Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, November 05, 1980, Section A, Page 3, Image 3

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    Parties feature zoo of elephants, donkeys
Of ttw Emerald
Who says politicians are dull?
Certainly no one who wended
their way through the laughter,
tears, excitement and booze
that marked the final chapter in
the saga of the 1980 campaign.
The time for hearty hand
shakes and ponderous plati
tudes was over and the can
didates and their supporters
gathered together to await the
decision of the voters and to
either celebrate victory or brood
over defeat.
Lane County Democrats
jammed into their tiny Wil
lamette St. headquarters to par
ticipate in their election night
celebration. The local
Republicans were more ex
travagant, abandoning their
headquarters in favor of the
meeting room of the Asia Gar
dens restaurant.
The two gatherings were both
billed as “Victory Celebra
tions.” Both took place within
two blocks of the other. How
ever, there were marked differ
ences between the two.
Shirts and ties seemed to be
the rule for males at the GOP
gathering, which for the most
part appeared to be a nicely
clothed gathering.
Vote slated
on grades,
new standards
Graduation requirements and
grading procedures face dis
cussion and a vote in today’s
University Assembly meeting,
scheduled for 3:30 p.m. in 150
In accordance with previous
faculty legislation, the Cur
riculum Committee has
proposed revised degree
requirements. English Prof.
Thelma Greenfield, chairer of
the committee, says the
proposed changes would as
sure depth and variety in the
general requirements.
The University Senate
recently postponed a vote on
the motion until its January
That action was taken when
Student University Affairs Board
members requested more time
to study the motion, complain
ing they hadn't received an ex
planation of the motion before
the meeting. Senate members
said the Senate should delay the
vote until the University works
out the semester-switch timeta
Another Assembly motion be
ing considered today would
count no-pass grades (N's) as
fails (F’s) in computing grade
point averages. Currently, N's
are listed on student records but
aren't figured into the GPA.
Russian and German Prof.
John Beebe says he introduced
the motion to "protect
educationally disadvantaged
students by identifying them
Senate members voted the
motion down at the Oct. 29
Senate meeting.
For Textbooks
Smith Family
768 E. 13th
1 Bl. From Campus
Ph 345-1651
Election results cause gloating, gloom
While the Democrats certainly
had their share of sharp-looking
threads, there also were some
individuals who would have no
trouble blending into the cam
pus, Saturday Market, or any
local culvert.
The one major exception at
the Republican gathering was a
GOP enthusiast who wore a
ragged sweatshirt bearing a
number of buttons shouting the
praises of such former Repub
lican heroes as Dwight Eisen
hower and Barry Goldwater.
The Republicans had a well
stocked bar with a uniformed
bartender. The Democrats
slurped beer from paper cups.
All in all, the Democrats
seemed to attract a wider variety
of people to their party. In fact, a
not infrequent query by party
activists throughout the course
of the evening was “Who are all
these people?"
A number of casual sympath
izers, fellow travelers and street
denizens wandered in to join the
party, attracted by the music
and bright lights.
Both gatherings generally
were upbeat, even in the face of
electoral setbacks.
As might be expected, the
presidential race provided the
major impetus for celebration at
the Republican gathering. The
early projection of a Reagan
victory by the major networks
and Republican congressional
gains gave the GOP gathering a
triumphal air that lasted
throughout the evening.
Around 7:30 p.m., Lane
County Republican Central
Committee chairer John Hanks
made the short walk to
Democratic headquarters to
Photo by Steve Dykes
South Eugene county commissioner Jerry Rust received congra
tulatory hugs from supporters at the Democrat party Tuesday night.
Incumbent Rust defeated challenger Mel Jackson.
present the gift of a tie, em
blazoned with donkeys, to
Democratic Central Committee
chairer Bill Morissette.
Undaunted, Morissette wore
the tie for the rest of the even
Later, at Harris Hall, GOP Na
tional Committeeman Peter
Murphy would offer to send the
tie to Ronald Reagan to be au
tographed. Murphy then help
fully suggested that the tie could
then be auctioned off at a
Democratic fundraiser.
Later a minor dispute would
break out as a TV technician
requested the chief political
writer of the Eugene Register
Guard to step out of the TV area.
A discussion of the relative im
portance of print vs. electronic
media was followed by the
writer defiantly stepping back
across the barrier.
While the Democrats couldn’t
really feel happy about the pres
idential election, neither did
they let it unduly dampen their
spirits. They preferred to cheer
the victories of Jerry Rust and
Scott Lieuallen in the two coun
ty commission races and that of
Margie Hendriksen in District
Both Lieuallen and Rust were
at Harris Hall early in the even
ing as returns came in Rust
gregariously greeted friends
and acquaintances For the
most part, Lieuallen stood by
and looked nervous.
Both men had good reason to
be nervous as the first returns
came in and showed tight races
in both north and south Eugene
However, the second set of re
turns showed both men pulling
away, a development that was
greeted with whoops of joy by
their supporters, most of whom
then retired to the party at
Democratic headquarters.
“There's something to cheer
about tonight,” one shouted
Later at Democratic head
quarters, Rust would join Mar
gie Hendriksen and a group of
tap dancers in donning paper
hats and dancing to the tune of
"Yankee Doodle Dandy" in
celebration of both their victor
The news that “Liberalism is
not dead in Eugene tonight,”
was shouted out to the world.
Winners and losers in races
around the state and in other
states around the nation was a
favorite topic of conversation.
Rumors about imminent
Republican domination of the
Senate provoked shudders and
Eventually, the crowds began
to thin out, departing either in
search of sleep or further cele
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