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    __ Oregon Daily_ ,
■I I rani cnnti'st-limind. I’aye t
■ Klin; s.i\s ha/in.i’ .1 no-no. I’aip1 4
■ \1illrr plan .1 wood one. Pam* li
■ Indoor inert rrsulls. I*iii*t* 7
l ursd.iv . |. 1 nu. 1 r\ i MUIO
Kllj’t'llr. ( lirgnn
Volume'll. \ imilit'i Hi
Gimme five
Art student Man l’err\ puts a giant hand ueathei
vane through a test run along the side at Irietulh I lull
Moiul.n ,dternoon. Tht• hand, treated In visiting nil
professor Anita \targrill, will intuitu.ill\ indii.itr the
direction tit thr unit! atop a flagpole in limervville
t alii
Photo t>\ St»*vr ( .1 rtl
Guidelines receive support
More fair to students
Bn C hris Hoimrlt
f meruld \nm« i.itt- l ditor
I'hc t)(t it <■ ill Student ViInoi.iin .mil the
ASl'O ■-.in llirN support the I'liiverstlx s etlnrt In
implement .1 iunN set nf m»i<It‘11m-s (in it ning stu
drill gi IfN .mi rs
I hr comments i .iiiii1 during .i |nililn hearing
I lid.IN .lllrnmnn III NN It li ll tlir nllh negative ir
II i.l I k s m.idr urir over spri ill. wording in llir
live pi 11piisrii rulrs
M.irlrnr Dii’mIii'i dim loi til llir Olliit ul
Student \d\tii.n\ suggested llir rulrs hr iiiiidi
lird In .iIIiinn .in oral hearing ll llir parties in
vulvrd in .1 griev.mi r desire our
\ hearing NN i ill I d hr .1 mini’ rtln tlNr nn.in ul
olil,lining inforniitliun ih.ui pisl limiting llir
HI H’N .nil r |ll III rd 11 rr to NN I llir II Irst I nil II1N NN ll ll ll
I hr priiposrd ruIrs i ui iml In do I irrsi hri s.ntl
Dreschri also expressed t niiiriu over a pro
N Isuill ill llir mil’s lh.it would loll r sludrulx lo
i lloosr hrlNNrru tiling .1 griexull. r under llir pro
posed guidelines .mil 111111 > • .in .iffirtn.il ivr ,u lion
i omp!.tint
1 'iidri these rulrs students .ire pret.luded
troiii using the resouri.es ol the I Iflu r ol Alfirilta
I in e \i I nill I )rest hr( s,iid
\ student nnoiiIiI li.ivr .i i him r ol loruili
hill mu e thrN I lloosr .1 lorilin lIlrN .III' pin Itulrd
trnm using (he (lllii r ol Altuni.il in r \i lion
nn liu Ii nn ,is set up lo i I Ins In pc ol i omp la ini she
I hr .ill ll III.tl IN r ,K. lion otliir should hr nhlr
lo make llir 11 n. 11 de< is ion il llir grievance prm r
durr does not produi r drsirahlr results loi a slu
drill I ires! her said
llir new lulrs spell out llir procedure loi
hntli undergraduate and graduate gricvniH rs and
also desi ribe llir diflerriu rs tietwrrii |ietilioil and
gi il * N am r pro! i 'ssrs
Moreovri llir proposed rulrs ( odif\ llir slu
drill Imam i.d aid appeal prm rss and covri uitor
.mil iid■<it.il it 111
null find Inrm.il prm ednies
vii ns
Dii'm Iii'i .iIsh riM nmmrnilrd lli.it tin.mi ml
.ml .t|i|ir.i!s In' m.idi' iliici llv In lln‘ I m.iiii ml \ul
\pprals |In,ml uislr.nl ul rjniiiv', through the li
ii.iniml .ml ulliir « Im h would li • -1) > .mml tin
appeal.mi i' ui 111111111111 n• I\
In addition slnili'llts should lint have III
I ui i\ i- thev were iii Inns ol rrtalialinn mu r llirv
Ido .i !4rii'\.mi i' ilmiiisI n I. n 1111 \ ineitihei m ,m
adininistialm I)res< Inn s.ml
I hr lull din ul proving llml rrlali.itmn did
i ml ui i ui should hr shift ml In Ihn urn'Mr I hos
i hri s.ml
I Im lat ull\ mi'inln'i in administrator should
prove lh.it ,m .u I llml advrisels alln Is I In- sin
drill filing llir uriri.mir was not doin' m irlfilm
lion she said
Kirk Il.iil«*\ \SI'() I imrrsilv affairs i mnili
ualia said the \SI (1 supported Dirsihri s in
oinnu'inlatIons and also look issue with l.m pro
lessor I'elei Snail's c onlention llml sludenl repre
seulatives In standing minimiltees were uiurli
Swan who was i Imirman ol the ad Inii i mu
miller that dialled the rules, aid AM (I exeiii
lire adminislialions are usuallv slow m appoint
lim sludenl represent.llives In i omuilllei
Ills i ommenls i .line hi ansun to llresi hei •
rei|iiesl llml a student i ommillee inemliei he pres
till when I lie I A A II dri ides a student s appeal
Not reipnrinn a sludenl i ommillee memhei lo
lie present when llir hoard makes sin h dei isious
would dn lease sludenl empoueimenl Haile\
I illversih administrators have ho. weeks to
lev leu llir leslimons and make anv manges lie
lore tiling the proposed guidelines with the Set
I elarv ol Slalr s ol I ii e
(line hied I hr V I’ll Kiel lilt's tin nine (Im'iin
\iI illl iiistr.it ivi■ l<ilies and i am I lie v\ right ol ( In
got) law
Students tend to deny risk of AIDS
Kv Denise C lilton
f liter.ild Assoc iate f ditor
I'llilm s Xole I Ins /s f/»e •’1*1
mu/ /m/7 uI .1 I tin part series on
III \ positive shulenls 1'iirl One
.i/i/ie.ireil \lniiil,n
I )isi i imm.itinn is .in uumis
l.lk.llile side eltei 1 nl being ill
lei led with human imruunnde
tit 11*tit \ \ mis When people
test positive bn the \ iius that
i an lead In AIDS thc\ often
tac e losing their jobs, then
homes their families and then
ti lends
Hut th.it disi i iiuiuatinn is
real It, a produi I of iiiisiiihirma
lion about the disease said
I add I obias the outre.u h di
rector lur Willamette AIDS
(aiunc il.
"I’eople disc riminate on the
basis nl not knowing, and tliev
have tears tor reasons that are
based on misintonn.itinn ui no
information at all " he said
'' And eilui at ion is the onl\
wa\ to eliminate that ilisi rimi
Students need to understand
that lll\ is not the same thing
as full-blown AIDS said Will
U lute I Ml \rt (lallerv i n ill
rei tor and AIDS Infonnatioii
Month i o-c oordinatur
"Being lll\ positive at tins
point doesn't mean a lot lie
said Nun could be HIV post
live yum i*ntin* hie .mil nrm
know il
You could also be 111 \ posi
live ami six months III a year ai
Inward vou could be \ii)S
symptomatic While added
I here's stdl a lot <>t questions
when it comes down In wind
111\ is and means
And people intei led w il li
lll\ also resell! always being
treated as an invalid In people
who know their mediial status
said Kmily Hedbrun the inlet
ini i lienl services coordinator
lor Sh.inti in ()regun. a lot al
AIDS support and counseling
serv ii e
I Inn miss just relating to
people the w.i\ they used to he
lore without being seen as a
person with AIDS." Heilhrun
said I very lime they see
someone yy ho knows they 're
being asked how are you
what's happening y\dh your
dot lor and all these questions
Although they apprei late
the i om ern usually people i an
gel very isolated Ironi oilier
people that yy.iy and il becomes
a form ol unintended disc rinii
nation." she added
Denying the epidemic
However homophobia has
I let: nine the largest ohslai le to
understanding MIX and AIDS
til l illisc SOI il'tl llUS pri’Sflltl'll
\ 11 )S as .1 gU\ II III 11 - disease
Si 1111 Mendith Ml llcnhei k (..i\
,md lesbian Alii,ini c vnhin
"A I (his point hi > 111< i) > I lot i i. i
.mil All)S phobia .ilinnsl go
I i.i i it I in h.i 11< I because tln-rc's ,i
• oming util prut css loi liulli
.mil sui inly Inis liicd tu ignore
both s.iid \l\ lleuhei k w lm
■ ilsu is .i ti,lined speaker lor lire
U dlamette All)S ( uiiui il
'liecailse we ie never dealt
with hornoplioliia and ue de
med it and ne saw that group
w llli the disease and we denied
it it s meant that we vc denied
this epniemii she said And
because we've ignored it it lie
i nine an epidemii
"So. it happened that AIDS
hit first in the gn\ i iiniinuni
tv " \\ lute said 'The f.n I is
anyone i an get it and everyone
should he concerned l ike one
ot the pier es m the (art) show
sa\s AIDS never dim .rim i
Mut students tend to believe
they are invincible and don't
have to worry about getting in
tei led with 111 \ said
Ml llenltei k w ho also speaks to
I diversity classes about AIDS
"in some ol the (hisses l ie
turn to HIV , Page H
I'lmln In for Hull!
lulli Moflvtt, ,\II)S l ilut.ilion.il /«i>A hirer t h.iintom.in. h.is
suxffcstrd srvrrul \II)S vihii.ition.il programs int lulling .1 sc\
shuppe 1 art to pass out litvraturv.
Task force educates
By Joe Kidd
Fmerald Reporter
i uni
A "sr\ shoppe ( .ill
plete \vIttl sate se\ apparatus
.uni literal ur«‘ will frequent
I 'Diversity events beginning
this spring il the AIDS F.dueu
tkiliai Task I uk i has Ms u,iy.
s.iul |utI\ Mufti'll i.isk ton c
i li.iirwoman
The i art is one ut several
Strategies the task Inrii' lias
planned lo hillill its mission ot
i imvim inn students si,ill .uid
I.ii ull\ Hi,it r\erMine is ,il risk
ill i iinttui 1111All IS .tin! thtil
lliei sliimlil prrtitice s.ile se\
,u i nrdillg In tlie l.isk fun e s
v\ riiten media plan
l lle task lull e feels the se\
slioppt! i .ill is net essan even
turn lo {dm alion, P.i^e it