bereft wife and other
. , - ' relatives is the sincere prayer of
TEntered a. second-class matter July ft, 1909, lat'i many many f rfends of the de-
VHTJ yuowiiive mw vw vaiito, -
March S. 1879.
Delivered by carrier, per week $ 15
Delivered by cart ier, per month ... .50
By mail, one year, in advance. - 5.00
By mail, six months, in advance... .2 50
By mail, one month, in advance...- . .50
, Published Every Friday
ceased and his family.
discredit Cook is a distinfit credit
mark in favor of the latter.
That Peary actually reached the
Pole none seem to 'doubt, and
there is less doubt of Cook's suc
cess ; since Peary's early messages.
One year, in advance 2.00
Six moths, in advance- 1.00
Entered as second-class matter August 5, 1909,
M the poBtoffice at Corvallis, Oregon, under act of
March 8, 1879. .
In ordering changes of address, sub
scribers should always give old as well as
new address.
N. R. MOORE . . , . . Editor
CHAS. L. SPRINGER, Business Mgr.
Up to date, Cook has not made
the mistake of speaking dispar
agingly of Peary. On the other
hand, Peary has vexed : "more
than a few of his friends by his
insinuations in regard to Cook.
It is not difficult to understand
ho w a man like Cook, anticipat
ing the early return of a ' victor
ious Peary, and knowing the dif
ficulty of detection, might lay
false claim to the honor he
craves, and for a time at least
enjoy all the glory that comes to
a victor, but it is a little difficult
to understand how a great dis
coverer, confident of his own
ground and the falsity of his ri
val's claim, could so far forget
himself as to believe it advisable
to make his first words an attack
on one scarcely worthy of his no
tice. Peary's evident anxiety to
Astronomers say that Mars has
water on it, but that planet as a
residential place will not appeal
to some people until astronomers
can assure them that the Mar
tians are familiar with 20th cen
tury methods of diluting their
water. ,
The opening days at Mrs. J. Mason's
millinery parlors, corner Monroe and
Third streets, will be Friday -and Sat
urday, September 17-18, when she will
make a grand display of the most ele
gant line of pattern hats ever shown
in Corvallis. These handsome creations
in head dress are from the largest fash
ion centers in the east and are the latest
and most prevailing modes. A be
coming line of mourning hats,' just re
ceived from New. York, will also be
shown. The ladies are cordially invited
to call during these opening days and
see the newest ideas in millinery.
A petition, it is reported, will
shortly be circulated by the citi
zens of Newport asking the City
Council to cancel the franchise
given the Corvallis & Eastern
Railroad in 1907, allowing it to
put down a double track on Main
street in Newport. This street
follows the bay, and is the only
possible entrance for a road into
the city.
According to agreement, the
railroad was to have built into
the city within a year, and it
appears that the Corvallis ,&
Eastern merely wanted to con
trol the water front, a part of
which was desired for a sawmill
site by a large concern of which
Mr. Stein,, now a well-known
business man in Portland, and
-formerly of Michigan, was the
agent. . -
In the passing of S. L. Kline,
Corvallis and Benton county lose
a man of many virtues. That he
had faults, his best friends will
not deny, but that these were far
outnumbered by his excellent
traits will be conceded by all who
knew him. He was a clean man
morally, a first-class business
man, public spirited within rea
Bon, a genial, sociable gentleman
a man who measured well with
the average of mankind. In a
business way he builded solidly,
and more to the advantage of
Corvallis than to himself. The
business structure occupied by
the Kline store is in keeping with
the progress of the city and the
equipment even slightly ahead.
In this splendid building, his fine
home, and in all material things
; acquired, S. L. Kline evinced a
pride in the substantial,- the last
ing, rather than a love of tinsel,
Or gaudy show. His business
operations extended beyond the
confines of his store and it is said
of him that he furnished Benton
farmers their best market. Ir.
this he proved of inestimable val
ue to Corvallis. In public posi
tion he served the public faith
fully and ably, his service as a
member of the Water Commis
sion being highly commended by
his associates. From every view
point, S. L. Kline was a man
Corvallis can illy afford to spare.
It is extremely, sad that he
should be called away just at the
time when life probably looked
brightest to him. Having made
a success in a business way, he
had been gradually shifting the
burden of business responsibility
to a son in whom he had every
confidence. He felt that he. had
earned a rest and he intended to
get more of the joy there is in
life from closer companionship
With his family and in the dissi
pation of some of his earnings in
travel and indulgence of desires
long crushed back by a business
career marked by its tireless en
ergy and close application. In
apparent good health, with a de
lightful home, means to gratify
every reasonable wish, the com-
' radeship of his son, and the time
to accept and enjoy such honors
and pleasures as might come his
way, S. L. Kline seemed a man
to be envied, and but a few days
ago most men. would have been
glad to have exchanged prospects
with him. , But Death stalked in,
and the dream is ended whether
in greater glory no traveler hath
yet returned to say. But those
left behind, who dreamed the
dream with him, are bowed in
Borrow. - Except for the sudden
ness of this enforced leave-taking,
these suffer no keener an
guish than comes to the humblest
home; when father, mother, sister
or brother lie cold in death, but
because of the business promi-
"Predict a discontinuance of extremely hot weather
with a tendency to high winds and consequent squalls
and rain, covering the entire Valley and Northwest"
We have prepared the --N
most unique and only
, Ever held in Corvallis : t
"Rain pours from these umbrellas like water
. from a duck's back."
These Prices For Thursday, Friday and Saturday
No. 100
Six dozen ladies umbrellas, gold and
silver, gilt and natural wood handles
Special each 75c
No. 101
Ten dozen 26-inch ladies umbrellas, oak
handles, finely mounted .
Special each $1.00
No. 102
Eight dozen ladies' Duck Brand and
Rainproof, 26-inch size
' Special each $1.25
No. 103
. Eight dozen ladies' Rainproof .mounted
in gun metal, pearl or silver gilt
Special each $1.50
: M
Special $1.25, $150, $2.00 Each
No. 115 .
Five dozen men's full 28-inch umbrellas,
good stout steel frame, bent wood han
dles Special each 75c
No. 116.
Nos. 119, 120, 121, 122, 123
About six dozen men's assorted umbrellas, regular or self -opening, bone, ivory or,
natural wood, fancy mounting
$2.00, $2.50, $3.00, $3.50 to $7.00
Size 30 inches, $1.00 each
Size 36 inches, $1.50 each
: $1.00
wr - - -
Appreciates Kerr
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No. 104
Five dozen 26-inch ladies' mounted
handles in pearl, gun metal or natural
wood Special each $2.00
No. 105 ;
- Five dozen 26-inch ladies' umbrellas,
oxidized, pearl, gun metal or natural
wood handles Special each $2.50
No. 106 -
36 ladies', 26-inch umbrellas. These are
as handsome as many at double the
price Special each $3.00
Nos. 107, 108, 109
36 ladies' 26-inch Rainproof umbrellas.
Latest novelties in handles
Special each $3.50, $4.00, $5.50
Three dozen men's 28-inch Duck Brand
umbrellas. - Assorted handles, water
proof cloth Special each $1.00
date methods of soil culture and
locations best adapted for utiliz
ing their knowledge. ihese
presidents and directors are re
turning home to their thousands
of students carrying the glad
tidings of Oregon's fertility and
possibilities. These conventions
were secured through the unas
sisted effort of President Kerr)
of our State Agricultural College
and to him is due the gratitude
of Oregon and Portland for our
privilege to meet this body of
men. President Kerr was el
ected president of the National
Association during the conven
tion. Oregon has reason to be
very proud of her agricultural
college and doubly so of its pres
ident. He is a man of magnetic
presence, keen perceptibility
and the best friend the youth of
Oregon could have. We know
he is appreciated by the student
body of the college, as well as
byjnen of national prominence
with whom he is associated in
his work, and the Pacific North
west takes this opportunity of
congratulating Oregon on its
possession of Dr. Kerr as presi
dent of the State Agricultural
Care Jn Preparing Food.
In recent Tears scientists have
proved that the value of food is meas
ured largely by its purity; the re
sult is the most stringent pure food
laws that have ever been known.
One food that has stood out promi
nently as a perfectly clean and pur
food and which was as pure before
the enactment of these laws as it
could possibly be is Quaker Oats;
conceded by the experts to be the ideal
food for making strength of muscle
and brain. The best and cheapest of
all foods. The Quaker Oats Company '
is the only manufacturer of oatmeal
that has satisfactorily solved the prob
lem of . removing the husks and black
specks which are so annoying when
other brands are eaten. If you are
convenient to the store buy the reg
ular size packages; if not near the
store, buy the large size family pack
ages. X
Sporting Roods, bicycles and fishing:
tackle at Heater & Harrington's.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has:
been appointed by the County Court of Benton
County, Oregon, as executor of the last Will and
Testament of James P. Wilson, deceased. All
persons having claims against the estate of said
deceased are hereby notified and required to pre
sent them, duly verified, -with the proper vouchers
within six months from the date of this notice, to
the undersigned executor of said estate, at the
office of J. H. Wilson, First National Bank o
Corvallis, Benton County, Oregon.
4 W. E. W.ILSON, Executor..
Dated September 7th, 1909.
First Publication, Sept. 10, 1909.
Last Publication, Oct. 8, 1909.
Toledo Fair
A Success
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anttered herd had any appear
ance of being dangerous. The
batteries today will be: Corvallis,
Rooper and Phillips; Elk City,
Simpson and Russell.
Good Crowds Yet.
The prospect for good crowds
today and tomorrow is good. It
was not expected that thousands
would be here yesterday. Ben
ton County Day tomorrow, wil
be the big day, and the people
here" hope to see a fair delega
tion come . down from Corvallis,
Sunday Excursions
to Newport
The'C. & E. Railroad will run regula:
excursions to Newport every Sunday
until further notice, leaving Corvallis
at the same time as heretofore. . Fare
for round trig. $1.50.
9-9-tf R. C. Linville, Agent.
The Gazette-Times 50c per month. ,
The First National Bank
(No.' 4301)
Report of the Condition of
The First National Bank of Corvallis
at Corvallis in the State of Oregon, at
the close of business, September 1st
Loans and Discounts 1209,648 56
Overdrafts, secured and unsecured . 1,251 65
U. S. Bonds to secure circulation . 50,000 00
Bonds, securities, etc 94,272 06
Bankmg-bouse,f arniture and fixtures 31,840 87
Other real estate owned. 1,353 58
rtiie from National B&nka-not reserve
agents ; 108,843 64
Due from State and Private Banks and
Bankers. Trust Companies, and Sav-
- inn Banks 31,29168
Due from approved reserve agents 133,518 27
Checks and other cash items
Kotes of other National Banks
Fractional paper currency, nickelB,
ana cents .
6,141 00
570 00
170 06
Notice to Creditors.
How About
That Fall Suit
Come and get a PRINCETON
College Cut Suit. The latest de
signs in fabrics and styles.
Dealer in all Men's Furnishings
We sell cheapest because we sell
for cash. .
Lawful Money Reserve in
Bank, viz: -
Specie I '. 81,221 80
Legal-tender notes 60 00 81,281 SO
Redemption fund with V . S. Treasurer
. 6 per cent, of Circulation 2,500 00
-J752.183 17
Capital stock paid In
Surplus luna-.
Undivided nrofits. less expenses and
taxes paid 17.
National Bank notes outstanding 48,
Due to other National Biaia 2,
Due to State and Private Banks and
Bankers 17,
Dividends unpaid 2,
Individual deposits subject to check-485.
Savings Deposits - 4.
Demand certificates of deposit 38.
Time Savings certificates of deposit. . . . 48,
Certified rhecks 3
000 00
000 08
5S7 19
295 00
787 91
,669 30
,100 to
,616 86
,682 13
,005 85
,568 96
,647 05
,619 57
600 00
Cashier's checks outstanding 9,
Keserved foi taxes v-
Liabilities other than those above
stated ! , 13,003 S5
i -752,183 17
State of Oregon, Cour.ty of Benton ssi
I, Geo. E. Lilly, cashier of the above
named bank, do solemnly swear that
the abovejstatement is true to the best
of my knowledge and belief.
Geo. E. Lilly, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 9th day of September, 1909.
A. R. Woodcock, Notary Public.
Correct Attest:
v J. W. Foster,
- - -. ,. E. F. Wiles,
" M. S. Woodcock.
' ',' Directors. .
Osteopathic Physician
At Corvallis Hotel
Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday
At Albany
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
15-17 Brenner Building
Street. Phone 4209.
. Surgeon. Office in Burnett Block,,
over Harris' Store. Residence corner
Seventh and Madison. Office hours:
8 to 9 a. m.; 1 to 2 p. m. Phonesr
'Office, 2128, Residence, 404.
and Surgeon. Corner Third and Mon
roe Streets, Corvallis, Oregon. Office
hours: 9 to 12 a. m.; I to 4 p. m.; 7 to
8 p. m. Phone in both office and residence.
and Surgeon. Special attention given
to the Eye. Nose and Throat. Office
in Johnson Bide. Ind. 'phone at of
fice and tesidence.
censed embalmers and funeral direct- :
ors. Have everything new in coffins,. ,
caskets and burial robes. Calls ans
wered day and night. ', Lady assist
ant. Embalming a specialty. Day
phones, Ind. 117 and 1153, Bell, 531; ;
night phones, Ind. 2129 and 1153.
' or and Licensed Embalmer. Suc
cessor to Bovee & Bauer Corvallis,
Oregon. Ind. Pbone 45. Bell Phona
241, Lady attendant when desired.
Office Rooms 3, 4, 1st Natl Bank Bldg
Attorney At Law
Zierolf Bldg. Corvallis, Oregon
the lty Stable
Everything new and up to
- date. Rigs furnished on
short notice. Call
and give us a
' trial. Cor.
, Madison
and '
l. f.gray;