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Fountain Court Cafe
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Burrito Entree
Are You Interested
in Community Work
and in receiving a Federal stipend
and full-time credit?
Attend University Year for Action
Informational Meeting
Thursday, October 23
at 7:30 PM in the Gerlinger Lounge
or call 686-3813
Here’s how:
Fill out and mail in a registration form and then on election day go to your neighborhutjd polling place and exert vour influence.
OREGON VOTER REGISTRATION FORMS are available in racks on countertops all over the campus area, in the post
office, department offices, and local businesses Drop oft vour completed form at the SLAB desk in the EMI lobby or the
AM O in Suite 4 bv (Xi 24 or mail it in v ourself to the lone County FJections Department by Oct. 2" (they must receive it bv
Oct >9)
RFX.ISTEKINC l SING YOUR HOME ADDRESS rather than vour U ofO address. Do so only if vou enclose a request tor
an absentee balk a
REGISTERING IN PF.RSON up through election dav can be done at the lane County FJections Office in downtown F.ugene
at 17 > W Kth
IF VUl *VF. MOVFJ), even it it's only across the street, you must re-register
IF YOUR NAME HASCHANGED for any reason, vou must re-register
RE-REGISTER bv the same procevs as tor registering Your old registration will be automatical erased
RF2sIDF.NCT RFXJl IRF.MF.NT. Will vou have lived in Oregon for at least 20 days preceeding the Nov 4 election1 It so,
vou re eligible (Be aware that registering to vote in Oregon implies Oregon residence.)
FORFJGNFRS. Non-citi/ens cannot vote in U.S. elections
PARTY AFFILIATION does not affect vour general election ballot (only primary election) You can still vote
for anv partv or combination or parties and independents in the November 4 election
PARTIAI VOTING. It you leave some pans of vour ballot unpunched, the races and issues which you do punch will still be
WFIAT'S ON THE BAIJ.OT: I S President, senator and congressmen, Oregon secretary of state, attomev
general, treasurer and legislators, county commissioners, numerous judgeships and local government funding
measures Outside F.ugene there may also be city council and other miscellaneous races and issues.
STATE. BAUOT MEASURES, eight of them, deal with election of the state superintendent of public instruction, mentally
handicapped voting rights, oil and natural gas taxes, the gasoline tax, leghold traps, property tax limitation, nuclear plant licensing
and state bond foe correctional facilities Abo, in Lone County, there is a marijuana measure
VOTER’S PAMPH1TTS should be sent out in mid-October, one to a household, addressed to “occupant Hopefully, extra
copies will be available at pint office and at the lone County elections Department in downtown Flugene at 175 W. 8th
MORE INFORMATION of anv kind about the election can be had by stopping bv the SLAB desk in the EMI lobbv or
phoning lone Countv FJections at 68 ~ -4234.
I JCT*S VOTE 1 ursdav November 4 Polls are open 8 UU am to 8 pm.
POUJNC PEACE AND VOTING DISTRICT'depend on the place vou live.
University Inn
Other Dorms
Amazon Housing
Vk est more Land Housing
F Campus Housing
W l’mv, Jefferson,
Wesrsade A Wfoteaker
N aghbor hoods
S I'mv At Amazon Neigh
Faumount Neighborhood
laurel Hdl Valiev
Springfield At Glenwood
* 40
* 39
N Eugene
S F.ugene
Wesley Fndn 1236 Kincaid
EMU Post Office (Rm. 101)
Roosevelt JH, 24th At Hilyard
Scot Rue Temple. 13th At Chambers
Condon EJem., 178' Agate
#39. 40 41
*40. 41. 42
N F.ugene
S F.ugene
S F.ugene
S F.ugene
various places
various places
three places
laurel Hill FJem , 2621 Augusta
various places
! mrr
More complete information is available at the SI AB Information and Grievance Desk in the F.Ml lobbv or at Lane County
FJections. phone 68"-4234
The Elephant Man
Directed by David Lynch
Starring Anthony Hopkins,
John Hurt
Mayflower Theatre
The Elephant Man will not be
a popular movie
It's a film that will make the
me-generation take a look at
ugliness and cringe — not at the
ugliness, but at the way we deal
with it. Light moments are few;
it’s deliberately somber in
mood, made more so by the
black and white cinematog
The setting is Victorian Lon
don. A young doctor, Frederick
Treves (Anthony Hopkins) finds
a creature at a circus that
arouses his scientific curiosity;
a man so deformed by a prena
tal accident that people shrink
with revulsion at the sight of
him. Billed as “The Elephant
Man” in a freak show, he makes
his owner a meager living until
Treves begins to study him.
After their first meeting, Treves
says, “I pray to God he’s an
idiot.” But he’s not. He's John
Merrick (John Hurt), not an
“Elephant Man,” but a cultured,
sensitive human being
Presumably, the purpose of
the film is to create a feeling for
this “disgusting spectacle of
humanity” as Treves calls him.
In this it succeeds. Merrick is by
far the most interesting char
acter, for two reasons; he’s an
ugly curiosity and the other
people in the movie are pretty
A strong feeling is generated
in the audience, but the feeling
boils down to sympathy for a
freak; the guy’s had a rough life
His beautiful mother died when
he was young, he was enslaved
by a lecherous fiend who beat
and humiliated him. And he's
uglier than Godzilla We feel
sorry for him which i something
of a downfall for the film.
We never really get to know
John Merrick. We see him in
extremely humiliating and
dehumanizing situations, and
we see him react. But what does
he think about it, what does he
feel? When Treves’ hospital
takes Merrick into its care, he
tells the people they’ve been
very kind. No kidding? When he
meets Treves’ wife for the first
time, he breaks into tears at
being “treated so well by a
beautiful woman." He’s ob
viously a lonely man. How has
he dealt with that all his life?
How does he feel when he looks
in the mirror?
We don’t know.
What we do see is the way he
deals with Treves and the others
who treat him well and become
his friends. We see what a dif
ference it makes for him to have
a good self-image through the
eyes of these friends. We see
that being able to say “I know
that I am loved” is to say I can
enjoy life no matter what I look
The Elephant Man leaves
many questions unanswered,
and the use of montage tech
nique is sometimes confusing
But it’s definitely interesting,
and nicely crafted. It’s an unu
sual film — not always nice to
look at — which is very consis
tent with its content.
—The staff box—
Somehow it's already Wed and Bender
and I are still up here at the Emerald. Sigh
To avoid this in the future, please get your
information for the calendar, your stories
and/or photos to my desk (in the corner
where it says Entertainment) or in my box
by 5 p m on Thursdays one week prior to
the date of publication Oh, that
reminds me, I'm searching for a new
name got any ideas? Write them in.
Better tie this up: Brett Bender, nice guy
that he is, stayed pleasantly late to copyedit
all the stories (THANK YOU, BRETTCO);
Ken Sands played with his car, and in
between brake pads coded and helped with
layout (THANK YOU. KEN! Hoorah.) Sandy,
in production and the crew back there are
always patient with us lackeys (THANK
YOU, TEAM); and I (mhmm, Erzsi De'ak,
Entertainment Editor) am trying to be
patient with late stories and photos. Tra lah
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