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Why the Present Constitutional
Amendment to the Method of
Taxation Recognized by the
Government For Many Years
Is Proposed. & 0 0 ,
Character Study of Senator
Norris Brown of Nebraska, In
troducer of the . Amendment.
Cherub Faced Fighter Who Will
Dare Much For Principle. 0
i rents or fixed profits. ' Annuities are
treated In like manner, while in the
case of corporatleus, partnerships, busi
ness and professional men, and the
like, it is easy to compute incomes
with tolerable accuracy and to collect
the tax before it reaches the pockets
of the individual recipients. ' In this
manner the stigma of a "nation ot
liars" has been wiped out through the
simple and effective expedient of giv
ing the nation no chance to lie. "Lead
us "not into temptation." Besides, the
Senator Gore Predicts Calamity and
Senator Johnson Prosperity.
Two views of the effect of the new
tariff law were exchanged just before
'the recent, adjournment of congress.
Senator Gere, from the Democratic
viewpoint, saw only calamity in the
measure, while Senator Johnson pre
dicted prosperity under it.
OU the first time in forty years
a constitutional amendment is
being submitted to the legis
islatures of the various states.
It was in 18G9 that the fifteenth
amendment, providing that the right
to vote should not be abridged be
cause of "race, color or previous con
dition of servitude," was submitted
JThe year following it was approved.
Indeed, it is worthy of note that no
- amendment has ever been submitted
toy congress in the regular way that
lias not been ratified by the states. If
Ithis is a criterion, the income tax
amendment now proposed is already
as good as adopted.
' The method laid down in the const
itution for its own amendment pro
vides that two-thirds of each house of
congress shall be required for the sub
mission of the proposed change, after
Kvhich it must be ratified by the legis
flatures of three-fourths of the states.
JThe present amendment has already
eceived the two-thirds majority of the
two houses of congress and has been
-certified by the president to the gov
"ternors of the forty-six states. It will
.- probably be acted on by the legis
latures next winter.
Another method for the amendment
' tof the constitution has been provided,
tout it has never been invoked. When
"The people of this country," said
present method of collection does not Senator Gore, "will not know whether
hurt so much. One does not miss these duties are higher or lower. They
what he never possessed. will not consult this law to learn the
The advocates of an income tax changes that have been made. But at
argue that it is the most equitable and the end of each month, when they con
just form of raising revenue for the suit their bills, they will see what con-
reason that it places the burden of gress has done. They will find higher
tion of the government, that it had
never been questioned before, that it
had helped to save the nation's life in
the darkest days of its history, that j government on the shoulders of those prices for everything they consume.
most able .to bear it. They contend
that a graduated income tax is also
justified for the reason that a man
receiving $100,000 per year can better
it is a method of raising revenue recog
nized in - many of the leading nations
of the world and that the action of
the court itself depended on a five to
ported at the time ' that one judge
changed his mind overnight all these
and other considerations astonished
and stirred the nation profoundly. In
a manner characteristic of the Ameri
can . people, however, while indignant
criticism was widespread, two of the
$10,000, than a man receiving $1,000
can afford to part with 1 per cent,; or
$10, for the one with the large income
would still have left $90,000, while he
with the smaller income would have
only $990. The old notion that men
spend according to their incomes is
dissenting justices themselves being largely exploded. There are certain
look forward to a veritable saturnalia
of extortion. I predict there will be
no lowering of prices."
"Of course -prices will not be lower,"
rejoined Senator Johnson. "I remem
ber after the passage of the Wilson
bill prices went down, but people had
not enough money to buy. regardless
of the low prices. Men came to my
back door begging for work and then
begging for bread. I divided my food
with them, but there was no work for
them. I predict prosperity as the re-
perhaps the bitterest in their com-1 fixed amounts that eacl being has to suit of the operation of this bill."
ments. there was -nowhere a proposal
to disregard the finding of the court.
Nor was there ever another serious at
tempt to pass an income tax law, al
though fourteen years have elapsed,
until the constitutional disability,
whether fancied or real, had been re
moved. True, the measure has been
discussed at various times, and, while
a vast majority of the American peo
ple have always favored such a tax,
the consensus of public opinion has
been against passing the law a second
time in the face of an adverse court
pay for the necessities of life, and
above this the amount expended grad
ually lessens according to the tempera
ment of the spender.
A Senator of the New School.
The man who introduced the income
tax amendment which is now going
to the various states for ratification is
a new member of the upper house, Sen
ator Norris Brown of Nebraska About
all the general public knows of Sena
tor Brown is that he is an anti-monop
olist, that he ran for the senate on an
anti-railroad platform, that he beat
. . ... .u tu j I Edward Rosewater of the Omaha Bee
was a mistaken one. That is a triumph
tr - n
m i , - -8k.
for the place, shortly after which poor
Rosewater, like Horace Greeley, died,
and that when attorney general of
Nebraska Brown beat the railroads on
a buncn of tax suits that Immediately
made him the idol of the other tax-
payers. This, I repeat, is- the general
knowledge of the man. By looking
at the congressional directory or
"Who's Who" or some other publica
tion, read chiefly by those whose
names appear therein, the reader
j might also Jearn that Mr. Brown was
' hnrn in Inwn nnrl o-rnrlnfitorl -frr,m tho
Iowa State university in 18S3, that
he afterward practiced law at Kear
ney, .Neb., that he was twice county
attorney, that he ran for congress and
was defeated, that he was assistant at
torney general and afterward attorney
general of Nebraska, that he is forty-
six years old and some other biograph
ical dictionary fact in kind,
So much for statistics. It just hap
pens that loused to know Norris Brown
when I was trying to run a country
paper at Kearney and he. was trying
State Will Pay Tribute to Explorer at
Celebration of the Event.
To mark the first visit of the white
man to Wisconsin a celebration will
be held at Green Bay, Wis., on Aug.
10, 11 and 12. It was 275 years ago
this summer that this event happened. ;
Jean Nicollet, an explorer who stood
high in favor wfth Samuel de Cham- i
plain, then governor of New France, ,
undertook the perilous task of tracing
the region about the great lakes. He
it was who went to the shores of ,
Green Bay and was greeted by the !
Winnebago Indians, who were known ,
as "the mysterious tribe of the wilderness."
Among other events that marked the
intrepid explorer's visit to Wisconsin
was the exploding of the theory that
those who inhabited the region about
the great lakes were of Chinese origin?
In connection with the celebration
planned there will be unveiled at Red
Banks a beautiful bronze tablet and
another on the site of several ancient
forts. Many prominent men will take
part in the exercises.
Maxim Will Fit Large Bore Guns In
Germany With Noiseless Device.
Hiram. Percy Maxim, Jr., of Hart
ford, Conn., son of the inventor of the
Maxim gun and himself the Inventor !
of the noiseless gun, will begin fitting
tobajawyer.i-lhoi;::-), made deTlce which he will exhibit in Ger-
many,.when he returns to that country
better out of his effort' than I . did at
mine and believe he did. He ; must
have done so or he would not now be
in the senate.
A Personal Touch,
There is nothing like the democracy
of young fellows in a western town,
and even though we did belong to
different parties I think I knew Norris
Brown in . those days and believe I
know him yet. and if he is as I sized
him up you should keep your eye on
him, for he will go far. A capital
campaigner, with a fund of happy.
humor and telling anecdotes, he is yet
a man with stuff in him, one who will
dare much for a principle, one who in-,
tensely admires the La Follette brand
of politics and one who belongs dis
tinctively to the new school. He is a
chap of roily -poly physique, but with
a good, strong face, a rather luminous
brown eye, in which plays almost al
ways a kindly twinkle; a square mouth,
with a rather whimsical upper lip, and
a head and face that denote sturdi-
1 ness, readiness and strength natural-
in October.
In a recent interview Mr. . Maxim
said that the experts abroad, especial
ly in Germany, were as much Im
pressed with the flashless, feature as
they were with the noiseless feature of
the device. The silencer was tested
officially in England, Austria, France
and Germany, he said, and companies
were organized to manufacture it un
der control of the American company.
At Berlin, he said, a machine shot
sixty-five shots a minute, with no flash
and no noise save the whirring.of the
gun mechanism.
the legislatures of two-thirds of the
states shall demand a constitutional
convention, congress is in duty bound
to call it. A few desultory attempts of
this sort have been proposed or dis
cussed, but nothing ever came of them.
One such proposal was in connection
"veith the election of senators by popu
lar vote. The house of representatives
has also proposed this amendment sev-
ral times and passed it by practical
ly a unanimous vote, but the senate
lias refused to concur. Is it possible
that a majority of our honorable sena
tors are afraid of the people? At any
Tate, they seem opposed to any change
3n the method of choosing senators, in
volving, as it might, a change in the
character of the senators sp chosen. It
Is evident that the only way the Amer
ican people will ever get election of
senators by direct vote is to instruct
their legislators to choose 'senators
committed to this reform.
The Income Tax Decision.
The history of the income tax has
been somewhat different from that of
popular election of senators, although'
the twO reforms have been advocated
in the main by the same progressive
' element. Popular election of senators
has never had a legal existence, al-
though practiced in some states, while
the income tax was in use among the
colonies and in certain states, was
adopted by the general government
during the civil war and was a recog
nized method of taxation, both state
and national, until declared unconsti
tutional by the supreme court in 1895.
It Is to remove the obstacle then raised
that the present constitutional amend
ment is proposed. :
No decision since that on the Dred
Scott case in the troubled days before
the war ever' aroused the storm of
criticism against our highest judicial
tribunal that followed this finding In
' the income tar case. ; The fact that
the tax had stood since 'the founda-
of law and of democratic government . a ukab'e man and unpremeditated
worth remembering.
Favored by Eoosevelt.
The income tax law of 1894 was a
In Memory of Pocahontas.
A statue of Pocahontas will soon be
erected at Jamestown island, Virginia.
William Ordway Partridge, the distin
guished sculptor, has just completed
the statue, which is of heroic size. Ten
thousand dollars was contributed by
popular subscription, most of the pa
triotic societies of the country contrib
uting, chief among them being the Co
lonial Dames. The Pocahontas Memo
rial Society of America agitated the
idea, and it is to this society that the
completion of the statue is due.
so, one who can say keen and cutting
things with a smile, a ngnter wnn tne
face of a cherub, one who is not
afraid to meet anybody or any situa-
nart of the Wilson tariff bill, and its tion, a man ambitious, tactful, win
nulification left the government ham- ning and with the "smile- that never
pered for funds. In subsequent years comes off." I hope I have not over-
it wns discussed hv the Democrats and drawn the picture. There is always
later was taken up by President Roose-"i danger of that with one we have new policy in regard to its cabinet
it -n sprinns. mirnnse to nut it on known and liked. And I confess that The ministry has been reorganized and
the statute books was shown by con- .1 like Brown more now since reading now consists of a minister general and
ns hniTOTor nntn fho- Pitt session his career than I did in the days when
r.f this vpgr when the sidetrackine of I knew him. That was nearly twenty the policy of the Nicaraguan govern-
the inheritance tax proposed by the years ago, and his whole upward path ment Is based on grounds of economy,
house left the way open for an income has been traveled since.
tax amendment. . With considerable Here are three incidents of his life
zlee the insurgents and Democrats an- that give some index to his character.
nounced that they had enough votes The first was as a boy, when he rode
to adopt the measure. It was at this for several years to school, a distance
point that the administration came for- of eight miles, on one of the farm
ward with its double proposal of a horses,
corporation, tax and of a constitutional 1 ThePsecond was when the farm boy
amendment to permit an income tax, had become attorney general of his
which had the effect of sidetracking state, it was a state tnat tne ran-
the immediate consideration of the in- roads had run for years until there
come tax amendment and thus saved was an uprising and the legislature
the supreme court from reversing it- passed a law forcing the railroads to
self or a second time declaring this pay their just portion or tne taxes,
long recognized form of taxation un-, The roads got out an injunction in the
constitutional. I federal courts, and all their high priced
In England, where the income tax legal talent appeared to fight the suit
has been in force for many years, it . On the other side was the young at-
was once opposed bv Gladstone on the ' torney general practically alone. For
ground, that it made "a nation of j nearly a year the case was contested, ween sne says in tones impatient: -uooa-
ana rsrown wou me viuiury.
The third event is-in the. United
States senate, where the same figure,
though new In that august chamber,
has : the courage to appear against
all. the older members in a fight for
Cabinet of One Man.
Nicaraugua, according to advices re
ceived in Washington from the Amer
ican consul at Managua, has adopted a
The Third Eye.
Mrs. Annie Besant says that man has
a "third eye." situated between his other
two, but long neglected, which, If devel
oped, would enable him to see many
things that are now Invisible to him.j
When your collar button, jumping from
your neckband with a shriek.
Rolls serenely 'neath the dresser just
for spite
And on bended knee profanely you its
sequestration seek.
But discover that it's vanished out of
Then a third eye would be handy if it has
the powers they say
Yes, a tertiary optic would be fine to put
in play.
When you're hooking up your wifey and
a hook you cannot find
To accommodate one eye you've over
looked ; -S
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The Daily Gazette- Times
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Let us send it to you
liars." Despite the criticism by Eng
land's Grand Old Man, the tax was re
tained, but the objection was noted
and' the ground for it removed . in
rather an ingenious way. At the time
of Gladstone's stricture the British
method of collecting the tax was- like i the publishers ot, America in behalf of
our own that is? it was collected from ! a lower duty on wood pulp and print
the man who received the income, paper. The young man won his spurs
Now it is collected from the man who ' and before he was through had all the
pays the income that is, if one is ', high priests of standpatism trying to
paid a. salary the tax is deducted be
fore he receives it; if he is paid a divi-
answer him.
iFcr that fight the newspaper men of
dend on stocks the same method Is the country ought to love him, and for
Dursued. and similar devices are re- his income tax amendment the whole
sorted to in cases of those who receive . people should love him.
ness gracious! Are you blind
It's the simplest gown and, oh, so plain
ly hooked!"
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missing hooklet in the row?
Then this new auxiliary lamp would be
quite apropos.
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When you try to read time tables (as
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When you've overlooked a blond hair on
your coat
i Tes, a third eye might assist you if you
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Tes, in ticklish situations such an orb
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Paul West in New York World.
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