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Tuesday, September^, 1980
Eugene, Oregon 97403
Voi. 82, No. 19
Photos by Ken Kromer
Ahmed Altwaijri of the Muslim Students Association told students that the Islamic revolution is “receiving strength from Allah” at rally in the EMU Breezeway Monday.
Muslims say Iraqi invasion aims at Islam
Of th# Emerald
The Iraqi “invasion” of Iran is one in a
series of plots against the Islamic
revolution, Ahmed Altwaijri, a Muslim
graduate student, told a small crowd in
the EMU Breezeway Monday.
Altwaijri said the plots were designed
by “imperialism, international commun
ism and internatiaonal Zionism.”
While students with signs reading
“Saddam is a U S. Puppet” and "U.S.
Neutrality is a Big Lie” gathered in a
circle, Altwaijri labeled the invasion an
other step intended to "defuse the Is
lamic revolution.”
Iran has been isolated in the world
State loses few Iranians
Only a fraction of the more than
12,000 Iranians reportedly deported
from this country in the past year were
from Oregon.
‘T don’t know of any of our students
that are being deported,” says Liz
Litchman, a University advisor for In
ternational Student Services.
Since November of 1979, only eight
Iranians have been deported from
Oregon. Of that number, five left the
country before their deportation hear
ings, says Bob Kruger, district director
of the Portland U S. Immigration Bu
“We had some Iranians leave under
orders of deportation, but we haven't
had to take any of them and put them on
the plane,” Kruger says.
Several other Iranians who were
scheduled for deportation hearings
applied for political asylum, Kruger
says, explaining that the state depart
ment reviews the case and determines
if the person would be politically per
secuted in Iran.
“They recommend to us to extend
their stay or not, but it is our decision in
the end,” Kruger says. As many as 40
Iranians have been granted political
asylum in this state during the past
year, he adds.
Students who change schools with
out permission, fail to maintain their
status as full-time students or work
without a permit commonly are brought
up for review by immigration authori
ties, Litchman says.
Most foreign students are allowed to
remain in the country as long as they
maintain full-time student status.
Students with invalid passports face
immediate deportation and have only
15 days to leave the country voluntarily.
Foreign students who face deporta
tion hearings are provided with free
legal council by the Immigration and
Naturalization Service if they can
demonstrate need. But an attorney is
not required, says Kruger.
“International Student Services
does't feel equipped to handle legal
problems,” Litchman says. “But we do
know of legal services and attorneys to
send them to.”
Lane County's new immigration
specialist is David Himmelgran. Him
melgran's office is located at 1309 Wil
lamette, and his phone number is
community by the United States and
other governments, and as a result that
nation is fighting for its life in a "100
percent aggressive war,” he said.
“All the powers of the earth are throw
ing their weight behind the aggressors,"
Altwaijri said, adding that although the
United States and other nations didn’t
hesitate to impose embargoes against
the Soviet Union following the invasion
of Afghanistan, no condemnation or cri
ticism has been directed at Iraq.
But the people of the world are with the
Islamic revolution, Altwaijri said. The
revolution is "receiving faith and con
fidence from Allah” and is “reinforced
when isolated by the powers of evil,” he
Not all University students agreed with
During a march preceding the speech,
the protesters’ shouts of “Allaho akbar
(God is great)" and "Long live the Is
lamic revolution" were punctuated with
taunts of “Go home if you don’t like it,”
and "Why don’t you go home and fight?
Your country needs soldiers."
One burst of obscenity from a bicyclist
on 13th Avenue prompted a smattering
of applause from passing students. Told
that he should go back home, one of the
marchers said he was a guest of Native
Americans and had more of a right to be
in America than his Caucasian heckler.
After the rally, Altwaijri said hecklers
are a misinformed minority and that he
has been surprised at the number of
well-informed Americans. Americans
should not “believe everything they hear
about the Islamic revolution and Islamic
world,” he said
The U S. government “doesn’t give all
the facts" about the situation in the
Middle East to the American people,
Altwaijri said.
"Once informed, they won’t heckle,
but will maybe join the Islamic cause.”
Americans should work hard to find
the truth and then support what is just, he
said, adding that Americans are as vic
timized by governmental aggression and
special interest groups as anyone in the
Altwaijri said the Muslim Student As
sociation is taking the Iranian side in the
war with Iraq because it is in spiritual and
ideological agreement with all Islamic
The MSA is composed of Muslims from
all parts of the world, including the Unit
ed States, he added