The daily gazette-times. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1909-1921, September 02, 1909, Image 2

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Published every evening except Sun
day. Office: 259-263 Jefferson street,
Corner Third street, and 232 Second
Street, Corvallis, Oregon.
PHONES, 210 4184
the West line of Second Street to a point 14 feet
West of the East une of Tnird.
Entered at the postoffice at Corvallis,
Oregon, as second class matter.
for $10 an acre cultivated, for
$30 to $60. Desert land under
irrigation system, with water
prospects, brings $60 to $300 per
Delivered by carrier, per week $ -15
Delivered by carrier, per month 50
By mail, one vear, in advance 5.00
By mail, six months, in advance 2.50
By mail, one month, in advance .50
The Road to Success
Published Every Friday
Has many obstructions, but none so
desperate as poor health. Success to
day demands health, but Elf tric Bit
ters is the greatest health builder the
world has ever known. It compels per
fect action of stomach, liver, kidneys,
bowels, purifies and enriches the blood,
and tones and invigorates the whole
System. Vigorous body and keen brain erty specially and peculiarly benefited by such
follow their use. You can't afford to
slight Electric Bitters if weak, run
One year, in advance $2.00
Six moths, in advance 1.00
In ordering changes of address, sub
scribers should always give old as well as
new address.
By Patronizing Mrs.
ial Benefit Millinary Sales.
N. R. MOORE Editor
CHAS. L. SPRINGER, Business Mgr.
Streets m dinerent cities o:
the world are famed tar and
wide for their beauty. Three
things contribute to this favor
able reputation the wondrous
charm of the foliage, the width
of these streets, as a rule, and
their cleanliness.
Euclid avenue. Cleveland, is
noted because of the continuity
and uniform size and shape of
the Elm trees that grace that
street its entire length. Euclid
avenue is one of the most beau
tiful streets in America, the
pride not only of, Cleveland but
of the entire state of Ohio and
it is that only because a park
commission caused that street to
be set with Elm trees several
years ago, and then saw that
every tree received the attention
that was necessary to make it
grow into a glorious specimen of
its kind.
The beauty of other famous
streets of America and the old
World is necessarily attributed
to the fact that the decoration
has been carried out along
Well-conceived plan in which the
property owners concurred.
Corvallis can have a Euclid
avenue, or its citizens can in
time walk "Unter den Linden
A well-conceived plan carried
out at this time just as Corvallis
is merging from a village into
pleasant city of the smaller class,
Would make. Corvallis . a city
beautiful in a few years.
It's worth the while to try.
Let's have a park commission
with power from some source.
land that, as raw sage brush,
was worth $5 an acre one or two SJiStSSi
years ago, is worth today $150. mnirnLBy the Btreet to
"WrViin-- lnTil nnm v.-! v"U 4- mt?1 troier sub-srrade:
liuconauuuiu uc uuukui W 1 c ,!,, ; H,- ,Jm f ;j U;.
of streets above described full width, with full in
tersections, with one of the following hard surface
pavements, to-wit: Bitulithic or rlassam;
Third By constructing artificial stone curbs
Fourth By constructing catch basins
Fifth By constructing inlets;
Sixth By laying vitrified sewer pipe;
Seventh By laying drain tile:
and that said improvement is to be made in ac
cordance with the charter and ordinances of said
citv of Corvallis and the plans and specifications
therefor prepared by Fred farter, city ungineer
of said City of Corvallis, and filed in the Office of
the Municipal Judge of said City on the 30th day
of August, 1909, duly approved and adopted by the
Council, the kind of pavement for said improve
ment to be selected f nan among the several kinds
of pavement in said plans and specifications pre
scribed after bidB are received for the making of
such improvements.
Said resolution further provides that said im
provement is proposed to be made at the expense
of the property specially and peculiarly benefited
thereby to the extent of eighty-five per cent of the
total cost thereof, to be assessed upon such prop
erty according to the relative benefits of such im
provements to the several parcels of property
benefited thereby.
Said resolution further provides that the prop
tv specially and peculiarly benefited by such
proposed improvement, and to be assessed to pay
the aforesaid portion of the cost thereof is deter
mined and declared to be as follows:
Tk. 1X7..,..- V... f XTn,. 1 Q 9.
down or SICKiy. uniy OUC. uuaranieea West half and lots Nos. 4, 5 and 6 of Block Ma 4;
, i, j, Block No. 5: the West half and lots Nos. 1. 2 and
Dy au druggists. . in Block N 6. the East half of Blocks Nos. 7
and 8: the East half and lots M OS. 7. S ana in
Block No. 9: Blocks Nos. 10. 11 and 1Z, all in the
original town of Marysville, now the City of Cor
vallis, Oregon; the West half of Blocks Nob. 1, 2
and 3 and the East half and lots Nos. 7, 8 and 9 of
Block No. 4. and the East half of Blocks Nos. 5
and 6, all in Dixon's Addition to the town of
Marvsville. now the Citv of Corvallis. aforesaid:
sjf c the west half of Blocks Nos. 8 ana s ana the liast
J. mason S dpec- half of Blocks Nos. 7 and 10 in Dixon'sSecond Ad
dition to said City of corvallis, wmcn property
shall constitute and be known as Assessment DiS'
trict No. 1,
Said resolution further provides that after the
Mrs. J. Mason, the milliner at Thid aforesaid portions of streets shall be maintained
and Monroe Streets, IS going to donate That said resolution further appoints as the
. j , time at which the Council will meet for the con-
ten per cent Of her daily sales to the sideration of written remonstrances against the
, , . . ... making of such proposed improvement tne special
respective churches in the CltV. Deem- meeting of said Council to be held on Thursday. the
-, , ... Z3rc day of September, 1909, at the hour of half-
mng Monday, September 20, and giving past seven o'clock p. m. of said day and the Coun-
j.. , . , . , cu Chambers m tne city nan m said uity as tne
the benefit Of tWO days sales to each place at which it will meet and consider said re-
1 monstrances at the time aforesaid.
cnurcn. t any yme prior to the time appointed af ore-
Thp dTP !Pt anart arp a5 follows- said for the consideration thereof the owner or
1 ne dates set apart are as IOllOWS . owners or any person interested in or having a
M. E. church, South, September 20, on any Property within the aforesaid Assess
- ment District may file with the Municipal Judge
and October 1: Baptist. beptember21. a written remonstrance acrainst said proposed im-
i o. T71 i 1 o 1 provement and at the time and place aforesaid the
and October 2; Evangelical, Septem- gca wiU consider said remonstrances and hear
ber. 22. and October 3: Presbvterian. remonstrators or their attorneys appearing it
September 23. and October 4: Metho- Bv Order of the Council.
j:4. T7.- 1 0" W oa Geo. W. Denman,
October 5 ; Congregational, September Date of first publication beptember 6, 1909.
nr 3 ."v 1 1 r T"1 1 i 1
go, ana uciooer o; episcopal, (Septem
ber 27, and October, 7: Roman Catho
lic, September 28, and October, 8;
Christain, September 29, and October I
9; German Lutheran, September 30,
and October 11.
Members and mends of the various
churches are requested to remember
the different dates. A full line of trim
med hats will be all ready for selection
the style being this seasons very latest.
Also a line of mourning hats. 8-30, 9-4
We Use Scien
tific Instruments
To determine the needs of your eyes
There is no guess work about our
examinations. They are just as ac
curate as trained skill and experi
ence can make them. They cost you
nothing so you certainly ought to
have the benefit of them, if you have
any eye trouble at all. They mean
the proper glasses, the only kind
you can afford to wear.
How About
That Fall Suit
Come and get a PRINCETON
College Cut Suit. The latest de
signs in fabrics and styles.
Dealer in all Men's Furnishings
We sell cheapest because weselE
for cash.
E W S, PR TT, Jeweler and Optician
These Garments for Ladies and ' Misses
are of excellent quality. The styles speak
r for themselves and the prices are really
less than the cost of material and making.
Henkle & Davis
We desire to return our heart-felt
thanks to our friends and neighbors for
their kindly sympathy and aid at the
time of the death and burial of our be-'
loved wife and mother, and especially
for the many beautiful floral offerings.
J. W. McCready and family
For Sale
A cheap horse
A cheap harness "
A cheap hack
For a
Cheap Price
Hayes, The Painter.
119 N. Third Street
or 245 S. Second street
Newport Property.
Sixty choice lots more or less in New
port, Oregon, (one of the most health
ful and popular summer and winter re
sorts) for sale or will exchange for oth
er good property. Property near Cor
vallis preferred. Will supply funds to
buyers of these lots to build homes
thereon. Address M. S. Woodcock.
Corvallis, Oregon. - thurs. tf
Oregon As
Others Sees It
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Notice to Creditors
lal Copyright 1909 br Mt SehUfter & Mrx fg.
In the matter of the Estate of Vienna F. Miller.
aeceasea. - .
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has
been by order of the County Court of the State of
Oregon for the County of Benton appointed ad
ministrator of the estate of Vienna F. Miller, de-
All persons having claims against said estate
are hereby notified and required to present the
same, duly verified as by law required, within
six months from the date of this notice at the
residence of the undersigned in Kings Valley,
Oregon, or at tne omce ox J . f . Yates in First Na
tional Bank Building, Corvallis, Benton county,
F. L. Miller.
Administrator of the Estate of Vienna F. Mil
ler, deceased.
Dated the 3rd day of September, 1909.
First publication Sept. 3, 1909.
Last publication Oct. 1, 1909.
Proposed Street Improvement.
at the top. Prices rule high,
largely on account of the foreign
demand Oregon being the prin
cipal source of Oriental supply.
The immense wheat farms 1,
000 to 6,000 acres are tilled and
harvested by steam power, and
one of the most wonderful sights
that the farm world of Oregon
ana other western states can
offer is that of a big side-hill
old. It is too soon to figure what
the proportions and profits of the
industry may be. '
Profits and Land Values.
.Land in tne United states is
worth all the way from nothing
to millions of dollars an acre. It
all depends on what it is worth
to the owner. Sucessful inten
sive farming has raised the value
of Oregon farm land in some sec
j . ahaa TwwJ'L.1rt ne of becond btreet to a point IB feet cast of the
tlOnS tO $800 an acre. ImgaDle Westlineof First Street; Jefferson Street from
Notice is hereby given that at its meeting held
on the 30th day of August, 1909, the Council of the
City of Corvallis passed a resolution declaring it
to be expedient and necessary, and that it pro
posed to improve in the manner hereinafter speci
fied, and in and by one and the same proceeding
and as one and a single improvement, the follow
ing described portions of streets in said City of
Corvallis, to-wit:
Second Street from a point 21 feet South of the
North line of "A" Street to a point 300 feet North
of the North line or folk Street,-and adjacent sec
tions of intersecting streets as follows: Jackson
Street from the West line of Second Street to a
point 14 feet West of the East line of Third Street:
Monroe Street from the West line of Second Street
to a point 14 feet West of the East line of Third
Street; Monroe Street from the East line of Second
Street to a point 15 feet East of the West line of
First Street; Madison Street from the West line of
Second Street to a point 14 feet West of the East
line of Third Street; Madison Street from the East
line of Second Street to a point 15 feet East of the I
You'll find us ready with
Hart Schaffner & Marx fine clothes
THE best thing we can do for our townsmen is to
supply them with such clothes as these.
We make a specialty of Hart Schaffner & Marx clothes because that's a
certain way to render the best service to you ; good clothes raise the standard of a man's efficiency;
make him worth more to himself. A man that's worth a good deal to himself is worth a good
deal to the community. '
Hart Schaffner & Marx clothes are all wool; they're made in the best of correct style,
perfeclly tailored; the highest class clothes made. We have special smart styles for young men,
as well as for those of quieter tastes. Lively colors and patterns, or plain blue serges and black
Thibets. You need such clothes. '
Suits $20 to $35. Overcoats $16.50 to $45.
This store is the home of the Hart Schaffner & Marx clothes
Always Good; not made by
the Trust. Sold at
Osteopathic Physician
At Corvallis Hotel
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
At Albany
Tuesdays, Thursdays andlSaturdays-.
15-17 Brenner Building
For Rent Three furnished rooms,
two of them suitable for light house
keeping; all down . stairs; outside
rooms. Inquire at
800 Fifth Street
Street. Phone 4209.
Surgeon. Office in Burnett Block,
over Harris' Store. Residence corner
Seventh and Madison. Office hours-.-8
to 9 a. m.; 1 to 2 p. m. Phonesr
Office, 2128, Residence, 404.
and Surgeon. Corner Third and Mon
roe Streets, Corvallis, Oregon. Office
hours: 9 to 12 a. m.; 1 to 4 p. m.; 7 to
8 p, m. Phone in both office and residence.
and Surgeon. Special attention given
to the Eve. Nose and Throat. Office
in Johnson Bide. Ind. 'phone at of
fice and tesidence.
or and Licensed Embalmer. Suc
cessor to Bovee & Bsuer Corvallis,
Oregon. Ind. Phone 45. Bell Phone
241. Lady attendant when desired.
censed embalmers and funeral direct
ors. Have everything new in coffins,,
caskets and burial robes. Calls ans
wered day and night. Lady assist
ant. Embalming a specialty. Day
phones, Jlnd. 117 andfll53, Bell, 531;
night phones, Ind. 2129"andll53.
Office Rooms 3, 4, 1st Natl Bank Bldg.
Attorney AtJLaw
Zierolf Bldg. t Corvallis, Oregon
Powerful and rapid well ma
chine run by gasoline engine.
Wind mill pump repairing,
and drove wells a specialty.
J Place your orders now before the
season's rush work is on.
Box 526 Corvallis. Oregon
tfic City Stables
Everything new and up to
date. Rigs furnished on
short notice. Call
and give
trial. Cor.
us :a