Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, November 04, 1980, Page 12, Image 12

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    Protesters advocate election boycott
Of Hm Emerald
Protesters at the federal
building in Eugene Monday
urged passing motorists to
boycott today's presidential
election as the first move in
scrappping the present "imper
ialistic American government.”
Devin Hess, a member of the
African People’s Solidarity
Committee, hollered through
his bullhorn that the next pre
sident will be forced to aid
fascist governments because of
America’s imperialist position in
the world.
The president is trapped in
imperialism no matter what his
ideology is, he added.
The only way to fight against
imperialism is to protest the
system that supports it, said
Hess, one of 20 protesters at the
downtown federal building.
“Boycott the election and say
no to imperialism,” he urged.
"To say that Carter is the lesser
of two evils is to be fooled by
another face of U S. imper
ialism. Whoever is in the office
must intervene in the Middle
Hess said Carter brought
back draft registration, allocat
ed hundreds of billions of dol
lars to defense, invited the ex
Shah of Iran into the country
and bolstered brutal regimes
around the globe.
All these things were done to
increase the profits of American
oil companies and multinational
corporations, not to help the
working class, Hess said.
The Carter administration has
oppressed blacks and workers
to aid big business, he said. “He
Progress for the 80’s
Oregon stands at the crossroads between
heavily centralized and bureaucratic or
locally controlled diversified sources of
The choice is ours.
For the Future
For District 41
Paid tor by Citizens to Elect Hauck,
630 E 14tt\ #4. Eugene, OR,
Bob Reuschlein, Treasurer ,
VWUl gll EEllJl E
Living Place/Legislature/County Comm./Polling Place
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Westmoreland Housing
E Campus Housing
Laurel Hill Valley
*41 N Eugene
*41 N Eugene
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S Eugene
S Eugene
Wesiey Fndn. 1236 Kincaid
EMU Post Office (Rm 101)
Roosevelt JH, 24th & Hilyard
Scot Rite Temple, 13th & Chambers
Condon Elem , 1787 Agate
Laurel Hill Elem., 2621 Augusta
Other campus area polling places:
Edison Elementary, Congregational Church, S Eugene High, 1st Christian,
Grace Lutheran, Central Presbyterian
Not registered?
Go downtown to 175 W 8th, near Bon Marche, to the Lane Co. Elections Office
Paid ASUO State Affairs
is enforcing economic terror on
the people of the United
Blacks have particularly good
reason to abandon the pre
sidential election, he said, ad
ding that doing so would mean a
black victory.
Members of the solidarity
committee also are wary of pre
sidential candidates Ronald
Reagan and John Anderson.
Carol Lopes, another com
mittee member, said Reagan is
consolidating the Right and
mobilizing America's white na
The rising white nationalism
includes terrorism by the Ku
Klux Klan and murders of blacks
in Atlanta and Los Angeles,
Lopes said. Because of the
election Carter must appear
more conservative to please the
new white nationalistic consti
tuency, she said.
The group sees Anderson as
a hybrid of the two.
Lopes said people must begin
to educate each other and form
groups in their own communi
ties to take back the power the
government now controls.
"We must not let the U S.
government represent us. We
must completely reject
government and make a clean
break from the ruling class.''
However, Lopes says Eugen
eans should vote for progres
sive propositions and also
should vote against ballot mea
sure 8, which would allow fund
ing for more prisons.
Photo by David W Zahn
While bigger protesters were urging a boycott of today's general
election, a young protester slipped in a pitch for the jailed Dessie
Fadeley rebuts ‘cheap shot’
Nancie Fadeley says Vern Meyer is lying again.
Meyer, Fadeley’s opponent for the District 42
seat in the Oregon House of Representatives, has
cursed her legislative record throughout the
campaign, and Fadeley says Meyers
advertisement in Saturday s Springfield News
was just a “last minute cheap shot.”
The ad said Fadeley voted against HB 2186, a
1979 tax rebate measure.
Fadeley says she voted against the Senate
version of the bill, which provided for less tax
relief than the House bill. In the final vote, she
supported the bill.
Nick Tri, campaign worker for Meyer, said
Fadeley changed her vote when she discovered
she was in the minority.
“We re not showing that she was against the
measure or the tax plan, but that when the con
ference committee rewrote the bill, she voted
against it.
“The question still remains, even though the
Senate bill was lower, why did she turn around
and say yes?” Tri asks.
Fadeley insists she supported more tax relief,
and Meyer's charge has come too late for her to
deny it. "It’s impossible to refute in the Springfield
News before the election.”
Fadeley says the charge is is just one of many
false claims Meyer has used against her in the
Fadeley has disproved charges that she spon-t
sored only four bills that passed the House, that
she was the biggest spender in the Legislature
and that she voted to raise rents and medical
“I sent Vern Meyer a letter and asked him to
apologize to the voters, and he said he was
amending his charges,” Fadeley says.
Meanwhile, Meyer has not surfaced during the
campaign to discuss the issues. Fadeley says
she’s not running against Meyer, but against a
misrepresentation of her own legislative record.
“He doesn't have any understanding of the
issues,” she says.
Cultural Forum Presents
The thoughtful hedonist ofprose & poetry
reading from current and in-progress works
Wednesday November 5
8:30 PM
EMU Ballroom
11.00 at the door
“Mr. Brautigan submitted a book to us in 1962
from the reports that it was not about trout fishing. "
- The Viking Press
A book-signing with Richard Brautigan
Thursday, November 6,9-10 AM
Upstairs in Trade books at the UO Bookstore
:• ***** ***'
We’ve got a problem.
After more than 20 years and 5,o00 taxpayer
supported studies, not one ounce of the
radioactive wastes bom nuclear plants
is yet in permanent storage.
We’ve got a solution.
Ballot Measure 7 simply says that until this
problem is solved, additional nuclear plants
cannot be built here in Oregon, and requires voter
approval for siting of any future plants.
It lllflkCS S611SC* You don t create
more radioactive waste until you can
permanently dispose of it.
It makes sense* Voters should have
the right to decide about the nuclear option.
Paid for by Citizens for Safe Energy, Lucia McKe/vey, treasurer.,
348 IV. 8th, Eugene