Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, September 30, 1980, Page 7, Image 7

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    Used clothing stores profit from inflation
Used clothing stores seem to
be one business profiting from
Customers can pay anywhere
from a tenth to half the price on
clothes they might have bought
new. Jeans can be bought for
around $10 and matching tops
for $3 or $4. A $35 or $40 dress
new can be purchased for $10
to $12 in a used clothing store.
Economic difficulties aren’t
the only reasons people go to
used clothing stores. Many are
looking for vintage clothes
(clothes made in the early
1900s) that could be used as a
costume in a play or as a funky
outfit for a punk rock fanatic.
“We had this leopard shirt
that I though no one would ever
buy, but this guy loved it,” says
Barbara Kaykas from Tattered
Roses used clothing store. “I’m
pretty sure he was a punk — you
know, like punk rock.”
Debbie Norquist, manager of
Puttin' on the Ritz, says that
similar styles found in contem
porary clothes and clothes from
the 1940's draw people into her
vintage store.
People don’t always come in
to the store to buy clothes.
Sometimes they want to sell
them. Generally, stores will pay
50 percent of the resale value —
if the store will buy the garments
at all.
“I'm pretty choosey,’’ says
Gayle Hutchinson, owner of
Rags to Riches. "The clothes
have to be in pretty good shape
and I usually don't take anything
over two years old unless it’s a
vintage item.”
Stores will also take items on
consignment, which works as a
contract, giving the store and
the individual half the cost if the
item sells.
A new store for pregnant
women called the New Incarna
tion deals in used maternity
clothes and books on women s
Owner Rhonda Schneider al
so says she will pay 50 percent
of the resale value to people
who will bring their used mater
nity wear into her shop.
VP candidates nix
debate invitations
League of Women Voters, its
invitation rejected by two of the
candidates, on Monday
canceled the vice presidential
debate the organization had
planned to hold in Louisville, Ky.
later this week.
League president Ruth Hiner
feld said she will keep trying to
arrange two remaining planned
among the presidential can
Republican George Bush fol
lowed the lead of GOP pre
sidential nominee Ronald
Reagan in turning down the
debate invitation. Vice Pre
sident Walter Mondale said he
would debate only if Bush ac
Aides for both candidates
stayed away from a league
meeting called to make
arrangements for a vice pre
sidential debate in Louisville on
Thursday, and the meeting was
canceled. A few hours later, the
league abandoned plans for the
Louisville debate.
Independent vice presidential
candidate Patrick Lucey had
accepted the invitation uncon
ditionally, as did John Ander
son, the independent presiden
tial candidate who debated
Reagan in Baltimore in the
league's first debate Sept. 21.
President Carter boycotted
the Reagan-Anderson debate in
Baltimore, saying he wanted to
debate Reagan alone first.
Reagan has since refused a
one-on-one debate with Carter,
insisting there also be a Carter
Anderson debate.
Hinerfeld said the league will
continue its discussion with the
presidential candidates to work
out an acceptable debates
“We continue to urge the
public to bring pressure on the
candidates to commit to more
campaign debates,” she said.
"Our planning for the presiden
tial debates currently proposed
for Cleveland, Ohio, and Port
land, Ore., will continue.”
Put the
Good Life
on wheels.
Pedal into Fall and keep going all
year long on a smooth riding
Miyata or Mikado from
Hawkeye's Whether
you're after a new bike,
a rental, winter acces
sories or high quality
repairs, let Hawkeye's
friendly bike experts get
you rolling into the Good
Life todayl
On the corner of 13th & Oak in Eugene, 343-5722
Inner Tube Water Basketball Action
The Recreation and Intramural staff welcomes you to
the University of Oregon and hopes your stay will be
educationally and recreationally rewarding. This fall
a wide variety of recreational activities are available
to students and faculty. You are invited to get
involved now Check the schedule on this page for
specific sport deadlines.
Flag/Razzle Dazzle Football - Razzle Dazzle is in ns
second season as an intramural activity and is
offered in men’s, women’s and co-ed divisions. If you
like spontaneous, wild, exciting games Razzle
Dazzle is for you. Flag football is available for men in
division I and II.
Co-ed Volleyball starts off the season with evening
games on Mondays and Wednesdays. The co-ed
season will run for approximately four weeks after
which leagues for men and women will form.
Bowling leagues (co-ed, men & women) are forming
and games are planned to begin the week of October
13. Team captains are to check in the RIM office (103
Budwelser and Western Beverage Company praaant this page aa
a aarvlca to studanta Interested In recreation and Intramural*.
Publication of RIM Nows should not be interpreted in anyway a* a
endorsement of the sponsor's product by th# Unlverlaty of
Oregon. _
Gerlinger) and also with Mai Fiese at the EMU
Recreation desk to schedule team.
Inner Tube Water Basketball begins its eighth year
of fun filled splashing at Gerlinger Pool. If you’ve
never tried this game you’re in for a treat. It is played
as a co-ed game and you’ll need six players (3 men
and 3 women). Games are scheduled for Monday &
Wednesday evenings from 5:00 - 9:00 p m.
Managers/Captains Meetings
Flag and Razzle Dazzle Football Friday, October 3
Co-ed Volleyball Friday. October 3
Inner Tube Water Basketball Friday. October 9
Check in the RIM office for location and time for each
meeting. It is important that each team have a
representative present.
Football/Volleyball Officials Needed - Applications
available at the RIM office. Training clincs for foot
ball on October 1 and 2 at 3:30 p.m. Training clincs
for volleyball will be at 6:00 p.m. on October 1 and 2
Learn a new part time skill and get paid while doing it.
Come in to the RIM office NOW!
Tennis Singles Tournament will be held on Satur
day, October 11. Put this Saturday on your calander
to try your skills on the Covered Courts. Pick up your
entry at te RIM office.
Fun Runs - the first run fall term will be Thursday,
October 9. Check the RIM office for details. Runs
103 Gerllngar Hall Phone 686-4121, 686-4113
vary in length from one to four miles Maps are also
available in the office of several jogging courses
around campus. Stop by and pick one up.
Century Club for beginner, intermediate and ad
vanced joggers, swimmers and cyclers. Interested
participants pick up an entry form and set your own
goal to swim, cycle or jog and we will log and chart
your progress Keep in shape and chart your pro
Players Without Partners is a service for tennis,
racquetball and squash players. People wishing to
register on the list may then use the list to find others
who are seeking partners Lists are kept for begin
ning, intermediate and advanced players.
Student Advisory Board - RIM is seeking students
who are interested in serving on an advisory board
This advisory group would work with the director on
program planning and overall policy of the pro
grams. If interested please contact the RIM office.
Notice: Team Limitations - Because of budget constraints the
number of team entries will be limited this year This will be in effect
for football and volleyball fall term Limitations have been set in all
divisions and are posted in the RIM office. Teams will be served on
a first come first serve basis.
Flag Football
Ftazzle Dazzle Football
Inner Tube Basketball
Cross Country***
Players Deadline
M 7
M*-W*-C* 7
C 6
C 6
M-W-C 4
M-W 6
M-W 3
M 2
October 2**
October 2**
October 2**
October 8’*
October 8
October 30**
November 17
All Campus Championships
Tennis Singles*** M-W
Slow Bike Fiace
(SuperStars)*** M-W
Frisbee Golf*** M-W
Punt and pass
(Super Stars)* * * M-W
Racketball Doubles*** M-W
Bowling*** M-W
Fun Runs M-W
October 22
November 6
• M- Men. W- Women. C- Co-ed
•* Manage "aptains meeting - check RIM office (103 Gerlinger) for day & time
* • • One or i wo day activity
October 6
October 6
October 6
October 13
October 13
November TBA
November 19
October zj
November 5
October 9
October 21
November 4
December 3