The daily gazette-times. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1909-1921, August 02, 1909, Image 3

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    The City
and Vicinity
Ask for bittersweets at Macy's.
Cedar bee hives. Largest stock
best prices at O.
J. Blackledge's.
Acme Quality Paints and Floor
nish that wears at A. L. Miner's.
. ; 1 5-17-tf.
Ice cream delivered on thirty minutes
notice by Winkley's Palace of Sweets.
- tf
i. Gunther's fine candies for sale at
Macy's. .
Born to Mr. and Mrs. 0. C. Jaeger
yesterday a fine son.
S. L. Kline is at home from a week's
trip to San Francisco. .
Mrs. Eva Miller went to Summit yes
terday to spend a week with relatives.
Miss Edna Dow is home from an' ex
tended visit at Scappoose. The young
lady returns in much better health.
F. L. Miller is installing a complete
system of ladies cloak and suit cabinets
for displaying the new stock he is now
getting in.
Mrs. Lilly Worley and two children
returned Saturday evening from a ten
Prof. C. E. Bradley and family have ( days' visit to her parents and sister at
gone to Vancouver for a month's yaca- stayton, Ore.
Mr. and Mrs. D. G..
Mrs. J. Mason has returned from an
McKenzie be- extended visit to Seattle and British
came the parents of a boy one day last
Wanted Girl for general housework.
Apply Blackledge's store, or phone
1153. . : 7-27-tf
Miss Lee, guest of the Bradleys re-,
cently, bas returned to her home at
Wanted Position as cook on thresh
ing car. Call 215 Seventeenth street,
or phone 2369. 8-2-4t-d-ltw.
On the 31st, Saturday, a little so
prano arrived at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Holstrum."
Columbia points. She is now . arrang
ing for a trip into the Alsea country. .'.
Hubler' Brothers opened their meat
shop in Job's addition Monday morning.
It is said that they have a very nice
looking place and opened with a fine
1 ne of meats.
The E. W. S. Pratt family
down to their Elk City cottage yester
day, only Mr. Pratt returning last
The Coffee Club gives a dance tonight.-
This is particularly in honor
of a number of visiting ladies. There
is promise of a large attendance.
Shough & Sons, the woodsawyers.
will make special price of 40 and 50
cents per cord on woodsawing. Call
3rd & Polk. Phone 489- " 6-28-tf
Messrs. Galbraith and Rafters, pro
minent residents of Hebron, Neb., ar
rived today on a visit to M. H. Bauer They will accompany Mr.
Bauer on a camping trip while here.
Eat Golden Rod Flakes,
They are better for breakfast, :
Than old-fashioned corn cakes, -
And five minuets time,
Is all that it takes ' '
At Kline's. 6-12-tf
Marshall Miller fg quite pleased with
a marine snail he picked up at Newport
yesterday. The specimen is a very
large one, weighing a couple of pounds,
perhaps. The ordinary snail weighs
about one tenth of an ounce. . : r
Mr. and Mr. . Lee Anderson returned
Saturday - from'a month's outing at '
Elk City. ; Mr. Anderson rode his horse,
over,' leaving Elk City at 7 a. m. and
landing here at 7 p. m. They -would
not have returned at this time but "for
the fact that they expect to move their
millinery business the. first of Septem
ber. A big sale is now on.
A carjl from Prof. William Robinson
Boone and Signor William Havemeyer
Kerr says that, they were at -Victoria,
-B. C, a day or .so ago,, and the , pre
sumption- is that they are now astride
a glacier bound for the Article circle
at a terrible rate. These- two Corval
lisites have an agreement with friends
J here to bring back with them at least
a dozen totem poles. .
Three automobile loads and ten ve
! hides filled with Corvallis people were
1 counted coming out of Albany yester
day evening. Albany is all right in day
light, but dangerous after dark.
Mr and Mrs. W. H. Savage returned
i Saturday from a . stay at Seattle
'and Spokane. At the latter place they
Went ,f AT-a A -T . Wfwlonolr whn VaA
been their guest here several months.
A bare-foot horse stepped on a bare
boy last Friday evening and one of the
boy's toes was cut off. Both boy and
horse belong to. Thomas Barker. . The
surgeons got hold of the unlucky lad
and-it won't be long until he is in nc
mal shape. '.-,'
Chief of Police Wells acted as special
officer on the second section oi tne .New
port excursion Sunday. He rounded
up some of the booze-phighters in short
order. One young fellow who insisted
on snaking hands with all women on the
train was given a lesson he will re
August Krieger, the well-to-do ranch
er, who jumped off the bridge at Al
bany a week ago, is reported worse.
Mr. Krieger is said to be nearly out of
his mind ever since he took the jump,
It will be remembered that Kreiger
jumped into water scarcly six feet deep,
and after the jump was able to climb
out of the water with out help. It was
i thought he was not injured at all, but
it now appears differently.
Prof., and Mrs. Knisely will spend
August in Corvallis. --.
Frank Wilson left Sunday for New
port on a week's outing.
Ellsworth Erwin and family will go
to the bay Wednesday to take a month's
Prof, and Mrs. J: A. Bexell left yes
terday for Seattle and other Puget
Sound points.' "
Mrs. E. D. Jackson and little, daugh
ter, Mildred, left today for a month's
sojourn at Newport. J '-"
Mrs. C, E. Hout and Mrs. Crosby
Davis went to -Newport today, for an
outing of indefinite length.
W. M. Porter went over to Alsea to
day to spend a month in fishing and en
joying a well-earned vacation.
Prof. A; B. Cordley returned to New
port yesterday, having been attending
to business matters at home the past
few days.
Mrs. R. C.'Kiger and daughter, Miss
Minerva, left last evening . for Seattle,
where they will attend the exposition
and visit relatives the next two weeks.
Drs. P. M. Poulsen and- C. E. Gard,
of Logan, Utah, called on the editor
Saturday, but we missed them a fact
that caused them less regret than :s
ours, perhaps. The young men are
dentists. - ;
Fresh candies made daily at Macy's.
L. G. Athertori and family have' ar
rived here- from : Dayton, Wash. , and
have leased the Sam Moore property on
Fifteenth and Jefferson streets, with'
the intention of making this their per
manent home. The children will attend
the Corvallis schools and O. A. C.
C. E. Peterson, who sold his barber
shop beneath the Benton County Na
tional bank,, with the idea of going to
Iowa for a: year, has rented half of the
room formerly occupied by Smith Bros. '
.harness shop, and by the end of August
will open a new shop equipped with
thoroughly up-to-date paraphernalia. :
The goat breeders of Dallas and Cor
vallis are planning a large exhibit at
the A-Y-P of their best Angoras. .'; This
is a sufficient guarantee that this will
be the best show of Angora goats . that
has ever been on exhibition in the
United States. There is no place on
the continent where as fine Angoras
are raised as in the Willamette Valley.
Monument to Noted Soldier Will Be
:... Dedicated at Duxbury, Mass.;
-Plymouth may claim imperishable
fame in the aggregate from the Ley
den pilgrims, but Duxbury, Mass., ap
propriates the individual Myles Stand
Isn, "the first soldier of New Eng
land," as all its own. For In Duxbury
the doughty; commander of the mili
tary forces of Plymouth colony made
his home, and there, it "is alleged, Is
his grave. .: -.. ' . -.--.
The glory of the town today is the.
Standish monument, some time com
pleted and yet to be dedicated to the
memory of the man . whose goodly
deeds It so grandly preserves. ,
Duxbury, or "Duxborrow," as Cap
tain Myles himself was wont to refer
to the place, intends -to dedicate the
monument on July Sit. It will be an
other Duxbury day. Distinguished or
ators will declaim the virtues of the
country's first "great white chief" In
the -Unitarian church building, a ban
quet will be served to the celebrators
at the town hall, and, of course, Cap?
tain's hill, with its imposing granite
shaft, surmounted by Kelly's statue of
Standish, will be the Mecca for all at
tendants. Trips to the top of the .col
umn will be In order and that "conse
cration day" of Aug. 17, 1871, will
be vividly recalled by the present day
survivors. ,
"It was the late Stephen M. Allen,"
says Levi H. Cushing, a Duxbury oc
togenarian, "who was the real moving
spirit in the construction of the Stand
ish monument. He raised a large part
of the money to defray the cost, and
a goodly portion" of the latter day life
of Mr. Allen was devoted to this one
cherished purpose."
And when on : that Aug.-17, 1871,
Mr. Allen had so far progressed in his
plans that he could "consecrate" the
ground on which the proposed shaft
was to stand he had a notable gath
ering of the state's best men at the
summit of Captain's hill.. Horace
Binney Sargent was the orator of the
occasion, Justin Winsor was the poet,
and General B. F. Butler, Dr. A. A:
Miner and Dr. N. B. Shurtleff were
among the speakers.
.' Free instructions - in developing and printing.
Dark room free to public One dollar up to
sixty-five dollars.
Smith's New Prices
Ship your produce to us. . We will
pay you the following prices. We
do hot charge commission: -
Dressed Veal up to 140 lbs. 9c
-'.''.". - (Large veal less) -
Dressed Pork 11c
Spring Chickens, large. ...... . .-.- .-16c
Spring Chickens, small 18c
Hens .'. 15c
Eggs, candled. . . . . ; .26c
' "Fighting the Beef Trust,"
-. . . Portland, Or.
We Use Scien
tific Instruments
To determine the needs of your eyes
There is no guess work about our
examinations. They are just as &c-
curate as trained skill and experi
ence can make them. ; They cost you
nothing "so you certainly ought to
have the benefit of them, if you have
any eye trouble at all.: " They mean
the proper glasses, the only kind
- you can afford to wear. . :. -.'
E W, S, PRATT, Jeweler and Optician
T1 f J ' w ! " m m
inese uarmems tor Ladies ana ' Misses
are of excellent quality. The' styles speak
for themselves and the prices are really
less than the cost of material and making.
Henlite & Davis
Quacks and Con
sumption Cures
A pathetic illustration of the way in
which the public is being decieved .by
quack cures -for consumption is found
in a letter received recently by the Na
tional Association for the Study and
Prevention of Tuberculosis.
The . letter came from a woman in
the mountains of Western Maryland,
ani v as addres el as f .Hows:
' 'Postmaster,
Jersey City,
New Jersey.
. "Will you please give this letter - to
the man. who called out trains in Jer
sey City 2 years ago last February 9th
in. the afternoon." ';
. The letter was referred by the Post
master, of Jersey City to the National
Association for the Study and Preven
tion of Tuberculosis. It reads:
"Dear Sir: "'-'.'.''' ' ' - ,, ,
"I want to find the man who cured'
himself of consumption by using Oil of
. Do you remember of a very
sick man his . wife, two children and
mother who missed connections and
had to wait all afternoon for a - train?
You told my son and myself of your
cure. ' I remember part of the direc-'
tions which -. were,take one drop - the
first day, two the second day, and so
on until it went up to thirty "drops.
Now I. want to know what to do when
the thirty drops . have, been' reached.
Does the directions say to continue the
thirty drops each day or to go back, to
one , drop? This , is what I want to
know. I will be very grateful if you
will write me the full directions, and
send me as soon as possible. Mv son
lived only six weeks after we got home.
lie am not try the . I felt he
was too near gone. . Now I have . a
daughter who is in iieed of help, and
wants to try it. - Hope you will get
this letter. But if you should not, and
it falls into the hands of anyone' who
knows of the treatment will answer
this. " I will enclose stamps for an ans
wer.- Hope i may get it soon.
Very gratefully yours," -
j. The National Association calls ' at
tention to the fact that, according to
this :. letter, one life at least has been
lost already on account of ignorance of
the .proper methods of treatment . and
prevention of tuberculosis, and another,
member of the family has been infect
ed by the carelessness of the former
consumptive. - : --'- -. ' '. ..' -..
' With the: present growth of the anti
tuberculosis movement the number of
so-called ' 'cures' for consumption is
being increased almost daily. Hundreds
of quack -'"doctors", "professors," and
"institutes" are advertising that they
can cure consumption for small amounts
with the result that thousands of dupes
are yearly cheated out of their lives as
well as their money. Besides these,
"cures"- and. medicines : of all sorts,
numbering, now several hundred, are
sold for the deception of tlfe public. -:
.. The National Association brands all
of these institutes, doctors, professors
and cures as . f rauds . and deceptions.
The only-eure for -consumption - is fresh
air, rest and wholesome food.
Kirksville (Mo.) Agronomist Trying
: r Make a Cross With Alfalfa.
: Professor Harry Laughlin of the de
partment of agriculture of the normal
school at Kirksville, Mo., is conduct
ing an ' interesting - experiment this
summer in. crossing alfalfa clover with
the old and worthless Wild clover that
grows so bountifully in some of tne
wild fields and corners -of Adair coun
ty, Mo. .-- . '
The cross is being made by grafting
some of the alfalfa buds on the wild
clover stems, and it is said by Profess
or Laughlin and the students who are
making the., experiment that a. newer
and finer species of clover is being
produced. ; They believe that the new
hybrid may become very valuable to
feeders. - v. -'-
- "It is widely known," said Professor
Laughlin. "that the wild clover has a
very, bitter leaf and Will not be eaten
by cows, or horses. We believe that
we can breed this bitterness out of
the wild clover and ' produce a new
variety that will be much hardier than
the ordinary clover and will be pecul
iarly adapted to Missouri soil and Mis
souri climate." '. ! "
Occidental Lunger Co.
. Successors to;
Corvallis Lumber Co.
We are here to supply your needs in the Lunfber line'. Please
call on J. B IRVING for information and prices. And take
notice that if we have not got exactly what you want we will
get it for you. . '
G.O. B ASSET F, Local Mgr.
The Best Paint
' There is no better paint made for appearance and
. , durability than
Acme Quality Paint
Specially prepared for exterior and interior use.
Second Street, Near Palace Theater
Summer Game In Great Vogue at Eu
: . ropean Resorts.
. The French of the Riviera have in
vented a new game for the Coney
Islanders. - It i& the game of human
tenpins. The game is having a' great
voftue at the resorts along the Medi
terranean, and at Italian and Austrian
summer gardens. ,
- In playing " the game the players
themselves take the place of balls aiid
knock down the pins, which are huge
wicker affairs made in the, shape of
the regulation bowling pins.
- The balls' are big wicker baskets,
capable of holding two persons, which
are sent along th(5 alley catapult fash
ion, or else the alley is built as an in
clined" plane and the baskets slide
down into the grouped pins and upset
them. The game , is, counted in the
usual way. " V "
One - of the St Louis summer gar
dens has applied to the Inventor for
the privilege of operating , a human
tenpin alley next season.
Benfoii County Lumber Co.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Fir Lumber, Mouldings, Cedar Posts,
Sawed and Split. Gedar Shakes
; - Dealers in
Doors, Windows, Lime, EncK Cement,
Shingles, etc
Glass Jars, All Kinds, at
Barefoot Croquet to Cure Nervousness.
Many persons in England now' find
pleasure and possibly profit In play
ing croquet with the feet bare, not, as
might be imagined, in more or less
primitive fashion on the sands of the
seashore, but on the well kept lawn of
the eountsy house, to say nothing of
that of the suburban villa. All. those
who have played the game with bare
feet praise, the method highly, saying
that the naked foot has a far better
grip on the turf than the foot that
rests on a sole of leather or India rub
ber. It is further urged that the touch
of the soles of the feet against the
earth has a soothing effect upon the
Successors to
Second Street, - - Corvallis, Oregon
Dealers In v
Hardware, Implements, Buggies, Wagons, Cream Sepa
rators, Granite ware, Tinware and Builders'
:'y-y: :V;-; Vi'7 . Sole Agents for . .
Congo Roofing and Quick EVSsal Ranges
, Magnets to Clean Roads.
Boad authorities are Interested in a
novel machine now being tested out
on race courses in France. "The ma
chine is a two wheel vehicle with elec
tric magnets suspended close to the
ground from the axle, which picks up
nails and small bits of metal, some
times so costly to owners of racing
stock. Xhey look to a general use of
the device t on American automobile
thoroughfares- in the United States to
diminish the number of tire punctures.
Phone Your Orders To No. 7,
Where They Will be Promptly Filled.
Fine Line of Crockery, Glassware, Cut
Glass, Haviland and" China ware,