Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, May 04, 1990, Page 12, Image 11

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Europeon Automotive Specialists
Audi BMW Porsche VW
Atfa Romeo Volvo Mercedes Ben/
1975 W 7th • Eugene i
687-0040 1
Anorexia Nervosa & Bulimia
Binge Eating
Crash Dieting
Laxative Abuse
Compulsive Exercise
Compulsive Dieting
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to quit
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Hating Disorders
lYogram at
Sacred Heart
C (intmut'd Irom Pam- I
intended In (In mi
'I don't think tin kind d
( hallenge lii.it took [(!.)(i m
().ikIrltiii will happe!) in I.w
gene he s.iiii
(Jakland s lass in' ■■.lid. ■ ik■
i if K alls ti 'ok on tin- tciier.il
government !>\ attemjit• nu to
irgniatr ,(< tis ities it .1 neartn
n.iviil base and .1 Department of
I nergs office.
He said tile t ).tk in ini det e ion
would liave no effei t on l.u
gene's existing urdinam e nor
the (barter amendment on the
I limevci \\ bethel it w ill
lie etfei tis r in si at Ittg people I
don t k now
( its c mini dot Shawn Holes
a supporter ot a stronger iiui le
ai free /one said the wording
(it the I ugciie 1 barter amend
merit lias no provisions that
would abrogate rights ol the
federal go\ er nuient
If vou haven't read it don’t
vote 011 it he said
( it \ 1 on in i Ini Roger Rolan
committee member ot Citizens
\gainst .111 Irresponsible \ui li
ar I ree Zone ( lidinani e said
he belies ed the ( laklatld del 1
sion m,is so! a prei edent tin
inn leaf free zones m 1 ities in
i hiding Kugene
In addition. Rutan said the
t )akland 'lei tsion has added
ammunition to an alreads ag
gressise I amp.tlgn against a
stronger 11111 tear flee zone lie
said a ssiitlen dei ision on the
ruling is expelled hefoie the
Kugune i ii\ elet turn
i hr pn\ ions two limes the
mu le.ir (ree issue lets been
brought before voters Kut.in
the voters (.11 etl the gener
,j! dec istoti nf whether the ( it\
should be ,i mu lour free /one
However bei ,mse the t it\
now Inis ■! nut le.ir free orifi
n.uii e in phue. he said. voters
.lie not libels to .ijiprove the
more resti u I ive me.isure
Z(mt‘ measure III use the ( ).ik
hind del ision as ammunition
against I In- hallo! measure
The opponents arc mustei
mg llit-it tones lie s.inl "We
need supporters to gel out and
no! lie so apulhetu and noni ha
lant ahoul it
The existing ordmani e is
' prett\ much what you t all a
Warhead tree zone " he said,
and is not what voters wanted
‘What the ruling says is that we were
not off base w ith it.'
Roger Kutan
Kill.in •>.111! the tits (.oun< il
adopted .1 sti i|)|n'd dow n \ ci
sion nt the ofdinaiii r because
the one the voters approved
hud been um onstitiition.il tin
enfon cable. \ ague .mil a
The t iakland dei ision. he
said shows that the laigrne
i 11\ < mini il made the right de
i ision
What the ruling sax s is that
we were not off base with it
lie said
David Ztipin ol hugene
Peat i“V\ orks said the Oakland
dei ision was not entireh unrx
pei ted, bei arise the judge in
the i ase, I ' s Iiistrii t Judge
|ohn \ ukiisin. is an opponent
ot the line leal tree /one move
Zupin said he experts oppo
nents of a stronger muJem tree
People have tlir right to lie
angfv with elected oltii ials for
failing In i arrx out w hat people
approved the first time.” he
I’eai eWorks is one group th.it
is .11 ti\ ely i .impaigning for .1
yes vote on the hallo! measure
"We see w hat we're working
lor as a gentiinelv I'flei live way
of keeping Kugene mu lear
free.' Zupin said
In addition, he said, it is a
wax to prevent a minoritx ol
spei 1.1I interests wanting to in
vest in nuidear weapons from
\ inluting the demoi ratii pro
i ess
"I his issue needs to he tie
hated and talked about in everx
town hall. Zupin said All
the rontroveis\ and all the de
bate is ex,it tlx what the nut lear
tree movement xx,is meant to
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