Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, October 16, 1980, Section A, Page 2, Image 2

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At lufroac ptcrgratm ant r*e* programs
rma-resiac ir ftr 9£*
! Deadline for submission
of prog'a~ goals:
Hov&mber “ C
^«feaiKfc ooni&c jot f^fc-oa't^fcr ^.^rr Somrerat. cr
Oorts >froote rr Suite - EM. 6S&-37S* nr oeian o4 the
&. tsec t tsogetrrrg proceo ores
FockJ fun for everyone
I 0 •' AOS * < rtsa^ o«aoc <T b^ArCtah> seieotac maait r »s
iryilt. 5>tocrV^«eC aoc WJf*C K Sfca' toe ojtsoe sr. tOtT
T'rtr ijr^e <a'/C t;a*0' a't saaiac frSfOt Tne mea* *
ooo*ac tc o-oa- or toe f.Zi'JNOVJ- ~<C ' troi*r wnfor
I 31**?$ r Otwcoa--L»*€ t;a*o' S%r*^c at « saoo
| wtr i-'r.c yaac a'rc Vas' iomatoat omons aoc
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daily emerald
~-M> *✓** — — -'< '- «
f ««y*c fruu-w.** Oc «* v* -'W****** <r •"•S^ *-“***
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.J.ro- »f./ ~IV 'J**m ‘S f>* f v< txxx V v« £.". Miners*> -K.X/f
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!ve»t «<<C i.O*x^«i
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«v*»t Low/
i1 Mi WW"5 Not
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i-'tt*r~Mi’rriiwr £d«v
tacw Ukin
L»ia«t Sy»fc«*
* TTf-"T*'** an* &ane©«
6MM *■•***A
J*J» fxatiK*
tv/r f.«K/
lsj,*?’*»**s tmmxy
X W«u*
Tamara Swenson
Jody Murray
Errsi De ak
Paul Telies
Picnaro Wagoner
Leslie Farris
jim Gersbach
Bill Manny
Manan Green
Rich Bruer
Mike Rust
Mike Lee
Jim Wechsler
Sally Otjar
Sandra McMullen
Oarene Gore
Jernl Nilson
Jean Own bey
et gl_
Jj'jf bs&'Jr I a/RCT*
^df >
'^Tu^'P MINUS'
fHI: Wt* JA6
r0 fetfc-<> 0<«
^ .(.fc'ON P.C., 5.R
n<dj yjK^j. '<-.i,f._rf
V/» ' A*''* ' Sfd, ✓.C wA*>-lliVl -.JlUv*
Qtf&JZ1 : NEvcf HchC ;£ . .. .
University researchers relate
money, political involvement
Mone y lairi. the o>c acaga
goes ou’ three jrnne'v’y re
serene's nave found money
atsc i-stent — or a' teat-1 per
suaoes peopie tc tend a' ear to
tne poittioa process
Anc once they *e tuned ir
tne- re tuned on sayt the dtr
trcior o' toe esea'cr project
carries ..erne*" a jOurna srri
-eme*" arte two other faculty
memoe't pare a randorr sample
o Eugene-Sp' 'g’fc d area
Republicans to watch a £e
o-oar‘ oeoate trorr Nett* Hamp
shire among se%-e'a GOP pre
Sroentia contenders Two other
groups o1 Republicans woo had
no- Peer pa>d met later
interviewed Hr comparison
Tne pate group, the re
searcners found not only
watcheo *o% deoate in far
greater numbers than the
otoe^ ou- nep- jg their interest
rr trie election campaign even
ahe' they thought their roie in
toe study was over The trio also
tounc tna* ther interest was not
itmitec to the Republican races
"he researchers, who also
mciuoed r'.a' Nest void a jour
introduces the
XEROX 9500
Solid blacks
Two copies/second
764 E. 13th
nahsm professor anti
f ioi a teiecommur f/ i
professor arid the research '%
suits. showed tha* the rubs
pend exposure to the teievtsed
debate created foteres* ard vr ts
greater interest then ec to
greater learning about ca" -
pa»gn events
The pattern was not followed
b/ members of the unpa c
groups who had arge y allowed
the debates to go unno» ceo
Lernert says
However, Lemert says it
wasn’t only the money that
«rv w. ■ * - *■ - * WV- - ,A — - - ■ — —— l
win have a meeting tonight at 7 pm m Room
112 EMU The agenda « posted m Alien anc
VHiard Halts Persons interested m lorimg
SPJ are urged to attend For more inform*
tior tan SPJ chapter president Byron Caicz
at 345-5226 or 666-4245
The University chapter of the PuMIc
RMattont Student Society of America wii
have its first meeting of trie year oca. at
3:30 p m in the Allen Hai Reading Room
Featured speakers witi Pe John McAtiste'
public 'eiations director at Sacreo mea"
Hospital Dennis Lavery, college relations
and development director at Oregon Do liege
of Education and Tom Santee public infor
mation officer for Eugene Water ana Eiecto:
Board They will discuss specific issues m
the public relations field and ways stuoents
can prepare for future jobs
All students interested m public -eiations
are invited to attend the meeting For mo-e
information call Jack Ewar at 556-3752 or
Barbara Leavitt at 667-6213
The Club Sports Votteybal team wV meet
tonight in the EMU. room to be postec For
more information call Gilbert E Netson at
Representatives of the Citizen s
i,pj"ed t^e nines', i) j" f (A as
appa^e-rtH toe nrtia eoos.'e
to the oepate rrsef4 which rec*
propie watc'ing
■1 sc" o4 f ar ts c *'
Tn©meht«rr .e-'e" said
'roe'll'* There was some**" ig
e se GO' 'c cr ~*ey the
T.emoers of re p&'C g'c.p)
were tj"iec rr tc it Someth ~g
* appe'iet air r.a* sorer *'g
was the oeosne
A tota o' 1S6 pe*so*:5 were
ro'rtsc r toe stjo.v *3 o‘ re*
paid $3 to warto* r<e Pearuary
2C oeoate To** *we» -.a— os* 'e
the ratio's first primary state
OfcTTO^'Ein _iDe-xa'iar anc nepjo
^a-iie* wiil 3s;js trier pare; principle;
arc "eievaris* tr topb> i wd’i: it a rp-j
spcmsorec o* trie jnu/e-sr. _n>e~a'a-;
xpngrr ar *.3C t.ir. ir =iootr '32 3ilpe—a
x-jdienoe pjestipru wil at answe-ec
inttM wnl "oir c pjpic meetrc xooa> at
2-30 p TT r MPDTT '![" EM_
^relww ItoMimc Sum* ot *'t
inpjistips paaaTfnerr will speai p* i-re'
te-ence anc tie appicmo* a" pnpnoogca
ru.es toaei a- 3-30 p rr ir =spdi 202
Onapmar -.at.
p- a uncnnaape’ semma- xossi ar "2 30
p t i- =ioptt 30* rpicanoiPSi Oeeni*
Mi rn wnl speai or iDsniiricaoo' ot
Wap~.an: Processes .sin; =oe o' Trace
Ee~e_ ’ Oats anr joe* Jkr*r>3»
Gomes uril psr.-s; Oeoop> o' me San
w,a~r Mine Mssiior
*ne-e wiil ne f psoaxe ne*wee‘ re ra"
poaxes to- Noum Mns «t xosa. a*' 2 30
5 - r n.xx” ' 2? or T*>e _e» So*o:>
worry Rue anc He JtcMOf oanocates
rp- .ane Oooori Comnasaone' w" oer-ate
toae. s' nop- r me EM. -o-j
in Oregon
The internationally-known SpinruC Master SRI CHINMOY will
be in Oregon on October l'th and lSth. The scheduled events are
designed to reflect the Master's inspiring and dynamic nfuiosopr.'
\\’e at the Eugene Sn Chinmox Centre wvxdd ,.ac to invite all
sincere seekers to join with us tor am or all ot the events listed bekt»
I he l ruversitv ot Oregon Physical KJucatxv' LVparanese. e ^.vorrmror :Nc ^iigme
Sn Chmmoy Athletic Club, will tenure SRI CHINMOY as i c**« spmfcer or rr»r L ot O
Campus, Room 180 PLC Sn Ounrooy s lecture, enmiesi "TV lw*r Runamc aac me Outer
Running, will expire the relationship between spanruni-O rracacarw «ac -uasun*;
FRIDAY, OCT. 17, 7:00 P.M„ El GENE
An evening of meditation ml spintual musa- .til Sc orte-ec p. SRI CHINMOY ■ a* L«*
County Conference Centei, Uth and Monroe, Foagenr SRI CHINMOY »ti. » partbnsmt* on
esr«j, flute anil harmonium Along «ith SRI CHINMOY »*. Nr sarasrs aewesa l"C >«»
group, from Sn Chinmoy's W« Coast Centres. Fntuml gr.atj* mcajar the Nan CNegc Vl nnefi -
Croup, the San Francisco instrumental group AaaRenmg and DEV ACUP em news** gvntar
lhrSnChmmo. Athlet* Club tnli sponsor « 31 laa (IR© Mir> ran TVi»rl«w«
Coburg tJementary School, " JO shaip IV kxy Axmr a Am mv lies ana V awniami by
aid stations and splits at every mile A post rat hruach anil Se ,drw vasty; nrit Tblurts K* all
finishers, and awards lor all categoric* Forts forms i.aUatue at ai aval-g c,m Cal
f>K^-0870 for more inhirmation
N«sond evening ot meditation and spu itual musa »ui he vFeresd at Maa
me Faonomas Building on the Oregon Stare l nnerao Canyas. There n ta. let lor the
t°n »P‘‘«>*d nutsa commix. For nave mtormaoon atvwt SRJ CHINMOY s »
n-all 683-412H; 48S-8OJ0; ngj^OW; or 68'aWN)