The daily gazette-times. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1909-1921, September 08, 1909, Image 3

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    The City
and Vicinity
I For Rent On College Crest, five
rooms, with electric lights and mount
ain water. Apply to W. C. Shriver, or
phone 1185. 9-6-9 &w
Lost Flat, gold breastpin, ' between
Seventh and Adams and Palace theater.
Leave here and get rewaVd. 9-8-2t '
Mrs. S. R. Jenkins and granddaugh
ter, Esther, of Eugene, visited during
the week at the home af Mrs. W. S.
Locke, at 4th and Jackson streets,
Complete outfits for camping parties
at Blackledge's furniture store. 8-S-tf
G. W. Lindeman expects to finish up
the threshiner season in Mt. View
, neighborhood this week. The grain j
proved better than the farmers had ex-1
pected at the beginning of the season. j
Going hunting? Get your guns and
ammunition at Heater & Harrington's.
Two young men out with a young wo
man after 12 o'clock Monday night
were hailed before Municipal Judge
Denman yesterday morning and each
paid a fine of $10. An ordinance pro
vides a penalty for persons out after
12 o'clock without good excuse and
this nrHinanpp is trninar tn hp pnforr.pd
Acme Quality Paints and Floor Var
nish that wears at A. L. Miner's.
The La Mode millinery parlors, in
the Benton County National bank build
ing has undergone changes that make
it more attractive. The trimming de
partment is now on a second floor just
put in and the entire lower floor is used
for a stock and trying-on room. A
new window sign is being painted
Artist N. L. Hayes.
Mayor Vv E. Watters will respond to
the welcome address of Wallis Nash,
at; Toledo, next Friday. '
For Rent 6-room house, corner of N.
12th and Harrison Sts. s Call Irid.
phone 285. V 9-7-3t ,;
Miss Eflie Billings, who has been vis
iting her mother in Corvallis during the
summer, left this morning to take up
her school work at La Grande.
J Wanted A girl for general house
work. Inquire or address E. D. Ress
ler, 142 N. 7th. 9-8-tf
Rev. Whiirey of McMinnville, will
preach at the Baptist church next Sun
day morning and evening at the usual
hours. All members are urged to be
present "
Sporting goods, bicycles and fishing
tackle at Heater & Harrington's.
Wanted Position as clerk; have
had 16 years experience in general
merchandise and clothing store; A 1
references: for particulars inquire at
this office.
Any responsible person desiring a
lease on a 40, 30, 20 or 12 by 75 foot
room in new brick building on Second
or Madison street may find something
of interest by calling at this office.
Eat Golden Rod Flakes,
They are better for breakfast,
Than old-fashioned corn cakes,
And five minuets time,
Is all that it takes
At Kline's. 6-12-tf
Phonographs and all the newest re
cords at Heater & Harrington's.
,.r ' 9-3-tf.
' Born, Tuesday September 7, to Mrs.
Robert Hunter, at Philomath, a daugh
ter. Mr'. Hunter is one of the book
keepers at the First National Bank and
is enjoying a holiday for the proper
celebration of the event.
I Prunes, too
ripe for shipment, and
by ' just the thing lor canning, ior saie at
r I the packing house, old C. & E. dock.
fifl conta n Wit 9-7-2t
' Ice cream delivered on thirty minutes !
notice by Wmkley's Palace of Sweets. Charles S. Armstrong, of Cincinnati,
tf Iowa, and William Fraser, of Olathe,
TTandfla sirp hpm viRit.irnr t:h.?r rela-
ranges, etc., at ' J
liven, ir. anu iura. ej. aucu, xucbc
i men have been doing the Seattle fair
The Andersons have at last succeed- and are now on their way back home.
Furniture, stoves, ranges, etc., at
Kempin's store. 103 N. 2nd St. 6-11 i
ed in getting a big awning for the front
of their new store on north Second
street. They ordered it made in Port
land and it was to be appropriately
lettered for their millinery and ladies'
furnishing business, but the manuf ac-!
turers at the first trial turned out a
market sign with a large steer as the
attractive feature and a drug store de-1
sign at the second attempt, finally get- -ting
what was originally ordered. The i
awning is being put in place today.
Razors, safety and the other kind.
Largest line at Heater & Harrington's.
- 9-3-tf--
They expressed themselves as highly
pleased with the hospitality extended
to them by everybody in this western
country, saying it is so different from
what they have been used to that they
will carry back a very favorable im
pression of Oregon.
household furniture for . seven
including fine piano, for sale
Phone 3217r - ' 9-7-tf
. The monthly report of Manager
Struble, of the Albany Commercial
Club, shows 168 inquiries received, 293
letters written, 2447 circulars sent out
and 588 miscellaneous pieces of litera
ture, 250 hubs at the reception of the
agricultural presidents; 500 for the
W. C. T. U. convention; that the
matter had been prepared for the Har
riman booklet, the Telegram's special
edition, the Barnes souvenir, special
article for a Herald edition, and the
Mt. Angell magazine, and $578 col
lected. . . .
I Elbert Hubbard, one of the most pro
lific writers of the world today, and by
i all odds one of the most popular plat
i form men, is scheduled for a lecture at
J the Agricultural College on October 2.
He will give his famous "heart to heart
talk" on the "March of the Centuries."
Elbert Hubbard has been castigated
in public print as few other men, and in
his monthly Philistine he carries to his
readers all the vilest things said about
him. . . But it is also true that few men
have been permitted to read more kind
ly things said of themselves than have
been said of Hubbard, j The Fra says
what he thinks and apologizes to no
one; his aim in life, according to the
Philistine, is to make others think and
he does it.
We Use Scien
tific Instruments
To determine the needs of your eyes
There is no guess work about our
examinations. They are just as ac
curate as trained skill and expert
ence can make them. They cost you
nothing so you certainly ought to
have the benefit of -them, if you have
r- any eye trouble at all. They mean
,the proper glasses, the only kind
- you can afford to wear.
E W, S, PRATT, Jeweler and Optician
.nnvtit2i f-i?t.s j-.ewPf
BfackSik Taffeta
Black Silk Taffeta
The above made from
guaranteed silk which
we guarantee for three
months continuous wear.
If garment is faulty, it
will show in that length
"of time.
142 Second Street
City Dads Hold Long Session and Wade
Through Considerable Business
Will Tax Bicycles $2 per Year
Councilmen Shocked at Vaudeville.
Wanted Boy or man for several
days' work about house and yard. E.
D. Ressler, 142 N. 7th. 9-8-tf
J. M. Nolan & Soniiave just finished
refitting their ladies' department so as
to be in readiness to receive - their pa
trons at the opening of the fall season.'
Handsome twentieth century cabinets
have been installed for the display of
the large line of tailored suits and wraps
and the floors covered with beautiful
Axminister rugs, making the depart
mentvery attractive. ,
These Garments for Ladies and Misses
are of excellent quality. The styles speak
for themselves and the prices are really
less than the cost of material and making.
- . . i . "
Henhle Ct Davis
M. M. Long has cement walks about
his new home at the corner of Fourth
and "A" streets and is now making i
a lawn. : He has an attractive bunga
low there, different in style from most
in the city," and with a green lawn there
will have a fine property. Frank Scott,
the mail man, has built a new house
just now and will put down cement
tne spring. That corner will loom up
in great shape next summer.
It s a crying shame that the cement
walk on Fourth street between Adams
and Washington, should not - show I to
the credit of the city. vThat walk cost
good hard cash, and yeiv it looks like
the effort of amateurs in a town no
larger than Summit. In the first place.
the owner of the property at the cor
ner of Fourth and Washington streets-
built a good walk and he built a wide
one the city ordinances .at that time
having prescribed a wide one or, per
chance, made no provision at all. 1Ke
ordinances now declare for a six-foot
walk, and such a walk has been . laid
north "of the corner man's property.
As a result there is a jog of one
foot between the two walks. But that
is not the worst of it there. The work
men who laid the new walk must have
eyes so crossed that the tears run down
their backs when they cry. The outer
edges of that walk have bows in them
that make the average pedestrian sea
sick as he passes. -, The Gazette-Times
has insisted .that some competent per
son should be appointed to look after
walk construction, or that the city
should contract the walk in districts
and build it for the property owners.
The council proposes to take some
action but it , could not take it tooi
quick. More than a little walk put
down recently is far from the best that
can be laid,- and this had not been paid
for. It should not be. ; "
Individual and class instruction. 'I Bookkeeping, Office Methods, Type
" writer Bookkeeping, Chartier and Universal Shorthand. '
g riie ior terms
(tuirjiruruiArLrvruTjTjijijijT Tj-LrLnjTrLrui'
The city council in regular
session last night discussed the
icense question, protested against
vaudeville shows, took steps pre-
iminary to the appointment of a
ark. Commission, and ordered
bills paid. With the exception
of Skelton and Boeue, all mem
bers were present.
The committee on licenses re
commended that ordinance be
drafted fixing license for card
tables, - busses, express wagon s
and laundries. JThis committee re
ported that a number who should
pay license had not done so. It
was ordered that they be notifi
ed to pay up, and then brought
before the court-if they failed to
do so. . ::' '
A license of $2.00 per year is
to be required of all bicycles.
This license money will be used
'or the purchase of members
such as are placed on autos.
This plan is devised that violators
of the bicycle ordinance may be
Captured without so much diffi
culty. , '
it was decreed tnat moving
picture theaters should pay a
license of $50 per year' or $25 per
quarter. " .
i ne council discussed tne pr e-
sent unsatisfactory arrangement
of ordinance's and ordered them
codified at an early date. ;-
Councilman Cordley was made
a committee of one to investigate
and report in regard to tree
planting in cities noted for their
beauty. .
The advisability of ; appointin g
a Park Commission was discussed
and preliminary steps taken.
Judge Denman and - Chief
Wells reported the collection of
$113 from fines; $80 was collect
ed from sale of gravel. The
police department is paying for
itself and the" council joking ly
tendered a vote of thanks.
Occidental Lumber Co.
. Successors toJ
. Corvallis Lumber Co.
We are here to supply your needs in the Lumber line.. Please
call on J. B IRVING for information and prices.- And take
notice that if we have not got exactly what you want we will
get it for you.
am zap
paint made for appearance and C
ft durability than , g
Best Paint
There is no better
durability than ,
Acme Qualify Paint
Specially prepared for exterior and interior use.
Second Street,
- Miner
Palace Theater
Benton County Lumber Co.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
fir Lumber, Mouldings, Cedar Posts,
Sawed and Split. Cedar Shakes
Dealers in -
Doors, Windows, Lime, BricK, Cement,
J Shingles, etc
Palace Theater
; A Hurry-Up Call. , ; ' J
Quick! Mr. Druggist Quiok! A box
of Bucklen's Arnica Salve Here's a
quarter For the love of Moses, hurry!
Baby's burned 'himself terribly John
nie cuthis foot with- the axe Mamie's
scalded Pa can't walk from piles Bil
lie has boils and my corns ache. 7 She
got it and soon cured all the family. It's
the greatest healer on earth. Sold by
all druggists. ,
and Thursday
New Motion Pictures ,
"The Way of
- the Cross"
This powerful drama is laid in Rome
during the reign of Nero. It pictures
the inhuman treatment of the Chris
tians' and the efforts made to save them
from death. The story is a deeply in
teresting one and is full of tragic
scenes. .
'"A Heroic Father"
This is a magnificent picture and a
masterpiece in the art of colored pho
tography. It is replete with dramatic
intensity, the subiect being the rescue
of a little lad from a band of brigands.
"Cold Plunge
In Moscow"
A good idea is obtained in this inter
esting picture of the famous Russian
cold baths, where a dip is taken in the
icy waters with the thermometer below
zero. :: . ,-
Glass Jars, All Kinds, at
We do the Best Plumbing and
Carry a full line of Plumbers' Supplies
Dealers In
Hardware, Implements, Buggies, Wagons, Cream Sepa
rators, Graniteware, Tinware and Builders'
' Hardware.
Conga Roofing and Quick Meal Ranges
Second Street,
CoryalHs, Oregon
Th (Daily Gazette-Times
By carrier or mail, 50c' per mo.
' :, Let us send it to you
Phone Your Orders To No. 7,
Where They Will be Promptly Filled.
Fine Line of Crockery, Glassware, Cut
. Glass, Haviland and Ckinaware,