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Vavea hand in the future of your bookstore
Monday, April 30 And Tuesday, May 1
-At The
GO Bookstore and the EMU Building
Some (H-opIc ,m- |n.it>,ibl> saying >n themselves. Oh no another candidate running for sophomore
position why dors hr think hr s hrttn than thr irst-1 Well I have .in jnswri to tins I trrl the rx|H'iirncr I have gained in my last two years at this school will allow
me to do my best in the sophomore position
If you re asking what Kind ol ex|>eiience I have. I ll tell you. Currently I am an R A 1 ast year I represented my housing complex on the Residence Hall Gover
nance Committee and was the president of my dorm I or both of the years. I have been on the Springiest Planning Committee
In this position I will lx- representing you on the board of directors. In my opinion, that means airing issues which you feel are important and bringing in your
It you are looking for a fx*rson who is energetic, creative, and has initiative to do the best that is |x>ssihle I'm right here
I am running lor the Hook store Board of Directors with aspirations of furthering Bookstore s(x*ed and conve
niertce while maintaining customer trust and satisfaction I am a sophomore majoring in Business and Japanese, and I believe I can strongly represent the (Jmversi
ty students on the Bookstore Board
Many (people do not realize that w«* students are the owners and direr tors ol the Bookstore We have the (sower and the right to create and maintain a Bookstore
that is responsive to students If we want certain products to be available, or if we want shorter lines during peek |>eriods. these desires should and will be met 1 his
is the type of thinking which has given the Bookstore the I I % student discount, the guarantee book program, and the four new $ 1000 scholarships This is the
type of thinking which has made oui Bookstore one of the best in the nation and this is the type of thinking which I intend to foster
I am committed to a convenient and efficient Bookstore that responds quickly and effectively to student needs and desires Vote Brody Kunz for t! of O. Book
stole Board of Directors
POOH ,is in W innie the Pooh NAN as in what a horse says MOW your lawn. AWF . and SIR Puneh
noasser is tne wine -Miu snt- s looMn 10 gamer your vou- i unen -noasser is running ioi mo university oooKStore Doaro oi uirectors, sopnomore seat
Puneh is dedicated, knowledgeable and loves the hands-on, one hundred percent involved experience She will enter her position with unclouded vet focused
eyes which can competently perceive ways ol increasing efficiency Sire has many questions and even more solutions
A prorated used book system is her main goal A prorated used book system means used books are fairly priced at different cost levels Used books that
aren't writen in would resale at top used book [Hir es Used books that are screaming, 'don't turn another page would resale at a lower price.
Puneh wishes to be accessible to you At least once a month sire will have time set aside so anyone can come complain about and suggest ideas for our book
store, also, come learn what the Board is currently focusing on
1 el s vote for l’( INI H MOASSf K. University of Oregon Bookstore Board ol Directors, sophomore seat An unusual name of a unique person making change for
Did \ou know that everyone attending or working at the University is a Bookstore member ? I would like to be
lesponsioie to an 01 you in Deing an inioimeu jixi lesponsmie nit-mDi'i on mi- rsooKsinie ooaia oi Directors
I have the leadership evjierienc e in working with active organisations and being a diplomatic liaison between staff and students I am currently on ASPAC. the
President s Advisory Committee the \ n e president of the Presidential Scholarship Association, and a Board of Directors member of Student Projects Inc I am in
solved with many othei groups tanging from the Honors College to the Greek system and this involvement gives me access to the views and concerns of mem
hers I would be responsive to all Bookstore members by listening to their ideas about what they would like
I want to be involved and seive .ill members by working with then ideas, along with my own long range plans for the Bookstore. Some of mine entail; helping to
solve the problems with c rowding and being able to supply mote books
I know I can make a difference for I am a dedicated hard wotket. and an effective communicator with much experience
For sophomore position on the Bookstore Board cal Directors, please vote fot Bethany Strasburg Thank you
I el s lace il W e aie all by not essity. customers of the Bookstore What you may not realize is that you ha\e a
gieal deal "i influence in its operations l m shannon Kay As .1 boaio memoei 1 want 10 he directly involved in communicating your needs and concerns about
the Bookstore s services
In this position. I would represent you in issues peitaining to fait pricing, inventory selection, and store expansion: furthermore, I will do my best to be responsive
to yout needs on a daily basis and especially during the chaotic times at the beginning and end of each term
As a business major and exjierienced leader. I am driven by hard woik and goal attainment I'm confident in my dedication, motivation, and communication
skills the essential elements tot achieving [xrsitive results toi the Bookstore and for you
I m optimists about th<- future of the Bookstore, and the potential benefits it has to offet. I am committed to representing the diversified (JO population and your
continuously changing needs and interests
J he bookstore is yours You have a light to influence its operations. Volt- SHANNON KAY and take advantage of your potential to make a difference. It s the dif
feience that will benefit you
I have foui main you Is if I am elected to the University of Oregon Bookstore Board of Directors. I I he board of
... >rs needs iu ensure nun me < umpenviiMn par Kage 101 me oooKsiote personnel is competitive i mirm me university ot uiegon bookstore is well run. uood
suLiim". and hinge benefits < an help lo continue to attract and keep people who can piovide the best services for bookstore members. 2 The board should initiate
pioqiams that will help to protect the environment; for example the bookstore ought to encourage textbook publishers to use unbleached paper 3 Upon entering
the book stun- «• teels vrowded I he > unent f>» aid has increased the spar e available to the bookstore The new board should continue to explore suggestions lor
using the spa* e m. st eftu ientlv so men handise < an be displayed and marketed in the best wav 4 I w ill work to provide the best discounts and seivices to all
memheis ' 4 tlr» hr >okst< >ie (students. I acuity and staff) Qualifications I have good communication and supervisory skills, and as a information analyst at the
Can-ei Information System I have . onsiderable exponent's analyzing occupational and market data
I he function of the University <>t ()r* < >n Bookstt>re Bounf of Duet tots is to < i e.itr jx>Ik k*s to irnpn >vr the
DOOKStore s dDniiy 10 serve ns member snip me Muueiu imkjy r * ui.h « i hi* mu mm .“ •••• ..t .
parties I hus it is the duty of those who create policy, the members ol tin- Board ot Directors, to seek out ideas from those who are after ted by |x>ln y the general
membership, to ensure that the policies are desired and just As a candidate for t tie Student at 1 nr ge posit ior i on the Bonn' ; d Direr tors I I eel that I ran go to you.
the membership of the Bookstore, and get the information.
I need to represent your views and opinions It is crucial to the efficient and produr tive management of the Bookstore, that the polk res of tire Bookstore teller t
the wishes of the membership. The Bookstore exists to far dilate the needs ot the students of tire University of Oregon and it I am elet ted Student at 1 arge. I will
do my utmost to see that the Bookstore serves its function as efficiently and effectively as possible It is your Bookstoie make sure you have a say in how it is run
In the next year, I would like to see two improvements made .it the Bookstore to speed up the book buyinc) pm
cess and lO niaKe me DOOKSlOre rnoir tMIVIlonmniUJIiy « umm.IUU'. i i i» lx nm>t i >tr> « uunmy HAmmi) mill pul v.n»nuiij .1 Hinjf i i Kiii m I ci i i n vuui|-uhi mui w
greatly increase the efficiency of the book department, especially during the beginning of the term If ele< ted, I would help m getting this system in ASAP and
with feedback from the students, take further steps in restructuring to make book buying as easy as possible
My biggest concern with tfie Bookstore is its missed potential to be more environmentally const ious It is in a unique position to make a much needed state
merit about concern for the environment Mot only could it approach recycling and stocking natural materials at the Bookstore, but it could go much farther with
outside programs funded by them. One sfioit year could tiling tiuge developments fur the university community it done properly
I am not power hungry I am not just putting another rung in my climb up the political ladder, like some candidates I am simply a concerned student with ideas
foi improvement and the energy to make them work
How iiin you not vote for < hess playing, Sly & the Family Stone loving, non piolifer.ition supporting. to< k
climbing candidate/ Don t vote for me. During tne past term, i was pubiisneu in /imix-mnc iuw i ueiaiy oociny/. pan»-i un i < mi« . ...4- .
(Leadership seminal), and had some of my footage on two local television stations (of Nevada Protest) I say tins not be< ausr I am an egotistical dup- wt*H- s
for you to decide but to show my commitment to the active groups and individuals of our university community VV ith the student .it large position I hofx* to pro
vide a voice for any whisper in my ear. Let your tongue wag I want to hear and help your concerns I fiat s about as much <>f the political rhetoric I can sjx'w I am
everyday people
jBy holding the student at large f>osition on the (I of O Bookstore Board. I ho[H* of course, to serve the const it
ill1 mi y , «ii iu >ici11
uents ot the Bookstore i ne BOOKsiore must r>»- res^x>nsioie 10 mr siuunin
he, of the Board I will be committed to seeking out and entertaining comments relevant to the improvement of the corporation Moreover. I assure the university
community that all legitimate concerns be given ample attention by the Board
I am the best person for the student at large seat because my loyalties will lie with the whole ot the University community Past experience in university housing
government and my present role on Area Standards Board are testimony to my communication and logic skills skills which will allow me to both seek out the
needs and desires of the constituency and to determine the a< tions best reflecting the diverse needs ot the body Moreover .1 high level of commitment. 1 espouse
bility and a professional attitude mean that the needs of the Bookstore and its customers will be an obligation whir h I will consistently and eagerly meet
I hope to serve you with integrity
J Hi, my name is Jeff Baum Did you know that our Bookstore is a nonprofit corporation operated exclusively for
your raucationai neeas as wen as cnatiidDu- purposes runnermore.us saies .in- uimusi ten mimuii uoiuin <anu n i.mr. . him. m. mu u ■<»•> *
bookstores. Do you also know why it provides us with one of the highest dis< ounts in tfie country along with superior service and a wide array of products.J It is be
cause the bookstore is managed and opeiated by you. its members; namely the students, faculty and stall of the University of Oiegon.
As a member of the Board of Directors, I hope to assist the Bookstore in continuing to fulfill your needs. I will do so by being available to you and your valuable
input and make suie that your concerns are voiced to the board My experience as a student at the sc hool ol law and the graduate school of management provides
me the ability to approach difficult issues with reason and sound analysis while always being responsive to your needs I urtherrnore, my interest in the board is
stimulated by the opportunity to participate in a productive and positive part ol the university community
My name is I aVerne Nor man I am a candidate for the < lassified staff position on the UO Bookstore Board of
i ji '■ t * it >rr>. i navi iati io miuiua:i im vjihw i v ,v«. ..v * .w. » .. ... r
and currently in the History Department No*. I would like to give something bar k
One ol my job responsibilities in the History Department requites me to order textbooks horn the (JO Bookstore, therefore. I have be< ome familiar with the rela
t ion ship between the (JO Bookstore, book publishing companies, and other used book stores My long term involvement with the University, my identity as an At
ii<an American woman, and my sensitivity towards ethnic and gender issues, would enablel me to bring a unique and valuable jjerspective to the (JO Bookstore
Board of Directors
As an instrumental Board Member I will represent your interests and continue to make our (JO bookstore even mote ext itinq and diverse You t an > mint < m un
to lx- accessible and an approachable liaison between the t rimmunity and the bookstore With vour vote and b<>th my eneiqy and enthusiasm, we • an make differ
ence I hank You