Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, January 12, 1990, Page 13, Image 13

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Rissone excels as Duck wrestler
B\ Mike Maloney
Emerald ( ontrilnitor
II von wanted In < ongrntulnte
|oe Kissone tut being n.mieil In
the \i• \.i<i.i prep football
Team ill llie I)e( .nil' v mi
would ha\i' to i .il< h him .il
prai tii e
Hut il wouldn't im toulb.ill
prai lii c
Kissone. who led hi-, high
si liool gridiron squad to .1 i-l 11
season and .1 state title, is now
the starling I'll) ponndei on ()i
1‘gun's n.ilion.ilh ranked wres
tling squad
After high si liool. I dei ided
I wasn't big enough to play
lineman in college football.'
Kissone said "And I pisl liked
wrestling more
Not that his credentials in his
"second'' sport were am less
impressive As .1 senior
Kissone wrestled to .1 t i ll mark
en route to an individual slate
title and prep All Amerii an
"|oe pretty mui h dominated
the high school wrestling
scene." Oregon wrestling head
coat h Ron Finley said "He
pinned the majority ot his op
Kissone began Ins ()regon on
reel' in the tall ot l()Hr>. posting
a ti I mark in Ins freshman
campaign belore being side
lined when he blew out his
knee during a prai tn e session
"|oe was prettv impressive
until the injury." Finley said
"We didn't know it he 1 mild
make il I)<k k
Kissont! had major surgerv
during llic oil-season ami c.mie
h,u k his sophomore veai his
rnoltiiit\ limited In an over
bearing knee brae e
"I couldn't move or shoot
u 1111 that mi." Kissone said
I le u as hetallen by bar I I in k
again his junior se.ison litis
time separating Ins collarbone
tie sat out that vear on redsliirt
status anil lime again started
on lire road ul rehabilitation'
"Sometimes I wondered il it
was worth it Kissone said I
didn't know it tin- retiabilila
tion would pay oft
tie was .tbit: to U resile a i out
plete season last year, vet never
quite got on tret k and finished
with it 10-10 rer ord
"Until tills v ear I think |oe
was real wan of re-injuring
himself.' I inlev said I le
came reach to wrestle tins
fall "
t his v\ ill be Kissone s last
season in an Oregon wrestling
uniform, and alreadv it looks as
it It W ill he Ills best
I le has jumped out to a 10 I
record, including two victories
over Stanford All American
Kent I’errv
Kissone pinned I’errv in their
11rst meeting one ot tiis team
leading four tails blit Oregon
wrestling assistant < oat h
Chut k hearnev said the second
win was tin* biggest
")oe dominated Kerry on
points in their sec ontl meet
nig." he said It proved that
the first win wasn't a fluke
He also look second place at
tins year's prestigious Oregon
Classic Ins only loss c oming at
the hands of Oklahoma State
All A meric an Kandy (ioullure
hearnev said the coaching
stall knew he was t apaltle of
sue It outstanding performances
all along
"He's the toughest wrestler
ill the practice room.” hearnev
said "But now he’s believing
In KmIjii « .illr
for Kissii/ir's itrrstlmii suit t’ss /i.is v.trncil him ihr •J.irlim;
l!H)-l>ouiul slut on Ihr I niirrsilx nrrstlinv •miii.iiI
In himself during competition
more III.in lie has in tile pusl
We knew u ll.it lie u.is i apahle
ol .ill along
Both coach anil wrestler
agree that this new louiul i on
lideni e stems trom a le\el ol
conditioning that Rissone did
not ai hieve in the past
"Injuries interrupted |oe's
training in the past." Finley
s.iul Now he is in In tai the
best shape ot his i areer
Till linallv wresiling a lull
m.ill h," Rissone s.tul hast
season Id he tired attei one
round "
linlev said Rissone s mi
provemenl should slum m this
season's l’at III tournament
a toiirnainenl he lias vet to
plat e in
It |no keeps impinging lie
i ould tpialily tor the \i \ A s
and even plat e there I inlay
said, noting the inn pound
weight division is 'wide
Regardless nl whcthci hr
achieves All Ami'iu .in status
|or Kissoiif has li.nl .111 impres
sive i arecr .it tlif I niversitv of
Oregon llowovot when asked
about the highlight "I Ins 11.11 f
dei ade m thf green .iml gold
In* (lot's mil speak ol ,i heron
liikf (lown or pm
I think niv highlight is lif
ini’ .i |i.trl ol thf fttoil il took to
i>o from tlif tr.im» van ai i ideul
a vi'.ir lifloif I i ami1 here to
whore we arf tmlav In' said
kills spring Kissone will
graduate with a degree in sin i
nlogy Although lif has liffii
wrestling suin' hi* was H vears
old Ilf's not sad about si'fing
his career < ome to an f ml
I vc lieen hi thf w resiling
room an awful long time he
said 'I've had two knee sur
gerics a numlifi ol rotator i nit
injuries and generally bffii
heal up fver\ da\ It s an aitia/
trig rclifl lo almost tie done
I If has imilied the ri'sl
Ducks face Bulldogs, Beavs
The Oregon wrestling
Icim hosts I-resno State «it
Mi Art hill Court tonight .it
7: 50 |) 111 before traveling to
Corvallis to meet Oregon
State .it (oil (loliseum Satur
da\ .1! 7 til |> in
Tin- I)m ks .in- ranked
2 till in the nation in the hit
est edit ion ol \m.limit 11 re>
tling Vim s ll.ni V'idl.ik
u bt> w resiles ■ t! the I 1H
pound i Ins-. In,ids llic te.im
v\ ilh .1 r.ilinjj ol sixth m tIn
( trefoil In.ids llu- .ill limn
series with l li'siui SI.lit- .it
till I In- I )ui ks .tlso In.id
tin- serins with llm Ih-iivers
"j7 I t 1 Tim ilulldo){s urn
in I this season. .uni Orison
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