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VOL. I. NO. 93
Says Merchants Here Should Be As
hamed of Main Street and Tells
Them They Should Establish a Better
' . "Home Trade.""''
round and twit the neonle for
their disloyalty to the home mer
chant. Think of Albany, which
gets much Corvallis trade, sug
gesting that Corvallis should es
tablish a better home trade!"
mi C " i . . . .
J.nat ougnt to rankle in every
business man's soul and in the
heart of every person who goes
from this city to Albany to buy
even a sandwich between trains
It should rankle until that bridge
is built across the Willamette
here that we may get the Linn
county trade that rightly belongs
here; it should rankle until the
ucxc, it siiuuiu raiiKie until xne - --'
business men arouse themselves Elderly Couple Starts for Eastern Poin?
4v . -1 - 1 I lit. m m m . , t
The Corvallis Gazette-Times
seems to be trying to build Cor
vallis up by running Albany
uown. itnaa better pay more
-attention to getting some credit
- able store buildings and fronts in
the city and establishing a better
uviuv traae. AiDany democrat
Ti. i . ..
ii is very evident that 'popu-
lation is a sore spot over at Al
bany. This paper has never yet
made a caustic or captious refer
ence to the Hub City's claims,
and at no time has there been
any disposition to ?run down"
Bro. Nutting's town. Instead,
this paper has constantly printed
- items of that city's growth, its
improvements, and for the vari
ous public events at Albanv this
paper nas given as much snara ns
.. -either of Albany's papers. Js,
For the big apple fair last year
couple of columns, of space was
given; lor the paying celebration,
liberal front page, scare head
space was offered: for the Innea
Band concert, this paper set more
type than did either Albanv m
per and about 125 people went
over from here largely as a result
of this advertising and not as a
result of "Corvallis band work,"
as the Hub city papers published
it. Already this paper has given
pleasant .mention of Albany's
coming apple and chrysanthemum
show, boosting Struble's apple
pie campaign in Albany words,
and stands ready to crow any
time that Albany has something
that makes crowing worth while.
The Gazette-Times has in . a
brief word boasted of Corvallis'
growth in population and postal
receipts and made comparison
with Albany, but no One but a
dyspeptic . would say that any
"word was unpleasantly spoken,
The fact is, our postal receipts
show an increase that, beside Al
bany's, is phenomenal. And as
for population, the directories of
the two places, compiled about
the same time last fall, show less
than a hundred difference. When
this fact was casually mentioned,
the Democrat gave the Corvallis
directory credit for containing
the names ot 1200 to ,1400 stu
dents, yet .the directory has ev
ery student's name marked "stu
dent" and there are less than 25
in the book, these being largely
in houses rented by themselves.
Albany and Ccrvallis should have
'no quarrel, their interests are
identical, and they had better
pull together than apart. , How
ever, if the aggregation over
there is such a bunch of sore
heads that they can not engage
in a little gentle repartee without
getting their feathers riled, they
won't make very good bed fellows.
to the necessity of having fairs.
celebrations and public occasions
to attract crowds into this citv.
thus . getting" t'fie' trade '"started
back this way; it should rankle
j "i i i " . '
unui tne merchants umte on a
definite, systematic plan to go
With Placard on Their Trunk that h
Somewhat Misleading, Though it was
Straight TrutL ;-
out after the trade that should Union Station today may be
come nere and then soms. If it's cepte(j atits face val a puls
- . in.ubu uaigamo, Uimla loft- rlK .jj- i
tractions, lef a-e-et buav: if iV tour- 1 he placard, printed iaf;
rest rooms, a sie-ht nf an eUfitvie bold letters posted on a trunk alt
street, car or paved streets, let's most as large as one of our Maij
nave tnis: and it ltvrecmires a stro dianto... nc. nnn,n. .
systematic campaign of educa
tion, let's get at that. With the
Corvallis vicinity trade coiner to
Albany turned back to this city,
perhaps Albany could not loner
twit us about the appearance of
our store buildings. Buy at home
This Saratoga BElongs
JC- - -to a
C and
j- (i r n n m
Bride dashing
Groom disfigured but still in
the ring " - T
The placard attracted- a great
deal of attention and excited no
little - comment. Everybody" at
the station "at noon was -looking
hour, an average of $1,000 will be taken
in for drinkables. , Five o'clock tea at
the Plaza is worth about $700; last New
Year's , Eve, the Knickerbocker took
more than $24,000 through its restau
rant. And one of Louis Sherry's wait
ers, upon oath, estimated his tins at
from $80 to $100 a week..... All these
items have their significance. Signifi
cant too, is the number of "big hotel"
proprietors who now own country es
tates.:,-The biff hotel
loss. Arthur; E. McFarlane, in the
September Everybody's.
the Corn.
About the time when a show
was to be in town, a small boy
sold a lady living on Van Buren
street a dozen ears of green corn
for ten cents. On removing the
husks some cobs were found, but
the grains of corn had not start
ed to grow and were too small to
take note of. A week' later the
same, boy appeared with another
armful of corn. He explained
that the fraud was unintentional, ,
as he. did. not discover the corn
was too young until the ten cents
was spent
I want you to take this " Jia
said, handing over the corn, "it
is good and will square our trade.
No, I don't want any ten cents
This will make us even."
The lady does not know the
little fellow's name, but . should
Point to Failure of Life Preservers-
Says "Tule" Preservers Used on
Yaquina Bay Boats Caused 130
Men to Lose lives.
F orrest Smithson, the O. A. C: ath
lete who holds the' world.s champion
snip in the .ia)-yard high hurdles, will
represent Multnomah Club in the
Olympic games in Athens next May.
mis is the difimte statement of Frank
Watkins, chairman of the athletic com
mittee: of the Multnomah Club, who
states further that no meet will be held
here this Fall that will give Smithson a
chance to establish a new record.
bmithson has gone to Tillamook
a few weeks, and by the time he
- - - . . . i
lor tne. brififi and OTmm arH nft mmp; normTi dm.--nrrA
fidently-expectedtosee a carriage word-f or theqeality- of an
returns the college boys will have re
turned to school and there will not be
enough athletes in Portland to warrant
a meet," stated Mr. Watkins yester
day afternoon. "However, Smithson
will not go out of training, but will
keep m the best possible condition
through the winter and in the -spring
ne will be ready to compete in the
meets, held under the auspices of the
A. A. U. He will then be sent hv W
Club to New York, where he will join
the American team and go to the
Olympic games at Athens.
Ihese games will be held on the
same large scale as they were in Lon
don in 1908 and will be the regular
biennial games with the best track
athletes of the world. "
A Pointer
Corvallis will have to stand f or
thisjibe about its business section,
but things have reached a pretty
pass when a city ' can absorb the
business of another city and feel
so secure of retaining that busi
ness that its newspapers can turn
coverea witn : riDbons dash un
and unload a blushing maid and
a triumphant young man. But
they'were doomed to disamjoinfc.
ment for no wedding party put
in an appearance.
Mystery in huge chunks huner
over the Union" station and it fi
nally became thick enough to cut
with a knife. " Just at the point
when the tension had reached
the breaking point, Attorney J.
Fred Yates, wearing- a smile as
large as a sunshade, put in an
appearance and gave the joke
away. The great trunk belonged
to Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Wells!
octogenarians (more or :: less)
starting on a trip to Seattle, SL
Paul and Kansas Citv. .2 Mrs.
Wells is a demure little woman as
quiet as she is .sweet and lovely;
while Wi A., though past seventy
years, is a royal snort with
enough red blood in his viens to
make him enjoy a horse race even
yet. Attorney Yates recalled a
prank these people played on
him before his golden hair had
turned to silvery grey, and he
saw m this an ocDortunitv to
even up an old score. He spent
two hours printing that placard
and another half- hour tacking
and pasting it on the .Wells trunk
so that nothing but a battering
ram would remove it. Fred was
so filled with the funof his "mis
sion that he had to show his work
to friends of the Wells family
and these became as enthusiastic
as the principal in the deal. :- It
was really a good joke,, and the
point of it is that Mr. and Mrs.
Wells do not yet know that they
have been started off as bride
and groom. Imagine their horror
commodity he may offer for sale.
Baker City For .
More Paving
At Baker City an adjourned
session of the Council held
yesterday evening a contract
was awarded the Warren Con-
struction Company to pave seven I while real preservers
Following one of the Sunday
excursions to Newport, the, Gaz
ette-Times mentioned the over
crowding of the tubs that convey
passengers across the bay from
Yaquina, and considerable more
was inferred. Now comes a let
ter making a direct statement in
regard to the life preservers car
ried on these boats, The letter
furnishes interesting reading. It
says: ' . - . . ; -Forest
Grove. Aug. 17. '09
Gazette-Times. Corvallis. Ore. ?
In your issue of Aug. 6 appears
a creditable article on excursions
to laquina uay.
Please, bear with me while I
invite your attention to the posi
tivelv dan o-proii a ? T :i-f s.
r - wxiicocn-
! ers, r exclusively, carried by all
trail at tnis place; that, after
confirmation of my postulation,
you may incorporate this into an
arucie at some suosequent time.
.These Tule "life preservers
Will not Sustain a iwrenn ir U
' mi uiic;
water above a quarter of an hour.
They have drowned many a good
swimmer. Witness fVio ct,i-;
of the Bntish ship, "Islander,"
near Juneau, Alaska, about 1905,
when some 130 man mam
. " v&Airvv li
ed by these, thonch hut n
offshore. These can be manu
factured for about 7 cents each
made of
cork cost much mere. This ac
counts for vessel owners "tip
ping" inspectors of hulls and boil
ers, superintendents of naviga
tion, et. al., to permit the use of
these snares for our loved ones. .
While having no objections to
associating my name with the
above, this is markpH ' norontiol".
lest one trespass on your preroga
tive. I remain.
Whether the allegations here
are wholly correct the Gazette-
Times doss not know. On its .
face the presentation looks like
the writer knows what he is talk-
ing about. The Gazette-Times
does know that as a rule men : -handling
people in out-of-the-wav
places are too frequently careless
of their responsibility and in ev
ery way possible get - around
strict observance of the law. -This
is true the country over. We are
also absolutely certain- that on
the Yaquina boats on which we
have ridden there were not suf
ficient life preservers - for the
number, of people carried at the
time. . It is the general impres-.
sion of those who go to Newport
occasionally that no loss of life is.,
more a : matter of good' fortune
than aught else." It is always too
late to kick after the horse ia -stolen,,
hence the presentation of
this matter now.
Fruit at State Fair
The sum of $300 was set aside by the :
Oregon State Board of Agriculture to
wards improving and encouraging a
rtiplturatexhibitatthe next Oregon
State. Fair, Salem;' September 13-18. -This
is in addition to the usual premium
classification of fruits. This action by
tKfe board will be received with much
favor by the fruitgrowers, who should
aid the fair management as much as '
possible to make a worthy display of
orchard products.
Scenery at the opera house is receiv-
some touches calculated to brighten
things up a little. , Artist Hays is
throwing the oils for Mr. Groves and U
doing his customary excellent work.
A grading crew has begun work to
put West Main street Medford in shape
for bitulithic pavement. Over a. mile
of Main street was paved last spring,
ana this extension will carrv the Dave
ment to the west limits "of. the city,
three-quarters of a mile. : With this
abCoutntW CS MeTTt U iTe when they e to claim their trunk
aDout three miles of hard-surf ace o j . , -
streets, and there is a possibility that T " ? , uie,lurmer
at least a mile more may be put down
knowledge that it will, take all of
. I -1 fcJ4--I X L
iiieix oeakiie ume ij remove even
a portion of the placard
Friends here are waiting with
considerable anticipation for let
ters from Mr. and Mrs. Wells.
this fan on Central avenue and and on
West Tenth street. It has been defim
tely agreed to by the interested tiron-
erty owners that East Main street is
to be paved next spring." The work
would be done this f aUV but the sewer
system for that part of the city is Jnot
all complete. There will be about
mile ui uiis section 01 mam street, bit
tending from th6 present paving at the
crossing of Riverside avenue, to the
city limits. :
$700 For Tea
On the broad verandas of- the -Break
We announce the first showing of Fall,
1909, Ladies' Suits
You can secure the newest designs of
the foremost style creators The new
est and freshest fashions that are of
fered anywhere. You will find them
remarkably moderate in price.
ers, at Palm Beach,' in theafter-plunge