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    All-male revue raises money
and eyebrows for United Way
By Gregory A. Hall
■ Kentucky Kernel
U. of Kentucky
U. of Kentucky Homecoming Queen
K.C. Watts became used to large, obnox
ious crowds when she was crowned
before 50.000 fans in Commonwealth
Stadium. But one night last semester,
Watts was exposed to a crowd for which
she was not prepared.
ThemenofHaggin Hall performed the
final production of their all-male revue
fund-raiser for the United Way. Five
Haggin residents danced in the dark
before 50 screaming women. Sometimes
the women came out of the audience to
dance with the strippers, but in K.C.’s
rase, the stripper grabbed the woman.
"In front of50,000 people, 1 didn't have
to dance,” said Watts, comparing the two
experiences. “It was fun, but it was kind
of embarrassing.”
After the men performed their rou
tines stripping to their underwear —
they paraded before the ladies one final
time in an auction to the highest bidder.
The girl in the audience who donated the
most money to the United Way for a per
former received his servitude lor 24
Organizer Rob Vertrees accompanied
a bidder to a UK basketball game
Another dancer had to perform at a wed
ding shower.
See STRIPPERS, page 11
AlANHAWSF -FV K- ? V. • <»
Junior Rob Vertrees shows off for Jennifer Fralee — and the United Way.
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the segment.
"Paul’s got a lot of talent,” said Cable
13 Chairman Adam Collis. "He does
what he does naturally.”
During the Davis episode. Levinsohn
showed that he obviously did his home
work Mayer and Levinsohn even
turned up old photographs ot Davis
from his playing days in the late 1930s
and early 1940s.
“Preparing for these shows is like a
verbal research paper,” Levinsohn said.
“Trying to collect interesting back
ground information is the key to the
whole thing because people don’t want
to talk about what it was like to hit .330
that year. They want to find out what
this guy’s life is all about.”
While Levinsohn, as host, is the more
visible of the show's founders, Mayer
runs the behind-the-scenes mechanics
of the operation. He edits, produces and
performs innumerable other tasks.
“When you do these shows, there are
a lot of individual moments,” he said.
“What you try to do in the editing room
is capture all the moments. Then, it looks
like vou have 30 minutes of the moment.
Using these editing principles, Mayer
added a nice touch to the Davis show by
integrating scenes from “Bull I )urham.”
Levinsohn and Mayer have similar
reasons tor pursuing a TV career " 1 grav
itated toward TV’ because 1 have trouble
with verbs and adjectives,” Levinsohn
joked. “It’s fun to read cue cards.”
“I guess vou could say 1 neither read,
write nor speak well,” Mayer added. 1
sit in the back room and bark out mono
syllabic orders.”
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No. 1: Just because a person lis
tens to an intelligent band, said per
son is not necessarily intelligent.
No. 2: College rock isn’t as intel
ligent as it is made out to be; the
social commentary is generally
overused and cliched.
So what’s the point? Just enjoy
music. It is only entertainment, and
that is all it was ever meant to be.
Sing along with your favorite
band, even if your voice bites. Put
on “T\itti-FVutti” by Little Richard
and scream, “A-wop-bop-bapa-lou
wop/A-lop-bam-boom" while jump
ing around like a lunatic on fire.
Whatever the case, just have fun.
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