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Code may not apply to assault
□ Reach of student
conduct code’s
jurisdiction in question
By Scott Andre
Emerald Reporter
The University is investigating
whether to charge a freshman
accused of assaulting a bisexual
man with a violation of the student
conduct code, but questions remain
as to whether the code applies to
the situation.
Eiaine Green, the University's
associate dean of students who
enforces student conduct, said she
is investigating whether to Hie
charges against freshman Todd Lin
wood Pendexter.
The Lesbian. Gay and Bisexual
Alliance called a news conference
Feb. 10. asking University officials
to expel Pendexter for his alleged
The Lane County District Attor
ney’s office has charged Pendexter,
IS. with one count of second
degree intimidation and one count
of fourth-decree assault for alleged
ly attacking Steven Andrew Lalib
ertv. 2.1 Eugene police said Pen
dexter attacked Laliherty and an
unidentified mole companion )an.
29 near the corner of 11th Avenue
and Mill Street because he thought
they were gay.
Both counts are Class A misde
meanors and carry a maximum
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Street artist
--—---------------- Wwfcb, JaffPwiay
University graduate student Filip Van Kerckhoven spends Tuesday afternoon along Franklin
Boulevard sketching buildings Van Kerckhoven is from Belgium, where he did his undergradu
ate studies He said he doesn't find the traffic bothersome to his sketching
Bookstore system may stop thieves
□ New plan may help catch criminals
trying to sell back stolen course books
By Sarah Clark
Emerald Reporter
Each day. the University Bookstore buys about 20
books back. Most of the transactions are legitimate —
people selling back books they no longer need or want.
But in some cases, the sellers have stolen the books
to gat a little extra cash
The bookstore is working to catch those criminals. It
recently changed its buyback system so the store can
better identify which books have been stolen, said
Chris Standish. course book manager.
When the store buys a used book, it requires the sell
er to present photo identification. Information from the
identification goes into the store's computer, where it's
assignor! a number that is also written inside the book's
Sometimes, students report book thefts before the
thieves sell the books back. In those cases, the thieves
tan be (aught as they sell the hooks.
During transactions such as these, when the book
store employee enters the book's title into the comput
er. a warning appears on the screen that announces the
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Man on campus
isn’t serial rapist,
authorities say
j Man asking women religious
questions is mistaken for rapist
By Jake Berg
Emerald Now*', f tl'ttx
Miirj Bigelow wits driving homo wilh hor daughter last
week when they saw him again.
Killing his hit vi le near the interem lion of Agate Street
and 15lh Avenue was a man some people have mistak
enly believed to Imj the alleged serial rapist from north
Eugene l»x a use of possihlv similar physii.al traits
Bigelow. the lieutenant in charge of security at the
University Office of Public Safety, said her daughter
pointed out the man. who was seated nn his silver or
gray 10-spetid bicycle.
"We were driving by. and she said. Oh. by the wav
that's him,"’ Higelow said. "And he waved at her, of
The man approached Higelow s daughter previously
as he has other women in the University area, asking
religiously oriented questions Higelow said the man sur
faced in the campus area Monday Feb. H. and she has
received five phone calls from women he has
apprise bed since then.
•*tJo asks if you're saved and asks when you die if
you're going to heaven or hell," Higelow said. "That's
the evtent of the conversation."
Sgl Dennis (taker, the Kugene polit e department's
campus liaison, said rumors that the man was the serial
rapist might have started after people began to match
descriptions lietweon the two.
"They read the article about long hair and had tenth,
and bingo, that's him," Baker said.
The alleged serial rapist is suspected of committing
three rajies and one assault recently in the north Eugene
Baker also said reports had the man approaching
women at their vehicles, which also rung a bell wilh the
alleged serial rapist, who approached several women at
their vehicles.
"That's where the similarities stop." he said.
Baker said the physical height and weight descrip
tions reported do not match those of Iho serial rnpist.
Reports also indicate the serial rapist is typically on foot
and says nothing, he said.
Baker said neither EPO nor OPS has been able to con
tact the man and do not know who he is or whether he
is a student.
"If he wants to preach, maybe he could find a little
different way to do it," he said. "We think he’s a little bit
Bigelow said no extra security measures were being
taken because of the man. but she said people who are
approached by the man are encouraged to call OPS at
34R-5444 •
Bigelow said those women who have reported seeing
the man hove surprisingly not been scared of him.
"They didn't feel frightened." she said "They wore
angry about his attitude."
The cold weather continues,
as clouds begin to move into
the Eugene area, lows in the
teens to the 20s. and highs may
reach the 40s.
Today in History
In 1972, President Richard
Nixon departed Washington.
D C., on his historic trip to
(AP) - The call to (he police was chilling. A man outside the Lane
County Courthouse was aiming a handgun at two buildings.
Eugene police, alerted bv a passer-by. rushed to the scene Monday and
started to climb the stairs leading to the courthouse s second-floor garden
But instead of some crazed gunman, they found a construction worker,
armed with a hand drill, fixing a handrail.
'We re not in trouble again, are we?" the worker asked Sgt. Frank Bone.
'It turns out last week.' Bone said, 'someone mistook the poor guy s
lunch sack for a bomb.'
Oregon men s basketball coach jerry Green was released
from the hospital Tuesday afternoon, team physician Dr. D.
Kendall Hills announced.
Initial test results indicated no infection in Green s right
knee. Green underwent arthroscopic surgery Monday to treat
an inflamed joint lining.
Hi* knee became swollen for an unknown reason when be
awoke Sunday morning in Los Angeles. Green was on
crutches at the Oreeon-UCLA game Sunday afternoon
Green is expected to be at practice this afternoon and
return to normal activities as his status improves