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    i • *'
Peter Meyer/Frank Gosar
'IT is workshop is everything you need for a thorough
grounding in cer amines. Wheel throwing, handbuilding,
and gla/ing techniques will be covered, with individualized
instruction for beginners and those wi'h some previous
experience, (dales and 25 lbs.of clay Included. IKhours
of instruction.
Throe sessions offered
1. Tuesdays TOO 6:00 pm Meyer
April 10 May 15 *<x)i *$38
2. Thursdays 6:30-9:30 pm Gosar
April 5 May 10 too; *$38
3. Sundays 5:00-8:00 pm Gosar
April H May 20 (except April 15) toot *$38
Peter Meyer
For the adventurous spirit who has had some previous clay
experience fixpaml your foundation skills and personal
expression withclay Inc rca.se your throwing and handbuild
mg skills, make specialized tools, arid refine your glazing
techniques 25 lbs. of clay and glazes provided. 18 hours
of instruction.
Wednesdays 3:00 6:(X> pm
April 4 May 9 #004 *$38
Frank Gosar
F.xplore your own imaginative process through playing
with clay Team ancient methods of clay construction
coil building, slab building, carving, additive and subtrac
live techniques Glass provides both directed and self
directed opportunities 25 lbs. of day and glazes pro
vided. 12 hours of instruction
Mondays 6:30 9 30 pm
April 23 May 14 #<»s *$29
Frank Gosar
Raku spans the centuries from 15th century lea Kiwis to
2 1st century metallic lusters F veiling effects for sc ulptural
and decorative pieces are achieved in this dramatic [iris ess,
in which pieces are pulled red hot from the kiln and plunged
into barrels of combustibles Instruction includes tech
tuques for handbuilding small pieces Beginning and con
turning students welcome ( lav and glazes Included. 18
hours of instruction
Tuesday s 6:30 9 30 pm
April 3 24 0006 *$38
Saturday. April 28, 10:00 am 4 00 pm (6 hour firing)
Frank (.osar
From the prehistoric pueblo to modern day craft galleries,
"primitive" smoke fired ceramic s enjoy a colorful history
Learn the secrets of polished blackware pottery and apply
them to your own decorative or sculptural work Clay,
terra slgillata and instructional handbook Included. 12
hours of instruction.
Tuesdays 6:3() P 30 pm
May I 22 too? *$29
Peter Meyer
Handbuild beautiful cups and Kiwis with colored porce
lain We will use white, shades of grey and a few accent
colors Colored slips w ill he available Porcelain, mason
stains and glazes provided. 12 hours of instruction.
Wednesdays 6:30 P to pm
April 4-25 tom *$36
Tim Kaiser
Is it Zen? Is it magic ’ la-am to overhaul bearing sets, adjust
gears and brakes, and true your wheels Proper fit and
efficient hike use w ill be discussed. Allow $5 for replace
merit bearings 15 hours of instruction.
Wednesday 7:00 9:30 pm tons $.30 members
April 11 May 16 aoio $33 non members
' •
Charline Durchanek
Design and weave a Navajo rug Using a frame loom,
students w ah or without experience w ill set a loom, design
atxl weave a small project Advanced students will learn
more complicate*] techniques and designs Cost includes
frame loom which Is yours to keep and first warp
yarns. You will need to allow extra time and money for
materials 18 hours of instruction
Mondays 6:00 V 00 pm #ott $18 members
April 9 May 14 »0I2 $41 non members
• • Chrystal McCulgan
*. Learn the basics of handweaving Instruction includes
■ . making a warp and preparing the lixirn for weaving. Stu
' dents will learn the Swedish lace patterns and complete a
cloth of handwoven lace Cost includes all materials. 18
, ■ hours of instruction
• Thursdays 6 00 9:00 pm
*.' April 5 May 10 #017 *$14
Chrystal Mcfiuigan
Cxplore the possibilities of yam design while creating
your own handspun wool. Start on the drop spindle and
'■j move rapidly to the spinning wheel All phases of wool
preparation will lx- covered Natural and chemical dyeing
w ill lx- introduced Cost includes fleece for you to dye
* your favorite color. 18 hours of instruction
. • Wednesdays tvOO 9:00 pm
A[irtl4 May 9 #014 *$15
Have you always w anted to learn how to knit? Knitting is
a perfect way to relax while treating beautiful garments.
After learning basic knitting techniques, each student will
select a simple project such as a hat or s<.arf This class is
for students with little or no experience Cost Includes
needles and some yarn for you to keep. 10 hours of
Wednesdays 6 10 8 10 pm »ois $20 members
Apr11 18 May 16 #016 $21 non members
liinky Brown Takahashi
Classic quilt patterns and modular piecing techniques
combine to produce a traditional quality qutlt in a fraction
of the usual time Select one of the following patterns:
Snow Ball, Blazing Star. Around the World, or Log Cabin
Die first class meeting will include discussions of pat
terns, color and fabric requirements and selections All
levels of experience welcome Out of class sewing time
may lx1 necessary. 12 1/2 hours of instruction.
Tuesdays 6 10 9:00 pm #017 $21 ntemhers
April 10 May 8 #0U $26non members
‘ ».
*< | 1 -
. •’ 1 . *
> >_>.-• '
Mark Keefer
Create your own Ix'autiful stained glass window! This
course will help you turn your ideas into a work of art.
Design principles and the foil wrap construction method
will he taught Beginning as w ell as experienced students
are welcome Tools and some materials provided.
Allow a little extra money lor glass 18 hours of instrut
Mondays 6:10 9:,10 pm
April 9-May 14 #027 *$14
Mark KexTer
Rediscover the ancient Egyptian artform of glass fusing
This two session class will cover primary fusing tech
tuques atxl allow students to create a few small pieces of
jewelry Tools and some glavs provided 5 hours of
Tuesdays 6:10 9 00 pm #02(> $16 members
May 1 & 8 #027 $19 non members
Ardls IvCtey
Twining is an age old technique found in many cultures,
w hich involves twisting two fibers around the warp. Make
a container w ith paper rush and any other iilx-rs you would
like to add. Beginning and experienced students are
welcome Cost Includes materials for two baskets. 4
hours of instruction.
Wednesdays 6:30 8:30 pm *019 S12 members
April 18 & 25 #020 $15 non-members
Ardls I-etey
Move from traditional to sculptural form, using the same
basic structure Materials will be provided for three has
kets, and you may w ant to add other fibers plant parts,
feathers, etc. Beginning and experienced students arc
welcome. 9 hours of instruction.
Wednesdays 6:30 9:30 pm #021 $25 members
May 2 16 #022 $28 non-members
Jane Reyer
Paint your own silk fashion accessories, art objects and
clothing using beautiful, high quality French silk dyes
Students will learn the “Gutta Serti” resist method and
design their own projects One-half yard of silk and dyes
provided. Bring water color brushes 12 hours of instruc
Mondays 6:00 9:00 pm
April 30 May 21 #023 *$30
Batik is an ancient method of drawing, painting and
stamping hot w ax on cotton fabric before dyeing to create
unique and beautiful patterns and designs. In this class
you will leant several batik techniques including resist
dyeing techniques of W'est Africa Yoruba peoples Slu
dents will have the opportunity to work on fabric and
clothing of their own, in and out of class One-half yard
of batik material, dyes and wax pros ided. 1 2 hours o!
Tuesdays 6:00 9:00 pm
April 17 May 8 #024 *$30
• • *
v x
* ■
a ‘
Gary Dawson
An overview of jewelry making techniques tnclud
ing both fabrication and casting. Demonstrations
include ck-sign, design transfer, cutting, filing, pierc
ing, soldering, finishing, textures, wax model mak
ing, sprutng & investing, casting cleanup. One or
more projects can be completed during class time
Practice materials provided. 21 hours of tnsiruc
Wednesdays 6:30-9:30 pm
April 4-May 16 #U2h *$39
Gary Dawson
A seminar demonstrating the techniques involved in
the fabrication of stock for jewelry applications
Demonstrations include pouring ingots and Conning
sheet and w ire, using the torch, ingot mold, rolling
mill, and drawplate. 3 hours of instruction.
Thursday 6:30-9:30 pm #029 $10 members
DATE CHANGE: May 10 #oto S13 nonmembers
Class sizes are limited
and preregistration is necessary to
assure your space in a workshop!
*'• Mark Zimmerer
Perhaps you have looked at books such as "The Natural Way
, to Draw," or "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain," but
feel the need for additional structure and instruction. In this
class, we will explore various ways of seeing and draw ing
We will also look at and leant front the drawings of master
. *« artists. All materials provided. 15 hours of instruction.
^ Tuesdays 6:00 8:30 pm not] $27 members
April 10 May 15 »ot2 $30non members
Julia O’Reilly
Pastel doesn't mean “pink!” Looking for pi//a// and
control in your pastel drawings? Wanting to explore this
rich medium? Our one day workshop will give you the
, . perceptual tools to expand your awareness and understand
ing of color, and the basics for using soft pastel sticks < 'ost
includes a set of pastels and paper. 7 hours of instruction
Saturday 9:30 am 5 pm (172 hr. lunch) $23 members
, April 28 #034 $26 non members
' i
!■ *>
I.i Shuang
Would you like to paint something in a very special way?
Sumi-c is a traditional Chinese painting technique you can
use to create a “color" w orld with C'hinesc brushes and black
ink. We will leant to paint mountains, flowers, bamboo and
more, step by step. Come join us you will gain lots of
skill with fun. Cost Includes three brushes which are
yours to keep, paper and ink. 18 hours of instruction
Thursdays 6:00 9:00 pm #035 $39 members
April 5-May 10 #036 $42 non members
Peter Meyer
Want to print your own T-shirt, poster, cards, etc. ’ Learn
silkscreen methods, including glue bkxkout and photo
emulsion. We’ll discuss various inks, stencil methods,
papers and fabrics Allow $6 12 if you want you own
screen. Ink and some stencil material provided. 18 hours
of instruction.
Thursdays 6 30 9:30 pm
April 5 May 10 #037 *$39
Almee Yogi
Catch the warm glow of handmade papers while it’s
raining outside. We’ll have a short sink- presentation on
the history, process, anti plants used for papcmiaktng
Then we’ll make papers using four methods Tapa,
Himalayan, European, anti Japanese All materials
pros Itled anti a source list w ill tx- hamk-it out 6 hours of
Saturdays 10; 10 am I’M) pm »oih $14 members
Ajirtl 7 21 *0)4 $17 non members
Almee Yogi
We start cookin’ in this class! After an introductory walk
around campus to see the different plants used for paper
making, stuiknts will cix>k and share pulps gathered from
the fields All materials provided. 6 hours of ins true
Saturdays 10: M) am 12 :10 pm »oao $14 members
April’s May 12 *041 $17 non members
Marilyn Mohr
Make your own hardbound journal or sketchbook Rusk t
bookbinding techniques will lx- taught fix using on the
hardbound bok Smaller projects demonstrating Japa
nese and pamphlet sewing will lx- included as time
allows The first class will feature oil marbling on papers
that can be used for future projects Cost Includes most (
materials. 1H hours of instruction
Mondays 6:00 9:00 pm »iu.> $16 members ><
April y May 14 »iwt $ Id non members
Marilyn Mohr
Learn to make the dec orated papers traditionally used in
bookbinding. Using oil colors on a paste si/e. many
interesting patterns can lx- created. Marbled papers can
boused for many craft items or collages Paper and some *
paints will be provided. Wear old clothes and bring a
tube of artist's oil paint to share I hours of instruction.
Saturday 1:00 4:00pm *04t $10 members
April 21 *04s $ 1 1 non mcnitx-rs
Regina Rubin Rebecca Thompson Jessica Crawford
Learn how lo use your camera, develop l JAW film, and
make BAW prints ami enlargements. Photographic com
position, the camera, and darkroom techniques will t>e cos
ered. Bring empty 35 mm camera to lust class Him,
chemicals and some paper will be prosided. IS hours of
Three sessions of fered:
1. Mondays 6:00 9:00 pm Rubm
April 2 May 7 *S39
2. Wednesdays 2 (H) 5:(X>pm Thompson
April 4 May 9 *047 *$.39
3. Thursdays 6:00 9:(X) pm Crawford
April 5 May 10 »<»* *S39
Susie Morrill
This course is designed for the photographer who is as
quamled w uh general darkroom procedure and has an inter
est in fine tuning the process of exposure control. Team
aspects of the Zone System and use a variety of papers,
developers, and enlargers to produce prints with desired
contrast and depth Aesthetic considerations, subject mat
ter, composition, and camera use will be included. < heml
cals will be provided. IK hours of instruction.
Sundays 5:00 8:00 pm
April 8 May 13
II VMM <>i okim; b&w
photoc RAIMIS
Regina Rubin
Add color 10 your B&W photographs In this two week
workshop, we will explore traditional and contemporary J
methods of handcoloring prints The tn class studio time
will help you perfect your techniques Previous photo
graphic experience not required You will need B&W
photographs printed on matte surface pa|x-r (RC paper
will not work). Color pencils, oils and practice prints
will he available. 5 hours of instruction (
Wednesdays b:(X) 8:30 pm «(>50 SI 3 members >'
April IK A 25 "0M S16 non-members
Rebecca Thompson
Responding to photographs is largely a matter of personal
taste The elements of a photograph somehow combine
and str ike a chord for oik- person, but not for another Yet
some pictures have a quality that everyone can recognize
and appreciate This class will identify some of these
qualities through a discussion of composition and light.
Basic knowledge of camera use required Slide film will
he provided. 4 hours of instruction. >'
Tuesdays 6:30 8:30 pm SI 1 member
April 24 A May 1 east S14 non member
, -
The Umvcrcuy of Oregon .(Tam. the right of ill irwlividu»i«to«4u*; opportunity in education and employment. - thoul rrg.rJ to r.. e. color. niiiooil origin, m.rari
iutu«.ntmt'i<utut. ten.»ge,handicap. religion.orany other ritnn«misccmrideratior*notdirectly n ' >..>«un «: i related to effective perform*r I>it policy
implonoiu ill applicable federal. rule and loo*: laws, reguliUoni *ni! eaeculive order* Dtrat treed mquiner to the Direct.*. Aff;rm*tivt Action Office, Orrgiat
Hall, Univeraily of Oregon. (50?! 340 1123
Joel Andersen Brad Nile/Tom l rban
Mdlonali/c your ideas m ihc wixxl shop Create a project
while learning power tool use and safety. Instruction will
cover project design, wood properties, hand ami power tool
use, and joinery You may want to allow a little extra time and
money for your project. 17 1/2 hours of instruction.
Two sessions offered
1 Mondays 1 45 4 15 pm Andersen
April 2 May 14 #om *$52
2 Wednesdays 6 50 'L(X) pm Nile
April 4 May lf> toss *$52
Seven evenings of open shop with an experienced wixxl
worker I xplore new techniques, get help atxl adv ice on your
pet project, or finish that project from a previous class In
c ludes demonstrations and discuss ions on design, router work,
dovetails, and mortise and tenons I hc shop is still open
during this time
Tuesdays h: 50 'TOO pm * Free w ith
April 10 May 22 membership
John Jones
Interested hi working with harxl tixils and learning traditional
woodworking techniques’ Using tixils such as hand saws,
hand planes, scrihers, brace and bits, chisels, and moulding
planes yields a level of detail not possible w i lh mac limes I his
class will cover mortise and tenon, and coping joints, as well
assist students m making some of their own hand tixils.
including a !x>w saw, marking knife, and harxlplane No
previous woodworking experience necessary 15 hours ol
Thursdays ti 50 V 50 pm
April 5 May 5 »ost> *$27
Scotty Sleeves
This process oriented class will cover design, wixxls, tixils
and finishes Whether beginner or advanced, utilitarian or
sculptural, your ideas and skills curl lx- advanced and prob
lems tackled! Some tixils and scrap wixxl provided; other
tixils and i arvmg wixxls are available for pure base Nonethe
less, bring your own if possible, and come prepared to work’
4 1/2 hours of instruction
Sunday I 2: 50 5 (K) pm *0>7 $ 12 members
April 2d #<»* $ 1.5 non members
Alan Malleck
Architecture and art majors spend a Saturday making the
ultimate light table A new and improved design incorporates
your Mayline and Borco into a shape that Ills studio desks in
Lawrence Lockable, portable, and functional, this table is a
must for your studio space W ixxl and screws provided. K
hours of instruction.
Two sessions offered
1 Saturday 'TOO am 5:50 pm ( 1/2 hr. lunch)
April 7 tnriv *$25
2 Saturday ‘L00 am 5:50 pm (1/2 hr. lunch)
April 21 »0h0 *$25
* Starred Classes Require
Craft Center Membership.
Monday-Thursday 10:00 am-9:30 pm
Friday & Saturday 10:00 am-5:30 pm
Sunday 12:30-5:30 pm
Schedules will be available after the
first week of the term.